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tv   Documentary  RT  May 6, 2022 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] a lawyer issue, somebody over there, both those with poverty over you look, are you up coiled up with the and i do stories, you know,
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that way. i don't mind a with with
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ah, ah, yeah, she doesn't use a, you know, either use this done on a posterior composite a give me a call when you so he wants to come when you're gone. this certainly agree with you on that because all, and you live with no brain a the with the you'll not with, with, of kind of why he, why not throw you away now i'm frederick is dying. you. why not? she she away not i will be can we the key only. so my grandma, the hutto nicely nice school choice. you're not winning, you come down, you know, at the bull at the session, a stronger solution, but almost a, c, q,
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u h. it will not accuse a family could not oh, a december 2013. the lowest peaceful year in the history of the united ukraine is coming to an end the year and my dance movement is gaining momentum in te protons. so prompted by the government's decision to suspend the signing of the association agreement with the european union. oh yes. are so lucky you might do. you'll see here for just you with jello solution. all those cooper. if you see one, we took we made on the other show up at below,
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senior column tissue. i left no bottom jojo store. we, we'll edit, we'll edit the player with the us that she can, will, you will be your school. but if you can go today is to let them know who i am with some of my w. i name. i knew bully tenicia. i knew 1000000 a put it will suit on it. so i just so i don't know. oh, it shall store. oh, really there with junction for the if there's
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a song going from eastern manuscript bonus really of his from are wearing along by sacrifice for us. cuz i don't boiler or something. it's a push or someone's i'm, which is, is when you're measuring, knowing the as a new model, such as an unwinnable spending, which tries humor won't stop ducks because i'm, when i'm document release from the jewel notion of law. my, me, i'm not show up here. um we chief job will run into problem. hold on a couple us longest rush, not you there at your company or any most about your to you on the production. and that was still great in the for th, can you believe me, jacob border? we're, we're still show movies or is it the worst of with us i use. i'll just keep most valuable. which the new number you will get a couple of units of cs. cousin was up on me. so the other one you're still working on the can use, the grades would start and you'll be, what is the me this week you will be on your criteria. the way you did the renewal,
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michelle, you might done with the fuel in the graphs, for instance. like you said, i was a company listen, somebody was nuclear wasn't, you know, we'll probably approach a shilling grain that little grains of a new one use and sure enough when you to, when he would need good bluish exposure in your voice. susan shay. lead is in rank and file members. if nationally, still organizations admit they had been preparing for violent st. riots long before the protests and gulf key leaders them, but auto, supposedly it properly necessarily just go to hang out. but there, with the down below, that was a wallace. she was still, you have to move, but i don't much of a funeral clean school on that's a new school year. and it's not for your boyfriend. digital watches for days will put greens, which will be in school,
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or will it be some will not be doing it all at that time. a warning boy, 2nd russian, yes or all of them and the knowledge of your response to live said you installed. in addition, in solar layer, given the w no could keep from william if you had a key to stay on the low scheme from the seals. e a noise. marsha napoleon bu a may include your e p record to greenly via up on, but i'm still not on a rope on the move list. some of the chill it actually purchase the edge of less. don't put it in the store in parentheses, give me
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a call and then i'm gonna shoot you a draw. you need to use the the book up, a new mature supplement with the new molecule. our dealership can look much you would use in your style. yes. move with it or she knew all of us never took. i don't bustle just to let those pleasing each unless among muslims,
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literally not national union. you go was just needing to sort or disease much of somebody's but the sufficient choice is my money. my stuff was customer budgeting prior to was reasoning. well, it's vehicle dumbly cheat. well done with the coolness girl. you all know that we deal mostly studio. you will get back on your switches. gina was michelle. it had a 2 ancient good. dora elaine rattled miss of the night useless. optional was throwing deliciously, was from police to keep us they ha, will not she let us back with you go so crane that the moorland was january june, but i wish only to go on with it or should i just leave it from wish i see. i just assumed it was totally studies just, you know, i don't go in and communicate this when i was at about the what is union with
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a boy that would play with v lease up with us when we chose to brainstorm drip up. because the worst when we was at our bought them, we mean probably will touched on years up on the because you think you didn't get to them with the use of can put them a key. there was an acre and we show john mitchell by discourse was widely whatever the engine made them. and you bring the porch a few into grassy until it, cuz it's the lowest possible done renewable or anybody keep in mind random. usually they built the low promotion list or if you were born nipped when you're with business. would you have been thought? would you prefer a mass on the futures? we would the sketch. wally east. oh michelle. a little juice lane down ranch. my down daily says go, it was a boy will be to go on to be it would be g, h, a millennium, a scholastic government co conflict from mr. what to call the store. and you
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guys been watching right? ah, a little boy. he really, he's feeling a little guy is a business. she isn't really little do. if that show you spoke lobo up, don't you just go to tell a story when you talk up, but you will see on yes. but he'd say i spoke with you to do what you scared and thought. see a
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with a with world is with you. is with you, i'm with we believe there is activity in the shows up. i believe i need to keep on. we need your i was calling us about a land on record show cuz it was the question more when you get a minute. sure. which, you know, i think you're going to send our initial but the more stuff. but just to shoot 1st one is
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a difficult top. ah ah, the at the like when you blow me of them. yes. but almost a minion. lee. when you talk a cook, tell you more toys, show for the children you joke are doing. you said you bite soul safety. you will send you a new signal. what do you need from you so much? conflict is days. what they all steam whiskey. what was totally new or just blue sharks, putting it in course with the whole little plug in your bloodstream. would you please 1st? yep. them up i called creation from use because all still with a solid and you mentioned that my daughter
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was in car rental to work on that. she did not include us, especially with super liberty, was for ritual to be external with ah ah ah, nice to come to the russian state. little never. i've side as i'm formerly north lansky davis. mm hm. no,
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i'm not getting calls. all sudden i'm up for i mean we could be an assistant babel this been okay, so mine is gonna be new when else calls course about with we will van in the european union, the kremlin. yup. machines. the state aunt, rush up to date and support r t sport mckibben our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with what did you think it was with? oh, when i was showing wrong, what i'll prove. just don't hold any world yet to shape out.
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disdain becomes the advocate an engagement. it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah concert, you cut out literally in what happened with order in order ocean come, reduce your my done your bush multiple don't do much. like to pull so sure. the blue process, the yeah, yeah. and you called in what the done actually so i mean in the home from school,
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i was just go to really sure what you're welcome just to principal to chose fall. nobody called but i'm still stuck with them or do you do them somewhere? total bill up the $100.00, you know, so you can proceed. you knew this was, i'm sure it's high quality bought a new you with here we go to somebody with the radicalization of my down is proceeding apace barricades appearing all over the central key. my dance self defense activists seize and control government buildings . confrontations with the police on new mia skirmishes anymore. real battles, arranging in the city streets, protested, wheeled, iron bars, improvised batten's, stones, and stacks of molotov cocktails. i ran a
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with ah journalist roslyn cut saba covered the events on my down in 2014. he saw what was happening in the center of cape with his own eyes, and he's still trying to understand who was interested in keeping my dad going. and why does this it would you got to take a look when you my really, if you and see the one that you,
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if they didn't get pretty young of thomas it hooked up with you really got hope copious. got them. you talk to him. the all that was why we're so bush neither one of our liberal of me. if you miss i'm, is, is really, you suddenly need to bring this money breath or what, but she knew the awesome of shorda dollars. israel's mr store, for the system or show was through to said no beautiful the world, the one of the more dinners, more jojo harsh from silver. i'm a holler what i'm hopeless. 6 0 i see him with. 6 a. 6 6 washington went on you for not let us wouldn't and go push on, getting a little sprinkles on lupita jump emilio with sugarland. yep. yeah. oh, can you do?
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alexander cocoalsky was one of the commanders of the ukrainian security services alpha group and jeanette's. he was regularly sent to keep on detach service and was well aware of the situation in the protest, written streets by february 2014. the situation on my dan had escalated seriously from okay, me a lot. nothing on the brain. look at on you. the new molly it's, it's almost more than the holistic with your phone and you've been with you and you both. good. well is will be problem. yup. okay. can you see the model from that? his name, which is little to mom. yeah. the chest. is it over? maybe they got a number of them through some bla la, wouldn't you or do you believe she was the naval of some of the probably on my way them finish up with movies your sip you william much and he said when, but he bought them google chrome you to be my usual got them, but once you go neutral, so when you have
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a choices here we go for a potomac with much we could keep them dealer to to school. so, but yeah, we do work with them to. so boy, but the most bumps to eat, so just a little chip when you wash windows dealer cereals and stuff. i mean, yeah. but the move of going to switching to someone to grow young with with some less they do it less. they know that there
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are natural store for some less for children and, and show a state about bug. you buy new, lose you cindy. external constitution like issue abroad, but i don't know what supports you. slow postal. hello, my name is shola sh with chef q g suite in i'm with also for sure. but just to shut down going partial and pro, put out as a new student or leave me a good choice. when you ask, i go to court lashley of slip quite a standard, always told me just look up. i just wish music channel music. me
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a chef can choice this report and users with when you go, then you learn from those because he was gonna give you a look what it could you bubble b as opposed to marcia grier ski? the little would you? she no glass, you could g, those did really, you know, my daughter onto my done it, but i, you know, to shut up shift me, find out what the most affordable i'd also look when you might, before the thought of the movie getting a job, go with people double folk, lavinia look a diesel to put your america was what if, what the wish advisor or if it's on the graph i'm with when we get those, you know what you think of it was the thought about could be thought you fish just even good as yet, but she them, the beginning, the a stroke, it video me as this
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a with a to produce kiddos in the middle school. oh for so that i can see the results go in for them to look it up for you. let's go across a sequential, so the, the, i'm not sure i will stop and talk a little plymouth. yup. no idea. but could you clean up once i get books to buy, we just key those up on their screen. let's look at movie shows. are you still a nuclear? you know what else with america?
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puts a girl with your sense akila a yellowish bushel and all still kept as you say, but the cell is washing yet no sub dates at the civil schwinney police file emphasizes reason younger issue digital is currently a unofficial quest to get us to deal with that music or with some stuff, they're still school as a cross cultural issue. go spoke with us. no, but keep rusty come, which makes me she is not the number of cousin still greens come or what the national numbers come out of my neighbor who's doing this? i'm shameful, called simple machine. yeah. you give it a report on models can music you can keep in with virtual machine here. got the property of the window grains. cute them built. i would choose the opens cuz it go for and you can switch. no nouns, can you then use jewish opinion?
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i'm looking to wait and that was communicate with a team in each matter. my name's i'm a machinist. national assist. she didn't. it's more just like when they use it for austell, why wouldn't you build it up? mostly not going to start with that kind of that was appointed to stalls. but ski business that he should use will not feel free to move. i use cuz i just love you. roku nominalism, promotions i use on your little life. i see it would seem like you should continue to be able to say from dallas to the postal place, and you will see your cash loss will show it was mitchell, which is a soon as you post and you've been normal. wish to you as well as for some more going towards 1st news off, and then it goes for just a comment on your own deals. a lot of these, i think the yellow one from pull. those are what,
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what are the of these throughout the wellness look usually with car a can. you will be like me at garza with a show bull, but i would settle on a master's up on the green auto stores. i'm not sure with some of the buyers here at the close credit, the post on a new computer when enough i was told that there was to delete it and of up with your token just should have nuclear missile. sure. focus sure. is there some found up with your number? as for them you will see user accounts up is the cable with us. somebody. keep us slow them to see the skier, those are our lady looks her this forest for or you will think of a should i lingers from reflected or all the way from or watched him through law digital. lucille is
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a new project my mutual. mm hm . mm hm with ah, ah, a talk with you you
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a with a hi. this is somebody over there, both of those with him to up our video with lookout him you up with
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a with a with graves, hey, in the back yard. had a playground inside residential area is horrible, but suddenly rather common see here all across on boss and hain, the town of rebellion, ed to correspondent the ports from the city and the guns republic. now cleared of nationalists forces when much needed for managerial aid is being delivered to locals. oh, thank you. thank you for the help for the humanitarian aid. we are grateful that you have brought us a glimmer of light and we will soon get out of this hell the price of diesel hits an all time high in the us says the biden administration tries to pin the blame on


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