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ah ah, with that said that we stood up almost a year ago with
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a twinkle with the only thing it shows you you're shame actual you know, start with that, you know what i mean? that's kind of a semi yeah. get as an indian a start to submit again. yeah, i don't of all, it's not, i'm a, i'm a lead to just one of the paul marsh facilities. i'm sure, personally, tavia madam with
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someone on this for with with her. so them donna wu smith, with fact shit, i should, i'd like to look at it. oh, do you do? put it at all. really. you do 3 people at the brochure. jewish cra, frame the mr. smoke. you are getting a score of which you're, you're queued with frayza. i'm with
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little laser, be aware when you're with her. so when you're ready with different. sure. to play bill snyder got a feel for us guys. there was just any lumps. it doesn't have to love
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a person will need you. mucus showing up, though more so was on. you need to do one. should on the lot. hm. so i don't, you're not ah, yes, i just wish the whistle is that it got to keep what talk look at the letter that i bought this night. there's 2 new talks to russian collage cut close neighbors, given a solution that was all unless there's a solution or oh good, it's a get those us, diane, you up to the a on told me it did, did we did a deal on the listener?
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not one thing that i missed the sub welcoming still my with to watch. like i'm still with me or send me to was any myers almost before with my other funny to just talk to me. but i fishy. i use a border with her. let me have a brochure, mama noted, so just i just clicked on that, but also just to put that on the screen, very short on your desk and up as a option. and it
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wasn't a nice too. yeah, pretty much there's so many of them push it as much the anymore. mm hm. yeah. okay . and then mine included. don't cut the bill with cash that ask our guy. yeah, pretty much. all right, thank you. bye. more is between when you moxie mom, a sudden interesting question. a sam can have a nuclear because i'm a block. i live a budget is pretty busy and i'm scared with mrs. did you live? it's clear, been with us really? it's just i see. but with the city, it's because it's like you can literally a let me put with nicki pitiless. yet that's good. that the course
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town for you think that is it at the moment because you have to open a door for people who don't play southwest. mike, what year before for you with while it was before the school could from to the next will is there to the from waterloo in the pool because of the program. yes, you can use the most of it for dollars. you thank you much in his unit, a told her shoulder, she told us what our computer will in your put, put on the bus my proceed with the new to later and used to lead multiple sit what door to for or his new dinner persuaded detroit any better motion is in your little problem, is a done for crucial to address you on the breeze can year. well, the 3rd one, these to bill or abuse, a lot of my new piece to discuss with the yeah, the new political they sure will so far for coursework. good us deal as look for
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here to mute criminal. going as off with this you enough for you to preserve the fuel pushing trajectory produce cuz when you, when was there was you to start with? ah, lamps on with was done. yeah. and i know stella and i know what the issue is that she should not buy at the more. no, but when this down
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a bit of a crush over to my mom, a little bit of sure. and i'm ok with any question or a bomb is norma said, so when i sort of she out of me. okay. and that's a you with when it's the queen's so she started on the so them on know it's queens, are able to discuss it with sure. sure with well there's more to deal
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with no qualify with a school was cross in full well not then it's quarterly or is it on a claim said roy can claim in the finish the war and i suppose it's the system got a new marsha down those are words when well comes words with
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keep 1st answers for within your vision. also learned plentiful, super small cranes can also to push them out in the school in
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a solution for nearly williams a couple, a specialist with carson with your school. so just need that, are we to go to a region somewhere? not sure. mobiles learn more about storage, charge or a
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ah american assistance ukraine continues a pace so much. so it begs the following question. at what point will russia consider the us to be a co belligerent in this conflict? the fact is, washington is at war with russia, and russia is being forced to respond a
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many times with i am with
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full credit, it's gonna be out of wood from beach, gonna still be patient . but in the border enabled it there with ah, with
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the push another visit with maggie smith, it was just reading with leslie was actually basically at the store to blush assembly dishes. i groaned all my stuff with it and that is julia janice polio. this is julia bye at them old commission. those same login with citrix unit, which pushes the will. is your sticky with him and up into the us now with
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the cast. awesome. cuz i still am a lawyer. what better do yeah, i appreciate if you still are here, boys to a small studio with a triple play. you know, when you know that what is this well know what you're supposed to be, wasn't able to get away. electrical must be a lot of us to the store with mulish little sort of, if you don't need to. and what about the cost of i would, i mean, yeah, but hugely, what is minister specify walker, you know, from ago, what was your careful she, in a bit of the rebellion. it's your take it from the barely written up with someone who is a 1000000 ability
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shopping journals. a blog post will be an issue when you get a 1000000 speel shale. all wrote him up with a cool give us don't want to ask you a couple of 1000000 up. i was just on the show yesterday. so much the only way to get that over can you me and i should let me up. a release was can vehicle and you could feel free to call me on the gun assembly on that up on the list unless it was a boy with go do it over there with get mitchell. i love the way the order to show if it was the number of surveys person, keith, i guess it would look like usable was by the way to catch the boot. it was typically when it took up less which ability. it's been more than so many years
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able to have been to me because it's been somebody. so mom with his level socially the unions are players with the video positioning. it's okay. so let's move it in the show. lucille, it's a bit of a talk with a little social i it was really sure this quote is suitable to get out if it was suitable shooting equivalent uniform orders with
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a check for the vehicle. we would, you know, you're sure to look to be doing it with no, unless we're still just start off with a please. i'm with them for you to us.
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not a minus. i don't know why. just wanted to post an order number that you like with this was a new id cuz i was confused when you started music with us because in your cars, those, this choice with will see it says i lydia 3 should say probably yes, there was worse than your slave company, or is it at the national change to the canal? a laborer? yes. and we just took it off at the mom with a miraculous to make mores and
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with a new mystic initially it was a while ago, but i had to wait or it's more the more school pull it out. yeah. i mean yeah, it was nice. yeah. when you good shepherd in, i'm butch filing that i don't much thought i'm with what's be a back. what do you my 1st week versus here? not be there with it was for cisco for lee mondor. was nice to catch up. but interesting. or you can come special with that, like it was also from the, of the national, being able to trim level with
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your when you scores it is going to national grades with it. so she'll said, well with this you are here to be our someone like on the do up here here. so we do for you while you can? yes. near fees on the more serious um, last question forwards. unique are you from so as a new movie? yes, can you need you to sure who you thought about my student id? you also call the doctor to see about who they don't know. this will be
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used with 2 to 4 years this reduce created with a water. thank you. mm . to and
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with the really quick fish. now when i've limited version or sort of in the video 3 pm on where the mo kimberley lozano suddenly turn away lemming at the front door to go. but he's critical wm on us will shrink additional. but loony of html or a spectrum sales or the show that she only has machine. yeah. but it's still cleaning. it has to be at a more substantial, almost on offer for you guys. so we're almost done. it says it's, i'm gonna go clean the stimulus tomorrow. i'm a stimulus to problem with the media. you will get the piece with this crazy. i will give them a few to see which way of sugar, islam, which and stores on the printer. but the way in the bristol, particulars of this, we have to be different. people have to understand that all the blood
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of this war, every broken window, every bombed home, every fresh grave. that blood is on the hands of the united states government. victoria new and barack obama. job c i a the u. s. military, the trained these nazis, how to hide behind civilians and shoot at the rushes that were coming to liberate city here. but he said she'll come when i see it, other of them again. so we are going one way or more them, but more guides to them. there's 2 joy settlers and we'll back now decide, mitchell, i can use her. she narrative. yeah. be less than she'll echo tori and you. she'll give you that a little shade when i see him where, oh my god, i'm supposed ah
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long mo when i was showing wrong, when i just don't know if that is yes to fill out, his name becomes the applicant and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves will depart, we choose to look so common ground. ah, need to come to the russian state. total narrative. i've stayed as i phone and the most landscape div. mm hm. the american house runs them at 4. i
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mean, we could been 55, we did. okay, so mine is 2000 speedy. when else with we will ban in the european union, the kremlin camelia machine, the state aunt, rush up to date and school r t spoke neck, given our video agency, roughly all band on youtube. and pinterest and lucas pushing digital electricity with ah, ah, with
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hello and welcome across the top. were all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle, american assistance ukraine continues apace. so much so it begs the following question. at what point will russia consider the us to be a co belligerent in this conflict? the fact is, washington is at war with russia and russia is being forced to respond with cross sucking escalation. i'm joined by my guess li, straight ahead in sioux falls. he is a host of the backstory on radio. sputnik in del mar. we have scott ritter. he is a former intelligence officer in the united nations weapons inspector. and in sydney we cross who alley risk. he is a contributor with al monitor or a gentleman cross huck rules and effect. that means he can jump anytime you want. and i always appreciate, scott, let me go to you 1st and del mar, i see that you have a lot of books behind you. i know you write a very often you write for a column on the rti website. i. so i have kind of like some linguistic quick
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questions for you. in the case of the ukraine conflict, what does the word proxy mean to you? and what does the word co belligerent mean? see you because it seems to me they are very elastic in this complex. go ahead, scott. well, to me, i mean when, when we speak of a proxy where we're basically saying that ukraine is a, is doing the building of the united states, it's in effect of the united states military under another dies um, you know, it, it, that's a standard term of proxy so ukraine has an american proxy or a nato proxy in terms, especially in terms of implementing a policy that had been outlined by secretary to friends. so lloyd austin, when he basically said that the goal of the united states is to bleed russia dry and to make russia, we, um, the army that sir, that, that, that, that seems to be the tool to make this happen is ukrainian army. so it's an effectively a proxy of the nodes.


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