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bill sunday precisely what the masters need to hear in order to make them follow him. he was like the pied piper from the fairy tale when we dreads follow the tune of his fight. the myths created by the chief nazi ideologists found for a towel, soil in the west. we have to fight these myth today in memory of those who won in the 2nd world war we started to push it. can he still you good to? can you see brother the 1000000 plus who bought it? oh, but on the bus go the dad. the book or this was a playable shoot learning 2 months ago. i feel stories that going. that's awesome. of course. okay. yeah. which misers to option is just for rob rob with
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cuz it should been good. we think he might be a soldier because of the boots. he's wearing a huge, which sold up took a personal opinion with anyone around this. you're still in the summer. i was pleased with ah, with
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so forth. let's say that we stood up almost a year with a actual yeah, i started to look at them. i don't they still so down there. do you know what i mean? that's good to me. yeah. yeah, there's a start to her. mad again. yeah,
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yeah, no roll. it's not my, i'm a lead to just monitoring the paul marsh. the shovel is not a shop. personally, tavia, madame, with someone on this with chin piece with her. so the net with pack sheet a to really do 3 particular the brochure. jewish good for mr. smoke. you are getting
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a cure curio with frayza. i'm with a with her. so when you're ready
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with a see if it's, if it's true to paperless, sniper cut a feel for us guys, them just name up and up. a certain person was jordan jordan, but though more so because then you need to do one should own blossom. so you're, you're not a jewish, that whistle is that it got to keep what, talk what at the ledger double this night. there's 2, you talk to russian collage cut close neighbors, giving you a solution that was will unless there's a solution or oh good. it's and give us diane,
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you use up to the a on so much it did give me a wish now not mine, but i missed a sub welcoming still my with the blood with alexander you cause with this show me or send me to any minus. yes, i'm us before with another funny to just or can you me?
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but i fishy. i use a border with a brochure. ah no older. so that is collected. but also just to put that on a conventional and you just a newer version of a solution is to be up in the most estimate of interest is much the anymore. i mean, yeah. okay. lemme and quote, i don't get the bill. i just got home. i'm your photo id with cash there, ask our guy. yeah, pretty much a clinical with similar kind of a sudden interest kit pushed him a. 6 sam, grab a nuclear because i'm
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a block i live, a budget is pretty busy and i'm scared with really it goes with cbre with the city. it's because it's like you can literally a limit with keep it you get that good. that of course, a got us because you with worse, mike, what you were before for a dollar before the school confirmed to the next will is there to the for. but the lou really poor because of a dollar you're talking about you is a told or children shooter us with the news to later on. you still live a dinner party,
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detroit. any better? motion is i mean, your little problem a structure question to address. yeah, they please can year. well i moved that that will be so below abuse and that a minute piece to lou diskin us to do that. yeah, the new political invasion. well, so far for coursework gets us deal as off to new criminal government as well for this deal issue enough for you to preserve the fuel pushing to produce. cuz when you, when was that was you to start with lamps on with?
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i know stella and i'm not going to an issue that chicken up by at the more not a whole human is this down a bit of it crush. okay, go over to my mom a snippet on that. we'll get a shift now. mock motors. i can't offer any extension or to say that yesterday because i would have been going on the bush longer say it. so when i sorta she out of me. okay, mm. got it. got with
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the screens started on the sell them on our screens. it's got a tricia with adults who are not qualify for both dogs are always at the school. the school has questions. right. well, i'm calling again. it's called cause i mean you're on a claim, said roy dunker,
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i mean finished the war. i suppose it's for the human system. got a new marsha down. those are words. well comes up with key. okay. first and so just bear with me
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ah, will do a solution. so you brush will, cranes can also to push them with carson. with your school started this colorful,
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knew that everything has been done. it reads somewhere in that one feels a stories charged or a american assistance. ukraine continues to pace so much. so it begs the following question, at what point will russia consider the us to be a co belligerent in this conflict? the fact is, washington is at war with russia, and russia is being forced to respond ah, you can't get you. people don't want war and they believe in peace. you are against
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something ukraine with arms because these cannot be achieved that way. you're born . but that leaves and negotiations. we've got to bristow, co, b as up or ukraine of. so bmw with
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ah, with the push another visit with my guest with leslie was actually basically at the store to the assembly dishes. i groaned all my stub with it and that is chilly, janice, polio, but this is julia,
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bye at them old. make sure those same login with citrix unit, which pushes the will. is your sticky with him and up into the us now with the cast. awesome. cuz i still am with physician. if you still are he boys to us with the triple play? yes. with get away with mulish video, with plato and monica, but most of all the media by hugely what is most video, a special walker,
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you know that's from ago careful. she and a bit of the rebuttal. you know, if it isn't, it's your, take it from a barely written up with someone who has a 1000000 ability to shop journals for the industry when you get a 1000000 spiel shale roll him up with a cool give us after you come up. it was really an up i was just on the show yesterday. so much with my wish to get that over. can you me and i should let me up a release was can vehicle new school feel free to call me on the glenda? somebody's throwing up on my little boy with go do it over there with get an image. i love the way the fish will for you for the number.
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so basically this is keith about a minute. the usable will be the will lead to be got the boot it was split. typically it took up less, which are very similar. so that means that you're able to slip in to the bush. me because it's been somebody. so mom was his level. so those are the unions. i played a little bit issues positioning because i was told that in the show,
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lucille, it's a little slow show. if i wasn't ready to quote considerable to get out. if it was, it was suitable to bring your community with a well, from a book a we would, you know, you're sure to look to be during the years with no, i last listed there, start off with
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with dealing with us. and i don't mind if i don't know why i just wanted to post an order them off with that for you. like with that was a new id cuz i was confused as to when you started use it with us because in your cars, those, this choi, that you're working with
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. you see it says i of course need. yeah. 3 should say probably, yes, there was more seriously company or is it at the national sub changes to the neighborhood? yes, and we just look at it all set a mom with a miraculous to make more than with brazilian. yeah, mostly. but i'm more startling. unlisted conditions it was i was like, oh but that's who you know. it's more the more school pull it out. yeah. i did. yeah. i was like you good shepherd in. i'm butch finally in that i don't much look. i'm with us news and it must be a back. what do you my 1st week versus here? there was for cisco for lima. was nice to catch up. but interesting. or you can come special with
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that, like i was also from the, of the national with there's also with your when you scores it is going to national great george game that exist calling with it. so she'll said all day so mm. with this you are here to be our son michael. here we here for work.
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well do for you. why did your yes, near fees on the words? yes. somebody puts you forward. you need for you 1st. so as a new, yet can you need you to sure who you thought about my student who is here for georgia? i've also gone the sienna, with 2 to 4 years this radius created with a water. thank you. mm
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. mm . and the really quick there's no, we're not limited version or sort of in the video 3 pm on wait i'm oh yeah. kimberly i finally got on the waiting lemming at the door to go. but he's critical that blue armoire us will shrink additional. but loony of html, or see a spectrum sales or the she only has wishing happens to be in a severe democrat. it's up to an i a patrol almost on author for a says plato, green the stimulus will not on a stimulus to problem with the media. you will get the piece with
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this crazy. i will give them a few to see which way of sugar, islam which and stores on the proper way in the pistol. particulars of this with people have to understand that all the blood of this war, every broken window, every bombed home, every fresh grave. that blood is on the hands of the united states government. victoria new and barack obama. job a cia, the u. s. military, the trained these nazis, how to hide behind civilians and shoot at the russians. they were coming to liberate the city. here with the officials come let us hear other obama guys, so we have one way or more than one guy to lose them. there's 2 joy settlers, and we'll go from there because i to mitchell,
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i have to associate narrative. yeah. because i can show like authority and you still can give that a little shade when i see them where i'm supposed ah, i mean with, with you, i guess with you, i'm with
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full credit. it's kind of, you have to boot from each other. still easier for this patient, but i to in the board with with his name was joseph gerber.
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he was nazi germany's minister of propaganda. the myths that he created exist to this day google's propaganda was supposed actually trying to the great other nations, while at the same time raising ordinary german self esteem. in 3 years ago, bills knew precisely what the master needs to hear in order to make them follow him . and he was like the paper from the fairy tale we dreads follow the tune of his pipe. the myths created by the chief nazi ideologists bound for a towel, soil in the west. we have to fight these myth today in memory of those who won in the 2nd world war. ah, i
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with an apartment block housing rush and the porters in berlin is attacked with an apparent explosive device diffused their evacuation efforts. continue in the course . city of mario pope, russian military forces say 50 civilians including 11 children, have been taken to safety from the territory of the stuff still works. a nuclear bomb dropped from the states economy. that's how the hungarian prime minister has described a total ban on russian oil being proposed by the you with, from moscow to the well this is our t, it's great to have you with us today.


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