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tv   News  RT  May 6, 2022 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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ah, with an apartment block housing rush and the porters in berlin is attacked with an apartment explosive device diffused their evacuation efforts. continue in the port city of marie opal russian metaphor. so say 50 civilians including 11 children, have been taken to safety from the territory of the stalls feel works. natural gas prices in the us continue to saw, but that's not putting of europe as a tries to replace russian supplies. despite the facing a post of difficulties and thousands gather in pakistan in a show of support for the former pakistani prime minister in one khan who was asked last month. so to the world, the society it's so great to have you with us today for the global news update and
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policy clear. thanks for joining us. well, let's start with the latest on the ukraine conflict, russian military forces had evacuated 50 civilians, including 11 children from the territory of the as often still planted mario full. they were handed over to the united nations and the way across for temporary accommodation. it comes off to russia, opened new mandatory car doors on thursday to allow civilians to leave the site. and the humanitarian mission for the area continues to day. meanwhile, russian air defenses reportedly shut down a ukrainian aircraft, and the la guns were public. the governor of the bulk of our region said that residence of a village near the painting border, which had been repeatedly shelled by the ukrainian side. we've been evacuated to safety. and the us will provide quail with yet another military, a package which will include $25000.00 shells and 3 counter battery stations, as well as electronic warfare systems
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and apartment building and berlin, where reporters of the russian use agency we another city lived, was attacked on friday with a window broken sap has arrived at the scene after a suspicious can full of wires was also discovered in the vicinity. the workers have since returned to the building. well, let's get more details for. i'm a correspondent egleston off. thank you so much for joining me here in the studio. what do we know at this stage? well, 1st and foremost, all these journalists who were living there right now, they're back home and apparently they're safe. but there was a rather unpleasant incident that well, they had to go through and 1st, what happened, an unknown individual through a bottle breaking one of the windows. and initially, it wasn't really clear what was that was that an attempt to attack with the most of caught fellow wasn't just the straight bottle of some drunk, maybe picked up off the street. but then when i would, law enforcement arrived to be discovered and interesting device unknown device which later turned out to be well explosive pro,
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probably an i e d. so this is what they discovered in the apartment all these wires . and again, as you mentioned, they discovered that it was armed with something with something explosive. so again, it is not clear as to who put it that it is not clear who the culprit is. it is not even clear as to what sort of an explosive substance was use there. but again, this is, this is very, this is very concerning because this building, it's a building that was specifically allocated to house russian journalists both with re and of a c. and, for example, a head of the sputnik germany, sputnik being and other russian news agency and a big radio like net worth worldwide network. so it does look like this building was specifically targeted because it only housed again russian, john, less, nobody else lived there. so it was allocated for those purposes and given the fact that shortly before this incident, shortly before this attack,
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a report report is of the of the german spiegel journal spiegel magazine, they kind of dogs people, they released a report, they published a report saying that this is where russian propaganda live and again, there's no connection. there's no direct connection that can be, you know, established between the 2 incidents. but again, this is very concerning. concerning that anyone can ascertain, waiver porters live from this report will absolutely. and given that no russian citizen, let alone journalist, especially working for a state funded news agency, no one can feel safe in europe right now when it comes to a being of russian citizen, russian local. so there has been a tremendous pressure applied to russian media work as well across europe. in germany, as, for example, we have a sister channel. i mean see, seems a national,
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has a sister channel are t deutschland and from the very get go, journalists and the very well entity was precious by the german government. they would take it out of the press service argues that was done illegally, even the r t journalists, deutschland journalists, their bank accounts were frozen. so like there was a tremendous pressure applied all ready and now like other russian, based in russia, you know, russian journalists getting flack for essentially just working for moscow based outlets. so this is very concerning, especially if the german police managers to establish a significant link between the attack and the fact that they had been docs. and what i find interesting is you repeatedly hear from you, a pin government that they not targeting the russian people. it's just the government of russia, but as you say, russian people and now russian journalists are actually in the firing line. it goes
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down. oh, thank you so much for joining me here in this video. well, we got reaction from jonas, daniel lazar, and human rights and labor lawyer, daniel connick, who believe the rise of violence towards russia is at its highest peak. it does seem to fit what's happening in many places. there is make up the tact in new york city because he spoke russian. he happened to be cranium, but of course, people don't know the difference and they beat him up anyway. i mean, still the towards russians is an extreme high right now. and it's quite disturbing, there is a concerted effort to sneer and to philip by not just the russian government, but the russian people. and this is what happens when that out. this is a speech and speech many times leads to have actions. obviously a, that's a violence alter right,
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is growing bolder and its activities due to this war and it's going to be creating a major emergency in europe and the problem the europeans will have to deal with. but that requires dealing with some of the, the very grave contradictions that are raised by the for evacuation. if it's continue at the end of the old steel plant, russian military forces, the 50 civilians, including 11 children, have been rescued from the territory. it comes off to new humanitarian car doors were opened to allow civilians to leave the site. a see fire has been imposed by russian troops at the pond. the united nations has been helping with the evacuation in joint efforts with the way across the united nation has helped nearly 500 civilians, fleet, the area funding 2 fighters joining western forces in the city of basia, where there's been heavy battles around the zion chemical plant. ukrainian forces
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continue to hold the positions in the city. maria phenomena reports now from the ground. these military tribes reign grain foresman to don bus frond 240 volunteer fighters from russia. come here, a dubious, no, because this is where one of the key battles is happening right now. russian forces are now in complete control of the town. have to weeks of fears fighting, but the you quinn and military supported by foreign mercenaries and nationalist battalions still holds as strategic position in the cities. industrial zone. those area chemical plant surrounded by concrete fortifications. it resembles a fortress and is hard to capture. the newcomers will support the joint forces of russia and the republic in this important fight, never woke up here. my name is up t the commander of this unit and you are coming under my command. the fighters come empty handed here at the chechen special forces unit headquarters. they'll be given
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ammunition and weapons and assigned to their tasks. was your last day i want you to hear it doesn't matter to me. what question else are you are and what religion you are. the volunteers who came here to fight to represent different nationalities from across russia's vast geography. but why they came? that's a question to which they have similar answers. but supervision is thursday came here on the grounds of conscience for the sake of the motherland and for the elderly people. my grandmother is also a war veterans, of course, for people festival. the mission is critical. once does it have factory secured it on pave the way to list a chance and save it than he has? the last 2 strong holds of ukrainian forces in the region when they are secured to the republic will have its entire territory regained. murray from ocean arty from rebels. now that you as president joe biden, and jim and chancellor olive shots have agreed and called that they won't recognize
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any russian territorial gains in ukraine. a german government spokesperson has said in a statement. meanwhile, the u. s. fatal partners. so listen, has said that washington has to quote, an impeded ability to flow weapons into ukraine. washington has already sent more than $3000000000.00 and military a 2 kids, and sold another $165000000.00 worth of weapons to the country. and the new bill suggests that these figures will only continue to rise. well, let's get the take of our flanders co director of the international action center. sorry, thanks so much for joining us. for watching kind of balloon have stated that they will not recognize any territorial gains of russia in ukraine. what's all take? i think the u. s. plan is to drag this war out as long as they possibly can. they've planned for a long, long time. they've sent. busy equipment, the trainers,
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the mercenaries, they profit off of war, even if the war ends in disaster and every us war and my lifetime has ended in a complete disaster, a howling disaster. and yet these, there is a small thing that make enormous profit from these wars and they want them to last as long as possible. so here we are just a few months out of afghanistan and already in a new. busy or in ukraine that they want to drag out, even though they face one or 2 feet after another poll being the latest example. but they will continue pumping in weapon as long as they can because they make money. they make a profit from this. as you can make, you say the rhetoric that comes out of washington, the official record, is that they want to in the war as soon as possible. but at the same time, they continue to say in millions of dollars worth of weapons to kids. so why do
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they think that's the playing more weapons to ukraine because that so the, that's the argument they give will lead to the end of the war. and another voice there also saying this war will continue. and the excuses for continue, because this war is based on breaking relations between russia and the issue by imposing sanctions, sanctions, which russia seems to be surviving quite well. and the e u and the u. s. are really taking the hit on the dollar and the euro. and again, in terms of inflation, in terms of the impact on working people, it is pretty rough throughout europe today. but those who decide on the was they're the ones who want to keep fighting because that's why there's billions of dollars and super profits to be made from these wars. so they talk peace while
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making war and continuing the war. and at the same time, i mean fighting in a speech to nato in late march, that food shortages are going to be real. and the price of sanctions is not just imposed on russia. it will be felt in europe and the u. s. well that was a pretty honest state the, the cost of the sanctions, the cost of the war will be felt also in africa and asia has the price of food and fertilizer and fuel for everything increases diesel. i think it's, yeah, sorry. do you think that the war could already have ended? if we could have a lady seen a victory for whichever side? if the, the wife wasn't trying to prolong it so much, the war could have been ended day one. the war would never have started. if us to that come nato is a us commanded military machine and they wanted this more,
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they planned for it. for years they moved the forces into operation was never a question about whether ukraine was a nato member or not. they were nato units operating in crane for years. so in every sense and, and ukrainian brigades even operating in iraq and afghanistan. so by all, by all reason, ukraine was part of nato, and nato is absolutely in ukraine today. it was never a question. but unless they were in ukraine, unless they were confronting russia right on the border, they couldn't have had this more and they did. and they still do want to continue this war. what i find interesting is that it doesn't seem at,
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at least not where we are, it doesn't seem as if the majority of the wisdom populations understand this. i mean, you had the you is saying that it has the, has an unimpeded ability to fo, weapons to ukraine. and given that this happens at the expense of the american taxpayers, how do they feel about why i'm not enough people standing up and criticizing the american government's involvement in ukraine? us propaganda is extremely powerful, unrelenting, and overwhelming. nothing is allowed on the news media except for voices that are for this war. and that means taking down even youtube and twitter and any voice even calling for peace. nevertheless, it's interesting. they do poll after poll and about 80 percent of the population is not for war for any reason. but of course they don't get to decide this,
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nor are they even allowed to voice opposition. so we're, we're in a very controlled situation, or you don't hear, at least in the corporate media, any opposition to the war. every politician knows if they don't salute and support this war, it's a total end of their career. so there's a heavy price to pay. and yet you don't see any dig rallies. you don't see like support for this war. you see the politicians talking about it and voting one, sanction after another. but there's no grassroots support for this war. there are some right wing bigots who it will the tact russians as in an earlier time, they attacked chinese people. one that was a target and muslims one when during the war in iraq and afghanistan, now they're attacking russian people. and san is highlighted in the media. and for
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that reason we do appreciate talking to you sarah flanders, co director of international action center. thanks for joining us here. naughty. thank you. the german news outlet does fiegel has been issued. a video showing civilians were listed from the as av stole steel plant in which people claimed the ukrainian army would not allow them to leave on its web page. the german daily published a notice saying the video has some quote in consistencies, but it did not mention specifically what facts in the material were wrong. stressing that a car for cation of the footage is underway. this is what one women in the now removed material, had to say about the civilians at the plant. but only europe who was with you have a question about why people were held in the city. the mal averages left the city and the people was questioned to ring. the ukrainian army was dead, which did not let ordinary people leave children, the elderly, the sick voice, independent journalist and author thomas repair,
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says the move by the news after it is highly questionable. if stop agenda, you see that the she goes now as i know that my re just arrived mail to the people that there were comments on the article. under this video there should be good news that they were lying that they could have written. oh yeah, the video was the she was saying the opposite she was leaving as of, or we don't got the wrong information for writers more say right. it's right, just a fault. but even they didn't do it. they're just hide the truth. then you, they know that well, they're like, and they're just just or telling it that you. oh yeah, some will. we don't understand something went wrong. sorry. moving out to pakistan, way thousands of poured onto the streets of him and conn's home town. as people continue to show huge support for the format khaki, sunny prime minister who was asked at last month addressing a massive crowd him on con, once again. but it awaited his claim that the coming government was imposed by the united states. the aster, prime ministers,
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also calling from you elections saint that will be the main demand of a plant protest in the pakistani capital. around 2000000 people are expected to attend the valley in islamabad. congress also last month after losing a no competence vote. although he claims washington was behind the move. it's of you backed by many of his supporters. nobody done is america has initiated a conspiracy to rouse the government around. com and bring in this important government and we called this government allows you to, we will continue fighting with on demand because these all right side and my will supported with the americans have to see this in the past. like on the kashmir issue passed, we had to pay the full price for $69.00 croft and they charged to sell the jews, but did not deliver spare parts for a long time. with a senior member of cons. party claimed the prime minister, the middle from office was bought about of a cones refusal to allow the us to use military bases in pakistan. washington has repeatedly stressed its desire to work with his lamb at that in particular,
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in the areas of counter terrorism and border security. the value our bilateral relationship. we want to continue to work together in areas where we do have mutual interests with our pakistan partners that includes counterterrorism. that includes border security as well. political analyst obtain ultimate dob beneath the many people in pakistan feel betrayed as a what's happened. the majority of the pakistani fair but decided to follow the narrative or former prime minister also by his son m ron con. or the prime reason for this notion is that the see him, ron con, as an honest leader who has been betrayed by the broo, the american elements, and the pakistani institutions and social media trend. so since foster the 3 weeks, you know, a completely, you know, she was of the not privy to accept the newly formed government in focus on and be
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able to keep demonstrating there was stream running on your end to just report it repeatedly after the free, the only reason behind the spect is that it is a completely gras screwed political movement led by the public in favor of the leader in ron con, natural gas prices in the us have more than doubled from the past decades average. but that's not putting a fuel as it seeks alternatives to russian energy. you are currently relies on russia for 40 percent of its gas. but as the continent turns its back on moscow, it's one ukraine. it's ready to pay more to import american supplies to make up part of the shortfall. but it's not just the extra cost that's an issue. fossil fuel expansion, faces with distance, or the climate concerns and invest of reluctance. nevertheless, president biden has promised that washington will help a few opin allies meet the energy needs. we're working with other nations like korea, japan cutter and others to support or effort to help the europe and allies threatened
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by russia with gas blackmail, and their energy needs and other ways. aggression will not when threats will not win. this is just another reminder on the imperative for europe in the world to move more and more of our power needs to clean energy. international petroleum economist john foster fears unit could be shooting itself in the foot by turning away from russian energy. the increase in natural gas prices in united states and canada will affect the economy or other countries adversely. the same goes for even more. so for western europe, for europe, well, the prices, the prices being much greater. europe shooting herself and the foot. i think the, the dramatic expansion in the production of cheryl gatson, united states is literally as leveled off. so do i think that you're
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a cope without russian gas? i think the answer is no. it, it won't be able to, it will be able to impart by bringing in gas from the united states as, as it's currently doing, trying to expand whether or not with the success in l n. j from the united states at higher costs than the gas that can be bought from russia. so those are cost to the european economy for longer and longer term deals. it's extremely important to confiscate rational assets and transfer them to ukraine. that's the view of the president of the european council, this called the seizure of private property, and that with justice. in my opinion, this is a question of fairness, not only idea to freeze the assets, but confiscation to make this money available for ukrainian or socrates for their trust fund. and for the all these goals that i mentioned, especially for the rebuilding of the country. i recognize the cost by profession. i
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used to be a lawyer that on a legal level, it's not so simple. there are $27.00 legal systems across the european union. and in many you members states this needs a decision taken by court in order to make it possible. it takes time, it's a difficult and long process. those statements come after around half of us, his gold and foreign exchange reserves, amounting to $300000000000.00, were frozen at the outset of the war ukraine. russia has condemned to move, fighting a violation of existing international laws. the criminal has claimed was prepared for what a court, the economic war being waged by the waste european union is not the 1st to consider transferring russian assets to ukraine. the u. s. congress earlier proved to bull allowing the use of confiscated sources from russians to apparently assist kid. washington has also previously seen funds belonging to iran and a gunny son, technology and business professor benjamin. she walked from the paris school of business. so many questions remain over the legality of the move under the current
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law do now the state can fulfill the proceeds of sanctions violations. plenty cannot forfeit property use to facilitate such sanctions violations. so these proposals are into, is intended to close that gap. um, but i see she is not the same as confiscation now or the biden corso is asking congress for expended authority to confiscate and liquidate, you know, freezing excess of private individuals. it's completely another level you back to you even in america, the america and civil liberties union has one and the legislation in the sense corvalle, the due process protections. as the targeted only court would have no recourse to challenge the confiscation fundamentally for every session or confiscation of a, we didn't really need to ask this fundamental question. what kind of crimes ah, ah,
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i have been violated by this individual. is he or she given the right to defend? and don't forget to well is do a fresh with what the u. s. has done to afghanistan for him, resumes there's only a few days left before the that to day celebrations. and we continue our special coverage with the story of what you said. yeah, winscow. she was a child when world war 2 started. but now all these decades later, she's faced the horrors of the conflict. again. when i shall recently, cato how semarino pull. and she was forced to leave with refugees, you know, with a
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