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i am the actual yes. a victim. i don't, it's just give me their idea. i mean, i get as an indian a start to her america. yeah. printer. over of all, it's not i am a lead here. so just monitoring the paul marsh. michelle believes, i'm sure, personally, tavia, madam ah, with someone on the way if you can please with
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her. so the net glutamate in fact, shit, a sure deal with you because i generally escal accomplished if you're cured with lisa with
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a with a so when you're ready with a trip to pay bill sniper cut a feel for us, gave them just the name of a certain pushing restored need to do because she wasn't able to more so because then you need to do one should own blossom. so you're not
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a jewish. that whistle is that it would talk about at the ledger double at this night. there's 2 ducks, thrushes, collage? cut close neighbors, giving us a solution that was will, unless there's a solution or oh good, it's a get those us diane, you use up to the a on so much it did give me a wish. now i'm on nothing but a missed a sub welcoming still my with the blood with
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they show me or send me choose any myers? yes, i'm with the funny to just talking to me, but i fishy. i use a border with a brochure. mama, now let's just, i just collect, i told him just to put that on his finger. sure. i knew this up for sale is a newer version of a new most estimate versus much the new. i mean, yeah. okay. lemme encoded. don't get the bill. i just got home your photo id with a bomb with similar kind of
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a sudden interested question. a sam can have a nuclear because i'm a block. i live a budget is pretty busy and i'm scholars. i got a lot of really it goes by seeber with the city. it's because it's like you can literally a limit with keep it you get that good to talk with you. yeah. and you are yeah. yeah, yeah, i hear about us because you're with so dorothy period honestly says worse, mike, what year before for you i was a dollar before the school confirmed to newkirk will is there to the
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what the lou pool cause of a dollar you thank you right. you as a told or children shooter, so the computer will in your put, put on me was my proceed with the news to later on. you still had a dinner persuaded detroit any better. motion is, i mean, your little problem isn't really short done. for course, patricia, they please can year. well i look with these to below be some that are my new piece to lou dc lawsuit because the yeah, the new political version. well, so far for coursework, good deal as off. can you try middle governor as often as deal issue enough for you to preserve the fuel pushing trajectory produce? cuz when you, when was that? was you to start with
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lamps on with my own style and i'm not an issue that shish enough by at the more north, idaho in this town, monica, it's night, but it was certain of it crush. okay, go over to my mom. a little bit of shift now mock motors i can talk. yeah yeah,
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absolutely. expression or say that jessica don't would have been on the bush. norma said so when i sorta she out of me. okay. mm. got it, got a you with the one of the queens. so she started on the syllabus. oh it's queens, it's got a true true with well there's more to do a quote for both
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dogs off close at the school. the school was close in full. well, my dad is called or was, i mean you're on a claim said right comp claim in the war. and i suppose it's like him system got a new marsha down. those are words. well comes words with keep 1st answers for within
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your vision a solution. so your bush will cranes can also to push some of them with
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a shipping specialists and finish the motion to do some consuming. ah, it's carson with a so just household knew that everything is good. it's been done to reach and so we're not sure what else to learn more about stories charged renewing. ah, is that you had to go to college? said are you going to, can you buy the modem in crossville?
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ah, so, but i was a playable shoot learning 2 months ago. ideal stories. a question for bringing mrs to mrs. hold until the dr. ah, with progress should been good. we think he might be a soldier because off the boot, she's wearing huge, which sold up. took a personal opinion with anyone around the someone or please hold
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a ah i ah
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic or development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk ah, with
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the push another she does get with legacy with unless it was actually supposed to start, it must have been if somebody dishes, i don't know much about the elevators and that is julia, just polio. but this is julia wyatt. them all those same login with citrix unit, which pushes the logistic human up into the us now with
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the cast. awesome. cuz i still am with michigan. if you still are he voice close? most studio with crystal bye, you said you know that what is this will know what you're supposed to be with. get away with so much that'll start with your leash. maybe a little bit with plato and monica, but most of all of them. yeah. but hugely, what is minister a special walker? you know, that's also from ago careful. she in a bit of the rebuttal and it just take it from the barely written up with customers will be a bottle come on like a 1000000 up
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a shop college on the board for the industry when you get on board spiel, shale or william, if they could give us afternoon, you can pull it up. i was just on the show yesterday. so much with my wish to get that over. can you? me and i should let me up a stylish was gimme a call and you could feel free to call me on the glenda. somebody set that up on my list that much of the boys see with go do it over there with get mitchell. i left the way the order to show for you for the number of somebody in person, keith about. yes, i wanted to play with a couple of useable would be nice to be able to catch the boot. it was split. typically when i took up less, which are very similar,
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so many years and years and the able to have been to me cuz it's been somebody. so mom with this level. so we do have any other players? well, the, the video positioning style is moving in the show. lucille, it's a little slow show. if i wasn't really sure the school because she got it was it was suitable. sure. able to in your community almost with
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a welcome change to the vehicle with oh, are you sure to look to be or during the years with no, i last listed there. start off with a please. i'm with for you to us.
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not a mind with, i don't know why. just wanted to know what in there now mom. that's like you like with plenty of that was because in the new id cuz i was from the studio when you started, you was it wasn't that much cuz in your cars those, this choi, that you're working with . you see it says i just need yeah. 3 should say probably, yes, there was worse than your way company or is it at the, i'm not sure. i've changed to that. i'm not a liberal. yes. and we do. so can you teach case a dos as a mom with us on a story around the way more than with
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a new mistake initially it was a while ago, but i had to quit or it's more the more school pull it out. yeah. i mean, yeah, i was like, i mean, you're good shepherd in i'm butch finally in that that i don't much thought i'm with us news and it must be a back. what do you, my birth is here, or there was for cisco, for lima. was nice to catch up, but interesting or you can come special with that like i was also from the, of the national with
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your when you scores it is going to national grades with faculty. so she'll said, well with this you are here. he, our, someone like on the door here, here for we do for you. why did you yes, near fees on the more see we have some bus parts you forward. you need a new yes. can you need you to sure who you thought about my student who is from georgia also,
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all the doctor. i don't know. yes. with 2 to 4 years, a radius creating with a water. thank you. mm . to and
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really quick fish. now when i have limited version or something, the video 3 tier one with a mo kimberly their family to run away lemming as a dog, but he's classical wm. wireless will shrink additional. but loony of html or a spectrum sales or the show that you know me as wishing happens to pena has to be on a mac. but it's often i a patrol almost all, not for a says plates, i'm go clean the stimulus will not on a stimulus to problem with the media. you will get the piece with this crazy. i will give them a few to see which way the answer. so those which are in stores on that, by the way, in the bristol, think yours of this with people have to understand that all the
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blood of this war, every broken window, every bombed home, every fresh grave that blood is on the hands of the united states. government, victoria, new and barack obama. job a cia, the u. s. military, the trained these nazis hide behind civilians and shoot at the russians. they were coming to liberate the city. here was but he said he'll come when i see it. other of them i guess. so we are going one way or more them to you. there's to joy. origin world burton. i reside, mitchell, i often associate scenario to me, i believe, mitchell, erica doreen, you shorter give that a little shade when i see him where i'm supposed ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah, a ah with today i'm authorizing the additional strong sanction foreign companies quitting
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russia design soon. thank you. this client atm console. blantan banks disconnected from the international payment system. the functional move hoppey journal donna and euro exchange rates. follow up on that sellable up article go more so so carbon would know what the committee met. that evoke is the billing address then? is the current, can you say it was, oh, sure. see, i'm a jail with almost volume in russian business. overcome this song. see, near i bought the nazi to huddle. she's tremendously just me, golden plus voice, bullshit. national productive notches steel, osh, a miracle, what i see that but themselves when you come, when you with the go to, you got any of them in your mind for the street. not but i, she's appraisal. i'd look at no cost to the group when you, when you're speaking with dr. newson, who is a school. so the delusion got the little book lucille included with
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researcher the gwinnett college. so do you good to, can you better than only me plus who bought a new variable? sure. learning from others can go either stories that go in as little as from the course. perfect. you? yep. ish misers to option is just for a doctor. a federal good is this prisoner should been good. we think he might be a soldier. if he's off the boots, he's wearing huge, which sold up took a personal opinion with anyone around this. you're still in the summer a
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ah, you could get you, people don't want war and they believe it is a you are against something you train with arms with these can be achieved that way . need your board. but then stab. leslie is in negotiations. we've got through so co b as a or ukraine, a phobia, a ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with ah 50 civilian thing. pending 11 children have been taken to safety from the adults still planned for mario poll as nationalists forces continue to hold out their apartment block housing bashing. the porcelain is attacked with an apparent explosive device diffused there. with yet another round of andrew bachelor sanctioned the u. s. could been russian uranium imports to the country. there was some fear the move could be equally damaging to the american economy to thousands gather and pakistan in a show support for the home about the study. prime minister in one con, who with allstate last month
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