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ah ah, with we stood up almost a year with
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the clinical with a shame that sure you're starting to look at them. i don't, it's joseph. do you know what i mean? i mean, i guess a number of all it's not. i mean, i'm a lead to just monitoring the paul marsh shobel is, i'm sure, personally, tavia, madame a kinsey with
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her. so that one i don't at lucy, me back . she dies a city put the is it okay her to really you pretty . who are the brochure? jewish good friends, mr. smoke. you are getting a score of which you're, you're cured with
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laser. be aware when you're done with her. so when you're ready with a trip to play, bill snyder got a feel for us guys. i'm just needing a story to push him restored,
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need you to because she wouldn't put them or so because then you need to do one should own blossom. so don't you're not a jewish. the whistle is that it, we'll talk about at the ledger that i bought this night. there's 2 new tax deduction, collage cut close neighbors, giving us a solution that was will, unless there's a solution or. oh, great, some get those us diane, you use up to the a so then what do you do it as they own home? it did. yeah. i did a listener. not one thing that i missed the sub welcoming. still my
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with to watch. like, i'm still with me or send me choose any myers somewhere before when i checked with my other funny trust or community. but i fishy, i use a hotel with a brochure. mama knowledge. so i just collect also just to put that on his finger. sure. i knew the past, i always did. it was i had the option. it's newer versions of a with some allusions too. yeah. pretty much this to me never increases much the
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anymore. i mean, yeah. okay. lemme encoded bunk at the bull. i just got home your photo id with a nuclear bomb with similar kind of a sudden question a. 6 sam can have a nuclear because i'm a block i live, a budget is pretty busy and i'm scared with really it's just boise but with the city. it's because it's like you can literally a keep it. you get that you go to the course town for that. they've been with us because you have to open a
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door for people who don't play south west. mike, what you a dollar when a script i'm st. newkirk will is there to them from literally pool because of a dwelt. you talked to her, choose a told her shoulder shooter a sort of appeal. it will, you will put, put on the bus with the new still later and used to live both what dora told for his new developers wanted detroit any better promotion is in your little problem. is a done for course to address. yeah, they please can year. well, i moved with these to bill or piece of that my new piece to reduce the lawsuit because the yeah, the political asia. well so far, for course worked good deal as off. can you try middle governor as often as deal issue enough for you to preserve the fuel pushing trajectory produce?
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cuz when you, when was that was you to start with the lamps on with and i know stella when i'm not going to an issue that chicken up by at the more north, idaho, in this town marshall a sniper, was certain of it crushing. okay, go ahead. you're letting my mom
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a snip it out that will get a shift and a mock motors i can talk. yeah yeah, absolutely. yes. question or susie jessica, i'm going to win it on the bush longer say it. so when i sorta she out of me. okay . mm. a you hm mm. with that the, when it's the queen's. so she started on the silhouette. oh it's queens. it's got a tricia with well there's more to deal with no contact
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with dogs all over the school. the school was cross in full well not then it's quarterly or is it on a concrete, i mean, finished the war and i suppose it's that system got a new marsha down. those are words. welcome to with keep
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1st a stand by with vision a solution. so you, bush will, cranes can also to push them with
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a new, better way to go to it's been done to reach and so we're not sure mobiles learn more about stories charged or ah
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ah ah, with with russian state little narrative. i stayed on the most landscape, divest i was also a group in the 55 when. okay, so my name is barbara speaking with we
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will van in the european union, the kremlin, the media machine, the state on russia today and spoke ortiz spoke neck, given our video agency, roughly all bands on youtube. and pinterest said we could push it. did you think it requests with lower ah, with
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the push another visit with maggie smith? i was just reading with all sorts i bought a truck with unless it was actually supposed to stored it must have been there some way to ship . i don't know much though, but the elevator, some of this is julia, just polio. but this is julia by them all. those same login with civic shooter which was bush just the. what is your sticky when up into the us now with the status of a tech install. see if that cuz i still hate him. i got
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a deal with this machine. if you still are he boys too slow studio with crystal bye? you said, you know what? to do so well, know what you're supposed to be with, get away with the customer to push to start with your leash and i need a little sort of if you don't plato and what about the cost of all of them? yeah. but hugely, what is minister special or you know, that's all stuff from a go careful shipping to the rebuttal and it's your thank you from a barely written up with some rule earlier. a bottle gum on my gum. the upper shop college on the board for the
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initial when you can speak or fail or wrote him up with a cool give us when you come up it was really an up. what was your son? let me not show yesterday so much. it was only with my wish to get that. can you me and i shouldn't let me up a release was chemical and you could feel free to call anybody else on the, on the gun assemblies for on that up on. let's suppose i should have a boy with go do it over there with mitchell. i love the way the order to show it to you for the model. so basically if this is keith about say yes, usable. would be nice to be cups the boot. it was split,
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typically it will, it took up less, which are very similar so many years and years are able to live in to bush me because it's been somebody said, mom was his level. there's a way that i put the video position and it took us to move it in the show. lucas, you, it's a little slow show. if i it was a, reduce your quote because here she got. if it was that it was suitable should be able to quote you and your homeowners
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with a welcome, a vehicle with you sure looks to be doing with no, i honestly just start off with a project. this is the police i'm with for you to us
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and i don't mind if i don't know why. i just wanted to know what in there i'm off. that's what you like with but it was because in the new id, cuz i was from the studio when you started music with us because in your cars that was this choi. compare with the see. it says i yes. lydia 3 should say proudly. yes. there was worse than your sway company or is it at the national change to the am? cannot a laborer? yes, we do. so can you teach, gets a dos at the mom is due to read a story around the wife morrison
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with the conditions or was it was for a day to get away from all of the garage done more school, pull it out. yeah, i really, i was like, i mean yeah, you're good shepherd in. i'm butch finally in that that i don't much thought i'm with spi. i back. what do you my 1st week versus here? not be there was for cisco for lee mondor was nice to catch up, but interesting. or you can call more special with that, like it was also if you have not been able to trim level with push, there's also with
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the school as it is going to national grades george going back and you just call and he's here john with it. so she'll said a with because you are here to be our someone like on the door here. here for work. what do for you while you're here? i'm yes, near fees on your w. yes. dumbass basil forwards. unique. are you from the new movie yet? can you need you to sure who you thought about my student who is also all the
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dr. sandlewood? they don't know this will be used with 2 to 4 years, a radius created with a water. thank you. mm . and and
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really quick fish. now i love limited version or sort of in the video through tomorrow, where the mo, kimberly their family really lemming as her daughter go. but he's critical w. m was rick additional, but loony of cable or a spectrum just it was wonderful that she only has wishing happens to plan a severe democrat. it's up to my personal. it's almost all not for a says, it's a clean the stimulus will not on a stimulus to problem with the municipal will get the piece with was he to live up his grades? yeah, i will give them a see to see which we have to show those which are in stores on the plane. but the way in the bristol, particulars of this with people have to understand that all the
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blood of this war, every broken window, every bombed home, every fresh grave. that blood is on the hands of the united states government. victoria new and barack obama. job a cia, the u. s. military, the trained these nazis, how to hide behind civilians and shoot at the russians that were coming to liberate city here with us. but he said she'll come when i see it. other of them again. we are going away. most of them are good to them. there's 2 joy settlers and a little gardener besides mitchell, i can use her. she narrative. yeah, because i can show like a tory and you show cookie that a little sion when i see him where, oh my god, i'm supposed
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blue so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult. time time to sit down and talk a reset. you had to push it and he said, are you going to, can you just use other than 1000000 plus one? 0, but over the birth of the dad,
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the book or this was a label show learning t montage can do i feel stories going in as little as in the course pin. yep. ish, missus tan option missile came and portal. gotcha. gotcha. ah, we'll settle with this technician, didn't we think he might be a soldier because of the boot she's wearing huge, which to hold up took to boldly oppose. no opinion was with you on it on this you're still in the summer. wagner, please post soon bye. ah
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a lie repeated a 1000 times becomes the truth. the man who said that even proved it, the lie became part of himself and the system he served. his name was joseph gus. he was nazi germany's minister of propaganda. the myths that he created exist to this day. that money papa, i should be back down to london. these are the children of yours if gibbons. several years after this picture was taken, the 3rd rice principal ideologies decided to sacrifice their lives. wow, fear them he did so after realizing that all of his media wars had been last time, britain i from the diary of dr. joseph gabe's june 16th
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1941. if we win, who will question our methods as it is, we have so much to answer for already that we must win. otherwise we those who are the head of all that we hold dear will be eradicated. so to work on june 22nd 1941 nazi germany invades the soviet union without a declaration of war. the bombings and shillings bring about tara and uncertainty of what may line store. the german army drops 22000000 leaflets on red army positions. the great lie begins. gosh, then you miss kay out of me. well, i wrote up our gun, uneasy malice,
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rufus calmly stalk, analyse them easily and near the bar. awesome glen night. i believe it was 80 propaganda company in process schuessler. while in the summer cancer wally, their lives were beautifully phrased. red army soldiers were cynically offered to make a choice either to perish at the hand of the indestructible german army or to surrender and returned to their families to live happily ever after. one of their goals was to turn the red army soldiers against their commanders and commissars at the blood . mussolini musical propaganda store were shocking me. sorry, i mean you though you drama was modest to pity chicken himself to mobile, scan it as really new touch to be disposable. so we'll get be to can you sort of food we're going to you wish to the walk. ok, well i spoke with you how did you can you from.


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