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of what may line store the german army drops 22000000 leaflets on red army positions. the great lie begins. guys they knew miss kay out of me. well, i wrote up put up a gun on as any malice woof was comely stalk on nihilism. issue leanne near the port or some glen night. i believe it was 80 propaganda come wannine brushes for while in the summer cancer away there lies were beautifully phrased. red army soldiers were cynically offered to make a choice either to perish at the hand of the indestructible german army or to surrender and returned to their families to live happily ever after. one of their goals was to turn the red army soldiers against their commanders and commissars at the blood, mussolini musical propaganda. stover shook me. sorry. i mean you though you drama. was morris to be taking him some to mobile,
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scan it as we renewed our stability switchable switch. okay. be to, can you sort of food begun that you wished up the walk? i believe you spoke with, if you hadn't taken him from a memo by the head of the high command of the rear, marked the marshal general wil from crayton, political commissars, bear a special distinction, a red star. when the sickle hammer on their sleeve, they must be separated from other p, o w 's, in order to deny them the ability to influence captain soldiers. upon being separated from the prisoners, they are to be eliminated. however, even soldiers who weren't political commissars were faced with life, far from the bliss described in germany's pamphlets by mid 1942 less than half of the 3 point. 5000000 red army soldiers who surrendered was still alive before to exhibition called through captivity was recently held in moscow in their memory. several german students were keen to attend. as the only what the chemically get
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add, larry napoleon waller poorly on the chunk. the cal chipotle wilker overcome, which is 40 milton me emotionally chill. you could use that operative wiggly rupture. cuba barque of needy will not be tanya will just morningish the wind up in the minute. i kid slavish. she is not really sure the pity would come up, so he smeared mixture. why? at the more east yoke door, bob, i'll put him on that shannon with that much damn store of usually near put out sam to ask any of the assorted bullets at the memo from the high command of the wire. mon confidential september 8th, 1941. this is the 1st time that german soldiers face an adversary instructed loan in the ways of war, but also politics. does bolshevik soldiers have forfeited the right to be treated like 2 soldiers in accordance with the geneva convention relative to the treatment of prisoners of war. less than a month after nazi germany invaded the soviet union. news came that stalins eldest son, jacob was missing an action. soon,
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photos of him appeared on german propaganda leaflets. they read that jacob has voluntarily surrendered to the nazis berlin, morally stalk, or bus for his shoulder. lanier new jack or ju rush, really stylish judge's good preparedness g for her romker. yes, trevino, jewelry, fin style in the profile. when you sean broad, uber saw broadening shirts the midst move west army young had indeed been captured . the only difference was that he was captured during an attempt to break out of a seat rather involuntarily surrendering. he was brought to saxon house and concentration camp. 35 kilometers from berlin. he was approved, was a prominent prisoner. he was not imprisoned inside the prisoner's camp. for ordinary prisoners where we are standing now, there was a special camp for prominent prisoners,
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and this is where he was in prison. jak of jewish really was kept in one of these barracks intelligence officers, were interrogating him every day, but still couldn't make jak of cooperate. he was in the capital 1943. there was even a myth that german officials offered stollins son in exchange for german field marshal palace had been captured in stalingrad in 1943. another story that was later disproved. after jak of douglasville, he realised he was being used by nazi propaganda. he decided to take his own life by jumping on a barbed wire in a prison camp here in saxon house, in total, over a 100000 people perished in saxon houses during its years of operation. it was where as his officers underwent training in order to serve at new concentration camps located throughout occupy countries, that included death camps built for the purpose of annihilating in ty peoples.
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the so called nancy eisen griffin, killed more than 2000000 jews on occupied soviet soil. they delivered death without mercy, women, children, even the elderly, most normal people would go mad, having to execute orders like that. but officers and s as uniform had no such crimes. never for a moment did they consider what they were doing was wrong, let alone at being a crime. they were trained and prepared by nazi propaganda to day, even the radical measures are not radical enough. yoseph covers he is to say, ah, you, in the ussr, german soldiers were captives of another myth. that in order to bring down the soviet system, it was essential to annihilate the jews, since they were believed to be the primary foundation of bolshevism. in other occupied countries, the germans would force the jews and to get house,
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though they were allowed to live. after invading the usaa, the nazis began to annihilate entire jewish communities. with didn't what group to group was so i was look for you pull to just get us deal of since you renewed you to do so that 15 years lose through your program when you can show the you got more business law. well, you go to both cars with the public on moon, for all you ballistics. when you do business group propaganda, a consumer of both or sub listed on the moon user in your book, you little the for the was to love was really sure when you're pos forward it is younger years years have gerbils made several unsuccessful attempts and becoming a writer and journalist, the career of the 3rd likes, main ideologists, took off after the nazis one elections. one of his 1st initiatives was the practice of book burnings, reminiscent of burning heritage at the stake in medieval times. the 1st book,
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burning took place in 933 in the center of berlin. under the motto, let's clear germany of an german ideas that which in laredo is at the blizzard for minerva, but almost been young to submit just to launch a new newfoundland there. ah, gibbons employee, deven on the shall stone looseness gazette. what they do must sum stoba. i knew selenium was 90, got her. mom was account is what the kind miller got doreen that i'll not build, which decreases i mean sleep in today's berlin books are sold right next to the spot where they were once burned. there are lots of history books here, including those on the nazis rise to power in germany. this is the moment when gobbles office got the green light, the so called ministry of public enlightment and propaganda. the 3rd right was housed in this building on bill ham starcy. from 1933 to 941. the agencies budget
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increase nearly tenfold. i gibberish. but i'd be a co concept. so stand by a promise from this denise scare, i was call it. i don't think you can best believe. gosh them, williams. i touched a because been human smoke solutions that i do have been that you grown me at the, on pride. them was a bit new sales mad morning in that we see linda gibbons say, even in that that into what acre willie. but he's been dimly b edwin. but honestly, etsy deliveries on the program to prospects. and yet, these are ultra right wing rallies in modern germany. they do not directly associate themselves with the ideas of the 3rd, right? they are fighting to make jobs available to germans rather than to immigrants from other countries. jimmy has lived through this before and what these slogans lead to is well known. but for ultra right wing supporters, the germany of the $900.00 thirties is a model of order instability. oh,
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this is another example of a history lesson. some people fail to earn this time in ukraine, the slogan, glory, to ukraine, glory to the heroes herd. and keith is a carbon copy of the greeting used by ukranian nationalists who collaborated with hitler's forces during the war. but if you are more ac, luigi megabit, viola latasha, debris of scholarly deal, it's, i mean nymphs are you not the dob doth or washroom rural car for you? you why doesn't use quicker for to zam wilker for chew through sheer force is on them. yes, mainly celine in early 2014. during the so called euro my dad rally key. if local nationalists reverently carried portraits of steep on bendara in 1941, he tried to establish an independent republic of ukraine as a protectorate of hitler's germany. a store newkirk will you
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english without assist you? emer dodger police gun year. oh sweet hughley, you use a grey jap chia d to got to work with alice character as eager to wasting him some but it's supposed to be some assistance. so that's mr. dawn, you shish julie bonham's, music video, honestly, beside early she of constantly media vietnam who from union. so what we're supposed to receive an excerpt from a letter by the head of the party, chancellor. a martin mormon from july 23rd 19. 42 by no means should one introduce any measures giving a non germans a sense of ownership. members of the non german population should in no way have access to higher education. the hearers of the opinion that reading and writing skills are quite enough for them that include so called ukrainians red army soldiers had to pay a great price to liberate the territories occupied by the nazis victory day is one
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of the most, if not the most cherished national holidays in russia, despite the fact that nearly 70 years had passed since the end of the 2nd world war . numerous outrageous myths continued to spread, some of which even gerbils would envy me with an inveterate berliner, yet earn choreography. never thoroughly open about of no, pretty shortly new posterity. zachary so more shall git there is stagnant ha, citing critique elsewhere. you are sort of in a he of yet, that is now and i for him. yeah. mariah russia made sure that if you change your room with everything in for a few it their days with my ab when you go days now carry suggestion you put out after the war. many german generals were all too keen to publish their memoirs while stolen staff officers were forbidden to do so. that's why much of what's
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known about the 2nd world war in europe was learned largely from memoirs, written by the defeated side is that you had to push it and he said, are you going to, can you just use other than 1000000 plus one? 0, but over the birth of the dad, the book with a label show learning k and mantas can do ideal stories going in as little as in the course. perfect. you. yep. ish mrs. tam option missile k adopt you? ah, with we
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think he might be a soldier because of the boot she's wearing huge. which sold up took a personal opinion. was with anyone like around the summer? wagner? police police swim bus hold. ah, do you think you, you, people don't want war and they believe and he is, li are against soft. think ukraine, would you arms like as you please? candidly achieve with that weight? your boy? yeah. but in stat less please. in negotiations, we've got bristow, co vianza, or ukraine, a phobia with
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this is mile of a park popular to his destination to day. but few people know that during the 2nd world war, one of the country's top secret constructions was hidden away here. so secret that a special natural line was built to connect it to the kremlin. in 1936, the district was my level. i became a forbidden zone. construction began on the central u. s. a saw stadium named after joseph stalin, which was meant for $200000.00 spectators. but 3 years later, work was put on hold. the facility disguised as a stadium was in fact already completed. in october, 1941, another myth appeared. there were rumors that the soviet government had abandoned moscow. the officers and the kremlin were empty and that the city had been surrendered to the germans. but the truth was that stella never actually left
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moscow and continued working in the secret bunker here in his mother. ah stealin always spoke quietly for this reason. special acoustics were designed so that everyone sitting at this table could hear him. the conference, whole of a general headquarters looks more like a palace. stollins private chambers remain in immaculate condition. a battle map hangs on the wall. it was updated davy while stolen worked here. mm. another come and miss is that stolen and his circle allegedly reinforced the german army with their own hands. just before the war,
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started the very much officers i said to have conducted military exercises at soviet training ranges. in reality, after hitler came to power, the volume of military cooperation between germany and the ussr fell considerably from the diary of doctor joseph kabbage june 1941 cooperation which russia was in fact a stain on our honor. but we shall soon wipe it clean. i said this to the sure he agrees with me completely, this euro believes the operation will take about 4 months. but i believe unless we're on the brink of an unprecedented victorious military campaign, we must act researcher e group. how of is the author of the book, the great war that was lied about based on archive materials? it is book the author attempts to debunk the most common myth, namely that style and was preparing to tack nazi germany himself. but hitler turned
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out to be smarter and struck 1st like was remove his warden looking mirror, brushwood, islam, they give them some good bessler, 40 some double, la celine, electrical felicity to put it as white. social slo, sclerosis, scribbling fiercely. maria, but him sla, curb commute them. li, experienced them michelle poor with years of school, which was nicola, creates a little bit the nibble up a sham at the up across the pretty by the new book. her ask is the total sum gimme to see pushy asked, who will put publish the leadership team, asking it all. in 1941, the soviet defense industry was working at full capacity. despite this, the number of german military units at the border exceeded the soviet armies fivefold. this distribution of forces would have made a preemptive attack on germany unwise. the 1st days of the nazi invasion remained shrouded in mystery. and yet there was
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one met during the years of perestroika. stalin had so much faith in hitler's non aggression pact with the soviet union that he was blind to the german threat and consequently failed in his own responsibility. as the country's commander in chief the mist it's done was in a state of shock, could be easily refuted. recently declassified document reveal stalins scheduled for june 22nd 1941. the day nazi germany invaded the ussr mm. stalins visitors people's commissar for foreign affairs. moldova arrived at 545 left at 12 o 5 chief general staff job override at 545 left at 830 deputy peters commissar for foreign affairs wishes be arrived at 730 left at 1040 common turn leader drove arrived at 840 left at 1045 i i i got
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a bill with, oh, oh, oh, oh no hm . no for the you near like that here. that most of i am more than a little golds cellular minorities for sure. yeah, with them to just reach out each other home store im in the nation. i wrote, you was split, shun the she away against where you are more his work for mogley now we didn't hurt into rational or garage here from the brandon were gates in the heart of berlin. nazi troops marched before heading to the eastern front. prior to invading the soviet union, germany had prepared the so called plan aust,
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or plan east. it would have involved about 80 percent of the population of concord countries to be moved out by force and replaced with people of the master race. the plan was to be carried out immediately after germany's victory over the soviet union. mm. the santa colonized part of the soviet union extended over the next 30 years. as long as german troops continued to fight, it remained top secret in order to avoid an uprising. the population of the occupied territories were still being fed myths about their future happy, prosperous life. according to the plan, 2 cities were to be completely destroyed. leningrad and moscow. the siege of leningrad lasted 900 days, during which nearly 600000 people died of starvation in recent years. another myth has appeared that such human losses could have been avoided. if the sobered command had surrendered the city to the nazis. but anyone who says that has no idea
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hitler's master plan and the fate he had in store for the city and its residence. ah, from the diary, the chief of the general staff france folder, july 8th, 1941 of yours determined to raise moscow leningrad to the ground. to make sure that we don't have to feed their population winter. the cities must be demolished by airstrikes. this national catastrophe. well, not only wipe of the centers of bolshevism, but also that of the entire muskogee. ah
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ah. ah, one year after the siege of leningrad began breaking the course of war finally arrived . field marshal powells, the author of operation barbosa, was defeated at stalingrad. it then became clear to many very max soldiers and officers, that the quick and victorious war that gables promised on the eastern front had also turned out to be a myth. after the defeat in the battle of stalingrad, many high ranking nazi officers were taken prisoner. they were brought here to a p o w camp outside moscow. after that great defeat, many captured nazis began to cooperate with soviet authorities and apply the wrong propaganda technique to anti fascist campaigning.
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from that moment on, gerbils propaganda had to compete with pamphlets encouraging german advance forces to surrender to soviet troops. dorsal nashua put up a gun, this yellow at the another i nila summoning here veneer ski daughtry the way that linea corn should sub logo richna nasha propaganda, spa solve, solve allah. the more stood the vi millionaire. this did this is nancy, but it watch live by near to rocky hand the hawk gym by gibbet. ah, in i'm a got 1945. the war is coming to an end. yes. if global says office calls for the last resources to be thrown at the war effort, the hitler youth weren't enough to defend berlin. so military propaganda encouraged
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women and the elderly to take up arms. when so the troops entered berlin, gerbils and his family fled to hitler's bunker. that was hidden underneath it, where it's now filled with soil and a holocaust memorial has been erected on top of it. on may 1st 1945. the 3rd rice chief audiologist and his wife magda, committed suicide. before doing so, they poisoned all 6 of their children with cyanide. these to blot out a suitable miss the own that those a truck us have been with us. we arctic id live, delia. i d, i knew what should i see, but inches side there. it tells us we're mug of the semi leach not of elijah la. umbrella said sadness, them got them broadcast. the we are. if you have d t e, a dealer, stop with door. i'm pull a dispute to nozzle by, made it known. got bella, but as a woman that's that will yet that distinctness i took over.
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ah! not long before his death doctor gables wrote his last invective good type. he spoke about the thread of the iron curtain that the communists would drop over europe. ironically, these words were written at gerbils his mansion. it was located on the spot where construction would soon start on the embassy of the united states. the u. s. a saws principle, cold war rival doubles as planned to so discord within the ranks of the anti hitler coalition. worked out as this is exactly what happened during a speech in fulton, in 1946, winston churchill, the british prime minister repeated almost word for word. what doubles had said about the danger to europe from behind the iron curtain. the myths created by the chief nazi ideologists, found fertile soil in the west and grew to provide fuel for the struggle against
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communism. we have to fight these myths to day in memory of those who won in the 2nd world war. mm. ah ah ah, ah luis hunter, russian state will never b as tight as on the northland scheme diva with
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will ban in the european union. the kremlin, ca, yep, machine. the state on russia today and split our t sport neck, even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with ah, a doubles are going to put well, talk to register for the school. i hope that i see a,
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[000:00:00;00] with somebody over there for those with a lot of video when you look on them you up for you look a the and i do so as you know,
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that way. i don't mind today i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions. foreign companies, quitting russia, a license atm card to blantan banks disconnected from the international payment system. functional puppy mal donna and euro exchange rates follow up when i check up on a couple more of those. so i would know what the committee met, the vocalist the bill from this then is the current. can you say i don't see a material look a little much volume in russian business overcome this song? so you know, i bought enough to huddle. she instrument, she tells me, don't press voice bullshit. national productive notches, steel dash, a mere bull. what i see, i put on cell when you come, when you with, before you go to you got any of your mind or dispute? not but i, she's open. i do look, i know there's a group when you on yesterday with dr. new person who is
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a school some good to lose with little booklet lucian, included with the civilians are taken to safety from a steel plant and more you pulled the nationalists battalions continue to hold it up that facilitate. around 400. more people were evacuated from the city overnight . also head of the program. moscow say he's on the attempted terrorist attack on russian journalists in berlin may have happened because of rising persecution against the countries media in germany. a reporter, based in the building described with china, yet you forgot to do more. at 1st, i thought it was some kind of fake bomb. something used to intimidate our workers, but it was hidden. the police officers were not skeptical at all. given all the


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