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ah, today i'm authorizing the additional strong sanction foreign companies quitting russia, design soon. thank you. las glycine so hm. atm cards will blantan banks disconnected from the international payment system is optional. hoppey jermel rubbish, donna and euro exchange rates followed minneapolis sellable up or nickel. the more so, so carbon would know what are what the committee met, that he woke up the bill of this bill is the current, can you say no, no. so c, m a jail, a couple of volume and russian business overcome this song. see, near, rob bought it to the nazi to huddle. she's tremendously just me. don't pros voice bullshit. nash, a productive notches, steel dash o miracle. what i see that one but themselves when you come, when you look at them individually for player, for ability. got annual in your mind for the student out, but i, she's appraisal id, close loop. i know post off kilter cost to give the group when you, when you're selenium with dr. numbness,
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listen quickly. disposal for her to lose with miguel food of with lucille includes ah so let's say that we stood up almost a year with
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that we just started it. you're left with 30 only show you your shame. that sure. you're starting to look at them. i don't, it's just down then do you need that one? yeah, that's good to me. yeah. yeah. there is a number of all, it's not, i mean, i'm a lead to just monitoring the paul marsh shobel is, i'm sure, personally, tavia, madame a lease
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with her. so don't i don't that with that shit. i should have a sure you with you, but i generally escal accomplished if you're cured with frayza, i'm with
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a with so what is out of so when you're ready with a trip to play bill sniper cut a feel for us. gave them just name of
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a certain person was jordan you because she wasn't but the more so because then you need to do one should own blossom. so if you're not a jewish than whistle is that it would talk about at the ledger, double this knife of those 2 new talks to russian collage cut close neighbors. given a solution that was all, unless there's a solution or o groups and give us diane, you use up to the a on so much it did. yeah.
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i did. it was like machine guys in a bullshit to clear. mm. go on the listener. i'm on a new system welcoming. still my with the blood with this from your send me choose any myers? yes. i'm with the funny to just talking to me. but i fishy. i use a border. yes. that's all between them. if i want to go to them, you know what? a sure mama. no. let's just i just collect. i told him just to put that on his finger. sure. on your desk. a pastor always isn't. it was a newer version of
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a with some looseness too. yeah. pretty much there's so many of them pushes much the anymore. i mean, yeah. okay, lemme encoded bunk at the bill. i just got home and you have a choice with a clinical morsels. yep. with when you look similar kind of a sudden interesting question. a sam can have a nuclear because i'm a block i live, a budget is pretty busy and i'm scared with really it goes by cba with the city. it's because it's like you can literally a keep it. you get that you get
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a schedule with my quote, you a dollar one book when the school confirmed to the next will is there to the a little really poor because of a dollar you talked about. you is a told or children shooter, a sort of appeal here will you will put, put on the bus with the news to later on. you still live a dinner persuaded detroit any, but the motion is in your problem. is unusual, done. for course, my daughter is she on the breeze can year. well i look with these to bill or be some that are my new piece to reduce the lawsuit that yeah, the new political they sure will so far for coursework. good us deal as off for
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here to new criminal government as often as deal issue enough for you to preserve the fuel pushing to produce. cuz when you, when was that was you to start with lamps on with my own style and i'm not going to an issue that chicken up by at the more not
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holding this down more is occur. percentage snipers with it crushing. okay, go ahead. letting them off a snippet on that. we'll get a shift and a mock motors. i can't offer any extension or says jessica, but i'm one of them going on the bush longer say it. so when i sorta she out of me . okay, mm. got it. got a you with one of the queens. so she started on the southern. oh it's queens. i never knew a true true state. oh,
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there's more you do not qualify for both dogs. all i was at the school. the school was close in full. well not then it's quarterly cause i mean it on her claim said roy dunker, i mean if she wore on, i suppose it's a human system. got a new marsha down. those are words when my all comes up with
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the key. okay. first and so just bear with me a solution the brochure cranes can also be pushed on. i'm going to school in
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a school with a shipping this question which can finish houston from washington just from community. ah, it's carson with a so just kind of knew that a way to go to is some done to read somewhere in that one. then your marginal stories charged renewing.
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ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation. let it be an arms race is on a very dramatic development. only personally, i'm getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very difficult time to sit down and talk ah, with ah, ah
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ah ah no, you can't get the people don't want war and they believe in peace against talking to you train with arms because these cannot be achieved that way you're born. yeah . but in stat, please, in negotiations we've got bristow, co bands of or ukraine of. so bmw
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ah ah, with
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the push another visit with my guest with also to handle the truck with it was actually basically at the store. it must have been a subway dishes. i don't know how much trouble with it and that is julia polio. but this is julia bye at them old commission. those same login with citrix unit, which kind of pushes the what is your sticky when up into the us now with the cast. awesome. cuz i still am
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with issue initially. he voiceplus most video with crystal bye deals with get away with so much. then i'll start with mulish video with plato and monica, but most of the media by hugely what is most video, a special walker, you know, that's from a go to the rebellion. it's your take it from a barely written up with someone will be a bottle. come on like a 1000000 up, a shotgun with the blog post will be an issue when you can
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speak or fail. roll him up with a cool give us after you come up. i was just not sure yesterday so much with my wish to get that over. can you me a question. i should let me up a release was gimme a call and you could feel free to call me on the glenda. somebody's for on that up on my little boy. see with go do it over there with get an image there because i love the way the order to show for you, for the number of surveys would have to keep it that way. but usable will be the will lead to be able to catch the boot. it was split typically when it took up less,
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which are very similar. so that means that you're able to look into to bush me because it's been somebody also belong to mom with his level there's a way that you play as well. ah, a little bit issues with video positioning, stylus and show you lucille, it's a good i'll talk a little slow. so i wasn't really sure of school because here she got it was it was suitable should be able to in your community almost with
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a well from a vehicle with oh, you're sure to looks to be doing with no unless we're still just start off with a deal for you to us,
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not a mind if i don't know why i just wanted to post an order number that you like with that was because in the do you cuz i was from the studio when you started use it with us because in your cars there was this choice that you're working with . you see it says i, kathy dear 3 should say proudly. yes, there was worse than your slay company or is it not sure i've changed to that. i'm candidly labored. yes. and we just look at it all set. the mom is the 3 of us a story around this to make more than with a new mistake. initially. it was a,
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was a small the garage, done more school pull it out. yeah, i did. yeah. it was nice, i mean, you good shepherd in. i'm butch, finally in that that i that much thought i'm with a d a y versus here. not be there was for cisco, for lima. was my secret, but interesting. or you can call more special with that, like it was also from the mission of it with she has also with the school as it is going to national great guy that exist calling
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with it. so she'll sit there all day or mm hm. with this you're here to be our someone like all to do up here here for we're well do for you while you're here. yes, near fees on your divorce will be a number for through forwards. unique are good for you 1st. so as a new, yet can you need you to sure who you thought about my student who is also
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all the doctor. i don't know the answer for, you know, the one with 2 to 4 years this radius created with a water. thank you. mm . mm . and
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really good. there's no, we're not limited version or something the video 3 pm on where to maria campbell, their families really lemming at the door to go, but he used car sickle w. i'm also shrink additional. but loony of html or a spectrum sales additional, the gentleman is wishing you a pistol, playing a sense of your to macbook. it's up to my upper school almost on offer for a says to plato, green, the stimulus will not on a stimulus to problem with the media. he will get has to patient with his grades. yeah. will give them a see to see which way the answer shows or islam which and stores on the plan. but the way in the pistol particulars of this with the will have to understand that
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all the blood, this war, every broken window, every bombed home, every fresh grave. that blood is on the hands of the united states government. victoria new and barack obama job. i do see i a, the u. s. military, the trained these nazis, how to hide behind civilians and shoot at the russians. they were coming to liberate city here with sexual commit. i see other obamacare show, we go one way or more them, but more guides to them. first to joy original rural bruckner. besides, mitchell i often use or she narrative because that's an actual exploration you showcase that a little shade when i see him where i'm supposed ah,
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his name was joseph gerber. he was nazi germany's minister of propaganda. the myths that he created exists to this day google's propaganda was supposed actively trying to denigrate other nations while at the same time raising ordinary germans self esteem in schools. employee uses gerbil snoo precisely what the master needs to hear in order to make them follow him. he was like the pied piper from the fairy tale when we dreads follow the tune of his pipe. the myths created by the chief nazi ideologists, found fertile soil in the west. we have to fight these myths today, in memory of those who won in the 2nd world war ah,
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is that you had to push it? and he said, are you going to can each other the 1000000 plus with so but on the bus, go to the book a label show learning from others can go stories going on as little as in the course. perfect. you. yep. ish misers option, which is for rob roll with we think he might be a soldier. if he's off the boots, he's wearing a huge which to hold up. took a personal opinion with anyone on the in the summer. wagner, police police,
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with ah, dozens of civilians are taken to safety from a steel plant in marty bolt. does nationalists battalions continue to hold on to the person, let's say, around 400 more people were evacuated from the city overnight. also, adam with attempted to terrorist attack outside moscow has described an incident in berlin for an explosive device was find in an apartment building used so late by russian journalist, a reporter in the complex this time with an agenda. yes, yes, we go. i had 1st, i thought it was some kind of big bomb, something used to intimidate our workers, but it was hidden by police officers were not skeptical at all. given all the recent incidents happening in berlin with russian building a.


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