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rates followed, monopolized sellable up by nickel, the more so. so carson would know what that's what he met, the vulcans, the pilgrim this, that is the current. can you say i don't know. so c, m a, j, i look a little more supportive and russian business overcome this song. see, near, rob bought it denazi's to handle huge tremendously. just me don't plus voice bullshit. nash, a productive notches, steel nash, a miracle. what i see up with himself when you come, when you look at the video for player 4, i've already got annual of my i am going to sleep now, but i, she sco, price id close loop i know post ask you to cost to get the group when you, when you're speaking with dr. numbness, listen, who closes closer look for her delusion. we will get the label to lucille include rios with ah, in a
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while. are you talking about a word interested or self? basically what it does she,
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somebody over there or socially but 0, but she was with talking to appreciate a a might be for ah
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ah my you will not put out the whole not for crime, no not. but she knew because you and you got a young them, you got a you must say like a desinik or can you find that i did a lot that you do it that way you
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flop. what's the idea that was ok. you give us the new with a doubt that it's valid. you got the ability to have 3 of you cool. i'm with you know much to invite you to sort of demo with my goals, but super feel free to scott. it's betsy basil thought video over here. look you up the wheels. let's see. bye bye. so if i see a one you look at you with bill for his own a
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little for her do after dorm with her to the, to provide me with british huge it was, there's a hard but don't study of much of course now really watch with to shoot in a
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way you want. sure would. man you're actually it isn't. you're prepared with finance. very few little on the 2nd. but you know, a good does not say which guy when you bought that by this will as little but i feel it up. i know you do you most likely you build up what you did or not. i got a yellow guy you i knew was a name awards, a
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lot of them you cannot really feel up last the last night on what the idea was frazzled. a cool deal. all sounds good. yeah. i all know will it says lloyd's of, of it. he said yeah, but, but you need say that the way you'd be talking about those 2 thought it might be south. we still are funny. it's them. let us move, was it? and you were you try these now? you close to guys? yes. yes. if it's all fine, you'll see a lot different from the home. so wasn't it why you need say thank you. good, are you there? oh, good. i either need say i got those novel us up rather start a new prostate with them. a bit of a new but the need to work
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with id. you spend your blood post of dope. i would use delete scans, bay city. yeah. your policy. gotcha. with them, with a good question with a with yes i'm snow. don't wash my yonder motion switch at the it's not straight. can you
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with most would ship it as veterans united sub steel, christmas time as it is on the piano. and then there's a divorce. been up on the ladder still see me only celia cut. all right, i'm wounded. i'm yes, you must keep it seems that they were so wash nicky. i was off considerable knowledgeable to told check when you thought on information for them. most of them was 9 miles for sure. i'm not sure they're not sure i'm was by animal or you're she is still yes. yes. it shows them this will she was i'm on my looking for the the conditions. pretty sure. sure. and yeah, very clear talk newly diagnosed about started a shop with a you do so we're doing this, but i've got pieces share a more strict mean?
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sure, it's a pretty, it's a control it on the bottom of it, they will get over it and you go, go to not some of them appreciate it. you did those my stuff, but i be able to do for them. it was nice talking when you say any that you knew anybody, we always want to keep this company is a veteran issue. what you needed to know it's from it's a little bit better then you don't you already mean that kind of stuff control in the film industry? still with you on the, for me, i need to does actually in your stick a little from justin chose can group of people here. it says that she's, she's just in the system as of style it to that are both of the show. a clear yes, i'm still in the middle to west and you said that or yes, what's out to me in the middle of the girl? the other about the with with
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a border with joshua garzo with the
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last 4 with of them to receive a notice back with ah,
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a lot of it for you if you are eligible issue uniformly familiar with a program for newer but not much newer, but you know if it shows some system is a little kid with a interview with on no much a bunch of the shows. just get a dollar
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a spot ah is that you had to push it? can you still you can, could you, can you keep other than 1000000 plus one? ah, so, but on the bus i go to the book or this was a label show, learning to hear from others can do i feel stories that go in as little as 2 in the course pin? yep. ish. business option is just for a top chip with commercial building. we think he might be a soldier because of the boots. he's wearing huge, which sold up,
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took a personal opinion with anyone around the shuttle or in the summer, wagner, police force with what we got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race who is on offensive bearing dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk good to do with
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the water. shouldn't pay for it. where did you come when you, when you, when your work already stupid on? if there's $40.00 a night to radiate, somebody doing that? you know, you're going more than a lot of it was close to that. you were don't close your orders. deborah, go to move you up with our headquarters, but he's only was a good. i'm just public school. yeah. and you just need to talk with you quickly. i'm sorry. i wasn't a sub. what are the most? which is like with all of us with you, had the disagreement with alice o'brien with isn't going through,
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but i didn't buy it. it was a bunch of luck. we'll come here. this is your that, i mean, the bridge yukon symbol chose a q 1000000. of course or stores from another to help you. good. good church. you know the g b, as i said you very sent g g with the whole thing which got by you blah. she's been around your life. where did you issue the wish to go? a bit by the years i got a new, unapproachable, ah, i don't know a new belgium where you let's just start doing
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a new resource with my boys. do i to go out because i love a 3. are you club a deal? the role it is, the roads always will they get there. mm. a way i can grow escape with
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that. you have it all evil guy and they all cut a check with the b t rob with he'd be at the bush at just the other guy because i did, but i didn't. i didn't leave a my in my leap. yes, this is with numbers level with
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we have much cover doing me on those. are those not do you had you to hear him with couples and i wasn't. it was a mess because i think correct. you are lydia. a must have to rush my or if i me, your bull hug over here. you bob scott, i tell you mom lisa. so i knew his name was bla. nope, i said you miss it's a good evening to to learn a little doing almost one of the door still receive them in the gym so never so full of stuff. oh gosh, more come on a just a quick to work today them with when his name mcdonald forgot that i was just supposed to have done sooner or if i'm still getting it. i rented someone with our chest wearing piece clicked on a car was wrong, not that out. so i was also let she can,
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is complaining about it. on the hood said, here, score are still stuck on if that are done with escrow can order something even though i wasn't sure what's your mileage me sitting here with
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god limits under funds with to turn the letters to live in scope with marshal agenda. sure. sure. so forget or crap is what the most waco with me. it's just for us to serve in charlotte or the forms cochrane. there's not a good that. it's just that a good family. give it a minute on the who would sustain it blinking now i was to lose julie and i'm both georgia. i was cross shorter. mary,
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i'm very bird anita caucus it before. i'm not sure. with latisha's spanish engine. i suggest with his speech with a german kit is dealing with diner. when
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dealing with all of the motion with dawn bus and down to variable, going to go on another little rescue mission. we're picking up an old man with some bad legs. so welcome to mary, you can do on ads in 2014 december, 2014. after seeing the war crimes and installed american installed
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with the regime of when they burg, people to death and beat them to death in odessa. when they bought the lou, god's administration building killed civilians, their booth ukraine has real fascism. i watch some idiots last night. some so called professor somewhere saying, oh there's no nazis in your grand zelinski is jewish, the president's jews. there can be not. that's a lie that's alive with good amount of time in the former suggest. oh chart is in the apollo shoals, no. slayers. the movie about published get them all windshield with the vehicle,
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but they are just on the water that lower section. it took us all bus out. got it on cell bus there as well. no, but ill buy them through bump. ibm got him to the gym at those. i'm so glad i built that. then we'll say you will. yeah. hello. okay. it's good that i should than that hon of war. and daniel would have, but i don't, you're sort of like, you know. mm mm quite a story. you know, you didn't like, i don't know that you crazy over here with us. no hostility or did you are going to be with god? where for sure, you're probably rush a rush. you double my shifter, you wish, when you might not my to her up with
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did in last with as he and i do stories, you know, that way of, you know, doing what, ah, it's really tragic. it's really sad. but you know, when we were at the humanitarian aid, oh, there is a thousands of people there. ah, and it's russia bringing them through, bringing them water, bringing them help,
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bringing a medicine, they're like a mobile pharmacy go on. and it's russians that are helping these people today, not the ukrainians, not the nazis in just russians are helping them with national been yes or no. no, no, no. yeah. we are you with your eye on that or the, or the america? nobody at the school would. is that going to live a few by ceeback who died? why do i will talk with his name was yours have good. he was nancy, germany's minister of propaganda. the myths that he created exists to this day
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google's propaganda was both actually trying to denigrate other nations while at the same time raising ordinary german self esteem. employee, joseph girls knew precisely what the master needed to hear in order to make them follow him. he was like the pied piper from the fairy tale, my dreads follow the tune of his fight. the myths created by the chief nazi ideologists, found fertile soil in the west. we have to fight these myth today in memory of those who won in the 2nd world war. ah, ah, you could get you. people don't want war and they believe he is a, you are against you brain with arms and these can be achieved that way. you won't, but then stab, leslie is in negotiations. we've got through so co b as
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a or ukraine, a fo, bmw a dozens on civilians are taken to safety from westfield plant in mario, both nationalist battalions continue to hold out on this side. around 400 more people were bunkie, waited from the city over not on attempted terrorist attack outside moscow, as described an incident in berlin, where an explosive device was found in an apartment building that is solely by rushing or a reporter in the complex describe what happens you know, joe, yeah, just a 1st i thought it was some kind of fake bomb. something used to intimidate our workers, but it was hitting a police officers were not skeptical at all. given all the recent incidents happening in berlin with russian building is also coming up in the program i made.
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