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oh yes, matthew needed to look new. come with in the nice couple with cool hill. next to the new bull, the subway. you with the vine? not the cast ashna yet new genie new you yet the cuckoo or can you you pressure will i thought of you may as sit the same thought side of god. north sped bumper daily. bella was saturday. i'm adrienne adrienne spectrum, a board game big across the country. i'm sick about 2nd doll, potomac xterra was senior cigar sec, about take dow, i from infinity. nicole and you had asked about, you could lock you into those. you really can pick them. ha,
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ah, being asked of what missile dislodges ya. pinson yet? took it just as david naming your body at this moment. fullness again, he out. why don't given us the thought i got jayden and not be such a didn't a technique 3, not such face thought he political folders so on you feel log punch is
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our new or the new federal must close up the boogie just in say, you know, suddenly he has a call on this gets up, we'll get the minute thought as a ah, the bill mobile. i'm not charlie mark the sort of radio above the bill and a lot the sky show us just talking to miss out on the value while div easy while for us, what is a d, d v? as in the cell as steals nest. previously, we use this, it should sort of chip to i was
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using this that you use the emission over the course was bathroom, must using them listen what my life my luck and he says night is a surprise. i money, you will fall those every for any reason you a in your last night . he's a matter we need to do
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what gun you saw like during the was this new teacher used for caring for oprah winfrey rubber. la stock, georgia on the bottom. you said, what was this spring? you know, what is your where you live at the bottom? you can all i should go, are you in the boston or what year was more than that either. missoula completed an excuse for this, but as of our units are slab allows me to feel ski or but there as sure a resolution are still beers ability, of course, middle school. but i didn't look so the preschool we got quite there yet. are still at the, at the or she's, she's either glenda, music or earth is result according but only shoak oil or cold it g a t been show. well,
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any more colliding with ceo's more of your vision. when you submit team with nick boyd to be near by p t, do i need you need new feet that that would be that mean lee susie equal might. it will give them, but i see those are z read hatch, which is what i'm she'll need with you. can you cooking them to you at the thought that them got quote that them with that you go coupling with them. see, but i'm glad that you get them to you and these, my chief, get them to me at that quick mini mom was and that that group cough teach course where you you have my youth exclusive to what that what it was that you back with back with back and that i want to let dorshek with that please. yeah, it is idea. it. but we just got and i woke up with them know what
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a gap will go in the depth and join. you would use your glass in the venue or see what that what your family by the way and to find to keep your team keep their feet or to get back to the store to get them ready to torture excellence. i know from us you talk to the somebody yesterday go digital i will shoot you a lot more than just a lot for work, a lot of work but also when need to renew it and how she said to myself together to resolve or be see you
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know on the easy it was you could you putting it on got the definitely can show it to them and she got upset. what did you love to do with my mother, which you know, the little you want, you know, if you want to be with specialist, nobody ever voice chip last winter. when you worked on why don't you go to the full in the liking, it seems to me she didn't show the me
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the the games and is that the leg night off authority is reveal. hey, europe. martha folks have more water market dollar deal across their city. john was quicker or dictionary to narrow penalties from out here. last me talking to them out to nicholas mom, new choice. what about the new massage? shove you said bounty economic berlin. she'll finish the process for most miss martha. first she been gone, or none of those ship central wallace to this voter party. other who had been awhile clinical. one, a creepy bobby. i knew from veneer, been in market more clear on you my go buckley february 30. yeah, but no,
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i mean, your best bet you get that off your sites and try your company for the while. you are my opinion, one with hope of ya mutual than you, my usa. my grandmother bought j. u a j cra, he is still or changing that is sneak eager to death. he accuses ye nay. maria ma nannie had thought such a 3 up 3 weeks store is the hot. besides, but i read ye was the sky you proud of her bosom. noise shall the soldier ye, janelle, up these call music if you estimate, although traditional, somewhat chased, or somebody american alone in more more? was it all mean? yes for? yes. greed be a guy. yeah. good. ah, what's nemo is yesterday not be semester? should we sold this louder this year? it's not said you easier sort of to thought the ball goodell on yours could
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landscape grey was sort of get the yes my york small watching indeed again, do you watch in pretty up my be a lot about jameer to senior mission that i give you the bless request or maybe to show more number one that you left me the day what to me? it's a yeah. what you must do. you do your store know what the so much to cut dory. i need it's freshly by, you know, i had done the jewish review last year. he's a really love i you. what if you've been there you more with that's pretty
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nice. pretty be like when you know if my you sure through. but i mean to you that here more by your she read new years like i was in your one slide. yes. so the ration of ah rule, but you will go right. you know, if you don't mind give you what will. but the way the way that you attempt to for your mama,
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your love love the or you go yeah yeah. yeah. you you of that i. yes it is. and i am still yes. it'll be interesting. it's yes. so to speak about govern store genius grove. but in oregon, where you get to do with golf, no, 3 deal up the scale you story of the movie and i don't get the call or get the new dock. awesome. but it's now watch and will show baba because
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because i had the thin drive number even though it is bob with a lot of the short start that need is the i merely hello the little on the ah
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ah ah ah ah
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ah oh, why do we get this felicity, this issue for me of the vision. ah lot. all my talk me. all right. you know
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i miss the call. you're going to go up all ok. schema was what we call the go like in the metal music of about the human just to barrak of the use for the new year when the money to get a total not ready to do with the new window. what if you see me and i'm speaking with the in the saw the mid done the menu menu when you see it,
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you may be a commission. look at the moment on this lee miller? yes. new bill, august net. no. the seller still says the names they never got, but you need them of course because of white stuff. so it's going to let them get it out of the live bullshit. but it will cause it zed, ah, with a guy with a
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ship. it could be pretty soon now. yeah, i'm ready. pretty soon. a oh no, getting rain, rewrite a freeze on the record. thank you know, slumber a human gave a deeper lesson. john spoke of stylus feels a as in that's with thing it stay out machine sickle, but i'm isn't that i did that. it almost choose no no problem. no sanction. it
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would just change it for that notion in dock. i will get a i would get with her at induced emission. i'm the social the what i'm, when i admit i you, i'm would reply and they were, it was a long message that began with a start with the yellow at that them. but it's been changed, it storms it, it will not. shin that name, neil. there your zip, along with to know if that's the wing out there with section that says that in that serial number is dead to you to my income. but i to pull you thought that i would what i to know.
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if so us bullshit nature let the rational mutant to you later it just that you a mirror with us? yes. that's what it's done with, you know, a fetch met there were 3 bathroom yena. this is cindy, a unit owner with with it. show me it a little. yeah. if you're in wave. yeah. if the thumb on option interruption, morgan soft a natural ah we see a little easier to to look at them o'clock. be sure. would do i need not serious
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discuss what is your last why you sure. we'll just going to promise love nature. sonya levine got it, they miss phenomenal dulles agency cereals. you want to go out there, check. what does it do? you thought it look, i've not the up there bluffs grieved of believe what, what they to work with at the to get the oil to use it? the car. yeah. my sure. yeah. i'm with i'm when it was a mr. some we must somebody who might say, don't just liberal as if you see it on the music. julius navarro defeated doria, a good number to get caught up. commuter, missed the senior group of toys, done the pool. mutable upright become a dissimilar pulls. goody of sham shirley. skim zulema morgan, the acoustic staunchest the mortgage. disco christie? is this a bull? imagine the resolution of my dealer. she thought that he says that the rock, sheila redo them, cook was listed at the door. they didn't see me. what's going on with my dad got
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to see business. congenial was all dish. could we a night in the garage eat? just give you a little while you're in the exhibit. sure. crime yes . just really chill over. it just shows jesus on your most bottom. lay a bill put along, gave common get absorb threats and robber sharma. water out, rush, hold, audrea. and after my teacher ski nymph bill, nothing else out. me die. no for time. the giovanni nope, is from whole reside. yes, marco chile, those knowledge thought that you whole as i can't was but as long as new b. m. m as follows enough longer. but he, tom, are as follows on it, back though and ye mo chart. dobbin is nayoka den accorded site your volume. it gave it so, but brown of minnesota
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e are those and thus beloget each faxed on more than you been in touch with barry on data. but he hasn't typically made to up the coin. austria seemingly out 3 of these go your gordon yanine. you'd as creeping the other, you're pretty classical about a team or on the algebra. new hell, butch, and is night that good? yes. least you set on missed that they gave each stop by the throne of me. north of what i hear it is of course to you, but i don't know to africa. oh, what are you, what i need to what it is you should see where you can fly getting your not let me stay on the stomach to me. i just really look for what's inside i don't really what i can get you session money and me. are you sure
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the ball a mac or in miss lisa leacock on your tongue? b. shylie could charlie stackable conditional trust me. we showed him a law additional should to keep bridget much where her. yes. now your store organized a lot is sure. it was sion when you read in chicago. j. mom a mom a time issue. and no, no such an conchella bob. couple of them was national, national us back with such a fang year and you have to talk to society oper. don't want a nation wide or looked at them for president casala slaten, which protector number like it. you can quote, i'm new to the wi good will luggage community. so let's feel scholarship in their
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policy. his grades are tomorrow, i will spit, 13th on my way alike. yet, the cargo can you got dora le let's, i should suddenly proceed. say a lot to use cover go for a lot of the with machine. yes. 30 a lot. we don't set the all you know the can you go, stella be or one problem? gamino julia approved dania glasgow. it is what the buckwheat go, doctor approved. does he id leads? so would he me on the cannot see stuff on the uh, there might be just keeping you want some more stuff with upper does not see stuff over him. you're really great. i see just in that you've thrown that over in the spiritual middleware, sol, just use image, shut the premium, a swastika cosgra. so that is the unit, and you put you on the my then you lose your nice unit. seen bullet a div easier, i would say that the what was some good with what you could look at the real. yeah . it's not so skim seem william you what could it that you must, you know,
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will you oh bytes. and why done and what's your want the at the, when you don't use immature, what is it getting up when you my, it's a regular door of the store, but i'm not studying yet serious over the u. g. secret national could i use? can you not? so the guy that was the shad results, so at the bar reflect stalker discussed by going gibbons, latham civics, available. so if the table eastern the gave us a schedule they sheet that you were offered at a mustache. not obama nozzle, rogue, i advise you, sir. not tasted by by you master a neil apiece, could you? yea, by chance i'll be quite di, boxed or be named to nurse and i was talking about
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b class now. yeah. army of spare of all my regina or tom selby's up and now you are open. americans different, so say on your chinese ability names or talk about billions or body my of read. i really one your dominant condition when you're ready to pretty much go back to the north waiting. my daughter's boy. ah, ah ah ah
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oh hm. only one main thing is important for knox ism internationally speaking. that is that nations that's allowed to do anything. all the mazda races, and then you have the minor nation. so the slave americans, proc obama and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. international law exists as long as it serves american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist. i turning those russians into this dangerous boy, man that wants to take over the world. that was a conscious strategy. and wolf out of it on your own english v i n b, i not leashed off to exhibit in tablet block. nato said it's ours. we moved east
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and the reason us had germany is so dangerous, is it the lie? the sovereignty of all the countries, the exceptionalism that america uses and its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nature, what is founded, shareholders in united states and elsewhere in large obs companies would lose millions and millions wars business and businesses. good. and that is the reality of what, what we're facing, which is fashion. ah, well you could get people don't want war and they believe and he is against something ukraine with arms and you please candidly achieve that way. you're bored . yeah. but then stat leslie's in negotiations. we've got through so co
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b as up or ukraine, a phobia ah ah, the laws civilians have been evacuated from mariel poles and baffled steel factory with donia for public officials reporting a total of 182 now brought to safety. we've heard from some of them we knew about the humanitarian corridors. we knew about the evacuation, but they just didn't let us out. one time they wanted us to dig trenches. it's crazy to even think for me that my son can go dig trenches. nato conducts military drills close to the russian and bella russian borders with the former senior diplomat from nato parts of new zealand. due caution against the align since policy a bombing we're going to make sure that i'm.


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