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at the new garza boys now watch them up all mutable up. i'd beat them. is emily up the little goody? of whom shall i be? just gimme room thought video, the walk, the ela. a bill? yes, my vote or to an invalid. again, the, your fortune pretty up my be a lot of all this morning shows that you ah ah, ah mm mm mm
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welcome to, well, to part, regardless of its outcome of the conflict between russia and your brain will for years remain an open wound between peoples once considered themselves, brothers and wild fratricidal strife is as old as history. the confrontation over your brain may have given rise to a totally new phenomenon of instrumental eyes and cultivated hatred. who doesn't serve? to discuss it, i'm now joined by hamas crowds, professor of russian history, ab torso, lower ranking diversity of sciences. in budapest, professor gauss has a christ thank you very much for your time. i appreciate the opportunity to talk to you hello. you have been researching russian and soviet history for a long time, and you've also analyze it from the perspective of russia's relations, was the west. why was this perception of russians as bloodthirsty barbarian? sorta isn't a new idea, is it? i wish i thought you started. this is an old idea.
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yes, lynn. if you want to pinpoint the historical or it's of for it's a phobia full b x because i don't know how to go back to the 16th century. she has lots of just not the movie and stuff. oh great. that was the time when bratia became in a way a rival to britain died. that was back than the british empire. i did double billed seed up by scenes that period we have seen or rissa phobic emerged time and again, taking new forms and serving new goals. she got at the, by, invariably it had to do with the competition in the global arena, says great powers confronted a shoulder and thoughtful, all sorts of advantageous positions. some the global scene. ready by his
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other professor, crash as far as i understand any anthropologist who will tell you that this kind of fair and immunization of the other tribe is a natural phenomenon with historically, humans have always thought over. so says, territories and power. don't you think that given russia size an influence, yet it's essentially inevitable for somebody to fairbetter. imagine what you mean. i mean, and the same goes for cynthia, america, for b, et cetera. i mean is b, as in goodness. the era's of course sold is different, though bears have existed and will continue to exist. but we must always look for the powers that promote this phobia as you did you for god course seal. and we must see how much not by hate the people of a given country or region experience, how fearlessly they are attacked bush's because most of these folders me are not at
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all a grassroots phenomenon, not be made yet. for example, i was in berlin a few days ago, and i did not see any anti russian sentiment when i talked to the people, yet nobody harassed russian speakers. so i think valley shot. yeah. although we know from german defense ministry reports again that there have been several 100 incidents carroll issue including attacks and monuments and statues, et cetera. they did lonia, let i. but this isn't to popular movement. years younger and no parker him. so it's nothing like what happened during the anti semitic pa grants because he said, yes, i understand what you mean. so this is a kind of hate that have different routes. so phobia, rissa phobia is an organized top down phenomenon in it has always been that way on the evening yesterday who yeah, yeah,
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i didn't understand what you're saying is that from the natural practice which is inherent in, oh, nations. for me. yes, mr. selby is now being deliberate, he and purposefully transform into to, for cheating specific goals. he's in your company, up with me. yes. this new type of bruce of phobic by his part of the war and ukraine. you might, it's a means to insure a cohesion within the collective western influence, the population landing over the role of the media is critical. you know, me any catches get channels like c and then bbc. it sat right on one to name all of them. it's all on there for to demonize russia. we can see every minute of every day. that's easy. i was planning to pull, sarah, if i understand you correctly, your argument is that some of the best progress, if mindfully i seen, you must have decided to exploit humanities massey,
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primitive instinct. i, shall i be a good at why, what is there an game? he thought i would say comcast, i need to see emma, who used to be you lap me, gave an example for the audience. and i did reach elizabeth that they made yes, you will. in the e. u, there is a top official in charge of foreign affairs by the name of joseph burrell. meely bought it o m m o, he is anti russian to the corps and doesn't even deny it. and he said that russia must be defeated on the battlefield knob, boy a b stone horse. what is his agenda won't go? why does he talk such nonsense? he suddenly is a man of tremendous responsibility. appro school. what are we even talking about to be a few days after i heard him say that it dawn on me why i was determined woman in her
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forties or fifties speak to show on z d f and major sherman tv channel, david, bro, grandma, i was yes, she was from a younger generation, not the hitler youth generation. ah, gillian gun, no, i want cheese sandwich so baffling. i even remember her last name. it was gout, go your amelia does you? i was amazed that a sentiment like that could be expressed in the very heart of europe. you have roku, i'm not going to be. she spoke in favor of pumping ukraine with heavy weaponry. and her argument was that we should find the russians because they are attacking or a liberal and post modern way of life. you know, a lot you so whom another way, a chairman said isn't once germany to fight russia in the name of european valley.
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it's nice to leap it up was nice. i think that professor crash, my understanding is that the special has more than just a political dimension. it has also expanded into the realm of culture. nobody wants to. yes, this is don in order to serve cultural supremacy over russia. that's why i gave you the example about chairman woman. this line of argument is simply baffling for intellectuals to refer to some sort of racist or nap cpa, arising to cultural racism. it is some think about there is a massive risk for russia here as well. if it fails to handle these developments properly, not that i'm very worried about rushes response. we must not go back to the 940 or 950 is back to the soviet anti gus, my politan campaign. what she was me, me,
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i've got some, i mean, i think it's an important thing to understand that under the banner fighting students, russia, all of russia's cultural heritage, including the heritage of the 19th or early 20th century, it's getting essentially cancelled. not for it, but let tell it, but there are plenty of examples of this kind of it is happening. what could you tell us? which one shot to the most of the data? merely solely. but it was the story tap in phase of liberalism. it charged me to see that it exists. it's fuzzy to say i have a position and it's not the official position of the youth. for example, napoli were the one expressed in that position at the store. my betty 50 moses advanced somewhere on the fringes. if i want to say i want to truth, i send for diplomacy in peace. this is a very simple position, but where can i make my boys heard? so you don't have access to the media. you get,
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the more you want find this sort of a finance expressed anywhere in the media, notting, germany, not in poland. would you say, but i know what people actually think. i've been to many european countries lately . people don't want war. they believe in peace. they are against pumping ukraine with arms because thieves can be achieved that way. miss miss miss cook, but then tad, who's, he's in negotiations. we've got chris a ho bit or ukraine, a phobia. it works almost the same way on the other side. i'll have to disagree with you here because i do not see this and ukraine sentiment in russia, in part because we all have family in ukraine. you guys know, there is no ukraine of toby in russia every now it's no matter what the media says . we call our relatives to check how they're doing. we worry about them all the
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time. so if someone says this, who is easy on the russian people, that's a lie. we realized this is a heavy bad. nobody would even say a great sin. and some day we will have to pay for it. story. number 2, it's a blessing nor brought them still. but the thing is, the way i see it is that the west left russia, no other choice, looked at. that's the tragedy. or at least for actors invoke body. i've already talked about the authoritarian phase of liberalism. it's been those they claim that crush alone is responsible for the war that the conflict again and sample rate. 24 didn't double the war started way before that time. a historian, so i analyze phenomena from a historical perspective. most ad though, he's more began, it made it, we operate the collapse of the soviet union. the idea of breaking the russia park
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was a concept in the tree merged in the early 1990 s in the works of a speak me up. but as in schema, who was a security advisor to several us presidents? i no idea since dan nato has been expanding eastwards all the way sort of us now we are witnessing the backlash. what nicholas? i think there is something to this conflict we haven't seen before. not one of the confrontation between russia and the west had indeed begun a long time ago that way before the 24th of february 2022. or that we have never seen any attempt to ban sykowski with no c asking until now. and that was literally, you may have heard the story about a 200 year old oak tree in to get of museum, which was banned from participating in the european tree of the year. contests in order to exclude russia, for again, has tree. that was that, it, i see, you know, i mean, this is moronic. evade, and wanted there avoid,
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or is there some kind of deeper meaning here? is there an underlying papist, or are people just losing their minds? went to law. if he is contra lee, the goal is to control the population, the public opinion, many and to ready cade all other years. see years, laws need through games. oak has no right to exist in the west. will. people will want to know why you, me, bravo figured it over. or explain this, that you are a told russians are evil people. i said they should be punished. my li are you, are you still neither he not. she already knew they keep appealing to the sounds south poplar conscience to the ideal punishment. so this is a glare. keep trying to implant and to people's minds. the idea that russian says are some kind of barbarians in lucy. therefore,
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european values must be abandoned in ukraine. that's why they pretend that ukraine as a democracy, even though they keep using these concepts as tools, what you must, you see while there are a number of democratic countries in eastern europe, just the majority, are authoritarian regimes. when he's done the it is she who it all and for example or the baltic states. ready national a, been my own country, might you know what? it is very important that is offered the collapse of the ussr. we pacified our ideology law saying that we follow the same development path as europe general base . keep it as weak base is simply impossible. you cannot build a board, you are democracy without the pro democracy, middle class resolute. who is going to build democracy, then those years, the oligarchy, without any culture from scratch, doherty what they did was concentrate all economic power in their hands through
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privatization. nothing more. yet we hear all these nonsense about european culture . well, professor cross, we have to take a very short break right now, but we will be back in just a few moments. a chin ah hi ah, mm.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be in arms, race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to the i don't see how that strategy will be successfully very difficult time. time to sit down and talk ah welcome back to world support with the last krause, professor of russian history out there at fortunate around the university of sciences. in budapest, a has a professor, i lay you mentioned the idea of appealing to people's consciences. yet, it seems to me that the whole mark of russian culture is as complex as he and deb
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so walker. we're good on that. as it appeals directly to the human. so it's not the only coach to do that, but i suddenly, it's distinctive feature in this one because it's us thought, would you agree that these attempts to cancel? tchaikovsky to kenneth and dostoevsky are intended to keep westerners away and from russian culture. a good idea up of the g r. i was the middle school going to renew july exam, the shortest, so that it can not touch their souls and let them see through the haze of not only the wrist, the phobia, but also the entire capitalist system. scuse c, m a got bought out, the basically squeezes the live out of people come in, some would save money to humanize us with that, like i'm not going to, i mean, they're not be a good day. for example, as that germans woman was talking old that nonsense go to saw the prism for olsen made a point. you just get sad that one cannot ignore that deep and breach russian culture . got dora, which represents the panic, whole of human achievement. lead. you're good. yeah, adult,
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you have to admit that because every one now such door adopt. so bahamas, not as crazy as we might hear, people won't be filled. they, cecily, it isn't going to west as over doing it som, in the west, being over zealous in the way they did carry out the orders from washington and brussels. yep. you have it among the intellectually lead side and see anyone trying to directly target russian culture grow. man, you get to her. some may not wish to have context with the russian scholars to find . you might, you know, to my, any nick, i've got some may refuse to chris palmed with russian and black shoals at the satera. doesn't you there? but the, the hatred asthma dodson goes so deep as to warrant a man on chikavsky. org tolstoy, a law and then i don't the old that kind of sentiment just yet.
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but i called the number the store does yet, but you might endless or did you not owe the brokerage yet? you will. so you, me, it, it seems to me there's something home, a superstitious or richer left pick about this movement to cancel russia. i think you may remember the incident in sweden when a concept in support of ukraine was cancelled after the swedish musician. sadly, when the bell alike, as they were supposed to pray, were made in russia well alike as good counsel. how crazy is that? this is magical thinking in its purest form. they think they are somehow helping the ukrainians by doing whole lease with old is. russo phobia said can a russian, bela like a, had the ukrainians in any way? or should we get a bit of a help that these superstitious approach will help generate more support? more emotional solidarity with the ukranian refugees. guys give me body. that's not true on your brow. we have been helping the ukrainian refugees since day one. we
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are helping them take russians are helping misaki people of all political views, old sorts of people are helping yes. yes, we're either needed some money to so all the hate against russians comes from the top. i can use more with it. maybe it's just the way i see it, but there has been a lot of mystical messaging in the dollars, but when the kremlin and the white house, when you go to the moment building. for example, pers, putin and biden bring up god, a lot of that also biden said some time ago. the poodle had no soul, which was quite a strong statement, because we really do think that this conflict, when russia and the west is defined merely by the struggle for geopolitical influence, resources the right to decide or the nation. so probably sides of the game will be or is it also a spiritual battle of some sort as well?
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yes. the teachers, these things do not exist separately, but it's very chilled the political envy, konami aspects all work together. but yeah, there is a global conflict going on in the us and the collective west one to restore there had gemini in the world even these up. but would you let me give you a new do this? they need to demonize each enemy that poses a real trap, like china, india, etc. is there a new factor in some of the global scene and nobody really understands them? well, this is all about and new world order. well, you see, nobody understands them, but i think in russia at least, i think i do understand them when you get here, who can watch the motions, you know, have a certain inclination for mysticism certainly, but so do the americans sports, let them flip. sure. we are really close in this regard. we'll believe we're the
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chosen people, so i'll give an example, cravett bon biden. often you denounce as president putin who never speaks bad by the way, and biden is on a mission to fight rush and all the garbage. you got if rudy isn't fighting against capitalism, like i do know, he's targeting russian oligarchs. why isn't he fighting american oligarchs? what's the difference? a senior but you might or boston oligarch? sorry. bad american. the oligarchs are good guys. he only got, he got a she and this is mr. c. as in its purest form. is me how can one believe this to your ride one can tip one is a racial person. i usually go, it's a matter of faith. you bring your mind letting me out, but i, i was struck by russian soldiers paintings that under the coastal sky, assassination. slavic latin, meaning the us that
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e i at the ocean is that a 5 ounce can work? i thought i had my chad z m lucas. place other meanings were a land nation, the people i, that i'm now not a what it by that it even generic to the human body in its entirety. i have table nights yet. i had them say for russians sits and next essential spiritual battle. look up on what about the west, when you might think, does it understand it's not just about ukraine, that is much more than that. as a boy. it will walk aviation. i thought i suggest price for you. i be a rush. you're going to ship is to let you not all the you see the people at large haven't internalize this yet. only some might understand the meaning called this letter go dog bud wilson. power a hey, this latter is haley the they are trying to ban it. can you believe this little bit dire, genovese banning a letter a place shine. how is it possible?
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is that going to show this is the civilized world. so to say the west campaigning against the latter? does that, but you book who which is sugar is a joke. saying it's not a z landscape, but yell lansky crazy. so must say, you asked, what is it that has shocked me the most grassy these has. yeah. but as the look at the but us no, i guess a professor cries there might be some deep meaning to this yell at him of the romanian philosophy and historian of religion mutually id gave it to me. i thought of his study, the connection between geography and spirituality. you're one of his most famous wax, is the sacred and the profane heal name a point, the ongoing. he argues there that when a home or a land loses his cosmological meaning to pass and i have yet to pass his body an entire existence, also lose their spiritual and religious dimension. he was a he, sonya,
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born in the shy side of yours in the way beholden the smooth la. but don't you sing? said you've bryant agonizing, the west. a rush is fighting globalization is that lee? and the idea that a passage should be detached from the land from the history of his ancestors robbed the idea of being free and separated from the historical setting, cultural and spiritual processes or the processing. it's not, i'm, i'm dealing globalization is that the idea that you can be anywhere or saw in what it is? yeah. if you put it this way is essentially against human spiritual nature, whose voice in an upper it's about ancient, the warmest give us now when you when you heard you brought it. yeah. cuz you know, i'm a historian, so i speak from verbal, historical perspective. in recent decades, globalization has brought about some tremendously negative consequences for all of mankind or challenges ever from royal. i think everyone agrees on that to day
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look a good, what was the response to these neal liberal globally as challenges e . still morse loves yeah. the response seems to be that they decided they can ride a humanist and religious feelings and use them as a pretext to wage a war that actually has completely different real reasons of destiny. jealousy, subset this debbie. there is this issue of national south expression in eastern ukraine. this is the real issue, jane. yeah. not, not love us. daughter started. you grade it, daddy. i live up rossi in as up and they said, this is also true for western ukraine that i see russia never said it didn't want an independent process in ukraine. what i've read your name, it was, it did not want the country to become a grand to launch and offensive. what does it mean?
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you annisa my, they are and hushing up all of ukraine's problems. move up shows up on the group. i got over. ready oh, there isn't a single mansion of negative aspect, slight ukrainian, that says in western propaganda morley. i have one last question about propaganda. coincidentally, that was in his speech financing the start of the special operation in ukraine. president putin called the west the empire of life, e y e o. yet imperial, agree with them as i see it. that was a reference to preston rake and cooling the soviet union and even empire community to say that because i use it on the ring. and what i want to ask you personally, not as a historian or academic, but as a passing we do you believe that truth is power review that the truth always comes out soon? no later than with back today. i glad. yes the gala is lee. yea . honest, there's like a king. if i were to lose faith and human kind 10 the truth my,
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my life would be meaningless, as i did candidly without it. you mo, most of you model it by them. we on your domains stood turkey. that's why i don't think generalized concepts like the west and the east star, legitimate political my are too broad a local but as he is up, but nobody of us talk when applied, they raised the diversity of the west, east and russia. they give rise to cultural braces, naziism, and cannot receive phobia analogies. instead we need to analyze the existing global and regional systems. and if you want to give us law basically you also you have to have a critical approach to capitalism. but yeah, i wish the best way to reach you you've otherwise it's impossible to solve any crisis. is a weather today or tomorrow? yes or no?
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yes, 0. well, professor, i think we had a very spirited conversation. thank you very much for that. thank you. good bye. and thank you for watching this here again on the well the part ah with ah ah ah with
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huh. mm yeah, ah, suffered because we're getting a business and then you clean the bread. de leon, i b e a does not assume zine jamita const grey you. when you wrote it you lose. you got of it is just such not good to know ceiling and provide you a list of such and sure. ruckel him his name. she walked out of the defense, didn't pull the child bush, him get you thrown with them to throw in just a moment. that was chill. i wish you to lose your ears. i was sick yesterday. she was fluid. this is jill meadow focus and lose cartoon, almost shirts not says kid, yell of you, you lose some slate, new bra, tunica or.


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