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ah mm ah, the neo nazi as of battalion, it says a key of has essentially left them to die trapped in a steel factory and marble, despite russian troops having repeatedly offered them a chance to surrender. an american activist and politician visiting the legacy republic expresses concerns about us the support for neo nazis and ukraine. they train these neo nazis and natalie that there are neo nazis united states, who are a big problem for us. going to lead crane and getting military training from these forces and coming back and grading with g 7 leaders pledge to cut russian oil imports despite price inflation rates already affecting red nick record highs
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also with all the way towards the red square in the call of military vehicles with russia main military parade, to take place on moscow's red square in just an hour. we bring you special coverage right from the heart of the russian capital with broadcasting live from our studios in moscow. this is our international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to help you with right now, neo nazi as of battalion leaders have lashed out, achieve saying that the ukranian government has effectively left them to die at the as of steel factory. and mario with about $600.00 troops wounded there. that's, as russia has repeatedly offered, those entrenched at the plant a chance to surrender, which so far has been rejected. on sunday, all of the civilians were really evacuated from the still works by russian troops.
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with the assistance of the un and red cross. moscow had repeatedly express concerns that the civilians were essentially being used as human shields. the radicals had also reportedly been trying to exchange civilians for supplies of food and water. meanwhile, russian and done yet, the forces have been trying to completely pin down any resistance at the plant. you can see in these images done, yet, troops working to destroy a bridge to cut off the remaining ukrainian forces from a key supply line. we heard from a commander in charge of the operations, who says the fighting is almost over. mrs. joseph knows radio, each. there is an ideological war unfolding at the moment here in mary, a pull rather than an actual war to ship. it's more about symbolism right now. they are trying to make those who defend the as of steel factory into some sort of heroes, like the soviet defenders of 7 sto, pull during world war 2. it's not true, of course the films will twist the plot is they want me that our enemies will
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benefit from this propaganda. they will write books about this. we will write our own. of course, the last part of this time, mary pool saga is devoted to this ideological war going. there is serious propaganda work and information war. but we have shown that even without any serious advantage, we have defeated them on. if we have shown that the enemy can be beaten from even in the urban conditions where the ratio is one to one, there are a few who have managed to do this in history. well, you know, from john parker and american activists, rider and leader and the communists workers. world party visited the lugens people's republic this week to show his support for the reconstruction effort. he also express concerns that the u. s. administration has been backing the neo nazi affiliated government and give they train these neo nazis. and not only that, they're neo nazis in the united states who are
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a big problem for us going to the ukraine and getting military training from these forces and coming back and creating more terror. but yes, the u. s. as funded these folks, since 2004, they've given $22400000000.00, the ukraine. and a lot of that money is going to these forces they don't talk about the the prisons that these neo nazis have and dep tortured people with. and then we'll talk about the fact that these neo nazis been infiltrated into the government and parliament. we did get a lot of eye witness testimony about the targeting of civilians in terms of targeting their homes the treatment that they received. the we are very concerned about the push towards world war 3,
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which is what every day it seems like they are increasing their money, the billions of dollars that they're sending to the ukraine, and the weapons, and the stingers, and the whatever they call those javelins. and the surface to air missiles and very sophisticated machinery of death that they're sending. and there's even information that they're, they're telling the ukrainian military where to target russian generals, this is, these are provocations of war. meanwhile, joe biden is set to sign the lend lease act for ukraine today to facilitate increase military supplies to, to you. the u. s. has already given more than $3000000000.00 in aid to ukraine and has sold an additional $165000000.00 worth of weapons to the country as well. but us, congressman says american weaponry stockpiles are actually running low. we just burned through 7 years worth of javelin,
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and that's not only important as we continue to try and help you cranium when in ukraine. that's important as we try to simultaneously defend taiwan from aggression from the chinese communist party. they're going to need access to some of the same weapon systems, and we simply don't have the stockpiles at present in order to backfill what we've spent in ukraine. however, despite the incomparably huge flow of weaponry from the west to ukraine, the quality of the army appears far from adequate. a surrendered ukrainian officer has criticized equipment provided to ukraine from the you and us saying that the weaponry didn't live up to all. the hype, nowhere near portia for june of u. s. military aid was overrated. and hyped up grenade launchers, javelin and n laws turned out to be flawed. in practice, there were lots of misfires, only one and 4 shot correctly. it happened that they could not hit a target and just 50 meters came off. the batteries had expired. was it written
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that the expiration day was close and we were trained really quickly at a shooting range. we did manage the thoroughly understand how the equipment works. so we didn't try to use it in combat conditions. just about everyone didn't understand why the misfires were occurring. positively. g 7 countries have pledged to cut imports of russian oil in an effort to punish moscow for its military operation in ukraine. but that's as price inflation rates are already stated in record highs. and there are mountain concerns about a potential global hunger crisis or cheese shallow davinsky has a start force. what we've seen here is a big announcement from these 7 countries, these big economic blocks that say they don't want to buy russian oil in the future . they made that announcement, as they were talking to president lensky of ukraine over the weekend. and the idea is that they say that by denying these exports of russian oil to that big economies, they could really hit hard that the artery of president putin's caught me in russia
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and therefore deny him the funds he needs for this war in ukraine. when is this going to happen? well, the detail has been left out, and that's precisely because certain countries a fall more dependent on the imports of russian oil than others. what they have sent though, is that this will be done timely and would leave that for trying to protect those economies that are most at risk from cutting back on that oil. meanwhile, we've seen the e u, which has similar plans to hold all imports of rational. so to come under ice this weekend, we know that ministers have been talking for the last few days trying to reach agreement on this package. but so far that seems to have alluded that we heard from an italian minister over the weekend saying his country is now in a war economy. and that is something that could spread to other countries as the sanctions seem to not just hit russia,
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but they're biting back here in europe to. inflation rate in euro's own has hit a new high of 7.5 percent since 1997 us sanctions against russia hurt allies. another reminder of what henry kissinger said, it may be dangerous to be america's enemy, but to be america's friend is fatal. well soaring prices have been hitting the pockets of consumers across the common food goods, such as wheat, vegetable oils and even sugar have seen price increases. in some places, you just simply cannot buy these products at any longer. now there is no sense of any food insecurity that will take place here in the e u, at least in the near future. however, there is a concern for other regions, poor regions which have moved dependency. the situation is highly dramatic. due to corona extreme droughts, and now the war food prices worldwide have increased by a 3rd and are now at record levels. the world food program currently assumes that
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far more than 300000000 people are suffering from acute hunger and has to constantly revise its forecasts upwards. the bitter message is that we are facing the worst famine since world war 2 with millions of dead will. it is a due to me by tuesday again to try and get through this 6, a sanctions package on russia. we know that each package is becoming more and more difficult to get all $27.00 member states to agree on that. but they will try and thrash that out again over the next few days. and it could be, as the greek prime minister has said, in a number of articles and interviews of late will the you need to do is to be careful that it's not shooting itself in the foot with the sanctions in a sanction packages have to have more impact on russia than they do on e u. countries. we spoke with economics, a professor jack erasmus, who predicts that the already soaring inflation rates will only continue to rise.
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you know, it's very clearly oil companies, united states are doing everything they can to constrict supply before no cobra didn't. 2019 the u. s. was pumping 13000000 barrels a day. they could do that now, but they're making sure they only pump 11000000 a day. and, you know, they're going to have to provide oil to western europe now, which means even more shortages in u. s. and even more oil inflation in the u. s. oral and gas and commodity inflation has not peaked yet. it's like a perfect storm of inflation occurring everywhere. and it doesn't appear that there's any policies naturally in proposed to do anything about it in the united states, they're proposing the central bank to raise interest rates to precipitate recession were already almost in a recession. we had a contraction, a g, d p in the 1st quarter, but that's the solution that they're,
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they're planning on to crater a recession in europe. they're a little further behind that. but, you know, it's runaway inflation and it looks like recession around the corner. and there's no real solutions being propose an irish european parliament member says that an embargo on russian oil would not save ukrainian lives. because if the doesn't buy the commodity, someone else will and at regular europeans would still suffer. if europe isn't buying it someone else, well, the ordinary people of europe will be paying that price. not a single ukrainian life will be saved. unity among the use member states is being challenged by their failure to agree on new sanctions against the russian energy sector with hungry speaking out against a proposed u ban on russian fuel imports. meanwhile, italian and greek officials have emphasized it is regular e citizens who would be affected the most. we are in
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a war economy in this war economy. some countries will be much more affected by these energy choices than others. we in europe know perfectly well that we are not able to impose sanctions, that will ultimately harm us more that russia and greece insists on this position. the discord comes amid plans to make an v e. u independent of russian energy sources within a block to embark on its re power initiative next week to cut russian gas imports. now that program would c e u members with energy resources such as spain forced to give supplies to those that lack them. brussels also plans to demand energy rationing in the industrial sector. the deputy chairman of russia's security council dmitri madrid of has mocked the you over their seemingly communist sentiments. the communist spirit has finally reached through to the europeans, or at least it did, according to the media. those fat europeans who have diverse gas supplies will be forced to share them with the poor,
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but proud neighboring countries that don't want to pay for russian gas in roubles. economist and publisher hummer claims that the economic warfare contradicts the interests of regular europeans. this entering into these economic war as the new dog is totally liberty, it has nothing to do with you. it was a war that the brakes were both not members of the u. s. started or went into. so when there was no need at all for the that still no need to ration the gas, they can just pay the russians in room. both demand this, the european, the repartee does not care about the member states, but we have seen many times in other political affairs crushed stone nowhere to all where the gas is mostly needed. meanwhile, the energy crisis has hit the u. s. as well, with 2 thirds of american drivers, seemingly forced to change their daily habits as gasoline prices continue to search
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. the recent poll has revealed that the surging prices have directly impacted americans lifestyles. with the most of responded thing. they have been cutting back on using their vehicles while some are filling up their tanks with only as much data as they can afford. and others have decided to use public transport or search for gas stations with the lowest possible prices. well, prices in the u. s. have risen more than 40 percent this year with some blaming the ongoing war and ukraine as western sanctions have cut off some of the oil supply from russia. americans we spoke to are deeply concerned about the issue. so like another car payment, really we're paying for a gas to $300.00 every 2 weeks. so it's pretty bright, like it's higher on the families, especially. it affects everything that our everyday choices that we make really. so yes, you can do as much things,
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you can't go out as much. you can't buy things you want to buy. you have to think about, well, i have to preserve money for gas or any of the food as well to people are definitely changing their buying habits. they're, you know, i don't know that they're not, they're spending less, or they're probably spending less money, but they're still, you know, they're, they're looking for deals a little bit more frequently. i think, i do think this administration, you know, needs to really start caring about the people you know, like if you still want to be greedy and rich, i mean to do that and still, you know, help the people at the same time. victory de commemorations are taking place all across russia today as a national holiday. when people recall the sacrifices made during world war 2, russian military vehicles have arrived in moscow's city center to take part in the parade, which begins in just under an hour r t senior correspondent august if sent us this report while on his way to red
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square with a russian military conflict we're now on our way towards the red square in the last column of military vehicles. all sorts here there are but bus it out, gary of blood call. the one will broaden the b 3. but part of the free condition that hits the rug was with these have both safety reasons. obviously. now this column is, is huge on and off a 131 minute, 3 vehicles as part of this whole nation taking part in this parade, which is much fewer. that is the pause. but given the 2nd thoughts with conflict in your grade, it was decided to downsize. the deborah vehicles bought this the basic.
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nevertheless that ra it top will to whole to with the vehicle dogwood, personnel carriers, protected gods. but personnel carriers as well as tags, as well as all sorts of time i'm a personnel carrier, as well as as all but cause id and defense systems. multiple raw if you'd like. just systems tactical miss all launch is that even a the called the dental ballistic missiles nuclear may. so the yeah, it's conflict which is traditionally and the parade through the red square. again, there are also few other people to view truth, 11000 versus 12000 last year,
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really block. and while the rate in moscow is only due to start a commemoration in russia's far eastern city of la la stock has already finished with almost 2000 participants, including armed forces, troops, cadets, and emergency services personnel, along with dozens of military vehicles. meanwhile, russian aviation cruise also are taking part in the current fighting in ukraine, have also joined in on the immortal regiment processions commemorating victory day . the airman displayed photos of relatives who fought in the 2nd world war on the sides of their helicopters. russia celebrates victory de, today regarding the sacrifices made during world war 2. during the conflict and orphanage in the western city of yvonne of became an international children's shelter, tumultuous events in china, but many pupils from that country to russia. some of them even went on to serve on the front lines while others still children helped care for the wounded who were brought to the orphanage. archie has heard some of their stories.
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ah, yep. or restored. i do. remember that i was born in moscow 1936, and then when the great patriotic gould began in 9041 was sent to the red to the city of van over 300 kilometers from moscow, where the fust international orphanage was built. ah, yep. when you got them, i remember when injured soldiers were brought from the front line is one is wounded
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civilians. the older guys acted as paramedics taken care of the engine. as for us, the little children we helped them washed bad. just the wounded calm. we sang songs to the injured soldiers and civilians danced, wrote letters during the great patriotic bull we were small, but despite a rage, we'll try to help the soviet people defeat the fascists. said we went through this war together and won this war to get with libya, visiting with the dog. i have the fondest memories from life in the orphanage. even in such travel difficult times. it was my golden childhood and i think we received a very good spiritual indication that the russian teacher is but also education in the orphanage instilled in me a love for my uh, for my profession. so i want to give my heartfelt thanks. not only to my corey over
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15 years, but to all the educators to all our teachers in soviet schools, because they told me how to be a good person within the context of the current geopolitical shifts. western powers are now fanning the flames of anti russians. sentiments trying to wipe out the soviet contribution to the victory over naziism in world war 2, by demolishing monuments and fabricating false historical parallels with the current conflict in ukraine. as the conflicts in ukraine goes on was to countries have been trying to twist certain positive history, especially the role of the soviet union in fighting fascism and naziism. the desecration or demolition of soviet era, monuments and cemeteries has been taken to a new level. getting rid of soviet symbols as the responsibility of all local administrations. there are about 60 places on our list where such symbolism needs to be removed. moscow has repeatedly condemned walsall calling on it not to follow
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the lead of radical politicians. this is not the 1st time we have come across such a shameful phenomenon, the war against soviet monuments and poland. everything that is happening in poland now is happening in violation of bilateral borders and the norms of civilized communication. traditional tokens of awareness have not escaped detention either. the st. george's ribbon, a case symbol in russia and abroad and use for commemorating world war 2 east in front veterans has been banned in moldova. the president said, the ribbons place is in the trash can of history of the western politicians are also not mincing their words when it comes to comparisons between the conflict and ukraine and world war 2. every russian has learned about the siege of leningrad during world war 2. sadly, history has repeated itself, but now it's the russian government truly solving ukrainian cities. taking 2 completely different situations including them together. one that involves starving a city into submission. the other that has attempted humanitarian corridors and
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a deliveries and the western media has been going even further and tried to draw a historical parallels. divert army engaged in graham had atrocities and massacre. utopia, patient of a poland, finn and other east european countries and 999041 scenes nowadays from butcher mary polka cough and other ukranian cities shows that russian soldiers over the past 10 weeks have penetrated atrocities against their hands in ukraine. some articles have given space for new interpretations of victory day as russia who on ukraine continues the day will take on new meaning. it's very much about galvanizing support for russia, the present and showing off the strength of rushes, military forces us diplomats of even accused the soviet union of being an ally of the nazis by cherry, picking specific episodes as of a much bigger historical context. put in lice, accuse his victims of b nazis. but it's important to remember that in 1939, that's
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a germany on the soviet union, son and non aggression pact, only after the knots is launched. a surprise attack on the ussr in june 1941. the, the soviet union joined the anti massive struggle, but this makes not just a revision of the outcome of world war 2 and the bloody sacrifices of the soviet people. they've been cancelled new system. muslim. functional, we hear that lately. the west, there are more and more warrants that the documents signed by the soviet to tell terry regime which consolidate the results of the 2nd world. war should no longer be carried out. the results of the 2nd world war as well as the sacrifices made by our people on the altar of victory over nazis. you are sacred milk, but if i give them a medicine that doesn't for me, but it gives me great pleasure to say that my colleague and friend unit o'neill will be here in a just a bit. because rush has made military parade is to begin on moscow's red square in just a little more than half an hour. we will bring you special coverage of that event
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right from the heart of the russian capital. stay with us ah with business and you with americans with just touching up good. not feeling well, you'll just touch on sure. ruckel was names of the different student info with you
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guys her own the with them the proud and you're still there with you with no longer interested in you finishing up the push to just a moment because you know your boss, look you school college. i don't know which guy know point a don't know, is that a good feeling you used to play in finances come up with this whole more block type thinking of us versus the good guys versus the bad guys is really counterproductive for everybody. of course, it's not in china's interest to pursue a new cold war or some sort of destruct
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a competition with other countries around the world. i would say that even for the united states it would be much better service. it did not have to do bold as much money as it does to the military to decide and spending. and could we allocate some of that towards domestic priorities. mm hm. ah, a a potential solution. the voice cl,
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dealing with she has just remind you that he would be sexual to pleasure with other than in postal will fuck. so with your choice, when you're just told that you folks would you purchase the diesel ah, with push the photograph load that was made you should, you should buy me that i bought that you would want to ended almost 75 years ago.
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