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which domestic for ah, at least 2 civilians report only being killed in the shelling of residential areas and the don't back city are gone yet by good friends, military suspect construction cost just with the cranium. president administration growth purchased the simple proudly posting an image of a soldier wearing a nazi heiress symbol. we hear from an american journalist to describe the modern atrocities of neo nazis in ukraine, and the 2014 qx in here. ever since my down the rain kind of been murdering braking robbing people across ukraine across on boss with the financing western pressure on country to join ante, russia sanctions trying to reiterate the mutual position while significantly
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increasing the import of rush and with a very welcome this is all the international with the latest world news headlines. it's good to have you with us. now, a combined force of the guns scout russian troops has broken through ukrainian lines and reached the administrative border of the lake, dallas peoples republic. according to the russian defense ministry. well, there's really no, not all the lives there will go a little there is for one of the armed forces of the law against people's republic, supported by the russian military have fully cleared the town of passengers from nationalist forces breaking through the deeply entrenched enemy defenses. and moving up to the administrative border of the lou ganske republic as a result of the offensive up to 120 nationalist, 13 armored vehicles and 12 other vehicles have been destroyed. and it forces him
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understood to be advancing as well. so teacher positions in the central don't, yes, republic seemingly abandoned by ukrainian troops. russia says that western western re was discovered at the fight along 5 documents belonging to ukrainian soldiers and corpses. and in the city of don, yes, can these 2 civilians have reportedly been killed by ukrainian shelling with 5 others injured, including a child who say the bombing of residential areas that began on monday and still hasn't ceased. civilian buildings and some shops have been damaged by the shelling we heard from one of the local civilians. that people were screaming. there were many victims. when i left the house i saw shell and walking further spend ammunition and there were big fires shops burning. this is the 2nd day in a row. yesterday was the same. the civilian population is suffering. i really want it all 10 government, but several mythos have reportedly hit the ukrainian port city of a desa,
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destroying a number of buildings allegedly used by the local military. this on verified amateur video supposedly shows the aftermath of the bombing among confirm schools is said, the building was a hotel which had electrically been occupied by ukrainian troops. that's off to another resort in the city. reportedly housing foreign mercenaries was also hit by miss tyler. earlier, another huge explosion in odessa was also caught on camera report, say, a shopping mall and a warehouse with ammunition were hit by missiles explosions, apparently continued the scene for some time after the initial strike suggesting that buildings could have indeed been used to store military arsenals. according to local authorities, the attacks left at least one person killed on 3 others injured, russia, ukraine, as dismissing the viewpoints of people in the don't. yes, going to dance were public for years. also heard from george earliest son, an american journalist who moved to the dumbass region in 2012. he sees the thought
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of the russian military operation has been a huge relief for the people of dumbass who had been oppressed by neo nazi integrated into the ukrainian armed forces. ukraine was coming across the grey line in mass. and the people of dumbass would've just been devastated, and i'm talking about them murdering everybody where they stood wherever they found people. that was their plan. and quite thankfully russia acted and it's been ah, unbelievable for both morale. and just the fact that everybody here knows that it was russia a save their lives. so what's going on right now, and the fact that russia recognized lance people's republic and honest people's
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republic. this is a great thing. and everybody here celebrated that how do i feel about as of and the other national battalions and what they've done over the last 8 years? it will, it makes me very angry. ever since my down happened, they've had free reign and they've been murdering raping robbing people across ukraine, across dumbass wherever they're allowed to, to stand. they're involved in criminal activity. these people need to be brought to justice one way or the other. and the people that have suffered under them and by them need closure, they need resolution. so they can get on with their lives as this is important because of all the people that as a lot of skills. and they just talk to people just disappeared. the families
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right now don't have that closure. however, the good spirit of the victory de anniversary was not shed across all of ukraine. president zalinski and his national defense ministry control the sea. after they posted a picture of a soldier proudly displaying and not see every symbol. the photo was late, it deleted from both accounts on twitter and telegraph. this going cross by and symbol was used by an elite, not the german panza division and other fashion forces during world war 2. but to the pays that western media outlets have turned a blind eye to these details as guy news and had to urgently wrap up an interview with russia deputy ambassador to the un. after the official drew attention to the nazi symbol, the landscape posts on line will show you what's, what appeared to the as the official page or present the landscape. here, you can see it in instagram. and then this is emblem. you see it's like right now.
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i will, i will make it bigger. so that's the ambles. do you know what it is? is some, some ambling from if a german division and cell division in the 2nd world war, the u. k. now is covering ukrainian authorities. we display these, these symbols during the victory they and these needs the symbols where used by the same arrangements that kills british people will be i'm sure you've heard you say we've run out of time mister janski's. thank you very much indeed to talk to you. and that should just say that those images that say were shown by mr. polanski, we haven't been able to independently verify them. we discussed the topic with serbian american journalist and historian, abuse, and knowledge. you say it is not surprising. the west is apparently ignoring kiev ties to neo nazis. the fact that they're simply not vetting these post because they
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don't think anything of it that is perfectly normal for their forces to be displayed, the symbols and they keep getting caught in it again. and again, the fact that they can't help themselves, but actually show off, assess symbol just goes to show that this is one of those things that's background noise. nobody bothers noticing. so i, for 1 am grateful that they did this because again, it's very revealing. it's one of those 4 ideas flips that tells you who they really are in the west stands with ukraine and they keep saying, and, you know, ukraine represents freedom, democracy, human rights and all the good values that the west officially embraces and stands for goodness. and you're not, it gets good. sorry, i mean, that's the narrative. it doesn't matter that these very same outlets in some cases, very same journalists just a couple of years ago, were writing about us off being this problematic nest of white supremacists, racist fascists who aim to spread their toxic ideology europe and linked them to the new deal and last shooter as well as other terrorists around the world. and now
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did the same. i was like, no, no, no, that's fine. you know, they were different even though they're not different. and that back then be actually interviewed. be let ski who's, who's the founder of us off and who literally told them yes, i chose the symbol and i chose them because they were not the symbols. and they're basically eating their own words because the narrative has changed. because right now, as of and ukraine are useful to the geo politics of the west. and if you know if truth gets in the way of that well too bad, it's despicable to find current political differences with western countries. vladimir putin said the charles, who praise the effort in helping when the 2nd world war during his victory de anniversary speech. but just american veterans who wanted to come to the crate and for essentially prohibited from doing so. but i want to know,
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we are proud of you and your heroic your contribution to the victory. we all know all soldiers of the allied armies. look at your stuff and use not. however, britain defense secretary was not impressed by vladimir putin speech that wallace was quick to accuse rushes, president of tarnishing the country's history with the ongoing hostilities in ukraine and on us through the invasion of ukraine, put in his inner circle and his generals, and i am marrying fascism and tyranny 7070 years ago, repeating the errors of law centuries to tele, terry and regimes. and for them and for person that can be no victory day, only dishonor and surely defeat and ukraine. what's interesting is the, it's very inappropriate for this day for victory day. i mean, if you look at president for mark, see, even he think the allied forces, he actually specifically pointed out the american involvement and how lot of veterans are not able to come for that would have liked to come. i mean,
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he actually embraced the whole allied movement to defeat naziism and then to have the e u and the u. k. politicians stating this very, very bad, very bad message is very poor example, especially on this, on this day on the celebration. because this is not about the war and ukraine. it's about what was done 70 some years ago and the defeat of nazi germany and their their countries would not be where they are today. it was not for russia. when i listen to mr. wallace it's i don't know if he's in a different world. if he's delusional and definitely it's not describing rush at all. if anything he's actually describing what you know the, the alternation are doing and the, and what many would, if you're look at fascist, i mean,
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and fascism. it's essential what ukraine is actually evolving into with the alternation, controlling so many things. i mean, the definition is right there, definitely not russia. and i think mr. wallace is poorly very badly misplaced. and some of its burbidge was very unprofessional, and you know, uncalled for by any supp diplomat to find with empowers, asserting tremendous pressure on countries to join sanctions against moscow. china's imports from neighboring russia that new record high last month, importance of a number of goods were double last year figures while also up substantially from the previous month. oil and gas led the growth with a russian deputy prime minister who overseas, the energy sector saying exports to the asia pacific region in general have especially risen. but at the same time, there was a drastic drop in chinese export to russia, particularly in the technology sector. as international sanctions have complicated
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business ties between the 2, sparking discontent among chinese officials. we oppose any band or restriction on china's normal trade activities with other countries. china will take the necessary measures to firmly defend the legitimate interests of chinese enterprises. russia and china recently established a framework for direct trade operations without the involvement of a state. it's a move away from us dollar dominance with several launch energy deals signed in early february. we're just finalizing pressure from western leaders. beijing has repeatedly refused to impose sanctions against russia over the conflict in ukraine and his page to maintain a neutral position. i don't know sometimes. so there is an argument that china stands on the wrong side of history for not joining the united states and other western countries in condemning and sanctioning russia to china pursues an independent foreign policy of peace and determines its position based on the merits of the matter. king china never follows, you know, this footstep anyway,
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long director of the sense of the european studies that china has run many university. so it's aging. wouldn't cave to west impression is that could hinder the huge economic potential of bilateral ties with moscow. china and russia. economic relations have a complimentary have a huge potential new type of power relations. so a mutual respect soon, and i'm not talking to any sort of party. we have the normal trade relations of russia. we cannot pay the cost of their lessons. sanctions to russia. sanctions means you own the walked the, what is yours? so you can sense of anybody. so that's actually, i saw it was the, the paula, i'm sex acceptable by the chinese and other countries for a long turn. turn on the russia political relations. if we go to the economy,
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religion is not a couple ways to the level of the political neutral tossed. so both sides, not just under printers and even local governments, choose a more to meet you to go back to president. in fact, about the trait you foreign policy chief around say it's a blog should consider using, seized russian assets to pay for the reconstruction of ukraine. western powers have already frozen the bulk of the russian central banks, foreign currency reserves as punishment for the conflicts in ukraine. ortiz shot defense gates, things how to make russia, hey, that is the burning question in many western countries, and with sanctions, not perhaps hitting as hard as russia's economy, as they may have hoped. what next? now the use top diplomat wants to donate into rushes,
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frozen foreign exchange reserves a method already used by the us with afghan funds in afghanistan. i would be very much in favor because it is full of logic. we have the money in our pocket and someone has to explain to me why it is good for the afghan money and not good for the russian money. if they did this, that you would have access to hundreds of billions of dollars to use as they wish to now under barrels plan, not money would be used to rebuild ukraine, a sort of war compensation scheme, all reparations of saw without choice. other ideas muted include selling the seas, property of russian oligarchs. the u. s. is already pushing for this and the idea hasn't gain traction in brussels to personally, i'm absolutely convinced that it is extremely important to not only freeze assets, but also to make it possible to confiscate them to make them available for
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rebuilding the country. now he went on to say that he's already instructed the use legal team to find a way to make this possible, but he may come unstuck. some experts suggest, at least if he wants the you to continue to respect international law. suddenly it is a threat that in this day and age where the rule of law and its national laws seem to have receded quite a lot, particularly, or by the u. s. and its allies want us to take that thread seriously. however, it would be a dramatic departure from a norms and standards and such. so perhaps piracy might spike alarm in other quarters. the e u m. the us have fruit relations with some countries, not just russia. the idea that they could just not fees, but also use the funds would be a traumatic move if, if china seas,
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this is dustin will hang on actually these europeans and americans are not trustworthy. they could just decide that we're now an enemy. and in fact, you know, we do find various statements from various politicians that seem to suggest such an idea. then china and also many of the countries could start to withdraw their assets from. what essentially is the u. s. c of influence and that could precipitate a dramatic collapse in the use of the us dollar and also the euro. now such a decision could also back fire for the you. sanctions of course, can be challenged in court. you court and the book doesn't have a great record of winning such cases. ukraine's former president janet coverage and egypt for president mubarak both won sanction related lou seats against you.
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meaning the idea of spending rushes seized money could be just a lot of hotter. charlotte, even scheme r t. paris, amid the ukraine conflict, thousands of people have thought refuge in neighboring russia. that's despite intimidation by the key of government occurred in western mainstream media, saying that mood could be dangerous. because donna has the story. nothing good awaits you in russia, the message sent to ordinary ukrainians couldn't have been clearer. i appeal to our citizens who are preparing for the evacuation. today. we have just received information that the occupiers may be trying to organize their own corridor for evacuation to russia. so please be careful and vigilant. do not succumb to deceit and provocation for the ukrainian troops. it was much better if they could mingle among civilians. dozens of witnesses have been describing how the zone battalion
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gives house trained neo nazis. have been actively holding them hostage. them when it, if we knew about the humanitarian corridors we knew about the evacuation, but they just didn't let us out. since i think they were hiding in the 73rd house in the basement on the 1st floor. who was hiding there? not he's not, he's harass off the cbo, they said variable is a separatist city that we should have got what we deserved. well, sorry to little dog. this is my house as of militants burnt it when didn't ask, forces advanced, some did manage to escape key of control territories and the flea to rush up like a lorna here while she wasn't held back in ukraine at gunpoint like many, she says the authorities were deliberately keeping them in the dark about evacuation options. my uncle, down until 2nd week, when the conflict begin on february 24th. we did not leave until the last moment since they did not let us out. there was no vacation, and there was no information about evacuations. we did not understand that we could
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evacuate at all, and then it became clear that there was an opportunity to move somewhere when some kind of communication was restored. we didn't have that communication at all before . i contacted a friend and she cried with joy that we were alive. so she took matters into her own hands and headed to russia. a place ukrainian major cools literally nothing else than more do itself. but she found something else entirely. no ukrainian troops. hell. we did not see a single your green and volunteer, and the 1st aid received was from the next colon, 2 years. we didn't need help with evacuation. we arrived to the russian refugee center ourselves. volunteers met us at the border and offered us water and food, even our animals. and while there's no place like home alone, i can definitely see her future in the small russian port city. she's in right now, though i would like to return to see the city restored. i would return to normal life, but maybe here and talking to rogue,
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i can find something of value for myself and feel at home. i no wonder if i should go back. i sure will, i can troops is fine warning shots to disperse thousands of anti government protest as he stormed the outgoing prime minister official residence in colombo. on monday, 5 people were killed nearly 200 wounded as homes belonging to the countries of ruling family satellites. the worst violence in weeks of protests over an unprecedented economic crisis. i think the demonstrations continued throughout the day with hundreds of people defying a nation wide cause you could gather outside of this is the president and the brother of the outgoing prime minister. the economic crisis is the, was says, the country's independence in 1948 with july because foreign reserves falling to record lows. the government has been unable to afford to import medicine, food,
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and fuel, lengthy power and fears of salvation or through other regions. now where the provision of energy is also a saw point in africa, power failures and black house, which occur quite frequently forcing people to go above and beyond. the issue was especially relevant in the democratic republic of congo, which receives energy from a hydro power system, which critics claim is badly mismanaged. blackouts, daily disruption, even congress to acts on their own, such as the cell phones, the cheese, or who gathered $300000.00 for mike for hydro electric, hydro electric fans herself. she said electricity problems heavily disrupt the country developments. so she hopes to see more support from ortiz. please clearly me. the city has changed since the small power station started working. we have provided electricity to, to schools where children study. we have also provided electricity to the hospital
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. people now have the opportunity to be treated there really was an important necessity, the ability to live without power outages. i think the government should see what we are doing now for the sake of the whole country. if the government takes part in this, i think it would be useful for everyone, including our community. the electricity shortage affects the entire countries development. for example, when i want to put my ideas and projects into action, i can't do that because there is no electricity. that is why the congolese, instead of moving forward only roll backward. there are projects that should have been developed, but they faded into obscurity because it's impossible to implement them for the month. was 90 percent of the votes counted ferdinand small cars has taken the lead in the philippines presidential election. he's the son of an al, sits former president who had come to power more than 50 years ago. the elder ferdinand market was president for more than 2 decades from 965 until he was
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deposed in 1986. for nearly a decade he ruled under martial law. and so millions of filipinos rose up in protest against his government. now 3 decades lay further, marcos family appears to appear set to return to power with a margin of victory. though the 15000000 votes, the current election is of great interest to both china on the us as washington struggles to hold influence in manila to challenge beijing's will. 30 in the, in the pacific region. the philippines was long, a traditional military ally of the us, but 60 years ago it shifted ties in china's favor and dramatically declare the separation from washington. international relations expert, joseph gregory mahoney, said manila may keep from picking sight an attempt to maintain a balance between the opposing powers. well, you know, i think that the high question of course is what are the implications with
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philippines relations with china? and on this matter, we've seen mixed signals from arkansas. he's indicated he favors continuing bilateral ism, which many interpreters, a wind for china, and so much that means manila and beijing will deal each other directly and not through other organizations or international partners. primarily, it's largely assumed you'll continue the policies of outgoing president and turkey given their political alliance, which includes the target, his daughter, sarah, as marco's vice presidential running mate. marcos is acknowledged, popular concerns of those, of the military that the, the philippines should stand. tough with china on some points, but he's also sensitive to the popular desire, if not, need for more economic cooperation with china. now, manila isn't naive, it knows china won't be the grand solution to its development needs, but it also knows that china is not a significant danger to philip and security if relations are manage well. so ultimately, i don't see marco's enthusiastically joining frozen sheet and things,
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recent call for global security initiative, which major has promoted as being led by china and starting in asia. but i also don't see him following the us into a new cold war. tension is the boiling, i've and armenia well positioned on to this, some blocking off the streets in the capital with police moving in to detain demonstrators. oh, his some of the latest footage from he had a van where clashes interrupted off the protesters refused to leave the streets. police officers have been rounding up some of the activists and taking them away in vans. mass marches the ongoing in several parts of the city. calling for the resignation of prime minister nicole passion, yan activists accused him of plotting to hand over control of the disputed kara back reaching to neighboring as a by john. but he, thanks for joining us. hey, on our t international, we'll be back in 30 minutes with the very latest. we'll see them.
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms. race is often very dramatic. that development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical time time to sit down and talk with
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me. hello and welcome to worlds apart. there's little doubt that there was when you just 3 years ago is no more and it keeps transforming very rapidly. even the nature of change is changing. how have you from china, a country with at least 5000 to your long history? and yep, a very adaptive, very agile approach to shifting grounds. well, to discuss it, i'm now joined by and the mob senior research proud of a center for china and globalization is americans great to talk to you. thank you very much for time to be here. now i think we would both agree that the conflict in your brain while still localized is a symptom of much broader processes. how do you see it? what is it about for you? well, i think the conflict in ukraine is a tragedy. certainly for the civilians that have been effective,
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but also for the military from both sides. we know that war kinetic conflict is a terrible thing in terms of the human cost of lives lost people hurt, wounded, aimed and also the economic destruction. but i would not agree that it is a localized conflict because as i've written and spoken about and other venues, i believe that this really is 3 different conflicts or wars. there is also a media or propaganda war being waged by the western countries with the annual phone countries at its core. and perhaps most significantly, there is an economic war that is being waged, initiated by the us and its allies against russia. and it's this 3rd war that i think in particular is having a global impact.


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