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tv   News  RT  May 10, 2022 1:00pm-1:29pm EDT

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a with germany, foreign minister pledges more heavy weapons for ukraine's war efforts during her 1st visit to the conflict torn country. also promising to shut down germany's import, the russian editor resorted for good. also, i had once again, this is a residential area. this is a market that there is a school that are residential building everywhere. basically at least 3 civilians are reportedly been killed in the shelling of residential areas. and they've gone back because they have done yet why ukraine military is the 2nd step to attack just this week. with the cranium. president's administration draws criticism for proudly posting an image of a soldier wearing a nazi era symbols we hear from an american joe. that is to describe the more than
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a trough to see if near not even ukraine since the 2014 q. and ever since my da map and they've had free reign and they've been murdering raping robbing people across ukraine, crossed on boss on the spot in mounting western pressure on country think join anti russia sanctions that china reiterates is neutral position while significantly increasing the import of russian goods with a very warm welcome. this is all the international with the late is world news headlines is good to happy with us. now germany is foreign minister has promised to deliver additional tanks on how it says to ukraine. adelina bay, a bulk made the statement during her 1st visit to the war torn country. our next step will be the delivery of highly modern tanks and how it served. which means we
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will be able to use them for protection against drone. germany and the netherlands will be able to jointly supply these howitzers as only one country cannot supply everything because we ourselves already have a shortage. yet germany will provide 7 howitzers and we will now begin all the necessary training for this. okay, for more details now joined by a donald corta in the studio. don't. how is this decision by berlin on more military supplies the credit expected to go down with the german public? well, there's definitely a lot of people in germany who would rather the country's foreign minister speak for herself when it comes to sending even more military hardware to ukraine. i mean, just about a week ago, she was giving a speech, trying to rally support for these new weapons shipments. when she was met with a crowd of angry protesters, they had called her, they called her a war monger. let's take a listen. the
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on monday bare bark even faced a crowd that threw an egg and a piece of cheese at her when she was trying to give another speech. so this isn't exactly most people's idea of a warm reception. now, bear back also made a number of statements on her 1st, her 1st trip to ukraine, since the beginning of russia's military operation alongside what we just heard about sending more weapons to ukraine. she also said that our country's going to need to completely cut itself off from a russian energy imports. we understood more than clearly that economic dependence does not lead to security. if the aggressor is indifferent to the well being of his own people. therefore, we are reducing with all the consequences, our dependence on russian energy carriers to 0. and that's forever. that's despite the fact that germany is 3rd largest gas in puerto, a company called
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b and g just agreed to moscow's demand that russian gas from needs to be paid for with roubles by unfriendly countries. so clearly, not everyone in germany wants to break with russia is energy supply with the german economy. and the situation that is, it is how are they expected to pay for all of this military hardware, while sending tons of weapons and military hardware and ukraine on top of trying to break with admirably really cheap russian oil and gas. the implication of that from you, official seems to be that ordinary europeans are going to start having to cough up dope for that. if we don't want the jungle to invade our garden, then we have to pay a price for it. we have to understand that to defend freedom and to fight against the ones who fight against ukraine will have a cost. and the politicians should have the courage to explain to the people that this cost has to be accepted. because otherwise, the cost will be much bigger and that's at the same time that essentially are
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getting more and more expensive for european fuel food rent. the cost of living across the board is just skyrocketing with a record breaking a 7 percent over 7 percent rate of inflation to boot. so it's really not surprising that when bareback give these gives these kinds of speeches that she's met with crowds, they want to throw eggs and cheese that are as well as insults don't. thanks for coming in and bringing in the sounds i thought is don't quote, i think europe is looking to do whatever i can to penalize most go with the use foreign policy chief joseph morales. now saying the block should consider seizing foreign russian exchange reserves to help pay to rebuild ukraine. when questioned on the matter, the russian foreign minister say, laugh, of flanders. the idea is thievery wasn't there. what of what you could call it fast . they are not even hiding it any more. this has become a habitual lack for the west. for example, the u. s. throws money belonging to the us can central bank and they want to use
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that money not to help the people of africa understand who suffered from the 20 year occupation of nato troops in the country. but instead use it on their own personal goals, which are not related to the restoration of afghanistan's economy. but joseph burrell is famous not just for the statement, not only for his ideas when it comes to confiscating other people's things. recently, he also said that the ukrainian crisis must be resolved only by military means. he shouldn't forget his post as the chief different parts of europe, not as a military commander, maybe soon the position of the chief diplomat of the will no longer exist because the you has practically no foreign policy of its own. it is in full solidarity with whatever approach to the united states imposes. well, russia says it has repelled an effort by ukraine's military too. we take an island in the black sea shooting down 30 drones and killing dozens of elite soldiers in the process. the defense ministry claims ukraine intended to reclaim the island.
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there's many a p r stunt. as russia celebrated victory de ukraine's presidential administration sparked a controversy on victory day after their social media cons, posted a picture of a soldier proudly displaying and not see air a symbol. if i say it was late, it deleted from both accounts on twitter and telegram. they scullen button symbol was used by an elite to not see gym and tons of division and other fascist 4th is during world war 2. but it appears that that western media outlets have turned a blind eye to these details. that's good news on how to work and re wrap up an interview with russia deputy ambassador to the un or to the official drew attention to the nazi symbol that lensky had posted on line. will show you what's, what's today as the official page of president landscape here, you can see it in instagram and then this is emblem. you see it's like right now, i will,
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i will make it bigger. so that's the molina. what it is is it's an ambling for if a german division and division in the 2nd world war u. k. now he's covering ukrainian authorities. we display the easiest symbols during the victory they. and these, these symbols were used by the same arrangements that killed british people will be i'm sure you've heard you say we've run out of time mr. paul arianne sky. thank you very much indeed to talk to you. and that should just say that those images that say was shown by mr. polanski, we haven't been able to independently verify them. we discussed the top. it will be an american journalist on historian abuse. similar to say, it is not surprising. the west is apparently ignoring kiev ties to neo nazis. the fact that they're simply not vetting these post because they don't think anything
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of it that is perfectly normal for their forces to be displayed, the symbols and they keep getting caught in it again and again. the fact that they can't help themselves, but actually show off as a symbol just goes to show that this is one of those things that's background noise . nobody bothers noticing. so i for 1 am grateful that they did this because again, it's very revealing. it's one of those 4 ideas flips that tells you who they really are in the west stands with ukraine and they keep saying, and, you know, ukraine represents freedom, democracy, human rights and all the good values that the west officially embraces and stands for goodness. and you're not against goodness are you, i mean, that's the narrative. it doesn't matter that these very same outlets in some cases, very same journalists just a couple of years ago, were writing about us off being this problematic nest of white supremacists, racist fascists who aim to spread their toxic ideology in europe and linked them to the new zealand mosque shooter as well as other terrorists around the world. and
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now did the same. i was like, no, no, no, that's fine. you know, they were different even though they're not different. and that back then be actually interviewed a black ski who's, who's the founder of us off and who literally told them yes, i chose the symbol. and i chose them because they were not the symbols. and they're basically eating their own words because the narrative has changed. because right now, as of and ukraine are useful to the geo politics of the west. and if you know, if truth gets in the way of that too bad, it's despicable. that's what can now to an early story at russia, claiming it is repelled and if it, by ukraine military to retake an island and the black sea, we can get more on this. not more correspond that remind calls us we're mom. good to see you. what we know so far about this oh, well, according to the russian defense ministry statement, so just to sum up,
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the entire statement is that the ukraine has sent their soldiers on a suicide mission and nothing short of that. of the last 3 days, ukraine lost at least a 30 unmanned aerial vehicles. and that 9 of those a were a turkish made by rex r. o. all of these a you ease were used by key of, according to the russian defense ministry. ah, as a p r stunt it designed to capture the island alpha was mean they on the 9th of may, which is a sacred victory day for all russians. now, according to the vents ministry, this did not working. furthermore, they report that sir. and another 3 bodies of ukrainian elite soldiers have washed, stop on the shores of the us mean the islands and that brought the total sally o 4 unclaimed bodies of ukrainian soldiers. 2 at 27 at this moment. now the total
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number of ukrainian soldiers that sir, oh, lost their lives in this unsuccessful attempt. so to storm these mean the island is now standing at more than 50. also for military planes were shut down over the last to 3 days and at san helicopters were destroyed, some were destroyed in the air, and some were destroyed. while there was still on the ground. now, here's a statement of the russian defense ministry about the operation which was apparently a given of the green light by ukrainian president zalesky himself. his union was municipal over the past 2 days. the key of regime has made several desperate attempts to land air and sea troops on the island of domini, which is important for ensuring control of the northwestern part of the black sea alone. as a result of the competent actions of the russian armed forces unit located on the island, the ukrainian provocation was forwarded the will of the enemy suffered heavy losses . wicked with civilian casualties,
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continued some mounds here in the nest people's republic as well. on tuesday alone, at least 2 people to civilians have lost their lives and the scores were wounded when the ukrainian military ha shelled various districts of the city of funds. and that sky went all around the city to take a look at the damages and spoke to some of the witnesses of the shillings that were that took place earlier on tuesday. ukrainian nationalists forces, 2nd senior shilling civilians here in the city of funds or nest. this, so market was bombed earlier in the day, as i understand the multiple rocket launching systems had been used. and so from what sa, emergency services, toby, it looks like it's a cluster. munitions are 23020 millimeter
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oh, rockets have been used now. we are located in a well very, extremely residential area and it's been shown continuously for the last 8 years as ukrainian positions. i'm not that are away. however, there are no positions of the next, the people's republic military here, as once again, this is a residential area. this is a market that there is a school. there are residential buildings everywhere, basically. but as i've spoken to the locals here, they said this had been going on for the last 8 years at the if there was, i don't know what to say, ukraine hates us and that's it. they want to destroy us. it's been this way for 8 years. the suburbs, especially, we have suffered for years, but now the situation has become much tougher up there. we just have to read the shilling has been taking place since may. 9th shells were flying towards the school, and markets were also on fire. the key of military hit every day. some shell fragments landed in my yard. just a month ago, the hospital was hit. my friend died from injuries after the shelling they hit
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areas where lots of civilians live. over the last 80 days alone at least 107 people had been killed civilians. mind you. people here feel terrorized by the ukrainian military who continue shilling them every day. another area of the city of the nest was bombed this tuesday afternoon. as you could see, show landed right on the street over there. we are in a territory offer local hospice. all this trauma sensor and it's basically full at all times. you can see a show landed right here. as you can see, the caliber of this is a massive. so for we do, we don't know about any particular casualties here, but i can see if you can point the camera that way. her patients of the hospital are all outside at the moment. but as i've been told earlier,
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no one had been hurt. this is the result of another day of ukrainian shilling. here in the nest. does my current political differences where the western countries, vladimir putin took the chance to praise the effort in helping win the 2nd world war during his victory de anniversary speech. but as american veterans, he wanted to come to the parade in moscow for essentially prohibited from doing so . but i want him to know we are proud of your exploits in your heroic deeds of your contribution to the victory. we all know all soldiers of the allied armies, no country over and use none. however, britain's defense secretary was not impressed by vladimir putin speech. and wallace was quick to accuse russia's president of tarnishing the country's history with the ongoing hostilities in ukraine. anton bass through the invasion of ukraine, posts in his inner circle. his generals are now mirroring fascism and tyranny 7070
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years ago. repeating the errors of the last century is to tell a tarion regimes and for them and for person that can be no victory day, only dishonor and surely defeat and ukraine. what's interesting is it's very inappropriate for this day for victory day. i mean, if you look at president putin remarks, he even he thanked the allied forces, he actually specifically pointed out the american involvement and how lot of veterans are not able to to come for that would have liked to come. i mean, he actually embraced the whole allied movement to defeat naziism and then to have the b u and the u. k. politicians, the staying with very, very bad, very bad message is very poor example, especially on this, on this day on the celebration. because this is not about the war and ukraine, it's about what was done 70 some years ago and the defeat of nazi germany and
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their their countries would not be where they are today. it was not for russia. when i listened to mr. wallace, i don't know if he's in a different world, if he's delusional, but definitely it's not describing rush at all. if anything he's actually describing what you know the, the ultra national are doing. and the and what many would, if you're look at fascist, i mean, and fascism. it's essential what ukraine is actually evolving into with the alternation, controlling so many things. i mean, the definition is right there, definitely not russia. and i think mr. wallace is poorly very badly misplaced, and some of verbage was very unprofessional, and uncalled for by any sub diplomat. cuz find wisdom power. so
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i think tremendous pressure on countries to join sanctions against moscow. china, the imports from neighboring russia that new record highest last month. and ports of a number of goods were double last year's figures, while also up substantially on the previous month. wheel and gas legacy growth with a deputy russian deputy permanence to whoever sees the energy sector, saying exposed to the asia pacific region in general, of especially risen at the same time with a drastic drop in chinese export to russia, particularly in the technology sector as international sanctions have complicated business ties between the 2, sparking discontent among chinese officials. we oppose any band or restriction on china's normal trade activities with other countries. china will take the necessary measures to firmly defend the legitimate interests of chinese enterprises. russia and china recently established a framework for direct trade operations without the involvement of a fed state and to move away from us toll
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a dominance with several large energy deals signed in early february. despite announcing pressure from western leaders, paging has repeatedly refused to impose sanctions against russia over the conflict and ukraine and his pledge to maintain and neutral position paid on the job. since there is an argument that china stands on the wrong side of history for not joining the united states and other western countries in condemning and sanctioning russia to china, pursues an independent foreign policy of peace and determines its position based on the merits of the matter. he, china never follows in others footsteps. hey wong, director of the center. you are appeal studies at chinese redmond university say paging, woke cave to western pressure as i could hinder the huge economic potential of bilateral times with moscow. china and russia. economic relations have a complimentary huge potential new type of religion
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and not talking to any sort of party. we have a normal trade relations with russia. we cannot pay the cost of their lessons. sanctions to russia. sanctions means you own the walked the what is yours? so you can, sorry for anybody. so that's actually i saw it was the the paula, i'm sex acceptable by the chinese and other countries for a long turn. turn on the russia political relations, not to catch up. always the level for the political neutral tossed. so both sides, not just local commons to think a more to, to president in fact about their trait. amid the ukraine conflict, thousands of people have thought refuge, enabling rather key of government to echoed in west and mainstream media, saying that lose could be dangerous seacoast on a story. nothing good awaits you. in russia,
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the message sent to the citizens who are preparing for the evacuation. today, we have just received information that the occupiers may be trying to organize their own corridor for evacuation to russia. so please be careful at a seat and provocation for the ukranian troops. it was marching civilians. dozens of witnesses have been describing how the zone battalion cubes, house trained neo nazis have been actively holding them hostage. dumb when it is we knew about the humanitarian corridors we knew about the evacuation, but they just didn't let us out. since if they thought they were hiding in the 73rd house in the basement on the 1st, not he's not, he's her. as off the cbo and they said maryville is a separate a city that we should have got what we deserved. well, sorry to little dog. this is my house is off militants burnt did. when did ask, forces advanced, some did manage to escape key of control territories and the flea to russia. like i lorna here while she wasn't held back in ukraine at gunpoint like many,
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berkeley keeping them in the dark about evacuation options. my uncle dan until 2nd week, when the conflict began on february 25th, since they did not let us out. there was no vacation and there was no at all. and then it became clear that there was an opportunity to move somewhere when some kind of communication was restored. we didn't have that communication added to russia. a place ukrainian major calls literally myself. but she found something else there, entirely dear. and the 1st aid we received was from the next volunteers. we didn't volunteers madison the border and offered us water and food even in the small russian port city. she is in right now and feel at home. i now wonder if i should go back she lanka has issued a shoot on site, although a defense ministry spokesman said on tuesday that the order applied to on monday 5 people were killed nearly 200 wounded and homes belonging to the countries ruling
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family satellite. the worth violet president did economic crisis o. demonstrations of continued throughout tuesday with hundreds of people defying a nationwide curfew to gather outside the office. if the president, the brother of the outgoing p n economic crisis is the, was since the countries independence in 1914 with shoreline cars, foreign reserves falling to rec, or lowes government has been unable to afford to import medicine, food, and fuel, leading to lengthy power cuts and fears of starvation with many thanks for keeping us company here on our t international as always, potential stories to be found on our website r t dot com will be back in 30 minutes with
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ah, since the break away of the donates people's republic was been ranging and don't boss. ukrainian, artillery has been showing civilian, townsend, mining, villages, or more love we deal with horde. i grew up with a deal about one of your company a little above the whole of the city of global school to give those bullet one. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development. only personally,
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i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time to sit down and talk with me. hello, and welcome to worlds apart. there's little doubt that there was mean you just 3 years ago is no more and it keeps transforming very rapidly. even the nature of
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change is changing. how have you from china, a country with at least 5000 to your long history? and he had a very adaptive, very agile approach to shifting grounds. to discuss that i'm now joined by and the mob senior research proud of a center for china and globalization is americans great to talk to you. thank you very much for your time to be here. now i think that would both agreed that the conflict in your brain while still localized is a symptom of much broader processes. how do you see it? what is it about for you? well, i think the conflict in ukraine is a tragedy. certainly for the civilians that have been effective, but also for the military from both sides. we that war kinetic conflict is a terrible thing in terms of the human cost of why last people heard wooded named it also the economic destruction. but i would not agree that it is
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a localized conflict because as i've written and spoken about and other venues, i believe that this really is 3 different conflicts are wars. there is also a media or propaganda war being waged by the western countries with the annual phone countries at its core. and perhaps most significantly, there is an economic war that is being waged initiated by the you with us and its allies, its russia. and it's the 3rd war that i think in particular is having a global impact. and we are only starting to see the beginnings of it, and he's affecting energy prices. it's affecting food prices. it's also affecting fertilize prices and for applies or availability, which can have long term repercussions for food security. and perhaps most
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unfortunately for the global order, i think it really has destroyed what remaining legitimacy there is in the us lead financial system, mr. mcdaniel love to impact your so let's go step by step and i want to 1st emphasize something that you mention, that the military aspect of this struggle in, in your view is the least significant from a geo political perspective. you're essentially saying that war as tragic as horrible as it is, is not the most dangerous thing that.
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