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the, the who's a thoughtless p r, stunt staff, how moscow described attempts to reclaim snake island in the black sea, in an operation which a number of leech ukrainian solvers were killed. live in, authorities use a bowl. those are to remove and abundance of flowers placed at monuments commemorating the soviet liberation of the republic from not be forces in the 2nd world war. germany's top diplomatic pledge is more heavy weaponry for ukraine and vows to shut down in port the russian energy resources also ahead whose war is raise true prices as well. president and joe biden, once again shift the blame on russia for surging domestic price inflation. with
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many americans that he signed the executive orders, so it's his responsibility. and he thinks that the american people are dumb enough to believe whatever he's feeling. we have all the people on the streets here. so why not know 1st? absolutely. the broadcasting lot of direct from our studios in moscow. this is our international john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. now russia has slammed as a thoughtless p. r. stunt ukrainian armed forces efforts to retake snake island in the black sea. this is after their campaign ended with dozens of ukrainian soldiers killed and heavy weaponry destroyed. donna, this gamble has turned out to be a disaster for ukraine. the thoughtless p r action of the key of regime to take snake island by victory de, led to the meaningless depths of more than 50 ukrainian fighters, including elite soldiers here on the loss of 4 planes, 10 helicopters, 3 boats,
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and 30 unmanned aerial vehicles. now hearing the statements of the russian defense ministry, it looks like a ukraine sense is to lead so soldiers on, on a suicide mission or russian defense ministry says that over the last 3 days, at least a 30 unmanned aerial vehicles had been destroyed. and a 9 of those drones were turkish maids by racks are now all of them were used by key of in the so called p r stands, which was designed to recapture thee as mean the islands on this sacred day for all russians. which is, of course, the 9th of may the victory day. no defense ministry. further reports of that, another 3 bodies of ukrainian soldiers watched stop on the as mean the island which brings a total sally of unclaimed body's offer ukrainian soldiers to at least sets $1.00 to $7.00. now the total number of ukrainian a military that lost their lives of last 3 days stands at 50 people at the
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moment. now apparently, this stance was designed to boost the morale of the ukrainian military. they wanted to do this on the 9th of may. and of course, if you listen to the statement of their russian defense ministry, it was nothing short of a suicide mission for elite ukrainian soldiers and apparently of the order for this operation. the green light for this operation was given by none other than presidents zalinski himself. let's have a listen said roll my eye on may senators in on the direct instructions of president viola, dimmer zalinski with the direct participation of advisors from the united states and great britain. walker, ukraine planned a major provocation and to seize as a mini island was listed as a result of the competent actions of the russian armed forces. unit located on the island, or the ukrainian provocation was forwarded. the enemy suffered heavy losses junior . meanwhile, civilian deaths continued some mounds here in the next people's republic. over the
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last couple of days, at least 4 people were killed by the shelling of the ukraine and military. and of course, scores of civilians have been wounded after residential areas were bombed by the ukrainian military. now this tuesday, i visited some of the places where people lost their lives. once again, there were civilian areas and i spoke to the locals as well as recorded everything that i saw with my own eyes. let's take a look. ukrainian nationalist forces, 2nd senior shilling civilians here in the city of funds or nest this. so market was bombed earlier in the day. as i understand the multiple rocket launching systems had been used. answer from what's the emergency services dolby? it looks like it's a cluster. munitions are 23020 millimeter a rocket sir had been used. now we are located in a well, very,
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extremely residential area and it's been showed continuously for the last 8 years as ukrainian positions and all that are away. however, there are no positions of the next, the people's republic military here, as once again, this is a residential area. this is a market that there is a school. there are residential buildings everywhere, basically. but as i've spoken to the locals here, they said this had been going on for the last 8 years at the fed was, i don't know what to say, ukraine hates us and that's it. they want to destroy us. it's been this way for 8 years. the suburbs, especially, we have suffered for years, but now the situation has become much tougher up there with the rest of the shilling has been taking place since may. now. shells were flying towards the school, and markets were also on fire. like the key of military hit every day, some shell fragments landed in my yard just a month ago, the hospital was hit. my friend died from injuries after the shelling they hit areas where lots of civilians live. over the last 80 days alone,
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at least 107 people had been killed civilians. why and you people here feel terrorized by the you create a military who continue shilling them every day. now several parts of the city of done yet were reportedly hit by the attack by you can enforce that, you heard roma talk about just there. a warning you may find the following. images disturbing. 2 people were killed and 5 others, including a child were wounded. local officials say that the ukrainian military fired 10 missiles at the city on tuesday afternoon. he has not yet commented on the incident and elsewhere in the people's republic in a suburb of the capital city, local military forces have uncovered weapons, apparently abandoned by retreating ukrainian troops. some of the munitions were believed to have been supplied by the u. s. bodies of dead ukrainian soldiers had been left behind and remained in their firing positions as well. on tuesday,
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the baltic state of lithuania decided to reprimand moscow by declaring russia a terrorist state and describing the military campaign in ukraine as genocide. meanwhile, in neighbouring latvia, officials have been having trouble coming to terms with the fact that people still honor the soviet soldiers who liberated that republic from nazi forces in world war 2, amid commemorations of the allied victory in europe. this week, authorities in regard have used a tractor and to remove an abundance of flowers, placed by thousands of residence at the latvian capital monument to the liberators . nevertheless, residents then returned with more flowers and candles using them to decorate the square in front of the monument. police officers said that they saw saint george ribbons which are banned in the country now and arrested a number of people during the event. one men in civilian clothing was filmed, kicking flour at the monument, and please then saved him from the rest of the crowd. the,
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the later on tuesday, authorities closed off the perimeter of the monument, but people still gathered round it singing a renowned victory de song. germany's foreign minister and lena burbock has pledged to supply more tanks and howitzers to ukraine. the promise came as she became the 1st german official to visit ukraine during the war in vinegar. targeting a few days, we will start training ukrainian soldiers on the altar. modern pans or habits, 2000 in which we will deliver together with the netherlands as we are working with german companies to ensure that ukraine can get state of the art systems to protect of cities against future attacks. tina, we will continue to support a european, pre ukraine and humanitarian financial, economic, technological,
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political and energy matters. right. not just today but also to morrow and in the long term. finance. yes. good, chef me. well, there's definitely a lot of people in germany who would rather the country's foreign minister speak for herself when it comes to sending even more military hardware to ukraine. i mean, just about a week ago, she was giving a speech, trying to rally support for these new weapons shipments. when she was met with a crowd of angry protesters, they heckled her. they called her a war monger listing. listen, oh, i on monday a bare bark even with the faced a crowd that threw an egg and a piece of cheese at her when she was trying to give another speech. so this isn't exactly most people's idea of a warm reception. now bareback also made a number of statements on her 1st on her 1st trip to crane since the beginning of
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russia's military operation alongside what we just heard about sending more weapons to ukraine. she also said that her country's going to need to completely cut itself off from russian energy imports. yeah. um, may i, we have understood more than clearly that economic dependence does not bring security. if the aggressor simply does not care about the well being of its people . in fact, he got, that is why we are decisively reducing our dependence on russian energy to 0 and doing so for ever in id of noise. that's despite the fact that germany's 3rd largest gas importer a company called v and g just agreed to moscow's demand that russian gas from needs to be paid for with, rubles by unfriendly countries. so clearly, not everyone in germany wants to break with russia, is energy supply with the german economy and the situation that it, it is how are they expected? think pay for all of this military hardware while sending tons of weapons and military hardware and to ukraine on top of trying to break with admirably really
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cheap russian, oil and gas. the implication of that from you, official seems to be that ordinary europeans are going to start having to cough up dough for that. if we don't want the jungle to invade our garden, then we have to pay a price for it. we have to understand that to defend freedom and to fight against the ones who fight against ukraine will have a cost. and the politicians should have the courage to explain to the people that this cost has to be accepted. because otherwise, the cost will be much bigger. that's at the same time that essentially are getting more and more expensive for european fuel food rent. the cost of living across the board is just skyrocketing with record breaking 7 percent over 7 percent rate of inflation to boot. so it's really not surprising that when bareback give these gives these kinds of speeches that she's met with crowds that want to throw eggs and cheese that are as well as insults. in the latest move to penalize moscow, the e is foreign policy. chief joseph beretta has urged the block to consider seizing
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frozen russian foreign currency reserves to help pay for rebuilding ukraine. when questioned on the matter, russian foreign minister survey love slammed the idea as thievery. long wasn't that what you could call it fast. they are not even hiding it any more. this has become a habitual act for the west. for example, the u. s. throws money belonging to the us can central bank and they want to use that money not to help the people of afghanistan who suffered from the 20 year occupation of nato troops in the country, but instead use on their own personal goals, which are not related to the restoration of afghanistan's economy, joseph burrell, is famous not just for the statement, not only for his ideas when it comes to confiscating other people's things. recently, he also said that the ukrainian crisis must be resolved only by military means. you shouldn't forget his post as the chief different parts of europe, not as a military commander, maybe soon the position of the chief diplomats of the will no longer exist because the you, as practically no foreign policy of its own,
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it is in full solidarity with whatever approach the united states imposes, ukraine's and natural gas transit operator has announced that on wednesday i have 7 am key of time. it will stop sending one 3rd of the russian gas that has regularly travelled through the country into europe. that's as a europe scrambles to cut energy ties with russia. ukrainian operator has said that gas will no longer be accepted through distribution stations in lieu ganske citing the conflict there, it has offered to transfer all the volumes to another check point in the russian border town of suda. instead, russian export. a gas problem has said that that scenario would be impossible. gas problem has not received any confirmation of the circumstances of the force major clause. we do not see any obstacles for continuing to work in the previous mode. transit has been provided in full. there have been no complaints from the counter parties. the transfer of volumes to suit you based on the russian flow scheme is technologically impossible. as gap saline and food prices hit new,
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all time records in the u. s. joe biden has once again shifted the blame on russia in an apparent effort to deflect personal responsibility. we saw in march, then 60 percent of inflation that month was due to price increases at the pump for gasoline, prunes war as raised food prices as well. but the price surgeons have been happening at least since january a month before the russian military campaign in ukraine, amid rising costs for crude oil. now round $100.00 per barrel. and that's partially due to some us refineries having closed during the pandemic with other ones. currently operating on nearly full capacity, the situation was exacerbated when the us band imports of russian supplies of the commodity. now, while joe biden, in his speech claim that he understands regular americans, his race, recent factions, though, against russian energy, have only pushed prices for their upwards or cheese. rachel blevins comments
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president by then is now saying that tackling storing inflation is going to be his top priority moving forward after it has already been up 40 year highs for 5 straight months during his speech at the white house on tuesday. he said he understands why the american people are so frustrated. right now. i understand when it feels like i come from a family where, when the, when the price of gas for food went up, we felt that it was a discussion of the kitchen table. i went, i want every america to know that i'm taking inflation very seriously and it's my top for domestic priority. inflation has already been on the rise over the last year, hitting 5 percent last year and 7 percent in december. the u. s. federal reserve flooded the market with money and response to historic locked downs during the pandemic, now abide and says that he is concerned about inflation. he has also implement
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distinctions rather against russia, claiming that he knows that they will impact supply chain shortages and that could lead to a global food crisis as a result on top of that by and also continues to fuel both inflation and the conflict as he calls on congress to approve an additional $33000000000.00 and funding for ukraine. reality. it's on the sun executive orders. nobody else. if you look at those signatures, there is. so it's his responsibility. and he thinks that the american people are dumb enough to believe whatever he's feeling. why are you taking care of the people in your own country instead of people in another country, a world apart? i don't get that like i live here. and you know, helping me, i don't have too much faith in victoria administration and i'm losing faith in our government. various, it just becomes too political. we have homeless people on the streets here. so why not know 1st? absolutely. everyone is struggling with it, especially people my age,
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the measure working class, you know, it's impossible to move up and it's really easy to go down, staying in the u. s. now you as president joe biden has said that he is worried about further russian actions in ukraine, as he said, russian liter, let me put in, is looking for a way to end the military campaign with a decisive victory. the problem i worry about now is that putin doesn't have a way out right now, and i'm trying to figure out what we do about that is comes as the u. s. congress races to pass an aid package of $40000000000.00 for ukraine, including military support and humanitarian assistance, with more heavy weaponry being urgently sent to ukraine. some us officials say the only way out of the conflict would be if key of winds who to now seems to want to transform his genocidal war into a frozen conflict in ukraine. we cannot allow this to happen. don't lose focus. total ukrainian victory is the goal one that we can cross live to
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a panel of guests. it's a virtual who's who of we can talk about this and make sense of it all. we have former us marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter, they're in the middle. we have former security officer from the pentagon, michael maloof, and also sir founders who is the international action center co director i. if i got that right, got everybody on here too. let's go to use our 1st president biden says that he's worrying that putin doesn't really see way out of this conflict. what do you think he's worried about exactly? well, president biden and all the sink tank strategist and military planners and what not, no the way out. and it's real easy. just stop pumping in billions and billions of dollars and weapons, and trainers and, and we'll nato forces into the ukraine. they claim ukraine is neutral, it's not neutral at all. it's just being pumped chalk full of weapons and advisors
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. so this could stop tomorrow. if there was any slow down on the part of biden, there's not, and from the very beginning of food and has made it clear that the, the forces that are really threatening the very borders of russia would not be accepted. so this is a pretty simple thing, but it is intended for no very big break all relations between the european union and russia, their main source of gas and fuel and grain to the world. this is we'll create salmon throughout africa and the u. s. knows it very well, and they're determined to go ahead anyway. so for him to say he doesn't know what it would take for putting it out. we got to say that it's biden who knows how to end this tomorrow. scott, i want to go to you about the logistics if you don't mind, can you? and i've talked about this in detail in the past,
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but you can talk diplomat right now says that a goal for victory would be to push russian forces completely out of the country, including from the dumbass and crimea as well. do you think that's actually reasonable even possible at this point? well, i mean, if russia continues to push forward with its current campaign, the end result will be the destruction of the vast majority of ukraine's existing regular army. and at that point in time, you know, russia can, ought to, whatever is next. it's next steps will be in pressure, wants to turn this into a stalemate, let's say, after seizing or recapturing or gaining control of the gods getting done yet. in the southern tier, russia holes in the west continues to provide billions of dollars of advanced weaponry to ukraine. and gives ukraine enough time to assimilate this material and
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train their troops. then we're talking a different kind of war. and while i'm not saying that ukraine would emerge victorious, this would be a long dragged out flight. i don't think that's the direction russia wants to add, but you know, it's up to russia what they want to do the right now. they have all of the, you know, they, they have the initiative. they get to dictate the pace. in the, in the extent of this operation, if they choose to call a halt, give you the chance to rebuild. that's on them. all right, michael, lot of discontent back home as to why us as you even involved in this war? what is the way out from this conflict for the united states and asking you to go down the proverbial rabbit hole if you will, if key of collapses and russia goes in and you can suffers a military defeat. how's the us going to get out of this? well, that's a lot of assumptions that i don't necessarily believe is on. on the table at the
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moment. i think moscow's goals are limited. it was effectively to keep ukraine out of nato. it's accomplished that it does want to create the land bridge between the dom boss, to, to crimea. it's accomplish in that and, and in effect make ukraine not aligned once again, it doesn't have to eliminate or get rid of zalinski. but it is, it is wholly zalinski and his, and his government, which is a puppet of the united states to, to, to, it's not a line of agreement when it 1st became an independent country in 1991. so i'm, i, and also, mister putin has made it very clear in the past that nato is infringing in an encroaching upon the federation in a, in
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a very hostile and threatening way. and united states and stoughton burger, who was the secretary general, lovely of nato has been worn repeatedly. they were those, those warnings were ignored. and moscow has nowhere else to go. but the united states comes half way around the world does what it does. now it can, the united states has the military motives. the arterial motive is to contain russia ultimately to have regime change in moscow. and we for even heard nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house. i've democrats say, the idea is this whole campaign is a war against russia. this is what this is all about. and this is what i'm really concerned about when we, when this administration has not even defined what the policy objectives is and how and what is the national security imperative to the united states when
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we can't even protect our own board in the south here. it's certainly it's, it's, it's bizarre, it's totally bizarre. the, the tension between the united states and russia are even more of a fever pitch than they were in the cold war. and from what i've experienced in hearing. but one thing i want to go to you scott, again about this idea of western weaponry being sent into ukraine and it's in the front lines. as far as we know, we're not seeing any of that western heavy weaponry being used on the front lines. do you believe that u. s. military supplies would be able to turn the tide of the war? not, not in the current. not in the way the doors currently be far. as i said, russia has the advantage. russia is waging this campaign on in terms. russia has control the skies over the battlefield and any heavy weaponry that is brought up to the front, if it survives transit, will be detected by drones and destroyed piecemeal by russian artillery.
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you know that i don't believe that disturbing weaponry can change the outcome of this phase of the conflict. the problem comes, what happens when russia achieves its limited objectives? if ukraine refuses to surrender at that point time and continues to hold onto the hope of the feeding russia, and they are allowed to absorb this weaponry and incorporated into a new army. and now can confront russia a new build. this is problematic. this would require russia to expand the scope and scale of the, of its current conflict beyond, i believe the, as city of the current force structure. so russia is winning in the short term. but because of the billions of dollars of american in nato aid ukraine, you could, could find itself in a situation where, you know, it has a crude advantage and that's totally on russia. or it's,
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it's up to russia has stopped as of russia. ops not to the russia will pay the price because i don't believe this war ends when russia achieves the limited military objectives of the special military operation. well, piggybacking on that and going to sarah, now, the war doesn't end with russia, achieving its goals. do you think that washington is actually prepared to support kids in the long run, given the profound economic challenges the u. s. is facing right now at home and also the fact that maybe there's not the sentiment to have us military overseas for another drawn out campaign. what are your thoughts? well, the u. s. has never backed up any of its so called allies, i mean, and the people that it uses as pawns have paid a terrible price. now, the us couldn't succeed in afghanistan or iraq. the idea of them succeeding against russia is, is slim to non existent. however,
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as long as the military contractors can sell mega weapons, billions and billions of dollars, they're more than happy to keep a war, any war going. so i think they're quite willing to keep pumping in one thing. i mean, we should think 2 months ago, they promised 1300000, then it was up to 4000000, then it was up to 8000000. and the latest piece of legislation, it's up to $40000000000.00 and they're just getting started. so they're all for the military contracts with selling more weapons, even if it never arrives. and the, the last sold them made enormous profit is a system that exists on war and on war profits. so i think it's a very dangerous, what are they planning? how are they going to use the ukraine? it's simply upon to keep a war going. as long as they can get better hope because the cost is horrendous
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already in europe. and it will be horrendous here at around the world because you've shut the shipment of grain and energy that the whole world pays a heavy price for that. now my going to pose this question to you, but i've heard some version of this from all 3 of you through the course of this campaign. and we have some cognitive dissonance going on here in the united states . biden is saying that he wants to war to end, but then we have your congress putting this 40000000000 package out to put it to ukraine. do you think the by the administration is actually willing to negotiate or do they want this where to continue and why? well, i think it does want to continue. i see, you see this once again ukraine is only a proxy to a larger issue for the united states in terms of its unipolar world order leadership. it sees it dwindling it and it's also, it's trying to keep
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a cohesive effort with nato. and, but the e u countries, and that's beginning to crumble as a result of this. as far as i'm concerned, if the united states wasn't pushing all of this and pushing russia to the hilt, nato, the nato countries never would have found themselves in this position. they never would have wanted to have a war. now it's almost to the point of no return. and that they're going to be suffering mightily economically, politically. and it, and it's, and, and through attrition. and europe will never be the same again it's, it's the beginning of the end of a cohesive nato and, and, and in the u. as, as far as i'm concerned, as far as others that i've talked to about this because it's and it's, it, it, and it's very serious. meantime you have and we've actually created a self fulfilling prophecy in pushing russia closer to, to china as a consequence. and, and this is the last thing the united states ever wanted,
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but yet we created it for ourselves. we create our own problems we, we should ourselves and the, not the foot, but in the head. you know, i want to have this conversation for another 30 minutes. unfortunately, that's our show for the time sarah flanders, michael maloof and scott ritter. thank you for being with us here in our international. appreciate hearing your thoughts on this. like you get this is our international be back in 30 minutes with morning stay with ah ah with mm.


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