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a with a thoughtless be, are stunted, that is how moscow describes cubes, attempt to reclaim the snake island in the black sea in an operation which a number of elite ukrainian soldiers were killed. germany's top diplomat pledges is more heavy weaponry for ukraine and vows to shut down in ports of russian energy resources. also a head cold war is raised true prices as well. u. s. president joe biden, once again shift to blame on russia for surging domestic price inflation. but many americans challenge that it's on him, he signed the executive orders, so it's his responsibility. and he thinks that the american people are dumb enough to believe whatever you speak to them. we are homeless people on the street here. so why not?
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no 1st, absolutely. and the latvian authorities, use a bulldozer to remove an abundance of flowers placed at the monument commemorating the soviet liberation of the republic of nazi forces in the 2nd world war with broadcasting lot of direct from a studios in moscow. this is our to international, and i'm john thomas. certainly glad to help you with. now russia has slammed as a thoughtless p. r. stunt. the ukrainian armed forces effort to retake snake island, also known as many island located in the black sea. after their campaign ended with dozens of ukrainian soldiers killed and heavy weaponry destroyed. donna, this gamble has turned out to be a disaster for ukraine. the thoughtless p r action of the key of regime to take snake island by victory de, led to the meaningless depths of more than 50 ukrainian fighters, including elite soldiers here on the loss of 4 planes, 10 helicopters, 3 boats,
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and 30 unmanned aerial vehicles. now hearing the statements of the russian defense ministry, it looks like a ukraine sense is to lead so soldiers on, on a suicide mission or russian defense ministry says that over the last 3 days, at least a 30 unmanned aerial vehicles had been destroyed. and a 9 of those drones were turkish made by racks are now all of them were used by key of in the so called p r stands, which was designed to recapture thee as mean the islands on this sacred day for all russians. which is, of course, the 9th of may the victory day. no defense ministry further reports that another 3 bodies of ukrainian soldiers watched stop on the as mean the island which brings a total sally of unclaimed body's offer you crate and soldiers to at least sets one to 7. how the total number of ukrainian, a military that lost their lives of last free days stands at 50 people at the
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moment. now apparently, this stance was designed to boost the morale of the ukrainian military. they wanted to do this on the 9th of may. and of course, if you listen to the statements of the russian defense ministry, it was nothing short of a suicide mission for elite ukrainian soldiers and apparently of the order for this operation. the green light for this operation was given by none other than presidents zalinski himself that some of them should roll my eye on may 7th, is it on the direct instructions of president viola, dimmer zalinski with a direct participation of advisors from the united states and great britain walker ukraine planned a major provocation and to seize as a mini island was little as a result of the competent actions of the russian armed forces unit located on the island or the ukrainian provocation was forwarded. the enemy suffered heavy losses . junior, meanwhile, civilians f continued some mounds here in the next people's republic. over the last
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couple of days, at least 4 people were killed by the shelling of the ukraine and military. and of course, scores of civilians have been wounded after residential areas were bombed by the ukrainian military. now this tuesday, i visited some of the places where people lost their lives. once again, there were civilian areas and i spoke to the locals as well as recorded everything that i saw with my own eyes. let's take a look. ukrainian nationalist forces, 2nd senior shilling civilians here in the city of the nest. this, so market was bombed earlier in the day. as i understand multiple rocket launching systems had been used. answer from what emergency services told me. it looks like it's a cluster. munitions are 23020 millimeter a rocket sir had been used. now we are located in a well very,
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extremely residential area and it's been shown continuously for the last 8 years as ukrainian positions unknown that are away. however, there are no positions of the next people's republic military here as once again, this is a residential area. this is a market that there is a school, there are residential buildings everywhere, basically. but as i've spoken to the locals here, they said this had been going on for the last 8 years. there was, i don't know what to say, ukraine hates us and that's it. they want to destroy us. it's been this way for 8 years. the suburbs, especially, we have suffered for years, but now the situation has become much tougher up there. we do have to reserve the shilling has been taking place since may. no thanks. shells were flying towards the school, and markets were also on fire, but the key of military hit every day. some shell fragments landed in my yard just a month ago, the hospital was hit. my friend died from injuries after the showing they hit areas where lots of civilians live. over the last 80 days alone at least
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107 people had been killed civilians. more people here feel terrorized by the ukraine military who continued shilling them every day. several parts of the city of done yet were reportedly hit by the attack by ukrainian forces that you just heard. romano talk about there. now, a warning you may find the following image is a bit disturbing. 2 people were killed and in 5 others, including a child were wounded. local officials say that ukrainian military has fired 10 missiles at the city on tuesday afternoon. he has not yet commented on the instant and elsewhere in the done yet the people's republic in a suburb of the capital city, local military forces have uncovered weapons, apparently abandoned by retreating ukrainian troops. some of the munitions were believed to have been supplied by the us. now bobby's of dead ukrainian soldiers had also been left behind and remained in their firing positions. germany's foreign
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minister on atlanta burbock has pledged to supply more tanks and howitzers to ukraine. the promise came as she became the 1st german official to visit ukraine during the war. in vinegar, talk it in a few days. we will start training ukrainian soldiers on the altar, modern pans or habits, 2000 in which we will deliver together with the netherlands. as we are working with german companies to ensure that ukraine can get state of the art systems to protective cities against future attacks. gina, we will continue to support a european, pre ukraine and humanitarian financial, economic, technological, political and energy matters, not just to day, but also to morrow. and in the long term. finance. yes. good chef me. well, there's definitely a lot of people in germany who would rather the country's foreign minister speak for herself when it comes to sending even more military hardware to ukraine. i mean, just about a week ago, she was giving a speech,
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trying to rally support for these new weapons shipments. when she was met with a crowd of angry protesters, they heckled her. they called her a war monger listing. listen, oh, i a monday, a bare bark even with the faced a crowd that threw an egg and a piece of cheese at her when she was trying to give another speech. so this isn't exactly most people's idea of a warm reception. now bareback also made a number of statements on her 1st on her 1st trip to crane since the beginning of russia's military operation alongside what we just heard about sending more weapons to ukraine. she also said that her country is going to need to completely cut itself off from russian energy imports. yon may, i, we have understood more than clearly that economic dependence does not bring security. if the aggressor simply does not care about the well being of its people,
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that is why we are decisively reducing our dependence on russian energy to 0 and doing so for ever in id. ultimately, that's despite the fact that germany's 3rd largest gas importer a company called v and g just agreed to moscow's demand that russian gas from needs to be paid for with, rubles by unfriendly countries. so clearly, not everyone in germany wants to break with russia, energy supply with the german economy and the situation that it, it is how are they expected to pay for all of this military hardware, while sending tons of weapons and military hardware and to ukraine on top of trying to break with admirably really cheap russian, oil and gas. the implication of that from you, official seems to be that ordinary europeans are going to start having to cough up dough for that. if we don't want the jungle to invade our garden, then we have to pay a price for it. we have to understand that to defend freedom and to fight against the ones who fight against ukraine will have a cost. and the politicians should have the courage to explain to the people that
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this cost has to be accepted because otherwise the cost will be much bigger. that's at the same time that essentially are getting more and more expensive for european fuel food, rent. the cost of living across the board is just skyrocketing with a record breaking a 7 percent over 7 percent rate of inflation to boot. so it's really not surprising that when bareback give these gives these kinds of speeches that she's met with crowds that want to throw eggs and cheese that are as well as insults. and that was done quarter speaking to my colleague nicky earlier now in the latest move to penalize moscow, the use foreign policy chief justice burrell has urged the block to consider seizing frozen russian foreign currency reserves to help pay for rebuilding ukraine . when questioned on the matter, russian foreign minister said love rob slammed the idea as thievery. no more than that. what else? you could call it faster. they are not even hiding it any more. this has become
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a habitual act for the west. for example, the u. s. throws money belonging to the us can central bank and they want to use that money not to help the people of afghanistan who suffered from the 20 occupation of nato troops in the country, but instead use it on their own personal goals which are not related to the restoration of afghanistan's economy, but joseph burrell is famous not just for the statement, not only for his ideas when it comes to confiscating other people's things. recently, he also said that the ukrainian crisis must be resolved only by military means. he shouldn't forget his post as the chief different. most of you are not as a military commander, maybe soon, the position of the chief diplomat of the will no longer exists because the you is practically no foreign policy of its own. it is in full solidarity with whatever approach the united states imposes. european gas prices have been surging on fears of coming just russians to the supply from russia. ukraine gas transit operator has announced that on wednesday it will stop sending one 3rd of
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the russian gas that has regularly travelled through the country into europe. that is, as europe scrambles to cut energy ties with russia of ukrainian operator has said that gas will no longer be accepted through distribution stations in regards to saving the conflicts there, it has offered to transfer all of the volumes to another checkpoint in the russian border. town of sir john instead now russian export gas problem has said that that scenario just would be impossible. gas problem has not received any confirmation of the circumstances of the force mature clause. we do not see any obstacles for continuing to work in the previous mode. transit has been provided in full, there have been no complaints from the counter parties. the transfer of volumes to suit based on the russian flow scheme is technologically impossible. it gasoline and food prices will hit record time all time highs. excuse me, in the us, joe biden. has once again shifted the blame on russian in an apparent effort to
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deflect personal responsibility. we saw in march that 60 percent of inflation that month was due to price increases at the pump for gasoline. foods war has raised food prices as well. but as the price surges have been happening at least since january 2021 a year before the russian military campaign in ukraine, amid rising cost for crude oil now around $100.00 per barrel. that's partially due to some u. s. refineries having closed during the pandemic with other ones are currently operating on nearly full capacity. the situation was exacerbated when the us band imports of russian supplies of commodity. well, joe biden, in his speech, claimed that he understands regular americans. his recent actions against russian energy have only pushed prices for their upward. rachel blevins explained president by then is now saying that tackling storing inflation is going to be his top
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priority. moving forward after it has already been up 40 year highs for 5 straight months. during a speech at the white house on tuesday, he said he understands why the american people are so frustrated. right now. i understand when it feels like i come from a family where, when the, when the price of gas for food went up, we felt it was a discussion of the kitchen table. i went, i want every america to know that i'm taking inflation very seriously and it's my top for domestic priority. inflation has already been on the rise over the last year, hitting 5 percent last june and 7 percent in december. the u. s. federal reserve flooded the market with money and response to historic lockdown during the pandemic . now a bite and says that he is concerned about inflation. he has also implemented sanctions rather against russia, claiming that he knows that they will impact supply chain shortages and that could
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lead to a global food crisis as a result on top of that bite and also continues to fuel both inflation and the conflict. as he calls on congress to approve an additional $33000000000.00 and funding for ukraine. and so he's on the executive orders. nobody else. if you look at those signatures for his, so it's his responsibility. and he thinks that the american people are dumb enough to believe whatever he's feeling them. why aren't you taking care of the people in your own country instead of people in another country, a world apart. i don't get that like i live here and you know, help me. i don't have too much faith in the car and ministration and i'm losing faith in our government at various. it just becomes too political. we have homeless people on the streets here. so why not help us 1st? absolutely. everyone is struggling with it. especially people my age, the working class. you know, it's impossible to move up and it's really easy to go down. for more on this we can
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cross live to radio host and political commentator, steve gill. steve, thanks for being with us here in our international if we get right down to an american president joe biden says bruton is to blame for surging prices in the us. but is that actually fair? i mean, what do you see is behind the current inflation crisis? you know, decades ago we had a president who had a sign on his desk. the buck stops here. now we have a president environment biden, that apparently says the buck is everywhere, but me, you know, he's blaming for gas prices, even though gas prices started going up a year before there was any conflict in ukraine and those gas increases were because we were shutting off our supply, we were shutting off our energy independence and people are seeing the price is all over town at the gas pumps just this week. gas prices are united state despite another $0.50 a gallon, and that has nothing to do with the war and ukraine. it has everything to do with law of supply and demand. we cut off our supply as demand continues to increase,
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and by trying to blame, everybody bought himself for his own energy policies. so if you look further into the conflict and ukraine biden has signed a lend lease act to provide tens of billions of dollars of military and other types of a to ukraine. wouldn't it be more effective to keep that money in the u. s. instead of getting involved in the conflict abroad, i mean, what's the general view there stateside? you know, i think you said earlier, during, during the segments it, they're going to freeze russian assets. try to take those to quote, rebuild ukraine. i have bad news for the american taxpayers, not only are we sending tens of billions and dollars to, to fuel this war and to and to push it further ahead. when the bill comes due, i guarantee you the american taxpayer is going to be sent to bill for billions and billions of dollars to rebuild ukraine while our cities are in disrepair. while our cities have violence and crime on the rise. and while working families can't afford to put food on the table or gasoline in their cars,
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he's focused on everybody in the world except the united states and the people of this country. and even the border is about to be flooded with, with hundreds of thousands and millions of illegal immigrants coming into this country. taking american jobs, putting themselves on the pay rolls of, of businesses putting themselves on the back of taxpayers when it comes to health care. and everything else, and joe biden is completely ignoring that issue, while he's dealing tens of billions of dollars to you crime. one thing that we should point out is that inflation is global. currently it's, it's hitting records all over the globe. but if we gave you the power, what should the u. s. government do at this point to curb inflation. but 1st of all, inflation globally is in large part to the, to the problems that despite administration has caused supply chain and, and again, dealing with the oil and energy crisis. if i was in charge of buying, just called me, i would tell him, go back to the trunk policies on energy independence that will create the flow of oil, the flow of gasoline. and that's also fueling the increase in the price of food.
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all that, that food product, whether it's stakes or meat, or grades or anything else, they have to get to grocery stores in diesel trucks. they're transporting to processing facilities. they're transported to grocery stores, all of that requires oil and gasoline and diesel fuel. and then you also have oil and petroleum products that are used in fertilizer that when you see that product go down, you see yields go down. so it all ties back in, i think, to the energy crisis. and if we would just go back to what president trump was doing with making america energy independent, creating wealth in this country, we see a lot of progress in the right direction. turning to sanctions. now, do you think that the sanctions against russia have proven to be effective against moscow in any way? i think they proven to be extraordinarily effective in putting more dollars into the russian economy. while we have limited our sale of oil and fuel and gasoline around the world, russia has made billions of dollars. thanks to the sanctions and the fact that
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they're selling still selling to india, they're selling to china and it's a global market. it's not just you can, you can identify a russian barrel of oil or a saudi barrel of oil or an american barrel of oil. it's all in demand all over the world. and when you cut off the supply in the u. s, you're going to see prices go up, and those prices that actually helped pay for the war and ukraine are helping fuel the economy in russia, while american consumers are paying the price. right, gil, which had more time at radio host and political commentator, thanks for being with us here on our international. thanks guys. on tuesday, the baltic state of las, when he had decided to reprimand moscow by declaring russia a terrorist estate and describing the military campaign in ukraine as genocide. meanwhile, in neighboring latvia, officials have been having trouble coming to terms with the fact that people still honor the soviet soldiers who liberated that republic from not the forces in world war 2, made commemorations of the allied victory in europe. this week,
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authorities in riga have used a tractor to remove an abundance of flowers, placed by thousands of residents that live in capitals, monuments to the liberators. nevertheless, residence then returned with more flowers and candles using them to decorate the square in front of the monument. police officers said that they saw saint george ribbons which are now banned in the country and arrested a number of people during the event. one man in civilian clothes was filmed fitting flour at monmouth police, then saved him from the wrath of the crowd. the later on tuesday, authorities close off the perimeter of the monument, but people still gathered round it, signing or singing. a renowned victory de song washington
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has apparently revised its position on taiwan political status. as the us state department has edited its website to remove a part about not recognizing the islands independence from china ortiz kellum up and comments. taiwan is china's sensitive spot. when it comes to foreign policy, and you can be sure to get a prompt and strongly worded response when you mention it, move on. the west, his latest modification of the fact sheet is a trick to obscure and right off the one. china principal. history cannot be written in that fact cannot be denied and right and wrong should not be distorted. guy made. so what exactly did washington do? well, they edited their website and they removed the part about not recognizing the island as being independent of china. here's what it used to say. united states recognized
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the government of the people's republic of china as the sole legal government of china, acknowledging the chinese position that there is but one china and taiwan as part of china. the united states does not support taiwan independence. and here is what it says. now obviously, washington plans to expand their engagement. their taiwan is a key us partner in the endo pacific the united states in taiwan, share similar values, deep commercial and economic links, and strong people to people, ties which form the bedrock of our friendship and serve as the impetus for expanding us engagement with taiwan. china seas this as a straight up provocation from the united states. they're hinting at a rather strong response to on that such political manipulation of the tie. one question and the attempt to change the status quo across the taiwan strait will hurt the us itself. in this, that seems pretty well timed with the us lead summit taking place in washington later this week. the block of 10 south eastern nations. that surprisingly does not
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include china, is expected to discuss ways to counter beijing's influence in the region. in turn, the u. s. will continue to promote its endo pacific strategy released just 3 months ago, just to show how much chinese people are affected by these plans. a poll recently conducted showed that 89 percent of chinese people view the indo pacific strategy as their regions version of nato. and they see it as a danger with u. s. media and politicians beating the drum against china. american public opinion has been impacted as well. a gallup poll, taken back in february, showed that 79 percent of us adults have a negative opinion of the country. also in april, a pew survey ran to china's unpopularity at 82 percent, but so much tension currently going on in the world. the by did ministration, seems just not have caused enough rockets. they now want to intensify the conflict
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with the country. that is the largest on earth in terms of population and a major global economic player. it's not clear where the american people really benefit from this strategy of intensifying conflict across the planet. caleb martin, r t. new york, sri lanka has declared a nationwide curfew as protesters push for change of government. a people have been killed and more than 200 injured in demonstrations this week alone as authorities have been ordered to shoot curfew violators. the south asian country has been struggling with its worst economic crisis since it threw off the shackles of british rule in 1948, and the country as been led by the roger family with one brother as president and the other as prime minister. the latter recently resigned amid the protest, but demonstrators have in violating the few and mast to demand the president. also
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step down homes, purportedly belonging to the ruling family, have been burned down amid the unrest. she like us foreign reserves, have fallen to record lows as well and the government has been unable to afford importance of food and medicine as well as fuel leading to lengthy power cuts and looming humanitarian crisis. protestors have accused the raja pucks, a family of perpetuating entrenched corruption in the country called up prime minister resigning was a big nice thing that people are really happy about it. but that is not the only thing. i mean, we want the war bucks a plan out because yes so, so they have be, need to feel like the system of government is actually very close to a very old fuel system. so in whatever happens, it favors those who have power. those who are in power and no swaying forces. so
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then people as expectations on not at this property, especially in the last 23 years or from one of this we can cross live to dr. jack rasmussen at economics and politics professor at st. mary's college in california. jack, you can help us break this down. she want goes. economic crisis is said to be it's worst since it gained independence from britain in $948.00. what has actually caused all this? well, you know, to use a metaphor, sri lanka is the canary in the global economy. coal mine, the global economy, is slowing in many places at china in lot of countries slowing down. and at the same time, inflation is rising as and as one of your earlier guest said, you know, it's mostly oil and commodities inflation. i 2 thirds of that united states and the inflation is oil and commodities related. well, why is oil commodities?
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price is rising. so, so high, well, you can trace that back to the war in ukraine and related sanctions. both of those are ultimately responsible for the sharp escalation and oil and gas and commodity prices. and when you got a country like sri lanka, that was already barely making it in all the sudden you hit with extra across the import some food and fuel and they can't pay for it. they can't buy it. the currency collapses, and that's exactly what happened. the currency collapsed in march after the war began, which raises another reason why you got currency crises emerging all around the world. currencies are falling in value as the dollar rises. well, that's because of the federal reserve is raising interest rates in driving up. but you know, the value of a safe haven you as treasuries and investors around the world are trying to buy dollars driving the dollar up to buy treasuries. and when you drive the dollar up,
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because it's the global currency, other currencies, all things a quote decline. so that is causing great problems around the world as well. and sure, you, aka, is a harbinger of what's going to happen and, and not too distant future to other, other economies and countries in my gonna in egypt and so forth, where their currencies are causing due to you as geo political policies. and also a u. s. a central bank monetary policies together. it's a double whammy that's hitting these emerging markets and causing currency in stability as inflation continues to rise. so if we take this carrying the call me an idea a little bit further, protestors have actually blamed sherlock as leadership for the economic hardship. has the government failed to properly handle the crisis, or is there anything that can be done if this is the beginning of what's to come?
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oh wow. though the miss corrupt it's been corrupt for some time, but they have no foreign currency. you say, if you have no currency, if you have no dollars, you can't buy the needed in ports to keep the country going. and they've had no solution for it. they've appealed to the i, m f with the i'm f as in going to do anything while there's no government to negotiate with, you know, the like most likely scenario is that with the approval of the west, you know, some military figure will take over. right, dr. jack rasmussen, economics and politics professor there in california. say hi, the west coast for me and thanks for being with us here on our team. my pleasure. my the does free this hour. i'll be back in, let's say 29 minutes. another full and fresh look snoo stay with us much international lou.


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