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a a, there were no proposed solutions on dealing with what would be equal to an atomic bombing upon greece economy in the event of a possible embargo on russian oil and i was hungry panic. so the proposed embargo on russian oil, europe, braces for the loss of one 3rd of gas transit. good freight of the key at freeze is a key supply. russian foreign minister say the west, the onslaught of criticism against moscow will only dine down when the military operation ukraine comes to a successful with a special kind of which focuses on the untold stories that apply to be training refugees to russia and how they ignore the 10th. the demonized moscow
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as we discussed $25.00 in santa for another $40000000000.00 in the us military support zekia with kind of ukraine is only a proxy to a larger issue for the united states in terms of unipolar world, border leadership. as long as the military contractors can sell mega billions and billions of dollars, they're more than happy to keep a war. anyone with a very well welcome based on the international with the latest world news, it's good to happy with us how hungary say that be pushed by brussels for a complete embargo on russian oil imports would annihilate the e u. countries economy. you want to look, you've on ok. there are no proposed solutions on dealing with what would be equal to an atomic bombing upon greece. economy in the event of a possible embargo on russian oil imports,
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hungary resistance to the proposed to you ban on russian oil imports. has stalled the move if the union cannot proceed without a unanimous decision from other members, including greece are also raising their concerns with brussels, trying to woo them with promises of economic subsidies. we discussed the client's id with austria form a foreign minister. karen, can i so there are several voices claiming that an oil embargo can be impulse. a 2nd post all embargo during, by the end of this week because you asked about the other countries here. they refuse their warning. voices are hungary slop achia check republic and also by gary and greece to a certain extent are what might most probably happen is that they will receive exemptions phasing out clauses. there were some carrot and stick
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treatment, but so far to hunger and position has been a very plant long. hungary is definitely the key country in order to reach a consensus for, for such an oil embargo. so we are far from a consensus, but it looks like there could be a handling on different layers. fuel prices have already searched in europe with a gas rising to $1100.00 per 1000 cubic meters. as of the ukraine's gas transit operator announced it will stop sending one 3rd of the russian gas that travels through the country and into europe. the ukrainian operator has said a gas will no longer be accepted to distribution stations and le ganske, fighting technological and operational meddling. they caused unforeseeable circumstances preventing contract obligations from being fulfilled. ukraine has offered to transfer all the volumes to another check point,
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and the russian boarded town of the jar instead. but gas from say that option is off the table. gas prom has not received any confirmation of the circumstances of the force major clause. we do not see any obstacles for continuing to work in the previous mode. transit has been provided in full. there have been no complaints from the counter parties. the transfer of volumes to suture based on the russian flow scheme is technologically impossible. meanwhile, gemini talked diplomat, angelina bad thought has been met with a wave of criticism from some of her colleagues after she said her country intends to completely stop pits in ports of fossil fuels, from russia. ah, me, i, we have understood more than clearly that economic dependence does not bring security. if the aggressor simply does not care about the well being of its people . that is why we are decisively reducing our dependence on russian energy to 0 and doing so forever. i also believe now is the time to take a closer look at who is affected the most. there is global demand for coal,
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oil and gas. energy is the achilles heel of any economy. we are talking about the fact that we are stopping production that we are losing work places for the austrian foreign minister, carrying kenneth hill again. say that german people and work as unlike politicians, a seriously worried about the consequences of the ban of russian resorts is that might be hard to tackle. when you asked people at the central bank wound his bank damn much more prudent and alert. they would say a tool to get them, for instance, would lead 1st afford to a tremendous loss and definite loss of industrial branches such as the chemical industry. and it would lead to a tremendous lay off workforce plus every session that goes far beyond the estimates that come from the economic world. so as far as i may
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judge, that very the word and more says right now in berlin, thou, those who will claim that is manageable, we can do that. and there are the us, such as those of the central banker, those from the huge industrial management like a b s, f chemical industry. who would say no way this this we cannot handle, this will lead to very dark times. germany has reportedly failed to reach an agreement with kathy on alternative energy supplies. after berlin turned to the gulf, states made efforts to cut dependence on imports from russia consult, allegedly wants to secure a contract for at least 20 years. with guarantees that his gas supplies will not be re route said to i think you are paying countries. however, germany is reportedly refusing to commit itself to such a long term deal without permission to redistribute the imports from cats. up.
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security analyst gal lift says it could take many months for the 2 countries to agree on the terms. many european and asian countries need to cut our ellen g, but cut our has its own conditions. and all of this is happening in an atmosphere of uncertainty, and frankly, very competition because germany is not the only country. there are other potential clients that are eager to buy these natural gas. so i think that it will take time to resolve. it is not clear at all that the 2 sides will be able to agree, and if they do, it will take a month before we can see resolution. as less in countries scramble to find or have energy supply as the u. s. government has reportedly failed to persuade brazil's largest state run oil company to increase its crude output. washington say this now
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busy trying to resolve the economic standoff. we are doing everything possible with our allies and partners to mitigate the economic impacts of russian actions on other economies like brazil. we are working with energy companies to serge, their capacity to supply energy to the market, particularly as prices increase. those sanctions are definitely a double edge sword when it comes to oil, even if all these countries that sanction russia will stop by or from russia. russia will be able to sell this oil to other clients when it comes to gas. natural gas, the situation is much more difficult and so much more inflexible market. it depends on infrastructure, not every country can receive l, n, g. so it's a much more difficult market also requires long term commitments. sooner or later,
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all these countries realize that it's much easier to talk about sanctioning russia . the energy is much more difficult to implemented later in the program, we report on some british locals who are for kendall open fires inside their homes in order to keep warm and drastic search of gas prices. while meanwhile, russia has underlined that it's the military operation in ukraine is going to plan the defense ministry asset that 15 ukrainian command points were destroyed overnight in the south on south east of the country, along with 17 munition death post to some of a total of $500.00 military targets destroyed. while western nations denounced the operation in ukraine as an unprovoked attack, russian foreign minister said a laugh. ralph has accused the west of making
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a concerted effort to undermine the principles of sovereign states and the joint press conference with the ammonia. foreign minister lateral, not that that he hopes the successful resolution of the operation will help alleviate such western attacks with the games that we expect that the completion of our military operation and the achievements of all the goals set within its framework will help stop the attack of the west to undermine international law, ignore and grossly violate the principles of the un charter, including the principle of the suffering. equality of states will force the west to stop promoting the so called unipolar world under the dominance of the united states and its allies. the era of colonialism is the things that everyone should accept on the prospects of a war in europe. we do not want that to you, but i would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is the west that repeatedly insist that russia must be defeated in this situation. you can surely draw your own conclusions, the sanctity of private property, the presumption of innocence,
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everything that western civilization is boasted all these years as the fundamental principles of its state formations. all of this has been derailed and grossly violated. so we have already drawn our own conclusion, i guess we will depend on ourselves and our reliable partners, the vast majority of whom are outside the so called elite of the western world, which was a lot more than 6000000 people have left ukraine since the start of the war with around 8000000 displaced according to un data. experts said the crisis has already become one of the biggest in europe history and will affect almost all of the continent. and it's the ukraine conflict. thousands of people have thought refuge in neighboring russia, or t has launched a special project to cover some of the stories. here's a quick teaser of the 1st episode. some did manage to escape key of control tara treason, the flea to russia like alone a him, me down until 2nd sleep, the when the conflict begin on february 24th, we did not leave until the last moment since they did not let us out. we arrived at
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the russian refugee center ourselves, volunteers, medicine the border and offered us water and food. and while there's no place like home alone, i can definitely see her future in the small russian port city. she's in right now, was thought i would like to return to see the city restored. i would return to normal life, but maybe here and talking to rogue. okay, have has been accused of trying to intimidate people into believing it would be dangerous to evacuate to russia in a narrative echoed by mainstream west and media, but many ukrainian people, but he fled to russia. say that pleased with that, resettlement, that he's part of the 2nd episode of our special coverage of the refugee crisis. throughout the past 8 years, keith made an example out of the de next and logan's credence every civilian can and will be at target ah
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. e, she left ranika neatly. my miss can see me get to nickname. i did miss cooley reached out to accept you when they call they would even lower on one of the latest tragedies came just short of 2 months ago when a ukrainian ballistic missile hit the city of dynette, dozens of people, key of considers its own citizens perished, mm ah ah, i
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many like this, a family from the frontline town, a resume which is now under the russian control. drew very explicit conclusions out of all this. now we are not afraid to leave for another country. we are afraid to stay here. we are afraid that they will start selling here. we have small children, we are afraid for the safety of our children. we want some kind of stability tibbs propaganda machine is spinning in overdrive spearing out one fake after another. some as preposterous and outrageous as claiming the russians booby trapped dead bodies. all this misinformation eventually misfired and seated even more mistrust. he did him, he, we do not believe what ukrainian television says. we know that we used to live together, russia and ukraine. in addition, many of our families are mixed both russian and ukrainian. i do not think russia should be feared. i am soviet in my identity. the children are also brought up that there is nothing to fear in the russian people. for us,
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february 23rd is still defender of the fatherland day and may, 9th is still victory day. we still celebrate, just like we used to in their pursuit to paint russians grotesquely, evil ukraine's in for what battalions tried so hard. they went completely overboard . yet i have never been to russia, but i have friends and relatives there. i'm not afraid you go there. i scare here. ah. woocommerce the 3rd part of our special coverage on ukrainian refugees tomorrow. and the latest installment we speak to mario po residents who witnessed what they see as the inhuman attitude of ukrainian trips towards locals. stay with us with that. ah, the u. s. president has expressed concern about russia's strategy in ukraine. claim in moscow does not to have a way out of its military campaign. in the meantime,
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he has promised care though the $40000000000.00 worth of weapons and support. some americans are asking why the money is not being spent at hope. hey joe biden. word on the street is, is that you from us vladimir zalinski, another $130000000.00 at the g 7 meeting yesterday? yeah. where are we going to get that? are you going to keep printing money? that printing machine must be running out of ink. and by the way, have you taken a look at flint, michigan, or detroit or seattle or portland. 7 they look like 3rd world countries. now they're nearly signed ukraine. democracy, defense lendlease act up date, say, 1941 law which the us used to help allies during world war 2. it allows america to expedite military equipment and other supplies to ukraine and with more heavy weaponry on the way some us officials are suggesting the only way out of the conflict is if kiev wins putin now seems to want to transform his genocidal
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war into a frozen conflict in ukraine. we cannot allow this to happen. don't lose focus. total ukrainian victory is the goal. of the pentagon press secretary don kirby, and his latest entity with fox news claimed that there was a flow of lethal weapons from the u. s. ukraine before the conflict even started the by the administration was flowing in weapons. well before the invasion, the 1st $1000000000.00 that, that the president committed to ukraine did include lethal assistance. and that was before, but before prudence i decided to move in. and here we discussed the issue with a panel of guests. ukraine is only a proxy to a larger issue for the united states in terms of its unipolar world order leadership. it sees it dwindling it and it's also trying to keep a cohesive effort with nato and but the
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e u countries. and that's beginning to crumble as a result of this. as far as i'm concerned, if the united states wasn't pushing all of this and pushing russia to the hilt, nato, the nato countries never would have found themselves in this position. they never would have wanted to have a war. us couldn't succeed in afghanistan or iraq. the idea of them succeeding against russian is slim to non existent. however, as long as the military contractors can sell mega weapons, billions and billions of dollars, they are more than happy to keep a war. and it's a system that exists on war and on war profits. so i think it's a very dangerous. what are they planning? how are they going to use ukraine? it's simply a coin to keep a war going, as long as they can,
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if russia continues to push forward with its current campaign, and the end result will be the destruction of the vast majority of ukraine's existing regular army. russia has the advantage, russia is waging this campaign on its terms. russia has control the skies over the battle field. if russia wants to turn this into a stalemate, let's say, after seizing or recapturing or gaining control of guns going yet in the southern tier, russia halts in the west continues to provide billions of dollars of advanced weaponry to ukraine and gives ukraine enough time to assimilate this material and train their troops. then we're talking a different kind of war. and while i'm not saying that ukraine would emerge victorious, this would be a long dragged out flight. we've actually created a self fulfilling prophecy in pushing russia closer to, to china as
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a consequence. and this is the last thing the united states ever wanted. but yet we created it for ourselves. we create our own problems we, we should ourselves and the not the foot, but in the head. this could stop tomorrow. if there was any slow down on the part of by, there's not, it is intended, the break all relations between the european union and russia, their main source of gas and fuel and grain to the world. this is we'll create famine throughout africa and the u. s. knows it very well, and they're determined to go ahead anyway. so for him to say he doesn't know what it would take for putting it out. we got to say it's biden. who knows how to and this tomorrow. ah, experts have one that the inflation rate in the u. k. has reached an uncomfortably high level of exceeding all 4 costs, but the number, the expected it reported the expected keep rising for years now. we touched the
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streets of london to gauge reaction from locals. and the cost of living in london has always been ridiculous. inflation and property prices has been well above what the status of the all measure of inflation has been. it's an absolute crime. it's an economic crime that has been allowed to happen. and the reason it's been allowed to happen because the people in charge or a highly capitalized and so have benefited from it and are effectively becoming enslaved to the see can on existence. inflation went up the route. so i think it's horrible. i say, unless you have a family that's able to help you, young people purchase a property. it's a serious issue and i think the marginal cost you have x a male each week. if you're a certain wage and thereafter you have no extra the next. and your heating bills, dollar bills, the into the do you do not have an extra to for battle except to, to moment the government trauma do something about it. or with disruption to gas
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supplies from russia are expected to lead to a further growth in prices. millions of people in the u. k. may be unable to pay their energy bills in the coming months. eighty's sheila davinsky reports rising energy prices have been a concern for months, but now the reality is really hitting home u. k. households have already seen an increase of more than 50 percent bringing annual bills to around 2000 pounds. now there are warnings that this could shoot up to $3000.00 pounds a year by october. the head of one energy firm fee is millions of households will struggle to pay their bills this winter. it will hit incredibly hard and immediately i think we will see a huge increase in pre payment customers, in effect, self disconnecting, not reloading their pre payment meter because they can't afford to do it. although the u. k has a relatively small dependency on russia for gas and oil energy firms are
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susceptible to huge price hikes if they buy on the wholesale market. now, sanctions against russia, as a result of the warring crane, have pushed markets hot as country scramble to shore up their supplies. some u. k. households are apparently taking drastic measures to try and reduce their bills, firefighters to issue a warning for people to stop burning. open fires in doors that came off to man was rushed to hospital for doing just that he was said to have been trying to avoid using his gas central heating. we know this is a difficult time and people are thinking about ways to reduce their energy bills, but we're really concerned that they may be putting lives at risk by doing so. the fire brigade has said that this wasn't even a loan incident. they have apparently been more than
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a 100 similar cases in the past few months. now other stories about what people have been doing to stay warm have also emerged. the british prime minister was recently confronted about one of those. this was about a pensioner who rides the bus all day, apparently, to avoid heating her own home for a stroll. some sparked ango when he boasted that it was, in fact he who had given pensioners a free bus pass kind of missing the point. and rising costs is said to be impacting people's ability to even put food on the table. more than 2000000 adults in the u. k. say they've skipped meals due to a lack of finances. the extremely rapid rise in food insecurity since january points to a catastrophic situation for families. food insecurity puts families under extreme mental stress and forces people to survive on the cheapest calories, which lead to health problems. here in the you to there are fears over rising
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energy bills as european leaders try to agree on a new batch of sanctions. to halt all oil imports from russia, there is still resistance from some members hungry leader has described this option as akin to dropping a nuclear bomb on his country's economy. all of this could come to a head sooner rather than later. the deadline for e u countries to pay for russian gas in roubles is looming. the block has said it will refuse to do that. meaning it now faces supplies being cut off by moscow. moscow has recommended russians in sri lanka, stay in hotels amid continuing violence on the island strength so long to declare the nation wide curfew 3 days ago with protest is pushing for a change of government. in the past week, a people have been killed more than 200 injured in demonstrations with authorities yesterday, or did to shoot curfew violators. the south asian country has been struggling with
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this was economic crisis since colonial rule ended in 1948 o. country has been led by b roger, pox of family for close to 15 years with one brother as president and another as prime minister. the latter recently resigned amid the protests, but demonstrators have been violated because you on mass to demand the president also step down homes. the fortunately belonging to the ruling family have been raised amid the unrest. shoreline, because foreign reserve has fallen through record lows and the government has been unable to afford important food and medicine as well as fuel leading to lengthy power cuts and then newman, human terry and crisis protest is have a keys, the roger pack, the family of perpetrating entrenched cobra option in a country and called for a new government to take control of prime minister resigning leg was
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a big big this being a hacker be believe really happy about it, but that he's not deal only being. i mean, we want to hold your bucks a plan now because yes, so, so good up. they have been meaning to sri lanka, like a cabinet below eating into some fruit daughter leaf. that the system of governance . he's actually very close to a very old fuel system, so it in whatever happens, it favors those who have paula, those who i in paula and a dose wind forces. so in people's expectations on not at this property, especially the in the last 23 years economics professor jack rasmus says corruption is not the main reason sri lanka is in a financial clock now but they have no foreign currency. you say, if you have no currency, if you have no dollars, you can't buy the needed the imports to keep the country going. you know,
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it's the 1st case worse scenario because it was one of the weakest economies before all this began to happen, covered a course, it made it difficult to earn foreign currency because trade had collapsed. and then on top of that, you get the war in sanctions. all these currencies are, are beginning to decline because the dollars, the global trading currency. you say it's the dollar system that's responsible for this. and if the u. s. takes the domestic policy to raise interest rates that drives up the value of the dollar. and because the dollars, the global currency, if the dollar goes up, the other currencies go down as the reciprocal relationship all things equal. and that's exactly what's happening now. as inflation occurs in the us, mostly because the sanctions mostly because of the war, mostly because of the u. s. oil companies do not want to pump more oil. they're
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hiding behind the sanctions in order not to pump more oil. you raise interest rates, the dollar goes up. other currencies collapsed in a slowing global economy. and then you've got sri lanka, you got egypt, you got gonna, all this is connected related. you see and it comes back to u. s. policy us is exporting recessions. thanks for joining us here in asi international will be back at the top of the hour with the very latest season. ah, the group of 7 has vowed not to let who when his war against ukraine announced new restrictive measures. but what about the officially enforced narrative claiming ukraine is winning? the wes attempt to weaken russia have failed. in fact, the west is weakening itself.
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with a city we're finished. okay, with a group called the moms in the deal with great already. a lot of don't bother with .


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