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ah ah, gas prices skyrocket in europe after ukraine suspends the key transit supply. ruth, while hungry panic, said that proposed e u. m fargo on russian oil. we want to look around. okay. there are no proposed solutions on dealing with what will be equal to an atomic bombing upon greece economy in the event of a possible embargo on russian oil. and while british authorities raise the alarm off to more than a 100 incidents of open fires and local homes, as residents turn off the gap and resort to fire woods to save money. we discussed a biden's plan to prolong the war in ukraine by giving here $40000000000.00 more dollars in support. but a panel of experts, ukraine is only a proxy to a larger issue for the united states,
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as long as the military contractors can sell lego, what billions and billions of dollars they are more than happy to keep award and walk away. i thought a special coverage focus is on the untold story of ukrainian refugees, many of whom have played to russia despite objections from kia, with a will welcome based on the international with the world news update. it's good to happy with not gas prices in europe have surge to $1100.00 per 1000 cubic meters. as off the ukraine's transit operator announced it will stop sending one 3rd. if the russian gas that travels through the country and into europe. the ukrainian operate to say the gas will no longer be accepted through 2 distribution stations, fighting technological and operational meddling. i caused unforeseeable circumstance
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is preventing contract obligations from being fulfilled the pipelines in question i used to trans. at gast, hungary, austria, germany and slovakia with the economies of those countries now expected to bear the brunt of ukraine suspension of transit rushes gowns from se this seas valid reasoning behind keeps move. as all of most goes, operations remain in order from nipple which gas problem has not received any confirmation of the circumstance to the force measure close. we do not see any obstacles to continue to work in the previous month. in transit has been provided in full. there would be no complaints through the county hospital. we need to transfer the volumes to substance based on the russian flow scheme, optical. technologically. meanwhile, germany's talk diplomat, alina bay, a book, has been met with a wave of criticism from some of her national colleagues. i thought i saw to, she said, but it intensely, completely stop. it's important. but if you supplies from russia, may i have understood more than clearly that economic dependence does not bring
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security. if the aggressor simply does not care about the well being of its people, and that is why we are decisively reducing our dependence on russian energy to 0 and doing so forever. i also believe now is the time to take a closer look at who is affected the most. there is global demand for coal, oil and gas. energy is the achilles heel of any economy. we are talking about the fact that we are stopping production that we are losing workplaces. germany has reportedly failed to reach an agreement with katha on alternative energy supplies. that's off the bill and turn to the golf state. i made efforts to cut dependence on imports from russia council allegedly was to secure contracts for at least 20 years with guarantees the discount supplies will not be re routed to the european countries. however, germany is reportedly refusing to commit itself to such a long term deal without permission to redistribute to the importance from german political commentator. i go home, i say the sanctions don't seem to be holding russia,
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but are instead crushing european economies respect to the to mrs. bad bach, she and the rest of her ministry has no, no clue on economy adult. so what she is doing is she is talking things that somebody told her to talk about or to, to say, but this doesn't make anything for the german economy. it's a catastrophe. it is a catastrophe because without energy, the economy breaks apart. we have already the highest energy costs in the world. we already have the highest taxation and other give away costs in the world. so the, what we have to pay to the government is already the highest in the world. this makes it altogether a disadvantage against all the economies in the world. this is tremendous that you has no plan. and this is like those things the you does. it is without thought
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through it is not working and it is a big disaster in the sense of the people. but if you consider that the, you're the head of the commission law on the line is a great supporter of the great reset program from close shop. and it's only got club then it doesn't make very much sense. and then she succeeds in her plan to crush the german, all the european economy. and you remember hungry says it cannot agree to it a complete and go on russian oil impose because such me 5 brussels would annihilate the country's economy. you want to give out, okay, there are no proposed solutions on dealing with what would be equal to an atomic bombing of hungary economy. but in the event of a possible embargo on russian oil imports agrees with this is to the proposed e. u ban on russian oil imports has intensified off the hungary prime minister match with the e. u. leaders who according to hungary and officials have no idea on how to deal
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with the effects of the rising oil prices. hungary, hesitation has now still be due move as the union cannot proceed without the unanimous decision. some other members, including greece, are also faring for their economies. we discussed the crisis with austria as former foreign minister carrying can i? so there are several voices claiming that an oil embargo can be imposed assessment post alibaba jury by the end of this week because you asked about the other countries here. there are they refuse their warning? voices are hungary slop achia check republic and also by guerria increased to a certain extent. ah, what might most probably happen is that they will receive exemptions phasing out clauses. there were some carrot and stick treatment, but so far to hunger and position has been
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a very blunt one. hungary is definitely the key country in order to reach a consensus for for such an island. barbara. so we are far from a consensus, but it looks like there could be a handling on different layers with surging prices on all energy resources, amid delivery disruptions. millions of people in the u. k. may reportedly be unable to pay their energy bills in the coming months to reduce expenses on hating. some british locals are now starting open fires inside their own homes. as our teeth shall a deep eskew reports. rising energy prices have been a concern for months, but now the reality is really hating home u. k. households have already seen an increase of more than 50 percent bringing annual bills to around 2000 pounds. now there are warnings that this could shoot up
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to $3000.00 pounds a year by october. the head of one energy firm fee is millions of households will struggle to pay their bills this winter. it will hit incredibly hard and immediately i think we will see a huge increase in pre pay and customers in effect, self disconnecting, not reloading their pre payment meter because they can't afford to do it. although the u. k has a relatively small dependency on russia for gas and oil energy firms are susceptible to huge price hikes if they buy on the wholesale market. now, sanctions against russia, as a result of the warring crane, have pushed markets hot as countries scramble to sure up their supplies. some u. k. households are apparently taking drastic measures to try and reduce their bills, firefighters to issue a warning for people to stop burning. open fires in doors that came off to man was
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rushed to hospital for doing just that he was said to have been trying to avoid using his gas central heating. we know this is a difficult time and people are thinking about ways to reduce their energy bills, but we're really concerned that they may be putting lives at risk by doing so. the fire brigade has said that this wasn't even a loan incident. there have apparently been more than a 100 similar cases in the past few months. now other stories about what people have been doing to stay warm have also emerged. the british prime minister was recently confronted about one of those. this was about a pensioner who rides the bus all day, apparently, to avoid heating her own home. or, as johnson sparked ango when he boasted that it was, in fact, he who had given pensioners a free bus pass kind of missing the points. and rising costs are said to be impacting people's ability to even put food on the table. more than 2000000 adults
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in the u. k. say they've skipped meals due to a lack of finances. extremely rapid rise in food insecurity since january points to a catastrophic situation for families. food insecurity puts families under extreme mental stress and forces people to survive on the cheapest calories which lead to health problems. here in the u 2, there are fears over rising energy bills as european leaders try to agree on a new batch of sanctions. to halt all oil imports from russia, there is still resistance from some e u members hungry leader has described this option as akin to dropping a nuclear bomb on his country's economy. all of this could come to a head sooner rather than later. the deadline for e u countries to pay full russian gas in rubles, is looming. the block has said it will refuse to do that. meaning it now faces
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supplies being cut off by moscow. experts have warned that the inflation rate in the u. k. has reached an uncomfortably high level, after exceeding all forecasts with the numbers reported expected to keep rising. for years, we took to the streets of london to gauge reaction from locals. the cost of living in london has always been ridiculous. inflation and prophecy process has been well above all, the state awful measure of inflation has been. it's an absolute crime. it's an economic crime that has been allowed to happen. and the reasons been allowed to have missed because the people in charge or a highly capitalized and so have benefited from it and are effectively becoming enslaved to this economic system. inflation went up the roof. so i think it's horrible. i say, unless you have a family that's able to help you young people or purchase a property it's, it's a serious issue and i think the market will cross. you have x amount each week if
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you're a certain wage and thereafter view has no extra the next. and your heating bills, all the pills, the, into the do, you do not have an extra to for battle except to, to moment the government to do something about the u. s. president has expressed concern about russia's strategy in ukraine, claiming moscow does not have a way out of its military campaign. in the mean time, he has promised care that the $40000000000.00 worth of weapons and support from americans are asking why the money is not being spent at home. hey, joe biden, word on the street is, is that you promised vladimir zalinski another $130000000.00 at the g 7 meeting yesterday? yeah. where are we gonna get that? are you gonna keep printing money? that printing machine must be running out of ink. and by the way, have you taken a look at flint, michigan, or detroit or seattle or portland. 7 they looked like 3rd world countries. now
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the newly signed ukraine democracy defense lend lease act up date. the 1941 law which the us used to help allies during world war 2. it allows america to expedite military equipment and other supplies to ukraine and with more heavy weaponry on the way some us officials are suggesting. the only way out of the conflict is if key of winds poochie now seems to want to transform his genocidal war into a frozen conflict in ukraine. he cannot allow this to happen. don't lose focus. total ukrainian victory is the goal. me more pentagon press secretary, john kirby and his latest and to be with fox news claimed that there was a flow of lethal weapons from the u. s. to ukraine before the conflicts even started by the ministration was flowing in weapons. well, before the invasion, that the 1st $1000000000.00 that, that the president committed to ukraine did include legal assistance and that was before before decided to move in. earlier we discussed the issue with
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a panel of guests. ukraine is only a proxy to, to a larger issue for the united states in terms of its unipolar world order leadership. it sees it dwindling itself, and it's trying to keep a cohesive effort with nato and, but the e u countries. and that's beginning to crumble as a result of this. as far as i'm concerned, if the united states wasn't pushing all of this and pushing russia to the guilt, nato, the nato countries never would have found themselves in disposition. they never would have wanted to have a war to see us couldn't succeed in afghanistan and work in iraq. the idea of them succeeding against russia is, is slim to non existent. however, as long as the military contractors can sell mega weapons, billions and billions of dollars, they are more than happy to keep a war,
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any war going. system that exists on war and on war profit. if russia continues to push forward with its current campaign, and the result will be the destruction of the vast majority of ukraine's existing regular army rush wants to turn this into a stalemate. let's say after seizing or reach out, you're, you are getting control of guns gone yet. in the southern tier, russia holes in the west continues to provide billions of dollars over advanced weaponry to ukraine and gives ukraine enough time to assimilate this material and train their troops. you know, they were talking a different kind of war. we've actually created a self fulfilling prophecy and pushing russia closer to, to china as a consequence. and this is the last thing the united states ever wanted. but yet we
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created it for ourselves. we create our own problems. we, we should ourselves, in the, not the foot, but in the head. this could stop tomorrow. if there was any slow down on the part of by, there's not, it is intended, the break all relations between the european union and russia, their main source of gas and fuel and grain to the world. this is we'll create famine throughout africa and the u. s. knows it very well, and they're determined to go ahead anyway, so for him to stay, he doesn't know what it would take for putting it out. we got to say it's biden. who knows how to end this tomorrow. a village in russia, southwest spelled about wage and has been shelled by ukraine's military. according to the local governor, one person has been injured and some prophecy has been destroyed. no other damage has been reported on the emergency services are understood to be assisting those in
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the area. ah, the russian defense ministry has said that 15 ukrainian command points were destroyed overnight to the south and southeast of the country, along with 17 ammunition death hose to sum of a total of $500.00 military targets destroyed. with the nations denounced the operation in ukraine as an unprovoked attack or russian 4 minutes to say a laugh. what has accused the west of making a concerted effort to undermine the principles of sovereign states and a joint press conference with the money for a minister of added that he hopes the successful resolution of the operation will help alleviate such western attacks with the games that we expect that the completion of operation and the achievement of all the goals within its framework will help stop the attack of the west to undermine international law. ignore and grossly violate the principle of the un charter, including the principle of the sovereign equality of states,
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force the west to stop promoting the so called unipolar wilder under the dominance of the united states and its allies. the era colonialism is the things that property correct and everyone should accept goods on the prospects of a war in europe. but we do not want that at all 3, but i would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is the west that we're in a safe. no rush must be defeated in the new ation. you can surely grow your own conclusions from the sanctity of private property. the presumption of everything that western civilization boasted all these years fundamental principles of it's a formation. all of this is been derailed, and grocery violated this way. we have already drawn our own conclusion. i guess we will depend on ourselves and our reliable partners of the process, or outside so called elite when, well, there's a lot more than 6000000 people have left ukraine since the start of the war with around $8000000.00 displaced according to us data experts say the crisis has already become one of the biggest in europe's history,
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and it will affect almost all of the continents. and russia has taken a more than $1000000.00 of the refugees, despite the ukraine warning its citizens against going their audi has launched a special series to bring you some of the untold stories here. the teaser of the 1st episode. some did manage to the scape t of control turn trees and the fleet to rush up like a lorna here. my uncle, down until 2nd week, the when the conflict begin on february 24th, we did not leave until the last moment since they did not let us out. we arrived at the russian refugee center ourselves, volunteers medicine the border and offered us water and food. and while there's no place like home alone, i can definitely see a future in the small russian poured city. she is in right now or so i would like to return to see the city restored. i would return to normal life, but we were here and talking to rogue. keith has been accused of trying to intimidate people into believing it would be dangerous to evacuate to russia in a narrative echoed by mainstream western media. but some ukrainians hoop already
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fled to russia. they, they're pleased with their resettlement. that his part of the 2nd episode of our special coverage throughout the past 8 years, keith made an example out of the de next and logan's credence every civilian can and will be at target e, she nationally, he can meet illegally my napkin seems to nickname my when i did the school, did you catch except you, when? when a wooded cindy vidallo i'm one of the latest tragedies came just short of 2 months ago when a ukrainian ballistic missile hit the city of dynette. dozens of people, key of considers its own citizens perished. mm.
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with many like this of family from the frontline town, a resume which is now under the russian control. drew very explicit conclusions. out of all this, nana unafraid to leave for another country. we are afraid to stay here. we are afraid that we will start sharing. here we have small children. we are afraid for the savings. for children, we want some kind of stability caves propaganda. machine is spinning in overdrive spearing out. one fake after another. some as preposterous and outrageous as claiming the russians booby trapped dead bodies. all this misinformation eventually
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misfired and seated even more mistrust. he did, we do not believe what ukrainian television says. we know that we used to leave together russia and ukraine. in addition, when a false analyst mixed both russian and ukrainian, yes, i do not think russia should be feared. i'm sorry it and why advantage is that the children also brought all that there is nothing to fear in the russian people. russ, february 23rd is still defense of the fatherland day and may, 9th, is still the extra day. wish to celebrate, just like we used to in their pursuit to paint russians grotesquely. evil ukraine's in for war battalions tried so hard. they went completely overboard. yet i've never been to russia and, and relatively, i'm not afraid to go there. i got a scary here with
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a palestinian alj is there. a journalist has been shot dead during an israeli army rate on the west bank refugee camp of jen. and both israel and the palestinian authority have claimed each other for the death of sharina upper class, who was also a us citizen. a warning you may find the following image is disturbing. the 30 chose the moment soft, the veteran correspond, it was short apparently in the face. despite wearing a press best had produced, there was also shot in a stable condition. according to the palestinian health ministry. the body of the journalist has been taken to a local morgue and now just there, a statement claims the actually was assassinated, imposed in a blatant murder, violating international laws in norms. the israeli occupation forces assassinated in cold blood al jazeera correspondent in palestine, while conducting her journalistic duty, clearly wearing a press jacket that identifies her a journalist covering the israeli occupation forces storming of jeanine refugee camp in the west bank. as well as prime minister has claimed that it is quite
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likely that palestinian gunfire killed the reporter, proposing a joint investigation and autopsy with the palestinian authority, which has refused. the author, palestinians believed that the report was murdered by as well. according to the information we've gathered, it appears likely that arm palestinians who were indiscriminately firing at the time, were responsible for the unfortunate death of the journalist. we have offered the palestinians a joint pathological investigation into the sad death of journalists, serene ob walk law journalists, must be protected in conflict zones, and we all have a responsibility to get to the truth. let me ask, when does the criminal have the right to take part in the investigation against his victim? we reject and refuse the participation of any israelis in this kind of investigation . they have to be taken to the international court. we call on the i c. j to open an investigation into the killing of serene and other crimes committed against the palestinians. independent journalist and political commentator which had met her
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saith, it's unclear how the slain journalists could it be mistaken for a competence. we've all seen the videos there absolutely. her effect, her entire face was, was blown off. it's almost the gut wrenching. and i find incredible that, you know, the israeli prime minister laughter, the bennett or these really foreign ministry are putting out these claims, these mis that she was killed by palestinian gunfire. so i've seen the twitter video that these really foreign ministry posts where they claim that she might have been hit by palestinian gunmen. neither the video nor the audio match the one where we actually see her on the ground and live and lifeless. and the other journalist with her were also being shot that i think this is very important to underline that this wasn't just one sniper who shot one bullet at her and killed her. even though it's obviously very precise marksmanship, but the entire group of journalists, the other journalists that she was with her colleagues from other news agencies. so
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not just from algebra, they were also being shot at. and you can see that in the multiple videos that have been released this morning. and this is very clearly it's an attack on the press. and i find it very hard to believe that these really forces cannot tell the difference between so called palestinian gunmen and journalists who have very clear press markings or wearing bullet proof vests for wearing a capital investment wearing a helmet. this is very, very clear. an investigation is now on the way author has requested more information on the incident from al jazeera bureau and both the israeli and palestinian science. but it is still to receive a response will keep you updated now to asia where the us 7th fleet has once again and to be taiwan strait door and criticism from chinese officials for quote, sending the wrong signals to the island earlier, the us state department, the edited its website to move, it takes about not recognizing tie one's independence from china. china in return, referred to the incident as
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a quote trick by washington to revive his position on ty, once political states, as warning that the move would come back to her. the u. s r t is caleb morgan has more on countries at loggerheads with each other. taiwan is china's sensitive spot when it comes to foreign policy. and you can be sure to get a prompt and strongly worded response when you mentioned it may have on the west. his latest modification of the fact sheet is a trick to obscure and right off the one china principal. history cannot be written in the facts cannot be denied, and right and wrong should not be distorted. she will guy made. so what exactly did washington do? well, they edited their website and they removed the part about not recognizing the island is being independent of china. here's what it used to say. united states recognized the government of the people's republic of china as the sole legal government of china,
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acknowledging the chinese position that there is but one china and taiwan as part of china. the united states does not support taiwan independence. and here is what it says. now obviously, washington plans to expand their engagement their taiwan is a key us partner in the endo pacific the united states in taiwan, share similar values, deep commercial and economic links, and strong people to people, ties which form the bedrock of our friendship and serve as the impetus for expanding us engagement with taiwan. china seas this as a straight up provocation from the united states. they're hinting at a rather strong response to on such political manipulation of the tie. one question and the attempt to change the status quo across the taiwan strait will hurt the us itself in this that seems pretty well timed with the us lead summit taking place in washington later this week. the block of 10 south eastern nations. that surprisingly does not include china,
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is expected to discuss ways to counter beijing's influence in the region. in turn, the u. s. will continue to promote its endo pacific strategy released just 3 months ago. just to show how much chinese people are affected by these plans. a poll recently conducted showed that 89 percent of chinese people view the indo pacific strategy as their regions version of nato, and they see it as a danger with u. s. media and politicians beating the drum against china. american public opinion has been impacted as well. a gallup poll, taken back in february, showed that 79 percent of us adults have a negative opinion of the country. also in april, a pew survey ran to china's unpopularity at 82 percent. so much tension currently going on in the world. the binding ministration seems just not have caused enough raucous. they now want to intensify the conflict with the country that is the
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largest on earth in terms of population and a major global economic player. it's not clear where the american people really benefit from this strategy of intensifying conflict across the planet will have a change of diplomacy. the the original text was written at the time when with the influence of such realist phone, close of its type. diplomats such as henry kissinger, who was one of the architects of us, china policy and the opening. today we have a mishmash of diplomats driven by neo liberal neoconservative values which are want to project us power militarily, everywhere. that is not going to diminish in any way because china is definitely the existential the super power that's on the rise. the only way to resolve any to.


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