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a with these residents, so who is now lining for hot meals? the town is now relatively safe. it is totally under the control of the russian forces, but it has been under for years fighting for many ways. we follow a volunteer initiative, giving crucial supplies to civilians. and the war torn down republic that is as in fence fighting has left many in frontline towns without sufficient food and medicine. a french former soldiers shocked the western media by saying he saw ukraine, no, not the as of the talent torture and murder captured russian soldiers and threatened to commit other atrocities off fighters were everywhere displaying nazi symbols. do you know what they talked about in front of me? they laughed saying that if they see jews or black people,
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they would skin them. more in my son is a ukrainian soldier. well, crossing the border, i didn't hide anything. my son honestly told me mom, go to the russian border, go to russia, they will help you there. your credit in seek refuge in neighboring russia if i can attempt to the for them from crossing the eastern border party, presented special coverage of the stories of ukrainian refugees with kathy my direct from our studios in moscow. this is our international launch on thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. now we start with the latest on the war in ukraine. life has been slowly returning to heavily damaged cities in the don. yes, ken, legato republic has residents repair their homes and stores. meanwhile, in the southern ukrainian city of harrison which is near crimea, the russian oriented administration says it plans to ask moscow to take over the region. moscow is yet to comment on that. in the loo, ganske, republic,
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people in front line villages and towns have been struggling to get back to basic necessities such as food and water. but there are those willing to help we heard from a woman whose son lost his life in the conflict and who has found some relief and volunteering to help others ref, notion reports, and this little kitchen and an abandoned war veteran center in our chest, west of la guns, volunteers from a local branch of a global food relief organization are preparing meals for the don bus frontline exxon is among them. 2 months ago, her son, a soldier with the people's republic of the guns, died from a sniper bullet in a battle for a village, helping others is how excited decided to help herself deal with the immense pain, tearing her apart. thurston, your signals, pacola. i'm relieved that it was an instant death. my son didn't have time to
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understand or feel anything that's according to the medical report or it's reassuring. it would be very scary if they were in pain. mother always worried about her children getting hurt. it was so cold in march this year. the guys were sitting in the trenches. i talked to the one did yesterday. they said to spend the night there in wasting water. naturally, we were worried about them being in the cold and in pain. we were reassured by the fact that they weren't in pain. i was only coming here to get the body. but when i came, i witnessed the pain and sorrow, and i realized that i have to do something about it, which and there is a lot to be done all across. they swore torn region with the humanitarian situation, close to catastrophic people in towns and villages near the front line her in need of literally everything medicine, clothes, diapers, blend kids. thousands of tons of humanitarian aid. us send here every day to meet people's needs and to help ease their suffering. but there are a couple of essential things that are never enough of course,
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water and bread. this time the food goes to rubbish, nan battles for the town between the quinn army and the joined forces of russia and the august republic made it hard for people to survive. these residents of rubies, now lining for hot mails. the town is now relatively safe. it is totally under the control the russian forces, but it has been under for years fighting for many weeks. most of the locals left the city, sorry, but even more ascertain here, they have to stay because they have no place to go to. while food is important, access to madison seems to be and even more urgent, a life threatening need for so many people here. at 8 o'clock, we hated the food. brought us fitted basilica, low family alicia, with story liam in your vehicle. we'll look up
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with equivalent will become the killers with people are carrying lists of the medicines needed. so one to show how long the lists are there are lot of insulin dependent people, which is a problem. i don't know how to handle this, the charity effort. exxon is here with is just one of many private and government relief initiatives in town. oh, okay. i said us, these go pretty. who are you through the little with awesome will know lou will my mom while we talk to local women, distant sounds of shelling a heard the front line has moved several kilometers away from the town. but the fight for the republics remaining territories will continue for yet some time. retired friendship, marine adrian bulkhead says that he observed war crimes committed by ukrainian troops while he was in that country on
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a recent humanitarian mission. all you guys shoot me sometimes i take full responsibility for what i say. i witness war crimes and ukraine. all of them were committed by the cranium army, not the russian army. this does not mean that there haven't been any war crimes by the russian side, but we don't talk about ukrainian war crimes and france when i returned to france from ukraine, i was shocked. tv channels are inviting people indiscriminately as expert 80 percent of whom haven't been in the war and ukraine, and don't know anything about what is happening there right now. i find it disgusting that they're the ones talking about the war. off fighters were everywhere displaying nazi symbol. the shock me, the europe supplies weapons to the military has in my opinion, they are neo nazis. the symbols of neo nazis are embroider to everywhere on their uniforms and no one talks about it. but it's easy to see, this is the former symbolism of the ss, and you can find it everywhere in ukraine. but for some reason, no one cares about it. i worked with these people and gave them medicine. you know
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what they talked about in front of me. they left saying that if they see jews or black people, they would skin them. meanwhile, the us has released a report saying it has, quote, credible information of torture, of russian soldiers by ukrainian forces. again, the french military and volunteer describes the abuse of captured russian troops. you don't, didn't. i saw captured russian soldiers beaten and tied up. we were in some kind of barn where they were brought ukrainian troops from the south battalion were asking who the officers were. every russian soldier got a bullet in the need from a kalashnikov, although they were defenceless. i have videos confirming this, otherwise i would not dare to say such a thing. people who confessed that they were officers was shot dead in the forehead . this is the system, at least in a's off need. more than $1000000.00 korean civilians have fled to russia to escape the war with local authorities, providing them supplies and practical support that is despite ukrainian governments, claims that refugees are being forcibly relocated in
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a special report. we hear from many who have voluntarily headed east to seek refuge in russia. ukraine has repeatedly accused russia of deliberately targeting civilians, not letting any one escape the fighting. today's russian attacks on a kindergarten, an orphanage, or war crimes and a violation of the rome statute. together with the office of the attorney general, we are collecting these and other material, which we will immediately transfer to the hague or response to this act is inevitable. it like on the 29th of march, i told you that russian occupants destroyed $773.00 educational institutions in our country. now it is twice that number 1580 for these a kindergarten schools and universities. the occupies of already killed $220.00 ukranian children. the same schools and kennedy gardens, that as of neo nazis and regular troops alike liked to you so much as their basis. same story with the humanitarian corridor was facilitated by cave only on paper,
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a colon, joy, i have not seen humanitarian corridors from the ukrainian side. the ukrainian military were in the city, but they didn't do anything. vitaly met the war in ukraine, controlled mario po, and lived to see victory there with russian banners all round about a dozen should ukrainian soldiers looted broke open all the shops. people just got left overs after the russian military entered the city and some one needed help. they tend to them for medicine. for example. sometimes they gave russians, they helped in general. eventually they managed to leave into russia. something they could never do while ukrainian forces had the grip on the city and the face of every civilian there. we've been planning to move for a long time, but couldn't persuade my mother. but on april the 1st 2 shells were fired near our house and killed one woman and a young guy. they tried to save him, take him to the hospital, but the ukrainian troops did not let him through. after this incident,
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we decided to leave murray, poor russian emergency services took him to vala dusk and there we had to pass foot frasier, with the civilian population, was screened out from the military who disguised themselves the civilians. course not everyone moved to russia without hesitation or fear. the decision to leave home is rarely taken lightly, especially if your child is fighting for the side, russia consider its enemy moiety will not run the hulu graham. and my son is a ukrainian soldier while crossing the border. i didn't hide anything. i was com, you went into the territory, refresh and civil and tears helped me. they didn't leave me. my son honestly told me mom, go to the russian border, who go to russia, they will help you there. my son asked me to, i thought i may go to jail, but no one offended me. she says she glove to return. if only though there was actually anything to return to your dom, we're the up now i plan to go to my sister, but if nothing happens,
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i think the russian authorities will help me. i would like to go home, but most likely i won't come back. there is no way to go back to. everything was bombed out and i don't trust ukrainians. protests have erupted in bulgaria with people calling for the government to resign on the accusation that it's more involved in the ukraine conflict than in fixing their own in countries economic problems. the people were even seen trying to tear down and creating flag from a government building and clashing with police earlier bulgaria and posed economic sanctions against russia, expelled russian diplomats, and offered to repair ukrainian military equipment. protesters say that they do not want to be dragged into the conflict with russia got to the ukrainian government has destroy the ukrainian state. and now the ukraine in people are suffering
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because of their actions. this is what the bulgarian government led by the u. s. is now trying to do, will we allow this to get to get the u. s. and the european union want to involve bulgaria in the war between russia and ukraine. this is a disgrace. while western powers, including the u. s. and the u, at least waves of sanctions against russia, argentine as presidents as those measures could have grave consequences for the global economy. these are sanctions that have very negative repercussions throughout the world. food security and energy security are at stake in latin america in central america in the caribbean. all these economic sanctions only hurt people more and for the countries of the periphery, the damage is immensely greater. it is morally indecent. president, alberto fernandez, a specified that food and energy security in latin america has been jeopardized by sanctions against russia. one of the world's largest export is of wheat and fertilizers. he restrictions have limited trade, reportedly creating
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a threat of mass hunger in several parts of the globe. are t heard from a political analyst about how justify the argentinian president's views are what i think that he reflects the opinion of many people not just in argent dino, but throughout latin america who are quite concerned increasingly concerned about these exaggerated sanctions that the west is taking russia, which makes it quite obvious that this is not just a special military operation of russia against ukraine, for a very justifiable reasons. but this is the united states, or nato, at least once to have a war with russia and seeing everything possible to escalate it and make it even worse, which naturally will bring economic and financial hardship, not just to the russian economy, but throughout the world in 2 regions such as latin america, we are seeing that a permanent sanction is being done against russia as a permanent discrimination against russia will have a very,
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very serious consequences for the whole world. the united states and the european union in union included as the world is really from soaring energy prices and looming food and security, at least one you countries. greece is experiencing its highest inflation rate in 3 decades. that as athens government is trying to help household and businesses, but prices remain restrictively high for the average consumer. jason, the price is out of control $72.00 euros for 30 leaders of gasoline. i'll have to work 3 days to pay for this $3.00 days of wages. there's little problem and no la, la la, everything has gone up. we used to pay a euro, $60.00 per liter of gasoline. now we pay $2.00 euros 19, but the salaries have remained the same. it was in love with her. it's a total mess. we may have the most expensive gasoline in europe. it must be made of diamonds or gold mugs, everywhere. the nordic countries of finland and sweden are expected to announce on
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thursday that they will seek to join nato. it would be a significant shift for the 2 nations which have a long history of neutrality. russia has warned that both countries should not be joining nato because they argue it would not bring stability to europe. parties shall davinsky, explains neutral to their cool. that's how many might have described sweden and finland until the war in ukraine. now the 2 nordic nations are apparently endearing up to throw off their neutral blankets and join nato in a move that's expected to provoke a response from moscow. naturally, we will have to reinforce these borders. in this case, it would not be possible to talk any more about baltic non nuclear status. the balance has to be restored. moscow hasn't been clear that any further nature expansion is a red line. viewing the blocks, increasing encroachment eastward as being a threat to russian national security. but despite that,
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there is plenty of encouragement for both sweden and finland to dive in to the alliance. the war in ukraine is forcing us all to make difficult decisions. but sovereign nations must be free to make those decisions without fear or influence or threat of retaliation. so i'm very pleased to day or with you. i promise ration. to sign this mutual a security assurances declaration. it's an agreement that brings our 2 countries even closer together in finland. the polls show overwhelming support for this move in neighboring sweden, however, there is less enthusiasm. so why have these traditionally neutral nations decided to revisit the prospects of membership in the alliance? well, they've been rattled by russia's conflict with ukraine, they say,
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explaining that it has changed the whole security landscape. oh, europe. both sweden and finland have also requested that if they do submit their applications, that they should receive security guarantees during the trial. listen to the alliance, current members have tried to allay those concerns. it's inconceivable that britain would not come to the support of finland or sweden if it was ever attacked for food . in particular, the worry is centered on the fact that it has an 800 or so my long border that it shares with russia and helsinki fees that asking me to for membership, could see an immediate reprisal from moscow. so why does russia see this is being a threat? both sweden and finland have greatly increase their defense spending in response to the war. as countries with high levels of per capita income, they could make a net contribution to nato's military capabilities over time. it makes sense that
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they might take on a leading role in defending the whole baltic region, for example, by adding enhanced air and missile defenses. making contributions to nato ground forces currently in estonia, latvia and lithuania, but considering the situation in ukraine, nordic nations a wondering if it may be better to be in rather than on the periphery of the nato book. even if the criminal believes it will not bring greater security to europe, and it's a gamble that finland and sweden increasingly likely to take off the situation. there is no reason to go on the major, right? no crane. this is a different situation. no crating country you manage your strategic interests. ready western countries, especially the recipe and draw a halt in the moment. so you're say one to 2 and not the may 2 until that point to
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rice, you mean by finland and sweden. now, fremont is a neutral country, is very, very good at sweden was not in the nation before though they haven't told so just for foreign policy situation with russia is no kind of endangering the serenity of this countries. there is no aggressions from finland street to russia like it was from crazy for towards russia. so to my mind, that doesn't make sense for me all the mindset if she want to agree with collision . this is the wrong step to my mind's. ah, please enrique i have blocked access to a prominent memorial to red army soldiers who liberated law from nazi forces in world war 2. that's after, if authorities use a bulldozer to remove an abundance of flowers left at the monument during victory day celebrations and then arrested. people who spoke out about
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the police are also arresting. several people who were wearing commemorative st. george ribbons, which have been banned in the country as it tries to distance itself from its historic ties to russia. nevertheless, hundreds of people returned to decorate the monument with more flowers and candles after the previous ones were removed. please then completely blocked off access. we heard from locals outraged by the authorities action. if you don't mind, if i go to my father's grave, i put flowers and someone will come and drag them away. i think it's just vandalism, it's terrible. we collected money for this monument donations back on the line to native each residence of re, guys, i know donated his own funds for the creation of the monument. and today this is what they're doing yet. let's, let's, let's wait. flowers had this morning in vitro de victory of the whole people the
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whole world. and now someone gave the order to forbid me to go to this monument today and lay flowers. this is absurd. this is neither democracy nor freedom. and i'm sorry that i now leave in such a state. receive phobia has become commonplace in europe, even on the roads as russian license plates are stolen, vehicles, vandalized and drivers, bullied, we bring you more on that in our documentary on rising risk. phobia in the continent which can watch in full online miss munoz cards or not. if you speak russian, keep your voice down while out and about about the cargo threats for us to go to don't put your homeland symbols on display. yeah. hold on. yeah. guys, so you guys coming up. i was wondering if i can get them and them are actually doing the but all of them is because i was
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going to go with the machine. you know, usually never responded to the high school . i don't from now what's your position in european and especially eastern european highways have become rows of a hell of a russian truckers and cars with russian number plates have become targets. you see vehicles that are broken windows and punctured tires and drivers are lucky if only that cars are targeted. i don't want them or not, so i'm not sure if it is correct. okay, so what would be sort of, again, the rules get check if you don't need to know which i'm going to be sure. once you know, you should, you should all go into to efficient properly in your
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new fluid to the new i truck drivers from russia and delray have reported being bullied on the road, but they say it was common even before the ukraine conflict or up to a few months ago, one driver as well as it transport company owner, have spoken out about how russians are being treated for us more than previously. it's impossible to imagine something like this happening. the police made clear after the incident that no further action will be taken and there will be pointless to go to court. this is an unimaginable situation. ordinary europeans don't support this. there are organisations in europe that consist mostly of locals. indigenous europeans who are against what's happening now, and people who are trying to help us a lot in austria of similar organisation helped our guys find a place to sleep. and moreover, they have been looking after them during the night. europeans know what is good and
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what is bad. they haven't taught for decades what fascism is and who saved the world from it. and now they are trying to change their perception of history. all this of course, does not influence our guys in the right way. they live in an army regime, 2 thirds of the personnel rest, while the other 3rd monitors. the whole situation in general has shown us who is who the master, as they say are off. you can see who is our friend and who has our enemy, mom, because we've been treated badly enough in some countries. but when the military operation in ukraine started, it just got worse. they treat us badly on the road. they overtake cut us off in parking lots. they can remove a vehicles license plate, cut corns, bash in headlights of protest against alleged corruption entry long because the leadership have turned violent with at least 9 people reported killed and 200 injured in recent nights. as a parent, arson attacks, rock the streets of the south asian countries, largest city. now the government has dedicated
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a nation wide curfew with any violators of the measure to be shot on fight, luxurious homes, reputedly belonging to the ruling. roger pucks, our family have been set on fire and in response president got to buy of just talk so has deployed military forces to stamp out the rest. as protesters increasingly demand that he resign, the demonstrations erupted last month to mid a national currency collapse as prices sore and power supplies are regular. the palestinian journalist for the news outlet al jazeera has been shot and killed during an israeli army, ready on a refugee camp in the west bank. both israel and the palestinian authority have blamed each other for the death of sharina bu, playing who was also a us citizen. at least 6 protesters were reportedly arrested during a rally on wednesday against the killing of the journalists. hundreds of demonstrators were seen marching through the streets and carrying photos of the reporter and demanded justice of the case. this is a horrific crime in
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a premeditated execution of an envoy of the national media. we ask all international bodies to condemn this horrific crime and to hold the killers accountable. the edge of this crime is one of many committed by the occupiers against our people. sharina as a deceased member, our nation. today we ask for mercy, the glory and immortality for her. we are sure with the blood of our martyrs, our homeland will be rebuilt. now warning you may find some of the following images disturbing. this put interest shows the moments after the reporter was shot and killed apparently in the face. despite her wearing a press, the vest or producer was also shot. but as in stable condition, according to the palestinian health ministry journalist body was taken to a local morgue. algeria has accused israeli forces of court violating international laws by legibly killing the correspondent, vote in cold blood. independent journalist and political commentator richard met
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hurst, says that it is unclear how the slain journalist could have been mistaken for a combatant. we've all seen the videos there. absolutely. her a fake. her entire face was, was blown off. it's honestly gut wrenching. and i find incredible that, you know, the israeli prime minister and after the bennet or these really foreign ministry are putting out these claims, these mis that she was killed by palestinian gunfire. so i've seen the twitter video that these rarely foreign ministry posts where they claim that she might have been hit by palestinian gunmen. neither the video nor the audio match the one where we actually see her on the ground and limp and lifeless. and the other journalist with her were also being shot that i think this is very important to underline that this wasn't just one sniper who shot one bullet at her and killed her. even though it's obviously very precise marksmanship, but the entire group of journalists,
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the other journalists that she was with her colleagues from other news agencies. so not just from algebra, they were also being shot at. and you can see that in the multiple videos that have been released this morning. and this is very clearly it's an a talk on the press. and i, i find it very hard to believe that these really forces cannot tell the difference between so called palestinian gunmen and journalists who have very clear press markings or wearing bullet proof vests wearing capital are vested wearing a helmet. this is very, very clear. an investigation is now under wayne, archie has requested more information on the incident from al jazeera and both the israel and the palestinian sites. but we have yet to receive response. we will let you know if we do get one that does it for me, i'll be back in about 31 and a half minutes with another full transaction is this is our change national i've had with ah
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