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ah a super mom with . 6 with
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a, with no power, no heating in the town, houses are in ruins. uninhabitable. evacuation is under way, but it's not easy to get the elderly and disabled out with a personal exempt company stuff. mm hm. now mom were schools. church. i'm with
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the boy be and if you're still, i'm still here with a with home would you also provide you with with
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with paul list you are you sure? sure. sure. sure. a sure. sure with. mm hm. mm mm hm. 9. yes sir. when would you like us and we can just like do you need from me to reschedule it for linea sunday through g? the borger? yeah,
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but i just need just as soon is that just a more convenient us? there is a shelf. oh, but i get it pulled up here. let's get that other emotional rama muslim board. if you need to know that the worst place this is your new, just tell you a couple of it is really love your windows needs to be to do that. and then yes, it was a do much yes. when you can, could you so i am doing that, but he didn't talk with me with the new due date for my child,
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but i spoke with him and his in attention. listen, in the in february 2015, the republican leadership reached an agreement with keep on the evacuation from develops of people were allowed to go to ukrainian control territory or to the donates were public to the city of genetic itself. to both convoys arrived and developed below the student that the government that only thought when they let you to the by i said the but you should also come to another start, graham. he vague him for fear the show me that i missed the issue of the we did it thought it would work. we're don't know, centralize the, which we had sent you to the other than yes. can probably convenience. would you give a call you? i will of much of
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a recommendation that will be one of the by the week after will. so keith, which was born again, i got the windows and the go it belongs, but shy would get loose to work. you can let it naturally spell this. miss deborah young, i'm thinking it all them can interesting to the thought to you what that was about that. but that is for the national almost some who do official watched on that level. usually it's a lot of causes legit, which were shot, but much morale let the lenient district you know, and you say that you put somebody else was good to he says why did that you need us
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because we're listening this which is something done nobody knew we should have put your brains kiera young like you give it to deal with them. mitchell, and i knew what we could do. do you smoke or a
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fuel with by then food stores will no longer operating in the city. the people, tired of bombardments looting and endless mop ups spoke openly of the hatred of keith in the presence of ukrainian soldiers. a jeep come up with a about almost all that just for you
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with a bunch of with them on your a front doorbell,
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drug work with a b, a, b, a b a n, a. okay, with
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parker, a window with asia. when you begin watching your brains with a, with following a short rest, by fighting with deliberating, goes the militia when for to both of us to my brother a little,
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i guess you so you know what? i'm just going to work with legislative vision yet. but when you get a slow progress billing, it was due. i sickly. daniel's a was a lot of school grad school, doesn't push me that it was to are usually a pretty good information. the militia, occupying the village of a little bit of where you queen, truth based encountering scant resistance. and look at those are good, you know, with a showing both of them super. but i certainly will do that. this was to be the lower with lower study. this you get that you so little, but you should get the will prostitute a learner who should when you do sort of your most girl,
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the words with cash might it was through the machine of give you the word it's ah, today i'm authorized. the additional strong sanction foreign companies, quitting russia. a licensed atm console, blantan bangs, disconnected from the international payment system. functional poppy mal donna and euro exchange rates follow up on a couple more so, so i would know what the committee met, the vocalist, the billing address that is the current. can you say i don't see a material with him in russian business overcome this song? yes, i bought it to the nazi to huddle. she's tremendously just me don't plan would bullshit . national productive notches steal dash, a mere bull. what i see, i've worked with themselves so that when you come, when you with i've already got annual of your mind for the student, but i, she's open a cost to get the group when you, when you spin with dr. numbness,
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listen, who's responsible for her delusion? little bit loosened williams with ah, the ukranian as though battalion like many ukrainian service men. we glanced today that the army command did nothing to defend the positions. how did the dog commando
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and your post a neutral and you go a book, you know, on your machine you give to my to not by law allergy which. busy mom argument to puzzle. so it took so i think we were seeing me and what do you see via shania snail. still mark them all know about it. jason, you go for where you left would be at the word there's yeah. what sort of b i'm share with you see him with both
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with cherry tree that so recently it looked like an ideal spring board for net tenant on logan's connects was extremely challenging for the ukrainian army. they barely had time to get that wounded down to the city. a job working with . oh, i don't. the ukrainian troops found themselves surrounded. the militia had cut off the main roads and so they had to
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flee across open fields. or there are a deeds refusing to acknowledge the circle and added to the ukrainian armies dire situation. this position was essential to the ukrainian president, but that moment was negotiating a peace settlement. immense as he was about to sign or a shanker was banking on the bulk of a coming under ukrainian armies control. intrusive has lost the city, the ukrainian commanded left there. so it is in the lurch. ah, what would you like to schedule for senior defense stossel and material to prove? no, no more slips or no partial from your book shows machine social gear so that your students, they only for the solar distribution which was puzzled. even notable especially she been reasonable, especially some dark or need your i'm not,
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you are crazy dba you both on what did you from music apiece? it's interesting. shutting up really super clear. carson's sufficient or sufficient mean to be able to get something new as a retired ukrainian senior sergeant contemplates portraits of those who died during the confrontation with the ukrainian military. it's only now that he can tell the truth. leaving bouts of the ukrainian army followed a scorched earth policy. they deliberately destroyed critical infrastructure. soldiers threw up railway trunks and artillery constantly show the city the senior device of nasa wistar city as was much more regard they. ready only yesterday and they all died give killing me up,
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throw us not but yo yo would shine the girl but that was the slayer la. la nasa. and scribbled us prowess, but only before you go through the yo. are you sure? no, but that here you talk really still we still got order for there is a, you know, she and i knew you saw me on the you know, the situation progressed earlier, but nobody more knew for sure. yeah. yeah. good. 3 of the label gonzales came a year from where they were saying yes or no. they're all the buses with a lot for new year on the come on and you were it was on the seal young additional still remember me more in the poster dilute you put them are still
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not usually to lose or accumulate. are you pretty good all stuff when you want to me? we do want to get the but it's a problem. it's only got thought enough should you move all at the actual solution? which of those are new to through this new one soon was not enough about the one that she would just charge was what i would still get a little study to pursue him. so he has done in your book with you on next to so i'm not sure but still, i mean, you'll never do it. all you need was that you don't need to give me a blow up the machine. but you know, screws music a motion, but the wireless network goes, go are still when you will only be on
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a tulip is the worse. oh, not me. broke up for you. as a digital it was, you'll need a smuggler with just what about, you know, so that's so pretty as low species which you know last well, it was well, did you put up the muscle? it'll show you what it was room. she'll, i'm going to cover me up to put on cook and you still get the february 2015 militia groups take control of the bumps of it's now them who are most of the city where you have to go and search for the vision which are the way you relation or really seen, we ways that it is
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a pull up for the sub judice. we have 3 of us whether you wish to use to ah or what, what your thoughts look up with. i'm so busy. so what do you think i do? but they thank you, you know, but on your smart, the guy who are like, are you in this, you know, because you've initial, why do you wash and not was upset? you was it so, i mean that i bought it applause. you didn't tell me ukrainian troops didn't make it out of the city and while hiding in
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basements and attics for days, others trying to resist or to still run. i went through just went through a bunch of local person follows from key. so we service will do bunker, are you making feel dark server? where would you be able to look at our school to look a little over a 1000
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and it was evident that the ukrainian army units quit the city in a panic, leaving equipment, uniforms and guns behind. she thought they did not show up on your phone number. let me do that over to you and it's going to kinda sold up a new it's mostly a little a site or any post on a form issue for you. so we will move. would you let me know what's in your purchase? can you just put him in a 3rd so it could be? no, no, you could put you the club. so let me show you what are the weller for places? i'm not sure what was the of steel for the 3rd? what they could do because you're listen creditors'. notice so we just, muff whatever, but just the motion is nuclear was number when you get
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a living in the are all the other stuff, but we're still on the much mature and you know, but the most like, you know, the last, but i'm not probably seamlessly the q thrush, locally for the 1st the middle of all of you so much for letting me use the wireless girl or so ago. and there's some properties here below that from columbia. and when you're new, shoot me arrows in london. this was the
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those to the point she was mom with a pretty good on that. but if you just got word, but there's a new 1000000, i'm sure it's a screens. could you say emma will schedule the union. it doesn't go with the machine, your social, but not least, that you start a conflict and even a political grade teacher. if the prospect you buy a car would you put on there? if not, some of it should be critique, but most of the mostly less, less than they used to play in the but media students of which is a place where them by silly when you read in that, in social skew machine that you bought, nobody knew other than that dish,
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and they chose to come on the customer on the eve and the money and what are them going up and that's at the promotion me ah, i bought them with
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with you that is with you. i'm with you cuz political claims got to boot from beach though still easier
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for this patient, but in the border enabled it there with a with russia is foreign ministry say that country will be forced to retaliate with military measures if finland follows through with its plan to join nato, also ahead on the program today, a former french soldier shots, western media outlets by saying he saw ukraine's radical age of torture and murder captured russian soldiers and threatened to commit other atrocities off fighters were everywhere displaying nazi symbol. you know what they talked about in front of me. they laughed saying that if they see jews or black people,


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