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ah, with russia is foreign ministry say that country will be forced to retaliate with military measures if finland follows through with it. planned to join nato. also ahead on the program today. a former french soldier, a shocked western media. i played by saying he saw ukraine's radical, a self battalion. torture on murder, captured russian soldiers and threatened to commit other he's off fighters were everywhere displaying nazi symbols. you know what they talked about in front of me . they laughed saying that if they see jews or black people, they would skin them a lot, fear authorizes that demolition of a prominent world war 2 era memorial to soviet soldiers, amid
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a conflict between lothian authorities, residents over the removal of commemorates and flowers, the monument with wherever you're tuning in from across the globe this our welcome to moscow on to the news our and archie. my name's human. the russian foreign ministry sees it will take steps to eliminate any threats calls by nato expansion, including quote, military technical measures. that's after finished leaders, coal for nato membership, quote. without delay. the statement by the president of finland is a radical change in the country's foreign policy. either russia's assurances about the absence of any hostile intentions towards finland, nor the long history of good neighborly and mutually beneficial cooperation between our countries have convinced helsinki of the advantages of maintaining a course of military non alignment. finland's,
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accession to nato will cause serious damage to bilateral russian finish relations and also the stability and security of the northern european region. she will be forced to take retaliatory steps both military, technical and other in order to stop the threats to its national security. arising in this regard, the foreign ministry also said finland as session to nato would be a direct violation of the part of the peace treaty signed in 1947 which prohibits countries including russia and finland from forming coalitions against each other. while moscow also owns finland's, entry to nato would violate a 1992 treaty between russia and finland, which states that both countries will refrain from threatening each other's territorial integrity or political independence. so we got reaction to all out from european studies. professor stephan gouge. odyssey is a bonus and finland there was no referendum on the issue. the only things
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that we heard and the finish public heard was that somehow all the popularity of nato have skyrocketed since february 24th month will most definitely be joining nato. and of course, this will only increase the insecurity of europe. we are talking about the world war unfolding before our eyes because finland and sweden, perhaps joining a thought is act of escalation. if the finished authorities are ready to violate their own, our traditions constitution and identity or fin as neutral country. of course, that we can expect that international agreements, such as far as agreement will be violated. international law as such, has been repeatedly violated by western country. and it means that we'll live in
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a vacuum on international law, the old order, the order that has been established. now with the end of world war 2 is over. well, nato is expansion was one of the red lines emphasized by russia back in february before the military conflict in ukraine started the spite salads promises from nate . so in the 1990 s that it wouldn't move another inch eastwards. the block has been steadily expanding in recent years with more not here's our t, charlotte davinsky. moscow has been clear that any further nato expansion is a red line viewing the blocks increasing encroachment eastward as being a threat to russian national security. but despite that, there is plenty of encouragement for both sweden and finland to dive in to the alliance. the war in ukraine is forcing our school to make difficult decisions. but
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sovereign nations must be free to make those decisions without fear or influence, or threat of retaliation for food. in particular, the worry is centered on the fact that it has an 800 or so my long border that it shares with russia or helsinki fears that asking nato for membership could see an immediate reprisal from moscow. so why does russia see this is being a threat? both sweden and finland have greatly increased their defense spending in response to the war. as countries with high levels of per capita income, they could make a net contribution to nato's military capabilities over time. it makes sense that they might take on a leading role in defending the whole baltic region, for example, by adding enhanced air and missile defenses. making contributions to nato ground forces currently in estonia, latvia and lithuania. but considering the situation in ukraine's nordic nations a wondering if it may be better to be in rather than on the periphery of the nato
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block. even if the kremlin believes it will not bring greater security for europe. and it's a gamble that finland and sweden look increasingly likely to take charlotte, even ski arty paris, vladimir putin has said that relentless sanctions against russia have led to the global economic crisis we're witnessing today which is sent to sanctions as well as other negative development. so these sanctions were imposed. advise those guided by russo phobia and their own ambitions and guided by their own national interest and seeking to ensure the prosperity of their own people. we see this, this is to their own, the detriment. in some countries, inflation is approaching 20 percent down to those actions will
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inevitably lead to very complex and challenging consequences for europe and its citizens. and the 4 countries that already face of the risks. so let me emphasize that those in the elite of the western countries are to blame for this to preserve their dominance. they're ready to sacrifice the rest of the world while it is gearing up to be inexpensive, summer and beyond, after gas prices in europe. surge to $1200.00 per 1000 cubic meters. another 20 percent rise us after at ukraine's transit operator and, and it was stopping a 3rd on the rushing gas that travels through the country from getting to europe. the ukrainian operators say gas will no longer be accepted through to distribution of stations, citing technological and operational meddling not caused unforeseeable circumstances
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preventing contract obligations from being fulfilled. the pipelines in question are used to trans augusta hungary, austria, germany, and the vacuum with the economies. all those countries not expected to bear the brunt of kiev transit suspension. russia gas from sees it sees no ballad, reason behind new trains move all of mosque was operations remain in order. a retired french marine house, said he observed war crimes committed by ukrainian troops while in the country on a recent humanitarian mission eligible. i take full responsibility for what i say. i witness war crimes and ukraine. all of them were committed by the ukranian army, not the russian army. this does not mean that there haven't been any war crimes by the russian side, but we don't talk about ukrainian war crimes and france when i returned to france from ukraine, i was shocked. tv channels are inviting people indiscriminately as expert 80
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percent of whom haven't been in the war and ukraine, and don't know anything about what is happening there right now. i find it disgusting that they're the ones talking about the war. off fighters were everywhere displaying nazi symbols. the shock me the europe supplies weapons to the military. as in my opinion, they are neo nazis. the symbols of neo nazis are embroidered everywhere on their uniforms. no one talks about it, but it's easy to see. this is the former symbolism of the ss, and you can find it everywhere in ukraine. but for some reason, no one cares about it. i worked with these people and gave them medicine. you know what they talked about in front of me. they left saying that if they see jews or black people, they would skin them. well that says the u. n. has released a report saying it has, quote, credible information of torture, of russian soldiers by ukrainian forces, while also mentioning a ledge war crimes by at moscow lead troops again. here's french aid volunteer. adrian ok describe what he saves were captured,
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russian troops on what were being put through a note the following. our claims on our tea cannot verify their accuracy. you don't, didn't. i saw captured russian soldiers beaten and tied up. we were in some kind of barn where they were brought ukrainian troops from the off battalion were asking who the officers were. every russian soldier got a bullet in the need from a kalashnikov, although they were defenceless. i have videos confirming this, otherwise i would not dare to say such a thing. people who confessed that they were officers was shot dead in the forehead . this is the system, at least in a's off. the me tell us republican say the lend lease act, which was accepted by a majority in congress recently, and signed off by president biden to expedite military aid to kiev. will just lead to more depth and ukraine every vote to provide military assistance to ukraine. drug us closer to a war with russia. this is not our fight. i reiterate my hope for immediate peace talks and resolution of hostilities. sending more weapons of war is counter to
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peace and will extend the death and destruction. washington is no worth, arise to transfer any weapon of war other than those with nuclear capability to ukraine. the act is also exempt from laws that normally govern such a lease, such as a 5 year duration on the requirement to pay all costs of loaning the equipment. the lisa late comes in addition to biden's request to approve another $33000000000.00 in assistance to ukraine. critic say, such support was dr. ukraine into severe debt for generations to come me. let's try live now to geopolitical analysts. money or act med for his take money or you're very welcome. financial aid to ukraine is essentially being presented as a gift. in a recent article you wrote that ukraine will eventually become an economic slave to the u. s. the i m f on the
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e. you can you briefly take us through that of the recent reactivation of a land lease act that was signed on monday. the one line of that to demand that ukraine has to pay back and how ukraine would pay back all the shipments militarist. busy shipments that were sent to you, grain to fight against russia. and you, yesterday us approved $40000000000.00 military aid to our ukraine, to apply to the bar what they call it and i'll show the president will add to me. then he has asked i a map to borrow them $7000000000.00 a month or next month. okay, i'll who will ensure that offer 3 months of the economy of ukraine will be in good
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shape. and they will be able to hear back. on the other hand, got your period. union is planning to $21000000000.00 of joyce 40 a $15000000000.00 out to you. crane. this is the and todd not that is being developed around ukraine. is the duct trap that usually are these countries the, the capital countries that have developed against several other countries in sixty's up until 60 park has been already i wonderful country submissions out for land. and afterwards, when we started boring money at this moment, we are striving for $1000000000.00 installment from i american. and we are a victim of several $1000000000.00 debt and we,
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we can not move out of that, that crap. and then all leads to the point, doesn't it near that the u. s. sais, it will do everything to protect ukrainian sovereignty. but the lend, lease act is actually looking like it's compromising that sovereignty. of course, that is because of, if you go through the act, it is basic, the activation of world war to act. it means like the us and the allies will be you're not going to fight against russia together. and all the money has to be paid by these ukraine. and in fact, like if we're strictly, we good say are politically, we could say that the president, the d and ukraine has already compromised their sovereign g over the decade. the revolution that occurred in 2000 and why do you think that was on revolution or it
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was and other act got compromised, ukraine's entity and all the debt that is being built up around to ukraine would definitely compromise their sovereignty. and president, the list you, who has no political wisdom is compromising on the, on the respect and honor all their nation and the figures themselves. it took the british on 60 years to pay off their award death to america recently. how do you rate ukraine chances of ever being able to pay off this debt? ah, the borrow the money we borrowed in $60.00, if we could not pay off us so far, and f bob britain has to take 6 decades to pay off what we'll do or to that then said to me, ukraine may take like another 200 or maybe 300,
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to pay off a may be not able to cope up with the challenge of debt. and this is the right moment. they need to act wisely and politically they need through us or why in the committee of nations as an independent nation. instead of more, the us and the issue in the country and the natural membership will not going to help you. crane or other countries. as you have seen already, the natural countries always suffer because they have to pay the bill of the u. s. a wrong decision, for example, 911, and before that, a war that was in upon is the 40 years in a one is on, has been
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a failure. we have seen the consequence. and it has created a lot of chaos over or, and it was a challenge to the peace and prosperity of the committee of nations worldwide. and mr. just the point on the other side of this, lend lease, act, the recipients. why do you think president lensky is so willing to take on as you've been describing there, such a debt of a he's not a particularly white sandy. he's not even predicted cracked. and i don't know, like all i'm told you, but the will and devote you korean people that elected their president, but up towards the house to take care of the national interest. but to the political to see you are not very wise. and i have written in my piece that the poor neighborhood, only a poor,
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peaceful neighbourhood is much better than the richer shoot our neighborhood. so all the friends. so we need to take care of having relationships. and i have already been written a lot about our own park sounds, the relationship with the neighborhoods. and the recent the we have seen in the recent years of box time is trying to improve i think go back on is a good case study for you. great. to learn from that that would be our misery can bring that and what like having, having no good relationships. so we've been able to bring our results economically and politically and just a note on the ramifications as well. of this t e u is planning to fund the expenses of the ukrainian government for at least 3 months that equates the billions of dollars. could that hurt the you economy as
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well? of course, the most of the country is like when you operate can we spoke to you about saw the european union members. they were a really reluctant to launch such kind of campaign that to race like 15000000000 euros. but still of the, the union have decided to take the bill of all these things are up in the ukraine, but definitely they are very scared of the economic crunch and the team they have the support from the $911.00 incident also where there has not responsible but they have to pay the bill for the u as wrong doings. and same is the case is here, and they're reluctant, especially some walker voices that they are raising the broad a child. i don't know,
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but right. i don't know if there will be able but they would be close to a do show and that would make the lives of your people more minutes or both. while they are suffering. they have suffered from corporate 19 and the economic crunch. that was and they have lost their jobs and their business are not doing well. organizations are failing to deliver and such a new 2nd sconces. it would be another big blow to the economy and the people of european union. yeah, a lot of interesting points you've chucking us through there today near rockman geo political unless thank you very much for coming on the program and sharing your views. okay, thank you. can know the story to bring you to day last fear not storage fees have allowed the demolition of a prominent memorial to soviet soldiers who liberated the baltic country from nazi
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forces during world war 2 comes after lucky lawmakers suspended a bilateral agreement with russia on the handling of soviet euro monuments earlier protest broke out in the capital rica. the north. the police moved in to detain demonstrators after they protested the removal of flowers that they had brought to the monument for the main life victory de, on the 1st. authorities had used bold daughters to cleanse their commemoration. so despite that, locals responded by bringing even more flowers to the monuments with lease, then reacting by completely blocking off the scene. according to luxury and law enforcement officials, any gatherings near the memorial will be considered an act of support for russian rigor has been one of the most vocal critics of moscow's actions in ukraine. we
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heard from some luffy and locals who say they are actually outraged by the actions of the authorities. you say, you know, like if i go to my father's grave, i put flowers and someone will come and drag them away. i think it's just vandalism . it's terrible. we collected money for this monument donations back in the 1980s. each residents of re guys, i know donated his own funds for the creation of the monument. and today this is what they're doing. yes, look a little bit late. flowers had this morning in vitro de victory of the whole people the whole world. and now someone gave the order to forbid me to go to this monument today and lay flowers. this is absurd. this is neither democracy nor freedom. and i'm sorry that i now live in such a state. ok, i want to bring the latest know from the ukraine crisis itself on the ground. one person is dead on 7 or wounded after ukraine shelled a village in russia's belgrade region. others, according to local authorities,
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it also would mean that it's the 1st such instance of a civilian being killed by a ukrainian shell in russia. during the conflict report, say, 17 houses were damaged as well. and in the, her southern region, which has been under the control of russian force. and since the early days of the conflict authorities have said they will last longer putting to integrate the territory into russia. now in response mosque was said that it's up to the people to the side that have to be judicial basis air for such a move. elsewhere, life has been as slowly returning to some sort of normality in the heavily damaged cities of the yes, going to against republics residence and have started to rip, her home stores any in front line villages and tons of lou ganske are struggling to get basic necessities such as food and water,
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but there are those willing to help ortiz mary, a flash that has the true story, i would say of a woman who lost her son in the conflict, but her find some solace, and volunteering to help others as this little kitchen and an abandoned war veteran center in our chest, west of la guns, volunteers from a local branch of a global food relief organization at preparing meals for the don bus frontline, exxon is among them. 2 months ago, her son, his soldier with the people's republic of the guns, died from a sniper bullet in a battle for a village, helping others is how excited decided to help herself deal with the immense pain. tearing her apart. thorsten, yes, of course i'm relieved that it was an instant death. my son didn't have time to understand or feel anything that's according to the medical report, it's reassuring. it would be very scary if they were in pain and mother always worried about her children getting hurt. it was so cold in march this year. the
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guys were sitting in the trenches. i talked to the one did yesterday. they said to spend the night there in wasting water. naturally, we were worried about them being in the cold and in pain. we were reassured by the fact that they weren't in pain, was only coming here to get the body. but when they came a witness to pain and sorrow, and i realized that i have to do something about it here. and there is a lot to be done all across this war torn region with the humanitarian situation close to catastrophic people in towns and villages near the front line her in need of literally everything medicine, clothes, diapers, blend kids. thousands of tons of humanitarian aid. us send here every day to meet people's needs and to help ease their suffering. but there are a couple of essential things that are never enough of course, water and bread. these time the food goes to rubbish, nan battles for the town between the ukrainian army and the joint forces of russia
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. and though ganske republic made it hard for people to survive. these residents of rubies now lining for hot meals. the town is now relatively safe. it is totally under the control the russian forces, but it has been under for years fighting for many weeks. most of the locals left the city, sorry, but even more ascertain here, they have to stay because they have no place to go to. while food is important, access to madison seems to be and even more urgent, a life threatening need for so many people here. what do they do for them? we did the shoot. gotta fit in manila, could a little loop normally a wish with the worry 1000000 in your vehicle when the class with equivalent will be hung the killers with people are carrying lists of the medicines needed. so one to show how long the lists are there are lot of insulin dependent people, which is a problem. i don't know how to handle this,
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the charity effort exxon is here with is just one of many private and government relief initiatives in town. oh, okay. i said us these record your soil, especially long my supervisor will not allow my mom while we talk to local women. distant sounds of shelling a heard the front line has moved several kilometers away from the town. but the fight for the republics remaining territories will continue for yet some time than that turn you stand up for now this thursday, i'll be back with more of the stories affecting your world today in just over 30. do hope to catch you. ah ah
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ah ah what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very difficult time to sit down and talk with them with this with you, i guess with you, i'm with
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full credit. it's going to be out of wood from beach but still easier for the station, but it's in the board with a raw.


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