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ah there's usually no issue with . 6 with a, with there's no power, no heating in the town, houses are in ruins. uninhabitable. evacuation is under way, but it's not easy to get the elderly and disabled out how to do so,
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so forth. i spoke with my own personal job properties shown him now. mom was coach church, i'm with the boy b and i'm still here with a
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i just hope i'm done with with you. are you sure? sure. sure. yeah, you're more of a talk
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with somebody that would be about i'm i'm, i'm a little, i'm not sure which you lose your vendor by way. not something looks just a mom. you do it to me. it's way from learning to do the smallest. with somebody from g boerger e heads up right in the chin mcgee, just this is sort of just a more convenient you was there was a chauffeur, but i get a little bit of muscular skip. that should be much more problem a that i could be used with you my
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to politically muscle interest. this is just let me just tell you a couple of it is really love you when there's needs to be to do an initiative to do much attention. yes. when you can, could you say i'm doing that, but give me a call that you can remove from a machine. it doesn't show us. but if anyone spoke that of the machine attention mentioned in the in the in february 2015, the republic state issue reached an agreement with keep on the evacuation from develops of people were allowed to go to ukrainian control territory or to the
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donates were public to the city of genetic itself to both convoys arrived into both of us by law, the student, but the governor to bring that only store when they gave him that he did the but i said the butterfly malaysia also come to another korean. he vegas, show me that by me, essentially show to watch the we don't like to to the brain that would, we know centralize the whole 3 for thank you to, to do that. yes. can probably convenience. would you give me a call? you know, i will of, of much over mom. let's click on those and i will be one of the week after i eat cookies, which boil again, i got the windows and the good enough billamore not but shy would get loose worth doing
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a thought naturally spell cuts. it said this no symbol yet, and i'm singing it. allah things. can you, christina lasha to, to thought do you what that, what about that that would you put that if they take national, almost some movie, do official marsh don't look at that level. usually just fill out a legit which was shy, but sure my lad being you know, did you, did you know and you say i list that i hang up or somebody else i need capital or something but the most a listening this will cheats, partitioning and done nobody in the yeah, we shuttle to pick your brain ski my young because can you prescribe? and he gave us almost who would we chose to do it to deal with?
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what does that do? any good with that by then food stores were no longer operating in the city. the people tired of bombardments looting and endless mo pups spoke openly of the hatred of keith in the presence of ukrainian soldiers. a,
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a with, with a shy for us, i need a bunch with
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drug work with whether off of us and let me see if i can get with a, a, a blue it asia. when you bring it in watching your brain a force with
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good, with following a short rest by fighting with you of deliberating, goes the militia when for de belts of my brother, a geisha, so you don't want to miss what was your legislative virginia with a slow progress delaney was to i sickly. daniel's a was a full that school grad school a was to are usually a for you, for wish the militia occupied the village of little bit of where you crane in truth were based encountering scanner, resistance. and with a, with
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a showing or both of them super but suddenly you, this was to be the lower with lower status unit, which so little, but the city of the will close to the room to leave you where they are chip, or lisa bush. when you sort of jo, most girl was the words were still fresh mind if it was 3 to machine of give you the word it's ah, need to come to the russian state. total narrative. i've stayed as i'm phone and the most sense gave us a group in the 55
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with will ban in the european union, the kremlin. yup. machine. the state on russia for date and our t spoke neck, given our video agency, roughly all band to on youtube with me. ah
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ah, the ukranian as though battalion like many ukrainian service men frequency today that the army command did nothing to defend the positions hell. the dog could integrate commando in your post a neutral and you go a book, you know, on your machine you give to my to not by law allergy which more on board argument to puzzle. so it, so i think we were seeing me and what do you see via shania
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snail still mark them on a bad case. jackson, you go for where you left would be at the word there's yes. what sort of the shower would be in or just what you see him with both with territory that so recently it looked like an ideal spring board for no tenant on logan's content that was extremely challenging for the ukrainian army. they barely had time to get that wounded down to the city. a
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job working with . oh, i guess with the ukranian troops found themselves surrounded. the militia had cut off the main roads, and so they had to flee across open fields. or draw a div refusal to acknowledge the circle and added to the ukrainian armies
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dire situation. this position was essential to the ukrainian president, but that moment was negotiating a peace settlement. immense as he was about to sign or a shanker was banking on the banks of a coming under the ukrainian armies controls. intrusive last the city, the ukraine commanded left there. so it is in the lurch. ah, what would you like for me to send you out of state stossel and material to prove no numbers left or no partial for menial brochures? machine social gear. so that your students, they only for the solar solution which was puzzled, usable, especially shebang reasonable prestige. dark or need your i'm not to you or is yoga you both on what that you from news pick a piece of interest in shuffling prerequisite is to complete the comparisons. sufficient worship fishing means the other must have. yeah. but i shouldn't get the system and he was
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a retired ukrainian senior sergeant contemplates portraits of those who died during the confrontation with the ukrainian military. it's only now that he can tell the truth, leaving about of the ukrainian army followed a scorched earth policy. they deliberately destroyed critical infrastructure. soldiers threw up railway trunks, and artillery constantly show the city senior advice of kay per our national west naples city is doing the switch. pretty good. the issue, but then you only you have to worry about the kids that are killing me. throw gun. yes. but you know which i and the girl, but then we're still here but that here for hours, but i'm able go are you going me through the yellow. are you sure. number 30, you talk really still, we still got order for this is a, you know,
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she and i knew you saw me on the you know, the situation progressed earlier, but nobody more knew for sure. yeah. yeah. good. 3 of the label bones came up from where they were saying years or another. all the advisor will walk for near on the come on and you what it was on the feel you on the dish, those to me more in the loop you put them are still not usually lose your booking later, but they buy a new pretty good also when you want to me, we want to get the it's a problem. it's only got enough people should move all at the actual solution.
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which of those are doing through this one soon was what i was wondering about the one that she would just charge for what i would look for a study, you presume? so it's in your grade book with you on next to. so i'm not sure of that, but still me doing a doing dalia sneak was that you guys need to feel would be me a blow. neither ship junior, who groups used to commotion, but the wireless on the go go are still when you will. only be on a court is the worst, so not me and broke up before. and you as the usual money smuggler would just give us a low speed which you know well,
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did you bring up the muscle if you just you know what? it was a little, sheila mechanical smell on the receipt of typical cook. and you still get optional if every 2015 militia groups take control of de bumps of it's now them who are more of the city where you want to go to the school house or the vision which are the way you relation for the city. with that, with that it is a pull for the little structured is she let us you wish that she's to ah
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or what was your thoughts on look at the lead time. so business. yeah. well what do you think i do, but they thank you. you know, but on your smart book, who are you in this, you know, because you've been why do you wash or not was upset you was that no, i mean that i bought it, that it's a pleasure in selling ukrainian food didn't make it out of the city and well hiding in basements and i takes but days. others trying to resist studio or to store run. i went to respond to the phone family. a bunch of
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legal persona follows from keys for we've heard this little door bunker. are you making feel dark for really do you want to look at our school to look a little over a 1000 in it was evident that the ukrainian army units quit the city in a panic, leaving equipment, uniforms and guns behind. she thought that the initial people in your phone company would about them. but if you wanted to give us hold up and would love to meet
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with them or any support on a form issue for us to run the last move we do, especially when they have and if someone could please, can you just quit or even if it would take the monthly payment and you could put the club local machine to do it on the wall or play them or they got the list of steel a for a 3rd with they could didn't because some credits from no one. so we just, muff whatever. but just the mission is nice later than we get the premium. they are all the other stuff, but the most or on there for much mature and, you know, but the more social they get, nick the last from the pro, seamlessly, the kid thrush and he's like,
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of colors run through the middle of all of you so much for letting me use just a little while to keep the money 1000000 girl lord live the month. so we'll go and hear below cards from school. and when you get a new church, nero's in religion under was the that those look when she was mom with i don't that. but if you just got what the petition is similar, i'm sure it's screens. could you say that the union doesn't go with the
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south machine? you're supposed to get them loose, that you will stop conflict in the, in the police? did you buy a car? you know, some have a blessed, blessed and you settled the much needed for students with the but i didn't social skew when she found that dish and they chose to come on the customer on the eve and the money and what car me me ah,
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i bought them with with you, i'm with
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b o a ah ah .
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with headline stories this our rushes foreign ministry say the country will be forced to retaliate with military measures if finland follows through with this plan to join nato also ahead. which room is sent to the western sanctions are revoking a global crisis in many ways of we are already seen them a sharp rise of inflation rates which have reached 20 percent in some countries. vladimir putin face the west is heading for an economic disaster due to that backlash of sanctions against moscow. while ukraine and to europe rose by suspending russian gallon drums it through a key.


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