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[000:00:00;00] ah, yes she does that he's a writer still green either use this term on a posterior composites. if the yearbook we need to give will up merely if you do that you lost it from when you so you don't want to hook up when you're gone. this certainly agree with tom on that because all emilia, with low grade, got a really steel thought visit. you'll not. when will she with? of course, why he will not be me. throw you way now on frederick is stein you way now. she she away. not. i will be can we the key only a some way grandma me, he 3. lastly the new school choice. you're not winning, you come daniel. boy no at the bill of the session. a stronger solution but the
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most to seek parkway each. it will not, the key is a family cook is dear and you never started. a december 2013 the los peaceful year and the history of the united ukraine is coming to an end the year. and my dance movement is gaining momentum into protests. are prompted by the government's decision to suspend the signing of the association agreement with the european union. dorothea olive marshall. lucky you might do. you'll see here for just your race paper. yeah. ah let y'all actually can always cook or a fishy one. the book we may don't ever show up at below. celia carrillo,
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she went up. number tom, yo, yo, a store a us, the cheney, kimberly over you are still. but if you can go today is to let that little i was sent to my daughter. i mean, i knew bullets initially. i knew 1000000 a, but it will see it already. so i don't jack. so i don't know if he's still in with your machine for the if there's are some of the going from eastern then?
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yes. cub bonus really at the school, my, when i doesn't bicycle dice, just because i don't look go anywhere long. some units of course, sure someone was just sitting there. i mean, you was reason knowing the, as a new mile said, you know, both language trash humor won't stop ducks because on random document release from a joint notion of law. my me, i'm not show up here 6, i'm we g, g, i bill your items either from last couple us longest version that you there as your company or the most about your to you on the production. and that was still getting the for th, can you believe me, jacob border, we're going to show movies or is it the worst of with us? i use of just giving was daniel or the new number, you will get a couple of units of cs. griffin was up with me, so the other one you still with mary, i'm not gonna use the grades which started and you'll be, what is the metes with fever will be on your criteria. the way you did that when
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you want to share in mind, done lowest to fill in the graph, just because there are some new clothes and some probably goes on a shilling. you're getting the blow grains of sure no one isn't sure. and when you, when it was a nice boy and your wife isn't showing leaders and rank and file members of nationalist organizations admit they had been preparing for violent st. riots long before the protests and gulf key lee. but supposedly it to be live in a furnished, gotta have that put that out. the green, the number of hours he has to lift and lose, but i don't much cool acumen will grow green school or not. so we did this when actually born into, so i just thought it was green,
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which had the williams come all the summer. not really off at garden, as a warm boy on commission. yes, i told him to put on your response to live. so you install the addition in solar layer given the window could keep from william if you had a key to stay on the low scheme for money seals, e noise. marsha napoleon bu a may include your e record to greenly view up only, but i'm still not able to further move list. some of the children actually put us the edge of less, don't put it in the still in the proceeds, give me
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a call. and then i for fashion with a book, but even the chests up of the border with that, the big molecule that us dollar dealership can look at my to you. i did the with virginia, we study us with that or participant a, she knew also be a snowball stock. i would them boss of justice to bluffton losing each, unless
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a mom must use lucia mass nation. unique of which he just need you to support what disease moves that he's looking. so, but obviously if you sophie should julia so, but i just, i'm i value michelle was, gretchen, when did you try to was reasoning? webpage vehicle dumbly cheat will dominate the coolness. girl, you all know that will be do mushroom studio, e will. did that, and your switch is, sheena was michelle. it had a oil opportunity, shitoria, residential in reynold. we missed that those 2 night useful to optional was troy. deliciously was from police to keep us they had left will not she let us back with you go so crane, let the moorland las janet go on, but i wish only to go on it or should i just need it from wish i see i just received a quiz. totally studies just came in. i don't do it in adults communicate this
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week. is that about the what is union with the boy that would flag a so we chose to brainstorm drip out because of where we was at. i bought them, we mean probably will priced on years up on the credit because you didn't, you didn't get to them with the use of can pull to mccoy if it wasn't for sure. john mitchell, by discourse was widely with the engine. why don't you bring your point of view with those because the worst possible done when you're more christian, you buy your product key for a low promotion, less for you boys. when you, when you do business with you for a mass to live, you just with the scratch. wally, east. michelle. a little juice lane down. lynch. my down a little going to be will be g h a governance co conflict from mr. what to call
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the store and you guys be watching right to play a little if you feel a little like this isn't really a little do if that show you spoke globe, you put them to, to sell a new book, but you will see on yes, but he'd say, i spoke with you to do it, but it just got it and thought, see
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a, i lose enough. all of them with world is with you. america is with you. i'm with we believe there is activity in this was up. i believe i need to keep us fully leisure and was calling us from going to schedule my land on record. sure. cuz always lonia question more when you get a minute. sure. or switch your they put your discounts in the initial but almost to shoot. first one is
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a sub with the counselors to produce goes up. ah the at the liquid you blow me of them. yes, but almost a minion. lee. when you talk a cook, tell you more toy shop what they've told in you, joe cars, toys that you buy, so safety, you will send you a new space on the media. so ma'am conflict, thursday sales team is key. what was totally new or just blue shirts for the exporting horse go with the whole little plan for bloodstream. would you to wait for steve graham of creation when used cars all shuttle with a solid eugene machine?
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i lose my benefits. i was in car to look, i said she did not, especially with a soup on the glass. rachel said, be external with ah, a today. foreign companies acquitting russia visitations open atm card, blantan banks, disconnected from the internet. you know, donna and euro exchange rates follow up on a journal article more so. so carbon would know what the committee met there was
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was in russian business overcome this song. see, near i bought italy nasty to huddle. she instrument suitable. what i see, i put themselves when you go, when you with my, i'm going to sleep now, but i, she's a numbness. listen to the school. so a delusion with that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to place trust rather than a social intelligence real. somebody with a robot must protect his phone existence
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with ah you cut out literally in what happened with order in order ocean come, reduce your number down your bush multiple don't do much like to pull so sure. the blue process, the yan yan, yoko drink, improve. well done much release to salt. i mean in the home from school,
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i was just go to release for new multiple trust her principal to chose fall. nobody called but i'm still still play with them or do you lose? you thought somebody put a book, the one on 100, you know, so you look on precision you. this was them shows high quality about a couple of properties right here we work with. here we go to the radicalization of my down is proceeding apace barricades appearing all over central keys. my dan, self defense activists, seize and control government buildings. confrontations with the police. a new mir skirmishes any more real battles, arranging in the city streets, protested wheels, iron bars, improvised batten's, stones, and stacks of molotov cocktails. i had
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a with, ah, journalist ruslan cut saba covered the events on my down in 2014. he saw what was happening in the center of cape with his own eyes and is still trying to understand who was interested in keeping my down going. and why is this a, would you go to it or would you mind if you are in seattle now? you, if they didn't get pretty young of thomas it hooked up with you really got hope. cookie cutter. you took him though. oh,
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that was why my supers neither was what it was. it brought me if you miss i'm is, is really beside me to bring this money breath away. but between the awesome of short, a history of mr. sla, for the says social is through to said no abuse of the water. the one of the more dinner, more jojo harsh come from cuz i'm over. i'm a hollywood. i'm hopeless. oh i see i'm with. 6 a bush, i'm coming to an uber not got us washington gopro, chicago, a postal 20th on the webpage and jump way me all you only did was sugarland. yep. yeah. la. oh, can i? yeah. alex on dakota kosky was one of the commanders of the ukrainian security
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services alpha group and jeanette's. he was regularly sent to keep on detach service and was well aware of the situation in the protest, written streets by february 2014. the situation on my dad had to escalated seriously from albany. me over there also i was in was doing a nothing about bringing up a new giving you a new molly grapes. it's almost more than the holistic with the phone and you've been with you both. good. well, it will be problem. yeah. because of you see the model from that is name which is little the moment we shifted to the maybe they got a number of them through some blur. lockwood and you are the super. she was still negative level of some of the probably of my vision up to the movies, your super lawyer. and you mentioned that you said when, but he bought them google chrome. you do that, you would get them. but once you go mutual, so when you have
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a choices here we go for a couple of them which will much we could keep them guilty to a proposal, but yeah, we do work with just a boy at the promotional, but i'm still e. so just a little chip on my dish, we don't deal up those serials and still communion with them. i just returned with someone to quote me on with our nash terms forward for
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some rest for children and show us about bug you might lose. you said be external solution like issue or problem, but i don't know what's up to watch just local sto carrillo. and by noon we shall ish with shut q g. so with a needle support, i know, but just to shut down going partial, i'm probably out as a new student or leave me a good choice renewal i did last year of school. quite a ways total 1000000 is a bunch of stores you use a jo museum, me yesterday chef can choice this report interesting little when you got on your lamp, all those studies you can you look, look,
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what could you bravo, b. as opposed to marcia grier ski. but you would, you, she, you know, guys, you clue g. those did believe it on my don tomblin onto my done it, but i you know, to shut up just me a body of the most affordable i don't even when you might before the thought of the movie. get a good. just go with people double folk, lavinia look a diesel, the america. let's go to what that was yesterday. i was it's, i know i got up. i'm with calcium quite a little green. when we get both boy, you know what you think talked about before the new fish just even goes? yes. was she them the pretty getting the a stroke. it video me as the if a,
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with a kiddos in the middle school. oh a ask, i will look it up. let's go across up on y'all are still a sequential. so the, the, i'm not sure that i will stop and help much talk about on the plan that you have an idea, but could you clean up for once i give, would you by we gesture, key nose up on that. let's look at move. seals are you still a valid us with the, with your sense akila,
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a yellowish bushel and all still kept as you'd say. but the cell sequestering yet no subsidize at the civil schwinney police out here besides us reason younger issue, digital friendly and i'm just request to get worse. going to deal with that music or with some stuff is still school as a cultural issue go spoke with debbie. she is not the most cousin store greens come or what the national lab numbers i'm she will call simple machine. yeah. she's a model music. yep. i see via got the property of the new cleans cusick. i'm bill florida. i would she still a go for and you come to us with novels communicate with each other. my name is emma flushing slash. i'm assuming you spoke when they use it for our school. why wouldn't you build it up mostly not going school. we started that
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kind of that was appointed to stall is good, but steve does not say she was on national for the more i use cuz i just love you whirlpool nominalism. i'm watching this, i use life. i see it with you should continue to be able to say use what from that will to put the post to place you a few questions. michelle was michelle, which is tina oh, do you person you've been normal whiskey as well as for some are going towards 1st news off and then you go switches to talk to comment on your own deals. a lot of these. so i think the yellow shield the dental for a fee will not work. usually whiskey shows you with a can you would you like me to leave garza with it there. so boom
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would settle on a well masters up locating a pretty song bias here at the cross go to the post on and you computer when us i was told to capital interest agility and was up when you took him to shoot a disc, the missile? sure. folk is sure he is there to found up what you all know. bella is plugged in with them. you will see user accounts up if the cable went on the phone with somebody to keep us slow them to see the skier, those or later will. so this forms for, or you will look at the should elegance from reflected or all the way forward empty law will be just
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a new president. i mentioned you mm . with a a report to stay up inpatient
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with her with a g as in yet? did you want to walk? see yeah. i was oh, when i was showing wrong when oh, just
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a safe out. becomes the advocate and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah. ah, ah, ah. ah ah with so ah
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it with a with a headline stories this our rushes foreign ministry say the country will be forced to retaliate with military measures if finland follows through with this plan to join nato also ahead with some to the western sanctions are revoking a global crisis in many ways, we are already seeing a sharp rise of inflation rates,
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which have reached 20 percent in some countries. vladimir putin and say the west is heading for an economic disaster due to the fact loss of sanctions against moscow. while ukraine adds to europe rose by suspending russian gallon drums it through a key. a former french soldier ruffled western media by claiming he saw ukraine's


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