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[000:00:00;00] ah, can we see the forces entrenched in this building striking at the positions of the ukrainian groupings inside the still plant? here we are 50 meters from the factory where the russian military is intensively shelling it because of the movements of the ukrainian forces inside of the correspondent report from the ground. demario poll as a russian underneath military forces continue to fight the hours of steel plants. despite jo biden's pledge to curb spiraling inflation, the u. s. consumer prices continue to rise less not stopping washington from spending big on ukraine with russia threatens retaliatory steps if neighboring finland joins nato. but hell think it in system must apply without delay. after
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moscow went to war with ukraine and investigations and launched in latvia against people who protested. after all, thirties used a bulldozer to remove flowers from a soviet monument in the capitol, falling victory date commemorations ah, committee, alive from our headquarters here in moscow, you're watching our t international. my name is peter scott, and we start this out with the latest developments from ukraine. according to the russian defense ministry, more than 19000 people were evacuated from high risk areas of ukraine in the dom bus republic. the ministry also claimed the russian army is ready to open new monetary corridors, including for the evacuation of civilians to other countries. the supply of electricity has been restored to some parts of new full bush and at different systems destroyed. 6 ukrainian drones near the russian ukrainian border and also according to the ministry u. s. made counter artillery re doing car curve was destroyed. you and human rights
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counselors adopted resolution to investigate russia's a legit human rights violations in ukraine. meanwhile, the deputy permanent representative of russia to the un said the russian position on ukraine's a session to the european union has changed and is now similar to the position on ukraine's the session to nato. russia has requested a un security council meeting on us biological activities in ukraine, on fighting is still continuing the as of steel plants in multiple, as a correspondent from our sister channel t. arabic reports. that yeah, this is how the our still plant looks from the nearest point we can get to fighting continues against the positions of the ukrainian armed forces and the as old battalion after that refusal to lay down their arms and exit through humanitarian corridors. we have to cross 50 meters, according to the order of the troops stationed here, to open fire on any suspicious movement of the enemy inside the plant. only there you can pass, go to the border, shall still land here,
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follow that path. then you will come out on the road this local to it, following the russian military strictly to get through the mind areas. we approach the prompt from the other side to resume the operation to pursue the ukrainian military trying to change their positions. i got another. here we see the forces entrenched in this building, striking at the positions of the ukrainian groupings inside the have a still plant. here we are 50 meters from the factory where the russian military is intensively shelling it because of the movements of the ukrainian forces inside of the heel or the home to set up the troops of the dentist republic with a supportive russian forces, a monitoring all the movements of ukrainian groupings inside the plum, ukrainian se dave last hope, the supplies from broad, they still continue to fight to work with the troops stationed in the vicinity of the plant, confirm that the ukrainian forces and the extremist hands of italian that are inside constantly changed their positions using a complex network of tunnels. this is reaffirmed by the appearance of new firing
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points from time to time. they know what, how some of our job i didn't facing increasing flight gets home over the perceived failings, to get surging inflation and the control across the country. and with our bridge, americans feeling the pensioner pockets. they're pointing the finger of blame straight to the president ortiz kennimore in reports, new york. the economic data. this point is not good. the numbers indicate that the consumer price index shows that inflation moved to had at the rate of 8.3 percent in april. now that is the highest rate of inflation the united states has had since the 1970 the 40 year high. in addition to that, we also have the rate of household debt in the united states, increasing 16 trillion dollars are owed. and the new york federal reserve says that consumer demand is decreasing. people simply don't have the money to keep buying at the rate they're buying,
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even if they continue to go into debt. so these numbers are quite bad. here's what joe biden has to say about what's to blame. there are 2 leading causes of inflation we're seeing today. the 1st cause of inflation is a once in a century pandemic, an issue. we have a 2nd cause, a 2nd cause. mr. prudence war in ukraine. you saw, we saw in march that 60 percent of inflation that month was due to price increases at the pump for gasoline. well, some americans are looking for yet another cause. they say that it's joe biden himself, that is responsible, and that mismanagement from his administration is causing american families to face this squeeze of rising gas prices. ready rising food prices rising rates of debt, et cetera. now, the polls indicate that jo biden's client. this is all just simply devolve to the pandemic simply the fault of russia has nothing to do with him. that actually
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doesn't seem to be bought very widely in the united states. 39 percent of americans approve of joe by far less than half or less than 40 percent, where it's at 39 percent approval rating for joe biden. quite low numbers. joe biden seems to insist that these hard economic times are just the things americans have to accept because of the confrontation with russia. but a lot of americans just don't seem to be buying it. not a good day for the biden administration, rising unrest among americans and people are looking ahead. those mid term elections set for november when a new congress will be elected for washington, d. c. ready and despite economic loads, home the u. s. has been dishing out billions and relief on the to a country on the other side of the globe wants to this may of some hard hits. american citizens now is the lead to accusations that washington is putting america last about. the arguments of republican senator run poll, reposes a new $40000000000.00 u. s. a package for ukraine, the privilege which has been delayed. and so next week we cannot save ukraine by
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dooming the u. s. economy. americans are feeling the pain. and congress seems intent only on adding to that pain by shoveling more money out the door as fast as they can not abide in ministration plans to send yet more money to ukraine. the white house itself, our knowledge, is that according to the plans, the vast majority of the new package will go on the purchase of weaponry and other military assets ortiz, rachel blevins, has more politicians are supposed to represent the people who elect them and put their interest 1st, but many us lawmakers appear to be promoting the interest of an entirely different country. i think all agree, the most important thing going on in the world right now is the war in ukraine. while americans may not be taking to the streets to approach as they are voicing their frustrations on social media with some questioning why us politicians are voting with americans in mind. they got money for wars,
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but can't feed the poor. no matter how bad things may seem, we can always count on our government to have an extra multi 1000000000 dollar check laying around to prolong a war on the other side of the planet. for those who are concerned about the actions of their elected representatives, how figure nancy pelosi suggest taking a sort of biblical approach. so when you're home thinking, what is this all about? just think about when i was hungry, you fed me in the gospel of matthew. okay, but in this case, who is feeding americans and more specifically, their children more than 10000 georgia across the country are reporting shortages of baby formula with 6 states saying that more than half of their supply is out of stock. all of this as prices continue to store with reports from april, showing that inflation in the u. s. remains at 40 year high. domestically in the us, the march inflation reports show that food prices for home consumption were up 10
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percent year over year. that's the largest increase we've seen a know or a 40 year period. those storing prices for some america as your move out and major cities in search of more affordable life. while it was just weeks ago, the biden warned of a global food crisis, he announced new sanctions against russia. here in the us, food shortages have started to become a reality as food things across the country report increased demand from the americans who can't afford the prices at the grocery store. and it's not just the us in the u. k. a recent study found more than 2000000 adult say they can't afford to eat every day. the prices continue to store with even the bank of england predicting that inflation will hit 10 percent this year. meanwhile, prince charles, adjust the crisis while lavishly sitting on a golden throne in the golden room with lots of golden accessories and managed his government's priority is to grow and strength from the economy and help ease the
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cost of living for families. the u. k is also following in the footsteps of its american allies with prime minister boris johnson, boasting about sending 450000000 pounds of tax payers money to ukraine. the opposition was quick to call him out, to out of pocket to meet the challenges of the moment too tired to browse the opportunities of the future. that time has passed. so is western politicians continue to go above and beyond for ukraine, while their own people sing deeper into crisis? they're making it crystal clear, just what their top priorities are and what they think they can get away with, while still keeping their coveted political titles in washington, rachel blevins r t then says it's likely to apply for nato membership quotes without delay with neighboring suite and expected to follow suit for decades to confuse followed a non alignment military policy. vinland for its part shows along border with russia. moscow says he would see finished membership of nato as
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a threat and as warned of retaliatory steps. the statement by the president of finland is a radical change in the country's foreign policy. either russia's assurances about the absence of any hostile intentions towards finland, nor the long history of good neighborly and mutually beneficial cooperation between our countries have convinced helsinki of the advantages of maintaining a course of military non alignment. finland's succession to nato will cause serious damage to bilateral russian finish relations and also the stability and security of the northern european region. prussia will be forced to take retaliatory steps, both military, technical and other, in order to stop the threats to its national security. arising in this regard. now, nathan was expansion was one of the red lines which was emphasized by russia prior to the ukraine conflicts. and despite alleged promises from nato buck in the 1990, that he wouldn't leave another in eastwood. the book has been steadily expanding in recent decades. the school analyst alexander pottage,
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believes that finland's admission would mean the country would have to militarize after decades long neutrality. i think as things stand finland and sweden will try to enter nato without asking their citizens, which is not. of course, a precedent. it's been done before. nato has expanded several times now and more often than not, they did mask their citizens about what they thought. now there is hope that at least some of the nato countries will see the folly and this and vote against both fin, sleeping, joining nato, and there are indications that it could happen are just in our neighborhood. the president of croatia has threatened that croatia would veto, are the admission of any new members of nato until the
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croatian odd demands are satisfied in boston. here to go in. there may be more countries like that as well. we'll see. but this is definitely something that will ruin. i think the lifestyle that both finish and sweetest citizens have grown accustomed to no, no more peaceful coexistence with their neighbor. they will have to militarize. they will have a nuclear arm super power at their border. not happy with their military policy. i think they will live to regret even that, you know, war hopefully never breaks out, but detention will be there. ukraine is why didn't and it's cry done on those voicing support for russia in the conflict. the parliament has adopted a new law that will pave the way for authorities to confiscate that property with all the details. his teeth, maria phenomena, the bill that ukraine's parliament has passed allows seizure of property and assets of all those individuals or legal entities whose actions the bill says, pose
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a threat to ukraine's national security sovereignty or territorial integrity based only on chord decision. but in fact, as the read as speaker put it, it is about all those who sympathize with russia, who support russia's special military operation here on the ground. all these people are now under sanctions and in danger. these bills, yet another step in a series of efforts by key of aimed at suppress in any form of support for russia, and is a direct attack on freedom of speech and thought earlier in march, the countries national security and defense council suspended the activities of all pro russian political parties, at least 10 of them with the countries rado parliament later in may, banning their activities completely. plus, there is a number of cases when those who have ever expressed any pro russian sentiment or criticism against kiev have mysteriously disappeared, got arrested, or even found dead, like
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a mayor of one town here in people's republic of lu ganske, who, when the town was under the ukrainian control called on negotiating with the russian military. he was found dead shortly after he initiated these talks order. participant in the russian ukrainian peace talks on key of side. he was also killed . and there is a number of cases when you created intellectuals, writers, bloggers, political commentators, and singer, is among them god arrested by the country security council and reportedly tortured . so this which haunt has been in ukraine for years. but we can say that in the last months, 8 has reached an alarm and, and have been frightening scale civil rights lawyer, robert patillo fears such actions will only prolong the conflicts of your ukrainian or you, for as press any pro russian or any something's or even understanding what the
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russian special operation is, they are in the eastern part of ukraine, the any, any disagreement, what the 1st in line from the government is, can result you losing every part of you, of everything that you work for. and we don't know how far this will go start the conversation property. it could turn into the rounding up imprisonment of pro russian quote unquote, individuals their new ukraine military tribunals or even concentration camps. but what we've seen over the course of the past decade have been efforts by the ukranian government at the house to the west, to remove russian. any russian connection from the ukraine, which on 2012, the russian language law went into effect that ought to take away to be used the restroom language and official documents with all the expansion of this in 2019, and even in 2021. so i think that is a part of the continued whenever, by the premium government, to expand this conflict in the hopes of drawing in western nations to make this a broader conflict. but it's been clear. policy is a lengthy government to try to direct the russian. i much of ukraine,
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i think this is, was talking much of these tensions, investigations have been launched in law the after protest of the monument, the soviet soldiers in the capital. so people gathered after being outraged by the removal of flowers laid in honor of this week's victory de commemorations. one of the cases was brought against the young man who has seen them with the russian flag and is now apparently accused of justifying genocide and crimes against humanity. my little latvian police chief has announced that some officers will be psyched after accusing them of being too soft during this week's protests. moreover, the lobby in parliament has now approved the demolition of a monument to the liberators of rega, a move condemned by the russian foreign ministry with another protest expected to take place later on. friday,
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police have been told to show as 0 tolerance to the demonstrators. the incidents unravelled after all, authorities used bulldoze is declared that may the 9th day to day on a vertical limitation. that locus brought the monuments in response to locals, brought even more flowers to the sides with police than completely blocking off the area. reagan has been one of the most vocal critics of moscow's actions in ukraine and political analyst. nicholas mccovie believes, attempting to tackle such issues by removing monuments is futile. this is like some sort of a desire to rewrite history of european nations and destroying monuments is tantamount to fascism and it looks funny. mm. it was, it was about, it was, was about strong fascism. and this is crazy because it's going all across western europe today as a for destroying monuments would solve the situation in ukraine. it's ridiculous. this is exactly why we fought against fascism in our system. this is what happened
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right before the 2nd world war were in germany early and other places in europe and even the world people are here point jews because they were jews and they were supposed to be responsible for all of the everything she's going back. we're experiencing the same scenario today except that the jews have been replaced by russians. it's to hatred behind this and it's still that is extremely bad. and we have to contend this. you cannot say that one person is responsible for all the bad deeds on this earth. and this is what destroying monuments, and this is what the current narrative in the west is going to lead to in the news. a huge by its been taken out of apple with a type jain losing its crown as the world's most valuable firm. only this year became the 1st company to hit the 3 trillion dollar mark. what's his value has since fallen nearly 20 percent. the oil giant saudi around co now said, so the top of the tree, or i'm goes, says jones, almost 30 percent since january,
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with market capitalization climbing to $2.00 trillion dollars in margin of the world's largest oil exposing company reported its full year profits last year, more than double due to sewing oil prices and compare that for the i for make a sales which have been hit by the supply chain crisis and u. s. central bank policies. let's get the take on all this now in speech of invoke the former vice chair delivered, sorry, national committee carry hyacinth indicates it radios of harrison's reality check and dr. jack rasmus, professor of economics and politics at st. mary's college of california. gentlemen, welcome bye, much to the international. thank you for joining us and jack, i'm going to start with you. if you don't mind not take advantage of us more than one trillion dollars over the last 3 days. are we seeing a burst of the table, or is this just a template, a temporary glitch? well, it's probably not temporary or probably intermediate trend going on here. you know, investors go, we're
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a prices and profits are rising and with the global supply contraction or a stabilization of supply in oil prices will keep rising. you know, saudi doesn't want to pump more oil need to do other countries in new american oil companies. and then you've got the sanctions on top of that and all of that seems not a short term trend. it will be an intermediate term lease, so profits and prices keep going up and oil. then you compare it to what's going on with tech, which is contracting. now i think tank is going to be in a recession fairly soon here and of course, so we're tank goes apples going to have to go even now it's one of the more profitable companies, a global supply chains and problems with, you know, raw materials needed, chip chip semiconductor problems, all of that portends or a lack of continued price increase in sales in tech versus of course, just the opposite. when you're going out, oreo opec. solve in. would you agree with jack?
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you not surprised that apple has been dethroned by no giant given the current climbed the current crisis. i mean, if you create a shortage both through sanctions, if there is an additional shortage crated through infrastructure destroying an oil, and you can create an increase in demand. both through for military, non military reason them of course, the price of something is going to go up. i don't think that that tech is going to as a, as a sector itself. be an immediate medium turn to term shrink. i think what you're going to see is a lot of rearranging. so apple, as an example, has deeply adopted cancel culture. while other tech companies have not done a google apple. the 2 biggest one certainly have. and so other tech companies that refuse cancel culture that refuse woke as them now see a big, huge opportunity where they can expand their entertainment communication, social media, you name it. so i don't think that tech as a whole is going to shrink. i think for example, twitter is going to,
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going to grow thanks to it, to you on most, taking it over. but, but i mean the in terms of oil. yeah, of course if you create a shortage is applied an increase in demand. the price is going to go up, carry what you will take on this. um, how much do you think is the push for a global bond on russian oil impacts at the markets environment? oh, looks like we have a bit of a sound carrie. i'm sorry. i'm afraid i can't hear you. that is everything. oh, there we go. oh yeah, that's better. that's better. there we go. sorry about that. i said big li, as the former president would say, i can't read it alternately. well, i'm hoping you're hearing me now. i can. yes. okay, great. what i was saying is the giant mastodon in the middle, the room with a lot of hair and teeth, happens to be the fact that climate change is something that the people of earth
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are very concerned about. and now we have oil taking over where exxon, i mean, beating out netflix is down 73 percent. why? because exactly as you point out, these tensions geopolitical tensions have forced oil to go way up while all of us are looking to survive simultaneously in the us with inflation being as high as it is. people can't afford and won't be able to afford the luxury items like i phones i pads even apple plus streaming. netflix as they keep raising the price as inflation keeps going up. so what are people forced to do? food, water, shelter, built, and gasoline also known as oil and petroleum. so that's where we're standing right now. what will the future bring a, i is not going away. technology is never going away. it's expanding exponentially. it just depends how we want to view it, and i believe the other guys set it nicely. it's just going to reshuffle the deck of who the big players will be. jack, what's, what's your take on this? do you think? is there anything symbolic? the toilet overtaken?
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technology, or do you think it's just a 10 progression, we will see a re shuffling of the deck and also our be made an interesting point that was awful . in his view adopted a more woke strategy. do you think that this is also affects in your take join for the moment? no, i don't think that's an effect. it depends how you define tech. you know, if you want to define it as the big fangs. what you got is look at the nasdaq market. i mean, it's contracting dramatically here. it's almost bare territory. a lot of these companies are coming in with earnings that aren't very good at to some extent it's is demand related, but it's also supply problems. the sort of forecast that the, you know, the earnings are, are going to continue to go in the direction they have been and tech has been in the kind of a bubble during the covered period. so it's already too high of appreciation and price ratios here. so i don't really think the francs are going to contract here. well, not negative, maybe slower growth,
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but they're not going to be the high flyers that they were. and yeah, you got a, i coming around the corner and those bills companies haven't really been defined yet, but we're still there early stages of a i. and if that's the next way in which it maybe it's not here yet. so the next couple years, i think you're going to continue to see the nasdaq, to perform very weekly. and the, the big, big 5 or 6 companies, you know, at different points in time, are going to slow in terms of their stock appreciation and earnings. of it, would you agree with others only matter, simon? until tech comes back. i mean, up was last turned in $20000000000.00 off his market value, but i'm surely must be just a drop in the, the ocean for, for such a big tech company. i think i think you're actually you're seeing that re shuffling happen at really just lightning speed. so as an example, google gets a lot of money and apple gets
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a lot of money from advertising and they are turning away. conservative ads are turning away ads that disagree with their viewpoint. those advertising dollars aren't vanishing. they're being, they're advertising on doug go. they're even advertising on being. i mean, they're advertising and other with other tech giants. so this re shuffling isn't like, isn't just, you know, people can't afford to advertise, is that they, they're advertising or literally being turned away because they don't fall in line with that woke mindset. and the problem is when it comes to advertising, when it comes to entertainment, you're dealing with deeper truths. what people actually want. now, what they just say to other people, they want, what they actually believe, not just what they say to other people, they believe. so i do believe that that you will see a big you that you are right now seeing a re shuffling in tech and that the, that the stock market. nasdaq in particular, is figuring that out is in the process of re shuffling. it's in the process of figuring out what tech is growing, what tech is shrinking, you know, which vision is right, which vision is which, which vision that is,
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is obsolete. and so i think you're going to see that that think you are seeing that happening right now. kerry go what she'll take? well, i think we would do well to remember in hard economic times what people do. one of the biggest sellers is health and beauty and wellness, entertainment. what else can you do? make babies. that's what happens when people have no more money. tech is going to explode in brand new, different ways. it's false to claim that a i is not here. the last time you called your phone company, your cable company or any utility, you get a, i press 5. what do you want to talk about? we'll connect you. it's all a i, it is absolutely ubiquitous. it is alive and well plus cyber security. that is one of the huge places. so maybe a lot of the investment, a lot of the rise up if you want to say that would be in the government sector
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where they're going to be having no bid contracts with giant companies. mormons own miles and miles square miles of giant facilities that do nothing but harbor data store data. every j peg, you download every song you like every text message you send on your phone. this is government data and all governments storing data. why did elan must by twitter not so he could tweet what all billionaires do. they buy newspapers, tv stations, whether it's rupert murdoch or anybody else, they buy data, they buy who you are, what you like, what you don't like and how much of it. and that's always going to be the bottom line gentlemen, our favorite, we're running short on time, but i'd like to ask the following question. so all of you, if you give your opinion about maybe 20 seconds of seconds or so, to what extent deeply the current financial and economic crisis has being caused by russia going to war with ukraine. always it bounce up in any way at some point, jack, if you wouldn't mind. yeah. well,
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i think it's accelerated in exacerbated it. the trends were already there. i think we're moving in that direction of a recession and eventually a financial instability following that. but clearly it's accelerated that and you can see it growing concerned about financial assets, deflation going on and know, will the crypto a crisis crash year spill over into other asset classes and you know, the increasing worry about that junk bonds are flowing out of money flowing out of junk bonds in the funds and so forth. so i think it's accelerated, the whole process that was already drifting in that direction of a. what do you think? i think that the war and ukraine has certainly increased the price of oil and there's no question about that. but in terms of timing tack constantly, re shuffles nessa nature tech? it changes the data reshuffled. there might be some acceleration, but i think when you see social changes happening at the same time as new


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