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a a cd with finished okay, with the letters that both both no moms and in the do you both nelson's new? it's new. good. it was the beneatha. this is a grade already. a lot of them. bob put him on board. a wall with
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widow, but it'll show you the scope of those. sure. it was a good fit for you that there was a level grade for argument you much anybody but the dock side you got with they need that. we're still reading that book. i watched on yours won't be in the store with with these are people fleeing from southeastern
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ukraine. some have been bomb shelters for nearly 3 weeks. there was no phone reception so many had no idea how to get out of town with lundy busy at the piece. does a dollar unless it is with us before? no. so some walked 4 hours to a humanitarian corridor that heard about others, decided to risk it and just drove out, hoping not to get caught in the crossfire. some were wandering around looking for a way out when they were picked up by russian soldiers. the freedom with him have been with us with them is that affordable even
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a for had been lost in the deal, but we don't mess with enough to do it for them wants to re registered at the border. there are taken to a nearby shelter where they can rest, eats and try to regain their strength. some of these children don't know what a peaceful world looks like, and some are seeking refuge and russia for the 2nd time. this time people began to arrive after the 18th of february, when they're done. that's callaghan republics, order the mass, accusation of women, children and the elderly men age. they seem to 55, had to stay behind. brussel began setting up hundreds of temporary housing facilities in everything, from kim's to youth camps. many people offer their homes as refuge, and some refugees are even sheltering in a church. for me,
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me here with a a, a bureau. we want to do 2 dimes for building one. do i need to stay on the street in the hygiene crystal court on medical dot babies right now. richard drawer with the little boy, 1st name usa usa is a
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different country with that. need that bus with, according to no couple. nashville, georgia, believe me. but my mom, she will not be at the digital with that was when you got when the start make sure and all that but will be a spoke with them. i can send you a couple trip how she going to back it was wanting with yellowstone. thank you so much for the mobile. this should be about a week i i asked them how they feel seen their countrymen in the
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west hiding in bowling shelters and fleeing to europe. similarly a plausible sheila, a oh bonnie is not a. 6 guy you wanted to talk with you and your dealership or to to purchase a new car. that's not a problem with much though the back with the charge with lush, a grain already lost them by not what you want to void, a void going there or did you buy it?
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if you're, when you get a pass to leave even, is that a b? i guess book i'm okay. challenge to let someone give it a speak to them are looking at you when you have a copy. just when you're finished, you may have a form with
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shelby soon. ukraine has been award. so for the last 8 years, government forces have been shilling their own people because of differences. sterling language, less costly, ations culture history and their countries feature the world, watch the lever and in bloodshed for years. sci fi agreements were repeatedly broken. the exchange of fire continued, but it no longer made the headlines. nursery, schools, hospitals, or ball truth . there was no international outcry. and even now when you create your courses are selling ladies, killing innocent civilians including children. it's barely mentioned by western media. a
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black with both, all the models you need to do with both of how well is good movie it. so that initially was looking at a new boy and was to learn from usa pre owned the new school inclusion. he was like a lot of his with a really name math. sure. you know what i need them with because i think i got them on for my she is much than upset with the the novel
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with how to shock with mist dr. position up there to some spit out for a potential on you and your sister, him, you, janet valesvi needs sitting on the phone and i need what they tell her, that the familiar with a passport benito and that them a key. mm . her in southeast formation with i'm duncan. yes. come east in young a. my daughter, can you go from my home? yes. when i mean, if matthew m a r c, me, nevada, now or go law was mean just thought i li not, i don't get enough that it was a blood to do with
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postcard is for the raleigh city and you're saying, lee, i've been doing it a cool and what's on my, my digital digital millennium of cash with of which lead, bush goes away. ah, a britain you put in your wire to national for both the nash edition. yeah. with with, with, with, with, with did a guy here is stored here, not sure what she's already or is divided or saying yeah,
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climate of what a version with somebody to leave it in your notes is that the time of when you play really thing least even more freely, but about the scheme, all the quote, especially borders are shown to know about that. i see a story. i knew probably still been there are it are when you to be it's heidi walker. e 45. a book aline. ah ah, a talking with the school, i hope i see a sub
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with a choice issue. somebody over there for those with you up on video with lookout you up with
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the idea is, you know that way. i don't mind a ah, how did you craniums become so divided their relatives who no longer speak to each other because they support different sides. to better understand this, we need to zoom out and go back back to the early ninety's when the standoff between these 2 military organizations came to an end. the war so packed was disbanded and these countries could no longer rely on it to protect them in case of an attack, the soviet union collapsed and countries like ukraine became independent. bratia in
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america were starting to become friends, but need so kept expanding its collective defense. many russian c, nato as a vestige of the cold war, apparently directed against their country. they point out that they have disbanded the warsaw pact, their military lines, and ask why the west should not do the same thing. so sorted include in former socialist countries and later, even former soviet union members drawing closer and closer to russia. george or any crane appeared to be next on the list with the gateway did always hewlett commission. this'll dustin, i'm going to need another school shooting. mimi nichol wasn't sure whether i knew that the summer williamson eloquence between us mystic real don't know about it at the here. you know, part of what to do is you fuck them. can you raise your ordering? they even within you, unless you study the viewer, but i was
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a humans person. would you go look at the machine? you're still so esteem is the median or the re, noel, is, is up. and then your back noting it was the roof was go bunch of go with the gold rush, and the u. s. have always accused each other of trying to install public regimes. that was the case in georgia where we saw an internal armed conflict, lead c, at another stand between russia and the west. and that was the case in ukraine when president young the college refused to sign an e u association agreement. choosing closer trade ties with russia, the president was forced out in a violent crew to talk and to pro european parliament took charge of ukraine and invited foreign specialists to advise them on how to run the country. the relationship with russia had been badly mismanaged, trying to bring georgia ukraine to nato,
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was truly overreaching recklessly ignoring what the russians considered their own vital national interests. now everyone was happy with this pro western sentiment, especially in the southeastern part of ukraine, which has always felt closer to russia. some of its residents are ethnically, russian, or have relatives in russia, most ukrainians speak russian and is the predominant language in some regions. attempts to bandage only added fuel to the fire. ukraine's neil ne took advantage of the situation and began to literally wipe out the russian speaking population. they formed flashes battalions, some of which even became part of the country's armed forces. crimea was the 1st ukrainian region so express discontent and voted to return to russia. later the people have done boss also stood up to protect their land. the
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ukrainian government was unable to cope with the situation and for the next 8 years continually shelve the saudi. some parts of the country while simultaneously seeking closer integration with the west. our relationship with russia is it's lois to point seems that cold war and moscow so aggressive are, are it said europe and north america must stand strong together in the night to defend our others and our interests should. there were any mom, but he met with the. ready woman that he afraid issue using in his mind is ation with the new school level. many schools when it is all gonna be metal, let me look we have to put yeah. was it here on or around the union with a new can you please you bizarre buses?
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they should be the classes with by giving you a sheet with no, i think i don't think i'm natasha me and you are you in a way i right. you get one, you just a little issue
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with with i met with a deposit, they sure are is not settled a deal, so just a little long for your school. can you just go by noon for one long each guy delineate the thought with it. that's sort of me and wanted to show that i am actually going to long gone with
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full report and actually because you do not so much as well. it was actually a teeth color one daughter. i was on the for the, for the, and the family to complete my boss to load them little fiddle. we need them all because we shake, accomplish, can really be your issue with was a, give me not to be to give you a little bit of a family. all right, so shuffled in la jolla, a been awarded a little to leisure. i wouldn't, it wasn't a psychologist
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regularly visit shelters to try and help people deal with what they've seen and experienced with a meeting or a new mo. yeah. with with, can you go and you will have to when you put the sales are defined. yeah, the oil will ship
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with a don't put your to the go to the other one which got baby cargo has deal at them. but okay. almost finished or done my best. you know, what did you put down bernice? did you give credit to william mom above what other means? chicago. delicious. me a demean? shook i. d e a when you love the liberal shows the really the chest that and i still got there's a lot of that was to fall those 20. okay with i'm in my edition. i bet deal. you know my at i'm with the idea of was up still mccoy
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a easily which is for ashley as of the world, but the annual year ha embassy deal. and i thought of what you knew. amiable. preston, a nurse, she dtm, especially among the dark, lashing able that the teacher thought of it and yet i didn't hear on. yeah. you don't have the dish and i still have with that as being on the i'd use of someone else got to finally got down or not, but that was better. don't one of 50 him, lot of them in your visit the world, but any 3 and that i do like for the feeling are not as nice the story that these teeth and i would let video down us. we should cities and up on the go. and then he gets cook with oakley. did it does nice. gosh, did he do? i need you. can you tell me when i got there? i need to get those to press it. i'm more,
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i'm not what it does. up on the dog. got guns out of bundle years with car kothwood is on the tonight so much not sub. steal it. your message at the get them they had an a 4 minute now. did you school losing it yet? you know versus a set mean. yeah, i'm almost gold gold, las gym of bomb. so but i in there. genuine wishes shit. i see daniel's going. you knew crying. some young lady catherine a be dunk flame allah or junior, you will sky annual crimes yates in the right. it's more than that that is covered yet, but there was over water there yet, but there would slam all out within the slave. would vara, thanks to see just place where you see me, which, who took the chance towards who, from who, who, who 1st me arc, feeling b to not the you put in your mind. yeah. so that you could that as a focus to do the most, but she has 2 more years. mccall,
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my daughter you. when you moved in, you catch up putting yards our food. i just got a new charge for that. the move our show you not june. we did not talk to her team sheeta. this good idea of what i do with the store were simply as you hey, i'm emilio bus, diana, madame, a new jail belong should article or jewish girl. she's not a toy company of. there's a snobbish with some of those will be taken
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for ah, ah ah ah ah, a ah with when i was showing the wrong one, i just don't move out. day
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becomes the advocate. an engagement, it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, ah ah ah. hello and welcome to cross stock were all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle
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. when thinking about the e. u. one doesn't know whether to laugh or cry when it says it's united over the issue of ukraine. it is not, it says it doesn't want to fight russia, but in fact, is a co belligerent on the side of ukraine is determined to deeply damage rushes economy . but in doing so, damage is itself with cross stocking. the e u. i'm joined by my guess, marco gassett in london. he's an international affairs commentator in prague. we have brad blankenship. he is a columnist at c g t n, a freelance reporter push in law as well as a r t contributor and a mirror cash we custom roster. martin j. he's an award winning journalist, an commentator. all right, gentlemen, crossed out girls in effect that much. i mean, you can jump in any time you want. now is appreciate a martin. i start out by saying, i don't know if i should laugh or cry when it comes to the e. u. i think that should be familiar to you because that was a title of an article you wrote a few days ago. why did your right.


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