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tv   News  RT  May 13, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] a year ago has expressed serious doubts about k of the membership aspirations, the russian for our minutes. the slums, the blokes are becoming nato's express. all right, what you have here is a ukrainian life is nest. it has been set up on a roof of one of the military bases, and it has been abandoned. well along with the rest of the base. how correspond to reports from ukrainian military bases in mario, paul, which they abandoned as russian forces advanced as russian. i'm doing it so just continue to find the angle field long on the outskirts of with the variable as being named the best performing currency of the year by blue book,
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fastest fines. russia facing unprecedented economic sanctions. a lot the member of the european parliament gets detained as protests against the demolition of a memorial to soviet soldiers unfolds in midlothian capitalism. ah, a very welcome it 7 pm here in moscow. and this is dorothy international with the latest world news updates. thanks for joining us. this hour. we do start with some breaking news coming in from the city of dough. could you ask in the don? yes, peoples republic where naulty crew has been shelled by ukrainian forces to calmer men have suffered shrapnel wounds to their legs on the box that being taken to hospital now will keep you updates on any details as we get them. ah, moscow is shifting its position on ukraine's membership of the european union, where the russians top diplomat saying the block is turning into nato's aggressive
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accessory. and moving away from the initial founding aims of the blog. little problem or the knock is ness of keeps desire to join the you raises serious, dallas is a european union, has turned from a constructive economic platform as it was created to be into an aggressive militants player. so they follow nato's leaders, thereby confirming their integration with the north atlantic alliances and will essentially perform the functions of its success or issue. meanwhile, the defense ministers of russia on the west, how talks on friday for the 1st time since the outbreak of the war in ukraine, moscow say is the phone call was initiated by washington to this to discuss the most pressing issues of international security. the pentagon claims a code for sci fi and ukraine. both sides emphasized the importance of bilateral communications during the crisis. ah, less cost to the situation on the ground in ukraine. now,
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the russian defense ministry says it has struck an oil plans to the city of crown and showed can the central part of the country official said a high position weapon destroyed the oil plant, production facilities, and reservoirs with gasoline and diesel fuel used by ukrainian forces to power their vehicles. meanwhile, in the city of mario po, don, yes, republic officials claimed the joint forces and now strengthening that positions and putting pressure on ukrainian troops in the as of style plant. meanwhile, russian and don, yes, republic, joint rescue services are conducting early stage reconstruction in cities in the dom fast regions clearing day re and explosives, one the area they both have begun supplying the cities madonna, republicans, ukraine, with water supplies, on humanitarian aid, residents of some cities will also receive one of financial support as le, who's begin to rebuild their lives in the water regions are corresponding equals donna visits to military bases abandoned by ukrainian forces. this military base, it has housed all sorts of troops including
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a tank unit that has left tons of armaments like this one, for example, in a rather well di, a condition also there was a special forces union housed in a building over there. again, tanks and even priests and many, many rooms. he of a bare insignia and flags of the as of battalion and the right sector to most notorious neo nazi wings of the ukrainian forces. the base resides in a strategic location. it provided ukranian troops with an excellent fortified shelter overseeing the key road towards moore. you pull from the east, along with a good portion of the city. and what you have here is a ukrainian snipers nest. it has been set up on a roof of one of the military bases, and it has been abandoned well along with the rest of the base. but here you can see it up close and personal and have a glimpse as to how it all works. it looks very cosy, like for example, here you have
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a whole sofa. that looks that way. later we were explained that this position was more likely to be used by offices tossed with reconnaissance or a spotter. that's of course, before the hail of bombs made them flee the place, abandoning weapons equipment, vehicles, metals, and documents. and this is yet another military base that was abandoned by ukrainian forces. they've left behind quite a lot as military vehicles here. some of them have been quite badly damaged because while they were shelled quite extensively here you can see, for example, the wool over there has been completely destroyed and dismantled, obviously as a result of some sort of a strike, maybe of a tank strike. this whole area has been made available for journalists, for example, or not so long ago, because as they were leaving hastily they were still, they still had time to rig the place. but now, well, just dogs are roaming around here. they didn't have many options as to where to run
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from the shelves. either surrender or hole in at as of style steelworks, which catacombs still show to the bleeding out remainder of the mary. you pull neo nazi garrison left at the very end of the rope. i'm a good done of reporting from are you both see amid unprecedented western sanctions against russia, the country's national currency, the rubel has been named as well as the best performing currency of the year according to bloomberg. it was a little over 11 percent and they came to us dollars in january. the agency reports, while the offshore rate indicates that winds amounts to around 12 percent is comes in moscow requires export to sell foreign currency and trade partners pay for energy importance in variables. we should want a professor of banking and finance that demand for the university. se western sanctions have failed to really hurt the russian economy, bringing damage to european markets. i don't think those that impose those
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sanctions wake suspecting the rubel to do this. well, the fact is that since 2014, with sanctions kicking in and the international financial markets being already at that time becoming increasingly hostile towards russia, there was a kind of market base discrimination against russia. they were aiming at brochure, but they don't really achieving that. but actually if you look at the logic behind this, the sanctions, it is essentially sanctions imposed by the u. s. on europe to had the european economy. and they're not really sanctions to head russia, which is very difficult to do when you are, you know, the largest economy, the largest country in the world, and, and one of the largest economies that spanned from europe to asia, that is able to trade with the entire world is where the security forces of class with morning at the funeral of an algebra journalist in palestine serene. abu clo was killed on wednesday while reporting in the west bank
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the if it could show the police confronting both attending the funeral as they tried to move the casket on foot is unclear what exactly caused the scaffold. the coffin was late to deliver to church by car, thousands upon the city and passed in mourning for journalists to last in life and that a recent wave of tension. a warning you may find the following images disturbing. this, it shows a moment's off to the out is there, a journalist was killed during the israeli army rate in the town of gin and palestinian authorities. and under the tv channel itself, plain is ready. soldiers for the gentlest death is well said quote, soldiers and palestinian militants were firing at the same time and coat were joint investigation which palestine has refused. dahlia no mari reports from the funeral tax and journalist taking place at many entrances to the old city. we were prohibited from passing,
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and just now we've managed to get to the funeral procession. there are a lot of important people from jerusalem and across palestine participating in the funeral procession of our colleagues coming through the old city to the resting place where she will be buried in a grave prepared in advance. you rarely see such a crowd in georgia to them. it hasn't happened for decades, and maybe it's the 1st time we'll see. so solemn funeral i love be a member of the european parliament. tatiana donna, to have with the tainted a protest against the demolition of a war memorial to soviets. soldiers in the countries capital riga. now being released, police have been told to take a 0 tolerance approach at the protest. the politician was among hundreds of people to encourage them to go home and stay safe as off the land, the indefinite reports who began preparing to demolish a war memorial to soviets soldiers. moscow is condemned to decisions saying it defines any reasonable explanation and accused fear of being the most aggressive versa. phobic ally of the
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e. u and nato investigations have now been launched into some of those who came to the memorial after being outraged by the flowers removal on may. the 9th, one case has been opened against a man who was spotted with a russian flag, his allegedly accused of clay condoning, genocide and crimes against humanity. along with, we're trying to get reports from the ground. how many people, including local journalists, the pets, be concerned about legislation, prohibiting dealing with sanctioned media outlets. attentions emerged off the authorities, used bulldozers to clear flowers, brought by locals to the monument for the may, 9th victory day commemorations. and response. people brought even more flowers to the site with police and completely blocking off the area. reagan has been one of the most vocal critics of moscow's action, then ukraine, like the publicist dance,
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political activist, vladimir linda men believes these actions are a reflection of the rest of phobia, currently being witnessed across the wealth. it's your 3rd liberal now in view of the fact that the world is infected with such a virus of the most violent, unbridled rosa phobia on this wave. and this background to the ruined people, have lots of it, have realized that this is their chance when they can demolish the monument. this is a step towards rewriting history. in general, history is being written by the west, but especially in the baltic countries and in poland. with such an attitude that, in general, the russian positive choice in history is simply raised to state, it was 0 below the plan. and if it does not exist, this is the task. the task is to depict the role of russian civilization and history in such a way as if it either does not exist at all, or it is absolutely negative, villainous, that we enjoy less redeem our say. the aim of these actions is to suppress the russian speaking community. to jeff,
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so city was worst the but now the circumstances allow the largest russian speaking community to be put in their place. some time ago in m. p in the latvian same uri's doughboys, said, we do not need you to speak the language, meaning lavion. we need you to know your place. and today that is being implemented right now. the goal is to suppress and subdue those who preserve their cultural identity. that is why the ruling elite calls everyone who visited the monument to the liberators of riga, on 9th, and the 10th of may enemies of the state. we need to realize that everything that has happened is no chain of coincidences, but a result of preliminarily plans. special operation aimed at turning all baltic countries into a military base against russia and in the u. k. or ethan policies. 93 percent of britons are very aware of war in ukraine, while only 23 percent are informed on the hunger crisis in east and africa, which has tens of millions in its grip. the horn of africa is a region consisting of 4 states,
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and more than 140000000 people. it was previously partially administered by person, and deos, have warned the global focus on the ukraine. conflicts may distract the world from other large crises. you're an expert had been warning of a crisis in the area for months before the start of war in ukraine. 3 failed rainy seasons. of course, the worst drought in the region in 40 years. the problem was exacerbated by the war in ukraine as well as sanctions imposed on russia, which is the world's main wheat exporter. the situation has caused great prices to skyrockets, but russia faces problems exporting goods to global markets. after limitations on financial mechanisms and goods, transportation, we discussed the problem with an associate professor at the university of south africa and pretoria who stays africa has been living in a state of conflict for a very long time and the continents problems that shouldn't be forgotten. of the conflict on daily basis, there is
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a drive and pullback team pretty got received immediately if we get the west and community just by making sure that that i've gotten into bob wood and i'm not because there was funded by the western counties. once i've been says, i knew because could be in making sure that i was in place on issues pertaining to funding and security to be just fine. but then i got a letter friday, july and support from the board is do i have been doing is to give more debt for you to don't try to give them money, especially content. and also now she go there to not run on the market. it's in time to make that that produce with them
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a huge binds being taken out of apple with the tech joint, losing its crown as the world's most valuable son. are you this year? it became the 1st company to hit the 3 trillion dollar market place value has since fallen any 20 percent. the oil giant saudi around co now sit to the top of the tree around shares of jump almost 30 percent since january, with market capitalization climbing to $2.00 trillion dollars. in march, the world's largest oil exporting company reports its full year profits. last year, more than doubled due to storing oil prices. compare that to the iphone make sales, which have been hit by the supply chain prices and us central back policies. we discussed with the panel of guests how market shifting as the world economy, grapples with geopolitical changes, inflation and the supply chain crisis. not silicon valley jones, a lot more than one trillion dollars over the last 3 days. are we seeing a burst of the table, or is this just a temperance a temporary glitch? well,
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it's probably not temporary. a probably intermediate trend going on here. you know, investors go, we're a prices and profits are rising and with the global supply contraction or the stabilization of supply in oil prices will keep rising. you know, saudi doesn't want to pump more oil. neither do other countries in new american oil companies. and then you've got the sanctions on top of that, and all of that seems a not a short term trend. it will be an intermediate term lease. so profits and prices keep going up in oil. then you compare it to what's going on with tech, which is contracting. now i think tech is going to be in a recession fairly soon. here as a credit shortage, both through sanctions. if there's an additional shortage crated through infrastructure destroyed in oil, and you can create an increase in demand both through for military, non military reason. them of course, the price. so something's going to go up. i don't think that that tech is going to as a, as a sector itself,
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be an immediate medium term to term shrink. i think what you're going to see is a lot of rearranging climate change is something that the people of earth are very concerned about. and now we have oil taking over where exxon, i mean, beating out netflix is down 73 percent. why? because exactly as you point out, these tensions geopolitical tensions have forced oil to go way up while all of us are looking to survive simultaneously in the us with inflation being as high as it is. people can't afford and won't be able to afford luxury items like i phones i pads even apple plus streaming. netflix isn't keep raising the price as inflation keeps going up. so what are people forced to do? food, water, shelter, milk, and gasoline also known as oil and petroleum. is that the thing symbolic that the toilers overtaken technology? or do you think it's just a temp regression? we will see a re shuffling of the deck. you want to define it as big fangs. what you've got is look at the nasdaq market. i mean,
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it's contracting dramatically here. it's almost bare territory. a lot of these companies are coming in with earnings that are very good to some extent is demand related, but it's also supply problems. the sort of forecast that, you know, the earnings are going to continue to go in the direction they have been and tech has been in the kind of a bubble during the coven period. so it's already too high of an appreciation and pressure ratios here. so i really think the francs are going to contract here. well, not negative, maybe slower growth, but they're not going to be the high flyers that they were, to what extent to be the current financial and economic crisis has been caused by russia going to war with ukraine, or was it bounce up and anyway, at some point one of roches main exports is oil. and when you make it a limited supply in europe is desperately requiring every drop it can get,
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the price goes way up. well, that stuff becomes valuable. it's exciting to be in the oil business. no matter what country you are. so it's a golden days for the moment, especially if you have the oil. i think that the war and ukraine has certainly increased the price of oil. and there's no question about that. but in terms of timing tack constantly re shuffles, messing nature of tech, it changes the data reshuffled. there might be some acceleration, but i think when you see social changes happening at the same time as new technologies, you're just going to see a lot of re shuffling and i'm probably just half threatened to boycott. it's the june summit of the americas in los angeles, if another trio of nations, cuba, nicaragua, and venezuela aren't invited and think about these as well as mexico and bolivia have said they won't attend if president binding doesn't change course. if not everyone is invited. a representative of the mexican government will go, but i would not go in line with the principles and values of the poor, national state of bolivia. i reaffirm that
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a summit of the americas that excludes american countries, would not be a full summit of the americas. and if fraternal countries continue to be excluded, i will not participate in it. if the united states insists on not inviting cuba to this meeting, it will immediately caused 14 caribbean community countries not to attend. the absence of mexico's leader is expected to significantly undermine the summits agenda with us mexican border migration up for discussion. earlier the u. s. secretary of state, claim the governments of cuba, nicaragua, and venezuela, do not respect democracy. although now former white house press secretary gen saki has said a final decision on participants is yet to be made. community work and stephen sefton thinks the situation reflects the decline of u. s. influence in latin america. his to the summit of the americas. a couple of occasions has involved those kinds of complications. largely because the
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united states policy. just as everybody is well aware of for decades, applied sanctions, what they call sanctions, which are in fact illegal unilateral coercive measures against the government of cuba. and since something like 2015, i believe, i remember rightly the united states government has been applying similar sanctions against. and it's later overrule what you're seeing is a decline in the influence of the united states. and i think this whole issue in itself reflects an inability of the united states to exert the kind of repressive control over countries in latin america and the caribbean. so you have all these countries in effect rebelling a publicly declaring disagreement with the united states in
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a very forthright way. and i think that's really unprecedented. ah, i thought you were a pain officially back in gay marshall star plans to rebuild ukraine while calling for global help to put the bill for the ongoing conflict in the country. the post world war 2 marshall plan. so the u. s. grants year of the modern day equivalent of $200000000000.00 a full year in economic and technical help. the president of the european investment bank is that europe must not be left alone to for, to bill, which could want it to trillions of years. the project is that to be very complex and cost late involved, not just rebuilding infrastructure, but also reconstructing the economy, which is stuff it from a to years of conflicts in the don't boss as well as the latest conflicts they come to. the western countries continue to send weapons to ukraine with the u. s. a. loan, a proof over $33000000000.00 worth of aid. the taxpayers seem to be the main funders off this 8 is being branded as democracy contributions by joe biden. you talk to human rights, slow it down cuz i like is that the west is looking to prolong the war for as long
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as possible. not about helping you crane. i mean, in fact it's quite the opposite. do this warn you cry and they want to weaken russia? clearly this is about attacking russia and using the ukrainians is, can, and bought or to do that. it appears they want to sacrifice the ukrainians, keep this war going. as long as they can. despite the fact that essentially the outcome is now pre ordained and that is that russia will, i think that she, that goes, but they want to make it as costly on russia as possible. and as they say they will fight russia to the last ukrainian to do that. countries have the will to help. yeah. so of course it will be rebuilt in syria, which is not gotten to help in the international community and they have not rebuild. so look, good, talk to the international community to help rebuild. and i hope that does happen. of course,
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bangladesh has become the 1st country and south asia to achieve 100 percent electricity coverage and follows the launch of the payroll power plant. the joint project with china, the key part of the belton road initiative, apartment system. it means every house in the country now has electricity. about road initiative is a strategy launched by china in 2013. it plans to connect to asia with africa and europe by land and maritime networks. it also aims to improve regional integration, increased trade and stimulate economic growth. cambodia, meanwhile, is also said that seeing improvements to people's livelihoods in the country through projects under the belgian road projects, it's the a, if the aim is to help boost the countries socio economic development, vice chairman of the shanghai center for room pack and international studies. nelson wong, things china has a completely different approach than the west when it comes to helping other countries. this is very easy to get misunderstood. this is a new toner lism off china. this is
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a by lending money to people who are trying to great trap for the countries that took the los i think this is totally wrong. what china has been doing is to help those people, those country is to build that infrastructure. what china does is a very businesslike transaction is basically if you go to a country and discuss with them whether you like a blog to be able to lot. then if the terms are agreed, then let's go and do it for, but no other conditions. but what we have heard from other countries, the reasonably like chinese companies to come and do business with them is that they don't. the chinese do not tell them what to do. the west adopted a different approach when it comes to other countries
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and financial went back to the top of the out with the very latest we'll see that ah ah, ah, ah ah, a football talking with the school i hope i see
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a with a ford edge that also choice issue somebody over there, both of those with you up on video will you look, are you up for you up with an idea of where they don't mind
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a when thinking about the one doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. when it says it's united over the issue of ukraine, it is not, it says it doesn't want to fight russia, but in fact, is a co belligerent on the side of ukraine is determined to deeply damage roch's economy. but in doing so, damage is itself a, can you spoken with her for letters that both both no moms and and the deal
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with grandma, but a lot of them bought a lot quicker. yeah. did you wallace with with what she's here with the widow, but it'll show you the scope of those should be good for you. if there was a level 3 for argument, you much anybody out that the little darker side you got laid them, they need that was do leaving and he's not book i watched on yours won't be in the store
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with with these are people fleeing from southeastern ukraine some have been bomb shelters for nearly 3 weeks. there was no phone reception, so many had no idea how to get out of town with let me see if he's done with


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