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i miss barbara smith with the clinical, with all my food show you your shame, sexual, you know, i started to look at them. i don't they still so they'd be, you know what? i mean, that's good to me. yeah. yeah, there's a start to hoss it again. yeah . for the overall it's not and i'm a lead to just month out in the polish she'll believe i'm sure
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personally to be a modem with kinzie, with merlois. so then i don't at lucy with tech shit, a brochure deal with mister smoke. you are getting a school, a cure curio. but i do think you me, that needs to be a better
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a with a with how to. so we're good. yes.
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if it's different. sure. to pay bill snyder cut a feel for us guys. i'm just needing a super seamless jordan mucus showing up with them or so was i need to do one should on the lot. so i don't you're not english. the whistle is that it got to keep what talked about at the ledger. i bought this knife of those 2 and you talked to russian collage coke dressmakers, given a solution that was all coalition. there's a switch now o groups and gives us diane, you can use up to the service
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grandma sheila. so then what do i have to do? a b a listener. i'm on with mr. sub welcoming. still my with the blood. like i'm zone with me or send me choose any myers? yes, i'm with him. tomorrow. i need to shuttle camille. but i fishy . i use a border with a brochure. mama, no. let's just i just collect on that with just to put that on the screen. very
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short on your just a newer version of a nice too. yeah. pretty much this to me of impression is not the anymore. mm hm. yeah. okay. and then mine included. don't cut the bill. i just got home with cash there. ask our guy. yeah, pretty much a bomb with an emergency mine and i'm kind of a sudden interested question a. 6 sam crab, a nuclear because i'm a block i live a budget is pretty busy. lamps come with
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sunday. really? it's just by cba was the city. it's because it and skill flights. you can my ceiling a let me put with finicky pitiless sleep yet. that's good. that the coil down for the think that is into the smaller because you have to wipe as yo yos liable. yama yan yan, yan layer a got us cuz with to so doth period. honestly, southwest. mike, what you before for you? i was, you read numeracy julia controller. when will pointless. cook attempts to the next will, is there today. and from what aluminum pul kazora for the for her again. yes, you can do used almost reliford wallet. you thank you much in his unit, a 2 door to door shooter, a sort of computer will in your put little gloomy voicemail gonna signal license with the newsletter and used to live automobiles at what door to offer or his live. then they are persuaded. detroit, any, but the motion is in your little problem, is unusual. done for crucial to address you on the breeze can year. well,
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i moved the 3rd will these to will abuse and that my new piece to lou diskin us who believed as the yeah, the prism new political asia. well, so far for coursework, good us deal as look for here to new criminal government as often as do you seen enough for you to preserve the fuel pushing trajectory produce cuz you knew them was there was a sub with someone who's
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ah, what's done. yeah. i know stella when i'm not going to an issue that she should not buy at the more. no, but when this done, a number of it crush over to my mom a will get a shift and i'm ok with question off a bush longer said. so when i spoke to she out of me. okay, that's good to go with that. when it's the queens so she started on the sill them on our it's queens.
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it's got that that a tricia with well there's more you do not have no contact with both of us dogs, all, all at the school with the school with them then scorned. go as i mean you're on a claim, said law dunker, i mean finished the war. i suppose it's kim says some cattle. marsha,
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otherwise welcomes us with keep 1st illnesses but within your vision.
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also learned plentiful super small cranes can also to push them out of the school in a solution for dealing with williams. this is a shipping specialist and finish kitchen motion to do some consuming carson with us. so just household knew that a way to go to some done weeds somewhere matches lenimosa pasco is charged
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or ah, needs to come to the russian state for narrative as tight as on the most landscape with 55, with keys on 92000 speedy, one else with we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine, the state on russia for date, and c, r t sport neck, given our video agency,
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roughly all bands on youtube with l look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to great trust, rather than fear with take on various job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with
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with a, with, with both both the models you need to do both with a, with a a
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with, with a personal number here with ah, with
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the push another see there's yep. um, i guess my 3 was just reaching out to all sorts. i bought a truck with unless it was actually supposed to stored it must have been there some way to ship . i going almost though, but the elevator, some of this is julia and you just polio. but this is julia play at them all. those same login with civic pseudo which pushes the will is you sticky with him and up into the us now with
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the status of a tech install. see if that cuz i still hate him with question. if you still are he boys to us with crystal bye? you said you know what to do so well, know what you're supposed to be with. get away with your leash, maybe a little sort of if you don't. plato and what about the cost of older media, but hugely, what is one of syria special walker? you know, that's all stuff from ago. jeff campbell, she was rebundle, you know, it's your thank you from a barely written up with a customer who has a bottle come on my gum,
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the upper shop college on with the blog post for the initial video. shrinking spiel show you all the loading up with a cool cuz i still want to ask you couple is really an up always yes. and i'm not sure. yes it is so much it will only with my wish to get that. can you make sure that let me up a release was can vehicle and you could feel free to call me on the glenda, somebody's throwing up on me and i should have a boy with him at that with get me a lot the way the order to show for you for the surveys and keith about a couple of useable would be nice to be able to catch the boot. it was
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a simple way to accomplish which are very similar. so that means that you're gonna be able to look to bush me. i'm going to spend somebody said mom with his level, there's a way to reach me at that point as well. ah . the the video positioning, it took us to listen to that in the show. lucas, you, it's a little slow show. if i it was really to the school because here she got it was it was suitable
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shooting you couldn't you and your homeowners with a welcome chair to the vehicle with your shoulder looks to be during the years with no i last listed there. start off with a new project. this is the police i'm with for you,
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the thrust not a minute and i don't know why. just wanted to post on ordinary them off with plenty of but it was because in the do it for those come with it would have to. she was in your cars that was this choi, compared with the see it says i, kathy dear 3 should say proudly. yes no was worse than your slay company or is it at the national sub change to the am? cannot a laborer? yes, we do. so can you teach case or dos as a mom with us? a story around the way flores and
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with a new mistake initially it was a, was a day to get away from all of the garage done more school, pull it out. yeah. i really i was nice. i mean, yeah, you're good shepherd in. i'm butch finally in that that i that much thought i'm with. it must be a back. what do you my 1st week versus here? not be there was for cisco for lee mother was nice to catch up, but interesting. or you can can come special with that like i was also you have mentioned with for she has also with
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you all when you scores. it is like our national grades charge game that they exist calling with . so she'll said a with because you are here to be our someone like who do up here with here. so what do you, why did you, yes, near fees are, are the words to react? somebody threw forward, you got it for you 1st. so as a new young. yeah. can you be sure who you thought about my student?
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you from georgia also, all the doctor. i am with 2 to 4 years i was reduced creating with
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dish. now i have limited version or sort of in the video 3 pm on where to mo, kimberly i finally got on the waiting lemming at the door to go. but he's critical that blue armoire, russell shrieked additional rooney of chemo, or a specter sailors or the shoulder, generally as wishing happens to be in a severe democrat. it's up to an eye, a patrol almost or not for a says, for example, go clean the stimulus will not on a stimulus to problem with the media. you will get busy with his grades. yeah, we'll give them a few to see which and we have to show those which are in stores on that, by the way in the bristol, think yours or this with people have to understand that all the
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blood, this war, every broken window, every bombed home, every fresh grave that blood is on the hands of the united states government. victoria new and barack obama. job the cia, the u. s. military to train these nazis hide behind civilians and shoot at directions that were coming to liberate the city. here. in central commerce here got a mortgage so we were more than the mortgage illusion. first choice was mitchell eric and she needed to check up already and you could get that a little saying when i see him, where am i supposed oh,
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[000:00:00;00] a when thinking about the one doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. when it says it's united over the issue of ukraine, it is not, it says, it doesn't want to fight russia, but in fact, is a cope. belligerent on the side of ukraine is determined to deeply damage which is economy. but in doing so,
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damage is itself with medicine, both, both models. you need to deal with a lot of a a, [000:00:00;00]
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with a personal number. give a with ah, ah
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ah ah . ah cameramen, a wound in taken to hospital, an antique crew come on to shelling by ukrainian forces in the don. yes. for public . what you have here is a ukrainian snipers nest. it has been set up on a roof of one of their military bases. it has been abandoned well along with the


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