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is a co ledger it on the side of ukraine is determined to deeply damage rushes economy . but in doing so, damage is itself with the crew is sell in the done yet for public, with, through cameraman, wounded and taken to a hospital, they're working on the mining. and essentially the general plan is to bring back to power the power plant over there. and bring back the so much needed electricity supply to the city of mer. you are corresponding witnesses. the d mining operation in murder you poll is a city struggles to return to normal life. the ongoing 5 thing of the adult field plan with a lot of b and b, p is detained as a protest against the demolition of a soviet there in memorial in the country's capital she since been released.
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ah, and is where the police confront morning at the funeral of an algebra journalist killed joint classes in the west bank, the palestinian and israeli officials blaming each other. the tragedy ah must go to the world. this is our t international. peter scotts, and these the top stories this our r t crew has come on the shelf. i in the done yes for public to come. are men have been injured? and now in hospital, hey, why it's all happened at the petrol station in the city of duke, which i ask in the center of the dentist republic. everyone who was there had been running for cover to nearby store one man was hit in the head by shrapnel and died on the spot. the crew claimed the shells loads and sounded like
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a garage rocket launcher. with approach, we drove by stopped at the gas station to drink some coffee in the shelling started . apparently it was a grad rocket launcher. well, because there was explosion after explosion and we barely managed to run into the bill. got your law much all of it. no holding her very, it did look like a garage there was about 8 shells shot in total. we were lucky because one guy who stood nearby didn't survive. that if we didn't run in time, we wouldn't have survival to with another. you pull a russian undone. yes. for public joints rescue services are conducting early stage me construction in cities in the dumbass region clear and debris and explosives from the area. they've also been supplying the cities in the den, yes, for public and ukraine with water and humanitarian aid. meanwhile, ukrainian officials have warned, 10000 people could die in my view for from water contaminated by sewage run off
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after the water supply. as we started, the advisor to the mayor, also warned of a possible epidemic caused by bodies still buried in the rouble throughout the city . as fighting continues to the, as of the steel fight, she on the outskirts of multiple attempts are being made to restore some semblance of normal life to the ruined city. but the invisible threat still remained as many unexploded musicians, munitions lie, scattered around, eager to john of census his report from a local power station that is currently being cleared by a sup is brigade. so the sap is of the joint force of rush and that in that people's republic they are right now working on d mining this field. you can see him probing the ground over there after the metal detector. beeped saying, suggesting that something explosive might be that, well, apparently it was a false alarm, so we can still safely move kind of following in the footsteps, and they're working on d mining. and essentially, the general plan is to bring back to power the power plant over there and bring
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back this so much needed electricity supply to the city of mario po. this is not the 1st time sap as i've had to comb through this field. normally, multiple efforts are required to remove this sign. reading danger. mine's a little some key infrastructure like the hospital is functioning once again, but that's a small step group of men hearing a shout. but i can see mining brigade is currently checking the area for unexploded ordinances. they were planted by the ukrainian forces. the territory we've been tossed with is very large. we haven't been to the city yet now way clearing power line since energy is one of the 1st needs of the population is necessary that the electricians are able to restore the infrastructure and provide supplies for the residential areas as much work to do the main power line to dentist has already
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been checked and cleared. so power grid workers has started the restoration that over with sounds of glass from the as of style steel plant still rumbling through maribelle. the rest of the city is trying to scramble together bits of peaceful life. those remaining in maria, who are used to hearing cannon aids both day and night. but some of these bloss actually sounds of approaching piece, not war amish dawn of reporting from our hugo. our t questions have been asked about unused reports by the u. s. network, cnn, which add an interview with the ukrainian soldier who claims the killing russians has become like a sport to him. pointed to see like when it's not funny to see sexually. very strange when you see like her people being killed and you're like yeah, very weird. feeling to be honest, but it's like a support now and all. well signs of extremists use her featured in
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a number of western media reports during the war, but given little comments. the bbc for example, interviewed, and as of soldier who had an s s division badge on his jacket, while the some newspaper showed a funeral ceremony, but didn't mention an attendee wearing another assess division sign journalist and author daniela's. i gave us his take on the medias. response the corporate media, cnn, 1st and foremost, has turn itself into a cheerleader for them out to the american military. and therefore it is like no cheering on the, on the war. fever cheering on the blood thirsty. ready enough in the correspondence should have said something of the correspondence should not have pitched in so gladly should not have encouraged the the, the ukrainian soldier. it has shown a complete in capacity for any kind of critical thought. it isn't normalization of anti russian violence and it's very dangerous. it's threatened in terms of violence
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against russian individuals in europe or america. violence is spreading and the corporate media are supremely irresponsible and egging this on moscow. shifting its position on ukraine's membership of the european union with russia's top diplomat thing the block is turning into nato's aggressive accessory. and moving away from its initial founding aims. with the problem or the knock isness of key desire to join the you raises serious doubts. the european union has turned from a constructive economic platform as it was created to be into an aggressive militant player. they follow nato's lead, thereby confirming their integration with the north atlantic alliance, and will essentially perform the functions of success re. meanwhile, the defense ministers of russian
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u. s. held talks on friday for the 1st time since the outbreak of the war and ukraine. moscow says the phone call was initiated by washington to discuss the most pressing issues of international security. the pens can claim the cold for a cease fire in ukraine and both sides emphasize the importance of bilateral communications during the crisis. william mullins than former british diplomats and professor of political ideas and institutions. googly mo, marconi university believes europe is simply following the u. s. and nato's lead in its relations with russia. europe is literally an appendage at the moment of the us, the simplest that they call it later. and don't forget, paradoxically, that nato was begun to keep america in russia out and germany down. and that is exactly where we are again now, when turkey invaded cyprus, for example, to apparently protect turkey speakers in cyprus, the west did nothing a tool,
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and now they've become totally hysterical. after being poked for years and threatened for years, russia tried to protect its own brothers in what still call the ukraine. then there's a huge amount of people proceed. i think will being understood and it will come through. because at the end of the day when the, his serious eyes down economics will make sense. and you're probably going to see some european countries saying, hey, look, do we really want to be an appendage? because at the moment we are ah, the latvian member of the european parliaments has been released after being detained on friday to protest against the demolition of a war memorial to soviets soldiers in the countries capital riga. and the politician had reportedly been urging demonstrators to go home after police had been told to take a 0 tolerance approach to the protest. that's after the lot the government reportedly began preparing to demolish the war memorial. moscow has condemned the decision senate defies any reasonable explanation. it's accused levia of being the
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most aggressive rosa phobic ally of the un nato. or the editor in chief of sputnik latvia revealed more about the day's events. a shuttle events have made the 10th showed that the police did not intend to joke all their warnings. a very serious that people who've been detained at such events, no longer just threatened with administrative punishment for violating law on rallies. but they can also face criminal charges for justifying genocide. this is the article that in principle hangs over any person who says something positive about the russian authorities and the conduct of these special operation in ukraine . and this is from 5 to 15 years in prison. therefore, when the organizes of today's protests and these were by the russian union of latvia, and the harmony party learned from the police, that they would be 0 tolerance for all those who had gathered. the harmony party immediately refused to hold this event. and the supporters of the russian union of latvia, nevertheless, decided to leave in order not to expose them to arrests and detentions the leader
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of the party tried to warn them and inform them about the cancellation of the rally . but she was detained. krause had gathered in the town hall square to protest against the statues potential demolition. it came after the live in parliament, past the bill. suspending an agreement with russia on the preservation of 2nd world war monuments protest is also demanded the right to express their opinion freely. after like, every person has the right to speak them on, right. and these demonstrations not minding the fact that the police are hey, i think every person no more, in fact the police person away. i really hope that this comes to an end and a good way. i really hope that people will have their free speech. my come to re humphreys me. i would almost done with this as
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normally that boy that garage about that there you my yes, that i know the river god. after the last protest on may, the 10th 23 investigations have been launched into some of those who gathered at the memorial to be outraged by the removal of flowers laid in honor of this week's victory day commemorations. one of the cases that was brought against a young man for carrying a russian flag. we spoke to his mother to get more details on that is in my son, alexander was arrested under the article of genocide and crimes against humanity. the maximum prison term is up to 5 years. on the 9th of may, my son knox police officers for the russian flag was banned in latvia. they said it was on may the 8th and none, but on may the town. it was not a flag is not an in league of symbol on made the times to police officers approached alexander and asked him to put the flag away after long conversation,
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they apologized, a lad, my son, go then alexander, late flowers and candles, and one hour later he was detained out 2 flats have been searched on my hard drive and seen kyle were taken my son his trust. now of course however, he's more worried about his grandparents as their house is poor. the tensions emerged after all sorts is used. bulldozers to clear flowers brought by locals to the monument for the may, the 9th victory de commemorations and response. people brought even more flowers to the sides with police than completely blocking off the area. now riga has been one of the most vocal critics of moscow's actions in ukraine. the editor in chief of sputnik latvia believes there's no justification for such aggressive actions from the authorities. no hurry, naturally, nothing can justify and explain such a reaction to people such repression to which they now subjected. on the other hand, latvia is always at the forefront of old western trends. and if there is now a trend towards the abolition of everything russian in latvia is leading this
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movement, the russian speaking minority of the past 20 years has already been so down tron, humiliated, and artificially integrated and assimilated into lab in society. that essentially, in the last elections, there was no danger to the authorities, but apparently as a deputy of the reagan city council, from the russian union of latvia, said commentating on the decision to demolish the monument. these people already have a taste of blood on their lips, so they want to deal with any objectionable manifestations as much as possible. now, those who gathered on may the 10th that the monument to the liberator or to day tried to come to the regal city hall are simply outraged. they all outrage that they are not allowed to live according to their traditions. babbitts, this constant demand for public loyalty for constant public denial and crisen, russia has become unbearable. the atmosphere in latvia for a russian speaking person is very difficult. i move it on to the news now is really security forces have class with mornings at the funeral of an al jazeera journalist
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in palestine, sharyn abu r claire was killed on wednesday, while reporting in the west bank. ah, this what did shows police confronting those attending the funeral as they tried to move the caskets on foot and some clay? what exactly caused the unrest in the coffin was later delivered to church by car. thousands of palestinians took part in mourning for the journalists who lost her life amid a recent wave of tension is how events unfolded. ah, ah, noticed a quick warning you may find some of the following images disturbing. this footage shows the moments after the al jazeera journalist was killed during his railey army
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rate in the town of jenin postilion palestinian authorities and the tv channel itself, blame israeli soldiers for the gentlest death. israel said both soldiers, unpolished, any militants were firing at the time, and called for a joint investigation which palestine has refused. ortiz dalia num, our reports from the funeral. attacks from journalists are taking place, had many entrances to the old city. we were prohibited from passing, and just now we've managed to get to the funeral procession. there were a lot of important people from jerusalem and across palestine participating in the funeral procession of our colleague coming through the old city to the resting place where she will be buried in a grave prepared in advance. you rarely see such a crowd in jerusalem. it hasn't happened for decades, and maybe it's the 1st time we see so solemn funeral and over to the us now where the senate says failed to adopt an accelerated bill on early assistance to ukraine
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. of despite bilateral support for the speedy adoption of the law. some of the run poll oppose the decision, according to the senator, it would be a big mistake by the us to quote, save ukraine by dooming the u. s. economy. this cotton is the country faces its worst inflation rates in 40 years of these rachel blevins reports benighted states congress is planned to pass an additional $40000000000.00 of funding for ukraine was stalled, after it did not receive unanimous support in the senate. thanks to the objection of a single member. now republican senator ran paul so that he could not support the bill because it didn't include legislation that would allow the inspector general to oversee how the money was actually spent in ukraine. similar to what the united states has done with the funding it has been to up can a stand for years, except for the top 5 countries. $60000000000.00 is more than every other country in the world spends on their entire military expenditures. if this gift of ukraine
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passes our total a, do ukraine will almost equal the entire military budget of russia. we should not forget that the soviet union collapsed in large part, not because it was defeated militarily, but because it ran out of money in attempt to save ukraine. we will doom, or will we do the united states to such a future? now is that an or paul is not the only one who has been criticized for calling for basic oversight of the historic funding of the united states is sending to crane congress on march. your taylor green was also call about and she was even a huge quote, repeating propaganda after she took to the house floor to question why congress was moving forward with so much money for ukraine. when here at home, the country is currently facing a massive shortage of baby formula that is impacting thousands of families across the united states. now all of this comes as the prices of everything from food to
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gasoline have continued to store with inflation in the us remaining at 40 year high . however, the senate is not finished trying to pass that additional funding for ukraine. and they are expected to take another boat on it as early as next week. political, unless gala nixon believes that needs to be more questions over just how the u. s. government spends taxpayer money. they are now taking the money that the american people pay as taxes, taking the money that should be used to help the american people, to increase prosperity here and using that to destabilize important regions of the world. so we're looking at a highly dysfunctional government that has fully decoupled from the american people and fully decoupled from its basic responsibilities as a government. if you look at the latest votes regarding ukraine regarding foreign policy, now the 2 parties generally fight to see which one can be the most talk is which
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one can be the most pro war. so the american people are rapidly finding out that they don't have an alternative to give them an option other than this government that doesn't represent that. we will see civil unrest because americans, you know, they're being gambles or they're being lied to. they're being given said nothing but propaganda, but they'll accept that as long as they're fairly comfortable. as the gas prices go up and as the food shortages expand, americans will get upset. russia's foreign minister said again, love raw has been so i'll jerry and amman in what is his 1st, the middle east or north africa, or since the start of the war and ukraine, the region has remain neutral and it's done over the conflicts levels, visits comes as the west pushing north africa to help europe cause his dependency on russia, gas, and oil. algeria, though, has repeatedly stressed, it lacks the capacity to meet the demands in the short term. the country has
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remained the reliable partner for moscow without giving lead a saying the 2 countries are moving towards establishing a deep strategic partnership. immediately after visiting algeria love, rob travel, i'm on where it's 4 minutes to said most got doesn't incentive, a moral and help isolate muscular enough, despite pressure coming from the west. amount apparently incense to remain committed to the limits agreed by the opec plus group. when now joined a lie by all the basic journalists, unless unconscious beauty, with our money to welcome to the program. i'm not what do you make if they get loves or robes biesen visits, algeria and amman? do you agree as many a saying that he showed russia its strength and its position in the region? he, i think brush has been strengthening its position in the region of for quite some time. i think that became apparent with the russian role in syria where russia was invited by the syrian government to play an important part in the fight against the terrace groups in the country. this of course indicates serrato strengthening,
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which ties. but i think there's also another important element actually there are 2 elements. you can talk about jewel politics and you can talk about the energy sector job politically. how jerry is. it's the largest country in the geographical area. it's also a major guess produce. so i think that was a major factor because algeria has been raised by the west as being one of the candidates to fill up any shortages of the gust supply that could arise as a result of a future embargo on russian gas. so that was a major factor, but i think in addition to that, russia is strengthening its ties with them are. those are countries who appeared to have you have to have deteriorated ties with the west with united states. for example. during the truck administration, the tires are between the western algeria and the to register significantly as a result of the from the ministrations approval for the western sahara being part
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of morocco. now the binding ministration has not reverse that decision. and so the tensions between washington and l. d. s continues. and so i think the russians also sought to play on that particular factor. in addition to generally building their toys, when these major are countries whom they seem to, or they see i to high with on different issues like syria. because algeria was one of the few arab countries was adopted a similar stance in support of this year in government against a terrorist groups which was contrary to most tenses up of adopted by most of the other arab countries. do this, do you think that the similarity in the views is one of the reasons as to why algeria and amman have so far at least remain neutral on the war in ukraine as a number of other plays in the region? what i think that definitely plays a part in there are other countries in our countries at different positions than
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russia regarding syria, like study re, b and the y e, who supported the anti i started group some of the towers groups. but on the same time, these countries appear to be neutral towards your crimes. so i think that the fact that they have similar views that maybe it does explain it partially, but doesn't explain the general response. i think that generally, we can say that the american clout and the american ability to be able to push a certain congress to adopt similar, similar positions to washing that i think this ability, this class, this influence is gradually weakening. good. just a quick point about alma and i think the interesting part of all man is the medic perspective because one of the issues discussed during that visit was syria being re, to the arab league, the palestinian israeli conflict. and we all know that all man plays a key role as a mediator. it has a history. so i think the visits on that particular in the case of russia intends to play an even bigger role in the middle east by enhancing it ties when these very
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important mediating players. now we see that europe is scrambling to coats it's dependency on rushing gas, and algeria is one of the few countries that could fill any, any shortfalls. if the russian gas is turned off, do you think that europe will be rushing for g as gus? and once, do you think you will get from that country? i'm sorry, would you? would you repeat the question? i got cut off a bit of cost. you had no problem. so we have, we have seen that europe is rushing to coats it's dependency on russian gas. and algeria is one of the few countries that could fill that shortfall if roofing gas is turned off. do you think we'll see europe running to algeria for gas? and if so, what do you think it will get from that country? well, law, you know, the west has been approaching algeria, as i said, the actually of the stock shortly after the start of the military operation in
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ukraine. the west was approaching anthony lincoln, the u. s foreign secretary here visit the del g area, and i would assume that one of the items discussed was how algeria could intervene to make up any shortages if an embargo was imposed. and i think that other european countries have on us have a similar stance and took a similar approach towards algeria. now, will algeria respond favorably to such a demand? i believe that the answer is a clear no. and i think that the audience made that clear during the visit, paid by a foreign minister. so again, love the other hand. it's not just about the jury nobility. by the way. i think it's also about jury politics. you know how jerry is not a country which is prone to or the beck automatically adopt western sciences or bowed down to western pressures. this was evident if you look at it stands in syria . as i say, one of the few arab countries who adopted a more favorable stance to the syrian government. so in answer to your question, no, i don't think that the algerians will respond to any request to, you know,
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played a pivotal role in case an embargo was imposed. algeria, by the way, has up until now refused the real opening of the pipeline, which connects which ascends the gas to spain through morocco and that decision there, freezing up that pipeline came as a response to the trump administration's recognition of the western sahara as being part of morocco. so with all these your political factors, i think it's very difficult for jerry or to, to imagine a scenario where jewelry will respond favorably to such demands. while ali risk journalists, unless and contributor with our money to thank you very much for your insights. they wait and see how our rationale algeria is relations and of course with the rest of that that, that then area develop of the next 3 months and years. thank you. thank you. paul in the u. k. shows only just under a quarter of those quiz were aware of a hunger crisis plane out in eastern africa,
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which has tens of millions in its grip. the horn of africa is a region consisting of 4 states, and more than 140000000 people. it was previously partially administered by britain and jose have warned the global focus on the ukraine conflict may distract the world from other large crises. you and experts had been warning of a crisis in the area for months before the start of the war and ukraine. 3 failed rainy seasons have caused the worst droughts in the region in 40 years. the problem was exacerbated by the war in ukraine as what a sanctions imposed on russia, which is the world's main, wheat exports, the situation of cause green prices to skyrocket. but russia faces problems exporting goods to global markets, after limitations on financial mechanisms and goods, transportation associate professor at the university of south africa says the continents been living in a state of conflict for a long time. and these problems should be forgotten. i leave mute. currently on
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daily basis, that is a crisis quantity of our team. we got, we see a bar there with them coming just already prior by making sure that they are you guys in chief oper, oper vehicles on there were was funded by the western county. was one of them says i lou because to be in dance in making sure that the games i was in place on a friday bench would situated so that'd be just fine. but again, dr. dod elect or friday, july the 10th. and so from there, well, what is the do i've been doing is to give more depth for i don't trying to keep in mind as i said, we are stand and also partnerships go this, you know, one or something. i don't mean it,
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but that it's in depth did put this at western county. that's about for now. my name's peter scott finally back again to the top of the allot, with the latest news, unused hail, nazi international. thank you for watching. ah ah .


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