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the west, the low, the west, and drive to the post with with we stood up almost. you know, it does work online, your food service youth group with
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only teacher with your username. the actual study. can you look at them? i don't it down then. do you know what i mean? that's good to me. i guess a number of all it's not on my i'm a lead to just monitoring the paul marsh facilities. i'm sure personally to be a modem in
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a lease with her. so them are not on that glutamate. in fact, she dies a brochure . jewish good for mr. smoke. you thought that i didn't ask a cure curio with lisa with
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a with her. so when you're ready with a trip to pay bill sniper got a feel for us,
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gave them just name of a certain person was jordan you to because she wasn't. but almost though, because then you need to do one should own blossom. so you're, you're not a jewish, the whistle is that it, we'll talk about at the ledger double this night. there's 2 new talks to russian glasgow close neighbors giving you a solution that was will unless there's a solution or oh good. it's a gives us diane, you can use up to the a on so much it did. he did a homeless now i'm on
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but i missed a sub welcoming still my with the blood with this show me or send me to send you my us. yes, i'm us before with another funny shows or can you me but i fishy. i use a mama now let's just, i just collect him just to put that on his condition and up his so his vision, it was a, had to live dumb option shops. the newer version of
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a with solution is to open the most the is the meaning of english is much the anymore. mm hm. yeah. okay. lemme encoded bunkerville and jessica bowman, your photo id with cash there. ask our guy. yeah, pretty much to confirm with him and them kind of a sudden interesting question. a sam can have a nuclear because i'm a block i live a budget is pretty busy and i'm scared with really it goes by cba with the city. it's because it's like you can literally a big deal if we get that. you go to talk
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with him because you have to, does he owe union a while? so dorothy, period honestly says worse, mike, what year before figured it was a $1.01 before the school confirmed to the next will is there to the for, but the lou really poor kazora for her. yes, you can use unlimited for dwelt you talking about you as a tool. don't sure. sure total. so the computer will in your put, put on the bus with news to later on. you still love what door at all for what is live dinner persuaded detroit did he bet the motion is i mean, your problem isn't really sure does. for course my daughter is she on the breeze can year. well, i look with at least her bill or visa letter minute piece to reduce the lawsuit because the yeah, the political they sure will sell,
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for course worked good deal as off. can you try middle governor as often as deal issue enough for you to preserve the fuel pushing your charter produce? cuz you knew name was that was you to start with lamps on with my own style and i'm not an issue that shish enough by at the more not
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a whole human, this down a 2nd of it crush. okay, go over to my mom a snippet on that. we'll get a shift and a mock motors. i can't offer any extension or say that just yet i'm one of them going on the bush longer say it. so when i sort of she out of me. okay. mm got it. got i spoke with one of the queens. so she started on the southern. oh it's queens, it's got a true true with well
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there's more to deal with no call telling us dogs all close at the school. the school was cross in full well not then it's called cause. i mean you're on a claim said right concrete, i mean, finished the war. and i suppose it's that system got a new marsha down. those are words well comes with
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with keep 1st answers for within your vision. a solution. so your bush will cranes can also to push them on the school
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with this new performer shipping this personal credit motion to do some consuming ah carson with a so just household knew that everything is good and it's been done the weights. and so we're not sure my bills are some of our stories charged renewing.
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ah, so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. that development only personally, i'm getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with others both, both the models. you need to do both nelson a with
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a, a form already. a lot of them bought a they need a, with the personal number here. we go to with ah,
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with the push another visit with my guest with leslie was actually basically at the store too much time in the assembly dishes. i groaned all my stub with it and that is julia, just polio. but this is julia, bye at them old commission. those same login with citrix unit,
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which pushes the will. is your sticky with him and up into the us now with the cast. awesome. cuz i still am a lawyer with michigan. if you still are, he goes to a small studio with crystal bye. yes. with get away with still a lot of us with mulish navita with plato and monica. but most of all the media for hugely what is most video walker, you know, from what you have careful she and because of all those rebundle,
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you know, if it isn't, it's your take it from the federal prison up with what will be a 1000000 shop with the board for the industry when you get on speaker shale roll him up with a call. give us a call when you can follow up. i was just not sure yesterday so much with my wish to get that over. can you make sure that let me up a stylish, was gimme a call and you could still get a hold of me on the glenda. somebody did up on my little boy with go do it over there with mitchell. i left the way the order to show for you, for the surveys, for the person, keith about to get the money useable
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was by the way to be able to catch the boot. it was split. typically when i took up less, which are very similar. so many years and years ago and the able to look into to bush me because it's been somebody also mom with this level, socially. the unions. i put the the shows video and positioning to cause. i was told some of it in the show lucille, it's
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a little slow show. if i it was really to the school because here she got. it was, it was a new community, almost with a well from a book a will, could you know, usual to look to be or doing with no, i last listed there. start off with
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a, with a deal for you to us. not a minus. i don't know why, just wanted to know what in there. no mom that you like with that was because they had to do it cuz i was confused as to when you started, you read what? that's what she was in your cars, those. this choi, very with see it says i just lydia 3 should say probably yes there was worse in your sleep.
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a change to the gum, cannot labor? yes. and you're still going to get it all set a mom with us on a regular can with moore's and with a new mistake initially it was a while ago, but i had to quit or it's more the more school pull it out. yeah, i did. yeah. it was nice. i mean, yeah, you're good shepherd in. i'm butch, finally in that that i don't much thought i'm with us news and it must be a back. what do you my birth is here. not be there. there was for cisco, for lima. was nice to catch up, but interesting or you can come special with
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that like i was also from the of the national with there's also with the school as it is going to national great george game that exist with it. so she'll said, well with this you are here. see our family cool. here we've been here for we
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do for you while you're here. i'm yes, near fees are done last month. you forward, you for calling you from so as a new yet can you need you to sure who you thought about my student who is also go the doctor with 2 to 4 years good. reduce created with a water. thank you. mm
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. and and really quick fish. now i have limited version or sort of in the video, 3 tier one with the more. yeah. kimberly their family to run away lemming at the door to go. but he's critical that blue. i'm also shrink additional. but loony of html or c, i specter sailors are the shoulder. she only has wishing you happens to be in a sense of your to look for it. so when i up this role, almost all not for where it says it's, i'm go clean, the stimulus will not on a stimulus to problem with the media, you will get the piece of your mac and
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i see to live up this crazy, i will give them a see to see which and we had to show those which are in stores on that by now. but the way in the bristol, particulars of this, we have 3 different people have to understand that all the blood of this war, every broken window, every bombed home, every fresh grave. that blood is on the hands of the united states government. victoria new and barack obama. job a cia, the u. s. military, the trained these naziism, how to hide behind civilians and shoot at the russians. they were coming to liberate the city here with us. but he says, you can let us here either of them. i guess so we have one way or more than one guy to lose them. there's 2 joy accessories and we'll go from there because i can actually, i can associate connecticut and yeah, that's an actual erica tori and you still can get that
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a little shade when i see them where, oh my god, i'm supposed ah no look forward to talking to you all, that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence at the point, obviously is to rate trust rather than fear a take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with
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so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved, to become absolutely excruciating, but nobody's lane finger on you. you are doing it to yourself and we started adopting those techniques when i was stationed in mosul. among them, wordpress positions sleep deprivation, and using hypothermia. there's already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrants and children, whatever you do or more than comes home. nobody has been held accountable for the
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torture that happened in the past. the moral authority, the made america world leader sector funds for the shimmer of effective interrogation. oh, let's say is a boutique firm book for us is just like his predecessor is a fun of the morning to pull out of transition. and they have to wait for a normalization on the holy see russia relations. why did the and so because they acknowledge the fact that the west can not to be very pretty standardized again, the west these walls to the west and threaten to the post christian era.
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ah, the steel, can you spoken with her for both? no moms in the deal. nelson's new york with grandma, but a lot of them bought a wall with a, with
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a widow, pollution, the scope of those who should be able to pick those up for you if there was a lawful grace for argument. you much anybody out that there was a lot of data you got laid them they need that was do even in that book i watched on yours won't be in the store with with these are people fleeing from southeastern ukraine. some have been bomb shelters for nearly 3 weeks. there was no phone reception, so many had no.


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