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tv   News  RT  May 14, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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ah ah, are you done yet? republic authorities report multiple shelling of residential areas by you premium troops on saturday. the attacks left one person injured, many building severely damaged, also ahead. they're working on the mining and essentially the general plan is to bring back to power the power plant over there and bring back the so much needed electricity supply to the city of murray. our cars, witnesses, the de mining operation, and murder you both of the city struggles to return to normal life and made on going fly thing. obviously with saudi arabia warned the u. s.
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against taking legal action against opec close, which could lead to a huge rise in oil prices. it comes up, the commodity reaches 7 your height with taking you through the weekends. big news stories, this is our to international with me. you know, neil abandoning the policy of neutrality would be the wrong decision for finland. that was the message from russian president vladimir putin during a phone call with his finished counterpart. the president's discuss bilateral relations on the situation and ukraine. vladimir putin stress that russia does not pose a threat to finland. he also said kid has lost interest in the negotiation process solely minister in turn, in form the russian leader about his country's intention to apply for nato
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membership. the russian top diplomats has claimed rescind stamps by western countries amount to a declaration of total hybrid war against moscow sale of raffle. so say such attempts to isolate russia would inevitably fail. lagoon is up with them. of you. the collective west has declared a total hybrid war on us, and it is difficult to predict how long it will last, but it is clear that every one will feel the consequences. without exception, we did everything to avoid a direct collision. but as the challenge has been presented, we of course, accepted western politicians of course, need to understand that their attempts to isolate our country are doomed. further reproach meant with our allies beyond the former golden 1000000000 is an absolutely inevitable process. and it is of a mutual nature, and we, the united states, china and every one alice, you understand that to day the question is being decided whether the world order
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will become truly fair democratic and polish centric, or whether this small group of countries will be able to impose on the international community in neo colonial division of the world into those who consider themselves exceptional, and others who are destined to fulfill the wills they lacked. well, sir, gala for all state men came of the foreign ministers of the g 7 grip of so called advanced economies met in germany, the officials called russia's actions in ukraine. unjustified unprovoked and pledged to continue their financial and military support to kiev in a collective statement. the g 7 nations said they will not recognize that done yet . and luc guns republics independence and will continue to supply key ebs forces with weapons and humanitarian aid for as long as needed. they also call for china to stop by allegedly helping more school avoid sanctions on providing military support. the countries also pledged the cut reliance on russian energy supplies and
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impose further sanctions deputy german of russia's security council. dmitri med criticize the statement at seeing the g 7 would rather quote, continue a proxy war with the russians. that of dealing with issues in the room countries, he also stated border recognition, muttered only to people living in the areas in question. well let's hear the take off academic and independent journalist jason michael on. all jason, welcome to the program. is there anything actually substantial the take from the g 7 statement, or is it largely a repetition of what western politicians i've been seeing over the last few months anyway? well, it's very much is a repetition and we, we are seeing something in the geopolitical shape, part of eastern europe, certainly with the backing of natal washington and in the united states of
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something quite familiar in european politics, a sort of cyclical political build up. and this happens when we have i re shaping off the balance of power, where we are in a situation where the, the unit polarity, the singular superpower status of the united states is being challenged. and of course, russia is that challenge and the, the form that this is taking is a solidifying of the need to align from eastern europe. we're seeing right now with finland and sweden and what is happening in, in ukraine. so this statement of non recognition about the shifting of borders is something we saw in the build up for world war one is something that led into the align shaping and world war 2. so yeah, it's
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a familiar thing. the familiarity of it should reminders of just how dangerous situation can be. multiple accusations where level that russia, i'll just go through some of the aggression and human rights breaches violations of the un charter as well as intriguingly the words. this is a direct quote or rejection. of any notion of spears of influence though it could be argued, some of those accusations signed a tod, hypocritical. well, i'd say at more than just a time, we are talking here about the behavior of superpower states. and to be perfectly realistic. this is what large states do, but fat and li, this doesn't justify it on more pressing. you know, the united states is an incredibly rich power to be backing up such a condemnation. only this morning we were listening to eva bartlett,
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who is in the next people for public and who has been reporting consistently on human rights violations and war trainees connected over the past few years by the tv regime in eastern ukraine or in the next. and she reminded me that this was very much a repetition of what the united states had been doing instead of. yeah. so yes, i mean, to this catalogue of abuses and crimes, when, regardless of the validity which, you know, i'm not here to judge. i not in a position to judge, but certainly regardless of their legacy, the united states is not the, the power to be backing up on the nation is autonomy, hypocritical. there's been a push as well from the g 7, calling a non western countries to join the sanctions against russia. jason,
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is there an expectation that that could happen in future that more support is given to such calls? i think my own personal opinion is that this is highly unrealistic. certainly listening to the, to the, the chinese and the indian media. at this time, we get to see large states with a very long historic memory of european and american colonialism. the reality for india is that india has, you know, at least in its popular discourse, had said that it remembers the abuses of both britain and the united states over, you know, even over the past 50 years. and where russia historically has not been a great threat to india or china and hadn't challenged their, their c as of influence. and certainly looking at
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a modern trade to make up of the global global economy. russia and not russia saudi china and india served well by turning their backs or showing any level of facility towards russia because it's the closest trade partner. and if and the thing we're seeing a reshaping of the. ready global economy where the sanctions are pushing the russian trade economy closer to beijing and closer to new delhi. so many interesting points, top notch analysis as always academic and independent journalist jason, michael. jason, thank you. thank you very much. now multiple residential areas in the done. yes. republic came under intense shelling by ukrainian troops on saturday through the research in the regions capital one, the women's suffrage shrapnel wounds and was taken to hospital. this video shows
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a supermarket on the western side of done yet can fire the place has since been extinguished. local authorities also report a school and kindergarten being damage by shelley, as well as many apartments in the area. in the luke guns republic, ukrainian trips blew off a reservoir flood gate and an area currently controlled by q. that's according to local authority. the several residential areas and nearby face a risk of flooding to, to be on the outskirts of murder. you pull the stand off over the off. so steel factory continues. the russian defense ministry has once again stated that ukrainian militants can't leave the facility and are guaranteed humane treatment if they lay down their arms. or ukraine expressed its willingness to sign a document with moscow about the evacuation process. and then mario ple itself attempts are being made to return some semblance of normality to the ruined
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city. but invisible threats still remain as many unexploded munitions remained scattered across the region. ortiz eager shit down off visited the territory of a local power station that's currently being de mind. so the sap is of the joint force of rush and that, and that's people's republic. they are right now working on d mining this field. you can see him probing the ground over there after the metal detector. beeped saying, suggesting that something explosive might be that, well, apparently it was a false alarm. so we can still safely move kind of following in the footsteps and they're working on the mining. and essentially, the general plan is to bring back to power the power plant over there and bring back the so much needed electricity supply to the city of mario po. this is not the 1st time sap as have had to comb through this field. normally, multiple efforts are required to remove this sign. reading danger. mine's
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a little some key infrastructure like the hospital is functioning once again, but that's a small step group heard of me nearing a house, but i can see mining brigade is currently checking the area if an exploded ordinances they were planted by the ukrainian forces, the territory we've been tossed with is very large. we haven't been to the city yet . now wait clearing, power line since energy is one of the 1st needs of the population is necessary that the electricians are able to restore the infrastructure and provide supplies for the residential areas. as much work to do, the main power line to didn't ask has already been checked and cleared. so power grid workers have started the restoration that over with sounds of blood from the eyes of star steel plan, still rumbling through marble. the rest of the city is trying to scramble together
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bits of peaceful life. those remaining and mario people are used to hearing cannon aids both day and night. but some of these blas actually sounds of approaching peace, not war. i'm a good done of reporting from are you po, r t questions are being raised about a news report by the us that we're seeing it, which earned an interview with the ukrainian soldier who claimed killing russians has become like a sport to him. plenty to see like when it's not funny to see sexual very strange when you see like people being killed and you like yeah, very weird feelings have daughters, but it's like the support. now i don't know examples of extreme misuse. how featured in the number of western media reports during the conflict, but given little comment, the b b. c. interviewed a soldier who have enough the badge on his jacket. for instance, while the sudden newspapers showed a funeral ceremony, but failed to mention,
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an attendee purely wearing another s. s, division side journalist and author dunning lazar gave us his take on the media as a parent willingness to turn a blind eye to new naziism. the corporate media, cnn, 1st and foremost, has turn itself into a cheerleader for them out to the american military. and therefore, it is like no cheering on the, on the war. fever cheering on the blood thirsty nest in the correspondence should have said something of the correspondence should not have pitch stand so gladly should not have encouraged the the, the ukrainian. busy soldier, it has shown a complete in capacity for any kind of critical thought. it isn't normalization of anti russian violence and it's very dangerous. it's threatened in terms of violence against russian individuals in. ready europe or america violence is spreading and
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the corporate media are supremely irresponsible in egging this on energy prices continue to pick after months on the rise on top opec members are not warning, but a new bill being considered by the u. s. the target members of the body could send prices even higher. if you hinder that system, you need to watch what you're asking for. because having a chaotic market, you would see a 200 percent or 300 percent increase in the price is that the world cannot handle the legislation which is passed by the u. s. senate committee is called the no oil producing an export in cartels or no pack bill. it would allow us to bring anti trust lawsuits against opec plus members, including russia over allegations of collusion and price rigging in the oil market . i believe that free and competitive markets are better for consumers than market is controlled by catallo statement. oil companies,
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competition is the very basis of our economic system. but back leaders are warning that implementing with more pressure and prices and they can handle which would lead to major instability in the oil market. extreme volatility is not because of supply and demand his because some don't want to buy certain crews. and it takes time for trade is to move from one market to another. the idea of trying to boy cause certain crude is going to be risky, regardless of the motives behind that, at the same time, saudi arabia is warning that the world is running out of energy capacity as key producers reduce investment in fossil fuels, pushing oil, diesel, and natural gas to near record high. i am a dinosaur, but i have never seen these things. the world is to wake up to an existing reality . the world is running out of energy capacity at all levels. well, the saudi arabia and the u. e are investing in greater output, they are still warning that more is needed across the board. or else it could keep
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opec plots from being able to guarantee supplies as demand continues to recover. and what is the us doing to address the problem? well, aside from the bill to target opec and plans, you isolate russian oil from the world market. the buying administration has moved to cancel multiple oil and gas leases near the gulf of mexico and alaska effectively removing millions of acres from possible drilling. some members of congress warned that decision could jeopardize energy security for the us. i can't imagine a more tone deaf, short sighted decision that jeopardizes our economic and energy security without doing a single thing to help the environment or the american people. however, rather than buying, it continues to refer to this or in cost as food prototype. but just how long will that catch phrase stick in all the actions the u. s. is taking right now, and what long term impact will they have on the global energy market in washington? rachel blevins, are she?
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well, we discuss the possible impact all that no pac bill with specialist on us are relations edmond group. there's no doubt that this is going to have a very negative impact for their conflict continues. of the prices continue to rise, not, not only just us and oil, and much more importantly. it's going to have an impact on the supply chain. basically, you are going to see more volatile energy market, many other elements that are likely to contribute to a lot of the problems that many, many countries not only in europe but, and more and more perhaps even they're going to be affected more than the countries in the, for example, the horn of africa and africa, and asia, and other places. ok, something else to tell you by today switzerland has released run $3000000000.00 us
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dollars in russian assets burn question. the strategy of blanket acid freezes, saying they can't act if there's no legal grunt. the amount of assets frozen is not a measure of how effectively sanctions are being implemented. we can't freeze funds if we do not have sufficient grounds. but after releasing those assets swiss officials froze another $2000000000.00, almost immediately. russia's face severe sanctions since the start of the ukraine conflict get one of the most unexpected moves was a mass freezing of foreign reserves. the russian central bank has lost control of some $300000000000.00, not frozen in western countries, with a total amount of russian state and private assets. see, standing over a trillion dollars a number of nations or even threatening to expropriate russian assets and property to hand over to you. crane lie, discuss the issue with the berlin bass,
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political analyst and journalist who believes the russian economy now appears to be in a stronger position actually wasn't political. it's whether they are part of the you or not, whether they are part of the nato or not. they had the intention of strangling the russian people. true crippling economic sanctions or what is called the, you know, not to cause it measures that are by the way, illegal under international law. however, after weeks of imposing discourse measures, it is quite clear nowadays that russia was well prepared for this scenario. and it was obvious that the europeans and americans are going to use the economic weapon against russia. therefore, russia was prepared for it and use the guy's weapon and also selling gas. we rebel, right? so the, the economy of pressure is a steel stable. so for switzerland, in my opinion, it was clear that this is contra productive. this with government or the federal
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government, there had the intention nowadays it seems to serve the interests of the people instead of serving the american interest that the unfortunately some political parties in germany are doing nowadays. because if we see clearly sure the sanctions, it is the german economy that is suffering and nobody is asking the opinion of the gym and people, whether they would like to pay extra taxes in order to fund these nato's war against russia. or this book subordinate, say, between russia and need to ukraine, and the german people are now with this being extra texas, but also extra bills for their basic necessities like food and medicine and etc. and just keeping the focus on germany. foreign minister alina burbock, has accused rush of engaging in a hybrid war term, again, which exacerbates world hunger at the same time. bush diag members say that living costs are in teaching into all germans. well, with some reaping significant benefits. yeah. fiber, stagen,
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lunchtime prices are rising and eating away people's income and wealth. even the middle class need to cut spending now, while those who could barely make and me before and now in despair. yet despite rising prices, not everyone is getting poorer. in march alone, oil companies declared an additional $1200000000.00 euros and profit. this is brazen profiteering for more and the government is closing its eyes to this will. additionally, the european move board has, we're not increased costs, are threatening the survival of dairy farmers and milk production in europe. the main problem is the extreme rise and cost you to higher prices for imports like fertilizers, feet, an energy supplies. the european statistical office also reported a significant growth in food alcohol and tobacco prices in april, compared with previous months. and owner of a dairy farm in germany told us about the issues that farmers are facing in the
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current climate owns. this is for us, the complains come from a different site. of course we get high prices for our mail, but we also need a lot higher prices because we have employees and then we have the packaging cost. in the end, we always had an increase in sales, but we also noticed relatively quickly what happens when the customer was allowed to travel again, namely that the milk sales collapse. and now the worth reading problems for us to we buy rate scrap, which of course completely impacts the prices for mill production. the day reforms are tied to the market. they have very, very cross purchase agreements, and it is sometimes not easy to fulfill them. so of course, many day reforms earn money, but there are also many things that can be very quickly have negative impact. let me say the chief of the day re farm doesn't get more money. the major money is pocketed by the bank for their mortgage. i think especially in the current situation, we have to be very careful that we maintain for security. for example,
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the security of supply or political commentator, journalists, thomas, repair essays. the problem is complex with food prices having been on the rise before the ukraine conflict began adding the sanctions. i just, i gravitated the trend, she the rising prices for food since more than a year when the covert measures started. so, and now we have the problem again, and it's rising because of the sanctions. many, many things. there are no sanctions on like grain or something like that. but as the, nobody knows whether his payment goes through this. there are many disturbances in the trade with russia, right? no, russia is one of the biggest producers. and if you can't be sure that your payment is going, you can be sure that you get something so and because nobody knows which banks will be saying, so tomorrow i have spoke to many people who have really a problem when they are trading with things with the product which are not,
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not under some sanctions, but they still can make any trade between russia and europe, because nobody knows what the payment goes through. and russia can sell anything. if they can't be sure that they get money. and this is the problem of essential. so it's the wish to started the sanction cost problem. european neo nazis. and that's how russia's foreign ministry spokes person has commented only the attention of a luffy and member of the european parliament to attend to the protest enrica against the demolition of a soviet war memorial. the latvian minister of the interior responded by the carrying the country was quote, ready to escort any one who came to d notify love we are also ready to go. it's how those 2 have come to 10 of the 5 democratic and legal latvia. crowds gathered in the capital of ton hold square
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and friday to protest against the memorials potential demolition. despite the protest being found by authorities came after the lottery and parliament passed the bill. suspending an agreement with russia on the preservation of 2nd world war monuments. so tensions and merged after authorities used hold on. sure, secured flowers brought by locals for they may night victory de collaboration over enough germany. protesters demanded the right to express their opinions freely. i feel like every person has the right to beat them on. right. and these demonstrations not minding the fact that the police thought, i think every person know morning, the fact that police push the fool away. i really hope that this comes to an end in a good way. i really hope that people will have their free speech. a vacuum. my counter we have free speech. i got
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you. yeah. yeah. and you got only the one that i thought that was you guys now? yeah. but i got them. and moscow has condemned the decision by the laughing authorities saying it defies any reasonable explanation. it's also a truce regrouping the most aggressive rest of phobic ally of the, you know, so former greek ambassador to poland and canada. they need us kristen topless says anyone not respecting and learning lessons from their history is most the question of putting down the statues started basically in the united states. had started that last year where they were demonstrations to do away with parts of american history from the civil war and onwards. so this now has come into into europe,
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into the european union. and i find it, i find it very tragic. first of all, anybody who does away with his history is lost. any country that does not keep it, it's history present as no future. so they shouldn't, they should know that we did say which are very magic commission, particularly b, the russian speaking people of valencia have been so bring from the beginning, i mean, they have most of the basic human rights are, have been violated from the outset. i cannot understand how the you tolerates that because this is against you, principles and you regulations. and i don't understand why the youth does not do anything more to support the russian speaking minority of lot of you have who are equally a citizens of the ego and cannot be considered the 2nd class citizens in
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latvia. another chile message from the european politician, german parliament member anson, who fried her shirt, his opinions on why the west should send more weapons to care forces. this is the ukrainians day. do you understand what will happen if russia is our territory and the worst will come with not sending arms ukraine, i lead to the russian army, capturing more territory, capturing and killing more civilians and raising more women. so i think that now re written us of the real wave of russo for that in the west. so that is quite amazing that no rational arguments, no reasons nor explanation, no fright checks and nothing good. change the general attitude of hatred of our people. so if you are russian, you are guilty from that, from my definition. that is what
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a special moment because of that is the kind of manifestation over real patron. so nobody inquire about the real, real advance who is wrong, who is right, but that is the pro wally of be in and western mind dads, we are blood muggers. all russians are guilty and responsible for everything bad than the world. they mean week to all this 8 it you is russian, people, innocent, russian people, russian people, his history, rush from people as it is not about regime they don't criticize regime. they criticize they attack us. and every thing that, that is in play, we're russia that try to understand the national psychology rush and he's direction i did. it immediately becomes the.


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