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newsome that's is where they are very special moment because of that the is the kind of manifestation of real hatred. so nobody inquires about the real, real advance whole is wrong. who is ride box? that is the prevailing opinion and western mind that we are blood and muggers. all russians are guilty and responsible for everything bad than the world. they mean week to me all this. 82 is russian people, innocent, russian people, russian, people, his in history, russian, people, as deece. it is not about regime they don't criticize regime. they criticize it, they attack us and everything that, that is in play. we're over russia that try to understand the russian psychology, russian kids to rush and i did. it immediately becomes the re, tim. oh,
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the real aggression and that's where we leave the global is update for not more programs get going in moment though, so don't go too far from moscow. this is art international with ah so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race move is on of very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical time. time to sit down and talk
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ah, the bull, let's say is booting firm. book for us is just like his predecessor is a fan of the moon to color transition. and they may have to way for a zation on the holy see russia relations. why the need so because they acknowledge the fact that the west can not to be or increase their eyes again, the west is lost to the west and throughout the post christian era. ah
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with we stood up almost a year with a twinkle with a shame that sure you're starting to look at them. i don't it's joseph dunn. they'd be,
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you know what i mean i me, i get a good job with the medicare. yeah. yeah. no role. it's not, i mean i'm a lead to just monitoring the paul marsh show. believes how to show personally to be a modem in with someone on this the way if you can please. mm hm. with that donnette leukemia with
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tech shit, i should have a pretty quick a brochure view escrow for mr. smoke. you are getting a scope of your cure curio. but i don't think any of that needs to be ready. so a with a worker or be aware when you're with
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her. so when you're ready. mm. see if it's different. sure. the sniper cut a feel for us guys. i'm just needing a new person with your needs. you need to because she wasn't able to more so was on your little one should on the last from so i don't you know, idea
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generation the whistle is that it can you look at the ledger with this knife of those 2 you thanks to russian galatia dressmakers given us a solution, it was a solution or oh great some give us diane. you can use up to the a home it it did this good. yeah. i did a lot of money that i missed a sub welcoming so i'm always employed with
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that. sure. you send me to any myers? yes, i must be close to one that i'm not sure when you send me, but i to i need us to give them. but what i was the amount that i need to just door community. but i fishy. i use a border. yes, that's home between them. if i wanted to go to them, you have a brochure. mama noted, so i just collect on that. but also just to put that on a conventional on your district. in the past, i always been a newer version of course thought. yeah. well with some allusions too. yeah. pretty much there's so many of them. christian is not the anymore. mm hm. yeah. okay. they're mine included. don't cut them, but i just got home with cash there. ask daphne my storage unit 20 by mortals, it's more than you moxie mom can store a sodium interested pursue a
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. 6 sam camouflage a nuclear because i'm a block i live a budget is pretty busy and i'm scared with mrs. did you live? it's clear. been with us really. it goes by seeber with the city. it's because it's like you can literally a let me put with nicki pitiless. yet that goes, that goes down for a little bit. is we did, it was more because you have to wait to hear yes. a lot of because with so door for people who don't play southwest, my quote, you a receipt julia controller. one book when a school attempts to the next will is there to the for literally pull cars off
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again. yes. you can do is almost like really for dollars. you thank you right. you have a to don't sure. shoot us. we'll talk opinion will in your put put on gloomy voicemail . proceed with the news to you later on. you still love it. what boy at all for his live in there? precisely. detroit any back, the motion is i mean your little problem is a 1000000 sure done it for course to this year and they please can year. well, the 3rd will be used to will abuse and that my new piece to lou diskin us to believe is the yeah, the new political asia will sell for coursework with us deal as off for here to new criminal, going as off with tissue enough for you to preserve the fuel pushing trajectory produce because when you pay more supply, wishing to start with aah!
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lamps on with . and i know stella and i know what the issue is that she should not by at the more . when this down a bit of a rush over to my mom, i need a vin number with christian off a bomb. wish norma said,
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so when i sorta she out of me. okay. mm a you with that the, when it's the queens. so she started on the so them, on our screens, i even got that back in. this was the church and we say well is more you do not qualify with both of us result i was at the school
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school last question for park problem. again calling because i mean you don't have to come claim in the finish the war and i suppose it says that he was serious and got a new marsha down. otherwise well can do it with keep 1st a stand with vision
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was hopes not polluted. when the solution super small cranes can also to push them all in a solution engine williams, a, a specialist and finish cation wasn't just including
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with your school. so just household knew that everything has been done away. somewhere in that one. a storage charge or with
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or ah ah,
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with the push another she visit from august with all sorts i'd love to talk to you with leslie was actually supposed to start. it must have been the assembly tisha. i don't know much about peterson, that is julia, just polio. but this is julia play at them old commission. those same login with civic shooter which pushes the will. is you sticky with him and up into the us now
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with the cast also because i still am with mission. if you still are here, boys for us most to do a triple play, you know said you know that what is just will know what you're supposed to be. wasn't able to get away with your leash, maybe a little sort of if you don't. plato and what about the cost of i would the media but hugely, what is most video walker, you know, that's our stuff from
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a go careful. she in a bit of the rebuttal, you know, if there's any, just thank you from a barely written up with someone who has a bottle gum on my gum. the upper shop college on with the board for the initial when you can speak or fail or wrote him up with a call give us a call when you can really an up i was just not sure yesterday so much the only way to get that over can you make sure that let me up a stylish was gimme a new school. feel free to call me on the glenda. somebody set that up on monday unless you are boy with go do it over there with mitchell. i left away the order to show for you for the supplies with keith about a couple
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it usable is pretty much the we have to be sure has been removed, but got the boot. it was put. so put the way it will, it took up less, which is more or less so that means that you'd be able to look into to bush me. i'm going to spend somebody also told good mom with his level. there's a way that you put the videos, positioning, it took us to listen in show you lucas, you it's a little slow show. if i it was
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a school because here she got because it was suitable shooting you couldn't you and your homeowners with a welcome chiseled vehicle with you? sure to look severe during the years with no i last listed there. start off with
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a project. this is the, please, i'm with for you to us, not a mind. i don't know why. just wanted to post on ordinary them off that you like with plenty of but it was because in the new it was always competition. when you started, you reach will to touch because in your cars there was this choi that you're working with . justin was able to get on with the see. it says i lydia 3 should say proudly. yes,
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there was worse than your slay company or is it at the i'm not sure i've changed to that. i'm not a liberal. yes. and we do still get it all set. the mom with kentoria moran, the wife morrison with a new mistake. initially. it was a was a to get away from all of the more school. pull it out. yeah. i really, i was like, i mean, you're good shapell in i'm butch, finally in that i've done much done with what's b a r d y versus here. there was for cisco, for lima, wasn't really sick. which of the interesting or you can go more special with
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that like it was also from the mission of it will be trim level with she has also with the school, is it going to national grades with it? so she'll said a with a few years, see our family, like on the do up here. we've been here for work. well do for you while you're here
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. i'm yes, near fees on the words. yes. don't last more through, forwards, unique are good for you. first saw as a new movie, yet can you need you to sure who you thought about my food if you have also go all the doctor with 2 to 4 years a radius created with a water. thank you. mm
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hm. with really quick fish. now i love limited version or something, the video through to your mind where the more we had to more their families around away lemming as a saw dog. but he used car single w. i'm also shrink additional, but loony of html or c a spectrum. so it was wonderful that she only has wishing you a pistol. please assist with my personal, almost on offer for martha. this is a green, the stimulus will not on a stimulus to problem with the media. so you will get busy with
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this crazy, i will give them a see to see which way and to show those on which and stores on the proper way in the pistol particulars of this. we have 3 different people have to understand that all the blood, this war, every broken window, every bombed home, every fresh grave. that blood is on the hands of the united states government. victoria new and barack obama job, i did the cia, the u. s. military, the trained these naziism, how to hide behind civilian schools and shoot at the russians. they were coming to liberate city here with us. but he said she'll come when i see another of them. i guess we have a motion from our guide to william to julia settlers and a little better than it is. i can actually, i can use her sheet connecticut and yeah, because i think she'll echo tori and you show cookie that
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a little shade when i see him way. oh my god, i'm supposed ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race group is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk ah, the bull, let's say, is booting firm both for us is just like his predecessor
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is a fan of the moon, the color of transition. and they may have to wait for a, he's a show on the only see russia relations why need so because they acknowledge the fact the new west can not to be or increase your my eyes again, the west is lost to the west and drive to the post christian era ah ah ah
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ah, the city was finished with the letters that grew up old number with grain already. a lot of them bought a year that you all with
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