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[000:00:00;00] a with continues to spend billions of military support to ukraine, despite the highest inflation in the country in 40 years. so americans are not happy that their needs are being lost. russia warns finland's administration to nato and the resulting end of its miniature neutrality is a mistake, which would heavily damage relations between the 2 countries. and it's my supply. on wednesday, the launch is special coverage focused on the and told stories of ukrainian refugees who fled to russia, claiming they were given little help to escape the conflict with my son. is he crying in soldier while crossing the border?
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i didn't hide any thing. my son honestly told the mom, go to the russian boy, didn't go to russia, they will help you there. and residents of done yet still no guns take part in victory day celebrations. as a more peaceful life, slowly returns to cities in the dom box up the years of being on the front line with you live from our headquarters right in the russian capital. you're watching the weekly here on our team to national minus peter scott. and here are the top stories from the week just gone. we start off with the latest on the war in ukraine, multiple residential areas in the done yet. republic came on the ins and shelling by ukrainian troops on saturday. one woman suffered shrapnel wounds and was taken to hospital. while the 19000 people were evacuated from high risk areas of ukraine in the dom bus republic yesterday. as, according to the russian, m. o. d,
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united nations high commissioner for refugees reported over 6000000 people had left ukraine since the beginning of the conflicts. in mother you pull russian and the nets for public joint rescue services are beginning reconstruction efforts in the devastates of city. and on the outskirts of matter, you pulled the stunned off over the as of style steel factory continues. there was in defense ministers once again, states that you couldn't fight as can leave the facility and a guaranteed humane treatment if they lay down their arms. the forces of little guns could people's republic to control of a major chemical facility in the region this week. a correspondence from our sister channel our to our big census this report. we're now in the industrial zone in the vicinity of the city of rebecca. this is desiree i planned for the production of gunpowder, which has been spoken about a lot and was under the control of the ukrainian armed forces. well fortified by ukrainian troops, as in the case of the as of stell plant and mutual. but as we can see now, this very large territories under the full control of the united force, it allowed nato advisors coordinated the defense of this plat. dozens of foreign
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mercenaries, including us citizen, were killed here on the phone calls in arabic and other languages suffice. as members were intercepted hoops. yes. well, we have recordings of representatives of the nato block here in particular, americans can adams in just one plant. the crystal facility we recorded 7 americans who remained on ukrainian soil forever. so we also recorded sniper groups from canada. snipers touched red dozens of fortify, childers lakita underground. some of them have 3 floors. these shelters were used by the cranium military during the battles had the z. a plant, as you can see, there are various medicines here. we can see these doors are made from green, fort steel, which protected them from artillery and shelling. this particular shelter could hold up to 150 fighters of the nationalist battalions and foreign mercenaries and mac fi. yeah. i live on that. you mean there are many ne to trophies. it will now
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be used in the battles for several and yet, and least charter school teachers. fellowship were at the sort of thing. exclusive shells not about that as leading the next battles of several diets and less a chance to sort of we squeezed him all out of don. yes. really. they were battles here and we pushed out the special forces who held this place. so we're doing the combined forces, continue there, offensive to establish full control over the administrative border of the republic . and after that they will be able to determine their own future. so what us are gone had dia r t look ask. surging inflation is causing deep effort economic woes in the u. s. but this fi that washington's been dishing out billions and relief funds to a country on the other side of the globe. that's much to the dismay of some hard hit american citizens. now it's led to accusation that washington is in fights, putting america last less certainly the arguments of republican senate, the run poll you this week brought a speedy votes on a new $40000000000.00 aid package for ukraine. we cannot save ukraine by dooming
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the u. s. economy, americans are feeling the pain. and congress seems intent only on adding to that pain by shoveling more money out the door as fast as they can. tell us expenditure on eights. ukraine is now close to $14000000000.00. more than half of this amount has gone on defense, the white house tons to send yet more money to the country. admitting that the vast majority of the new package will also go on military assets. but pentagon spokesperson, john kirby says, the new package of age must be passed quickly by may. the 19th is to avoid any interruptions. many americans are struggling to meet their basic needs. as the annual inflation rates in the country remains close to 40 year high. the producer price index, which tracks how much money factor is, gets for products for their initial sale was 11 percent from a year ago. that's according to the bureau of labor statistics. while the american automobile association reports the prices for gasoline have increased over 30 percent over 40 percent on diesel ortiz,
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rachel blevins has more nuts. all additions are supposed to represent the people who elect them and put their interest 1st. but many us lawmakers appear to be promoting the interest of an entirely different country. this congress refused to approve around $10000000.00 in cobit 19 release funding for american. previously, i had recommended the congress take over due action on much needed funding for coal . the treatments, vaccines and tests as part of the ukraine supplemental bill. however, i have been informed by congressional leaders in both parties that such an addition would slow down action on the urgently needed ukrainian aid. so congress is making it clear that it's funding for ukraine 1st in covey, really for american 2nd, was done lawmakers openly saying that ukraine is their top priority. i think we all agree. the most important thing going on in the world right now is the war in ukraine, while americans may not be taking the streets to approach as they are voicing their
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frustrations on social media. with the questioning why us politicians are voting with americans in mind. they got money for wars, but can't feed the poor no matter how bad things may seem, we can always count on our government to have an extra multi 1000000000 dollar check laying around to prolong a war on the other side of the planet. for those who are concerned about the actions of their elected representatives, how figure nancy pelosi suggest taking a sort of biblical approach. so when you're home thinking, what does this all about? just think about when i was hungry, you fed me in the gospel of matthew. okay, but in this case, who is feeding america and more specifically, their children, more than $10000.00 georgia cross country are reporting shortages of baby formula with 6 states saying that more than half of their supply is out of stock. all of the prices continue to store with reports from april,
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showing that inflation in the us remains at 40 year high. domestically in the us, the march inflation report showed that food prices for home consumption were up 10 percent year over year. that's the largest increase. we've seen an over a 40 year period, those storing prices and for some americans to move out of major cities in search of more affordable lives. while i was just weeks ago, the bite and warrant of a global food crisis, he announced new sanctions against russia. here in the u. s. food shortages have started to become a reality. as food banks across the country report increased demand for the americans who can't afford the prices at the grocery store. and it's not just the u . s. in the u. k. a recent study found them more than 2000000 adult say they can't afford to eat every day. this is prices continue to store with even the bank of england predicting that inflation will hit 10 percent this year. meanwhile, prince charles, adjust the crisis while lavishly sitting on a golden throne in
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a golden room with lots of golden accessories mouths. his government's priority is to grow and strength from the economy and hope ease. the cost of living for families. the u. k is also following in the footsteps of its american allies with prime minister boris johnson posting about sending 450000000 pounds of taxpayers money to ukraine. the opposition was quick to call him out, to out of touch to meet the challenges of the moment i'm too tired to draw. steal, put unit is of the future that time has passed. so as western politicians continue to go above and beyond for ukraine, while their own people sing deeper into crisis, they're making it crystal clear, just what their top priorities are and what they think they can get away with. while still keeping their coveted political titles. in washington, rachel blevins, r t. vladimir putin has warned finland,
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the joining nato would be an error that would harm relations with russia. there are some presidents is critical of finance abundance of history, no policy of military neutrality. now the 2 presidents held a phone call in which they discussed bilateral relations, and vladimir putin stressed that russia does not pose a threat to finland. the finish prison though, inform the russian leader, the situation changed into russia, ukraine, and therefore he's country will probably apply for nato membership this wednesday. meanwhile, the russian foreign minister says the country will be forced to take retaliatory steps to stop threats to its national security. finan dosher long border with russia, and up until now did hold a neutral military status. so gale of rav claim the west is now waging a total hybrid war against moscow. lifting the roof of mom of you for the collective west has declares a total hybrid war on us and it is difficult to predict how long it will last, but it is clear that everyone will feel the consequences. without exception. we did
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everything to avoid a direct collision, but as the challenge has been presented, we of course, accepted western politicians of course, need to understand their attempts to isolate our country are doomed. further recruitment with our allies beyond the former golden 1000000000 is an absolutely inevitable process. and it is of a mutual nature. and we, the united states, china and everyone else understand that today. the question is, we decided whether the world order will become truly fair democratic and public centric, or whether the small group of countries will be able to impose on the international community a neo colonial division of the world into those who consider themselves exceptional . and others who are destined to fulfill the will of the elect. no nato expansion was one of the red lines which was emphasized by russia prior to the ukraine conflicts. and despite a legit promises from nato back in the 90s that it wouldn't move in or the inch eastward, the block has been steadily expanding in recent decades. this might moscow's concerns the move by finance,
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sweden is being met with plenty of encouragement from the alliance. the war in ukraine is forcing our school to make difficult decisions, but sovereign nations must be free to make those decisions without fear or influence or threat of retaliation. let's go analyst an ice of his mouth. her name believes that nato expansion is hugely beneficial to the united states. u. s. is a military, empire, and partner for the needs of an empire is to expand and take resources that a may not have on its own. we look at that, the middle east, how the u. s. invaded iraq, how and when, after afghanistan. and there was no legitimate reason for either those wars. but there were plenty of natural resources that the u. s. one and part of an empire is to take the resources that it can, i think is really
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a bottom line reason for that. so the u. s. is in, was in libya, took over that, destroyed the country. it's throughout africa and there are believe 20 more than 20 us basis in africa right now for nato. it's clearly an attempt to re colonial ised africa and other parts of the world. so really is an economic reason . there is no moral reason. there is no humanitarian reason for any of this. it is pure economics, prominence, russian politician dmitri media has claimed the g 7 countries would rather quotes continue a proxy war with russia instead of dealing with issues in their own countries. now that came out of the g 7 group of leading world economies said they will continue delivering alms to ukraine for as long as it takes. the g 7 also said they would never recognise independence of the don units and luc guns republics. the former russian president claimed that will be able to the people in those areas to decide
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. now his statement came as the foreign ministers of the g 7 group met in germany, where they also called for china to stop allegedly helping moscow avoid sanctions on providing military support. the country is also pledged to codes lines and russian energy supplies and imposed for the sanctions, academic and independent journalist jason, michael believes such statements show the balance of power shifting. this statement of non recognition about the shifting of borders is something we saw in the build up of course, to world war one. it's something that led into the, the align shaping and world war 2. so yeah, it's a familiar thing. and the familiarity of it should reminders of just how dangerous the situation can be. and this happens when we have a re shaping of the balance of power. we're, we're in a situation where the, the unit polarity,
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the singular superpower status of united states is being challenged. and of course, russia is that challenge and the deformed this is taking, is a solidifying of the need to align from eastern europe. we're seeing this with and know with finland and sweden and it's happening in, in ukraine. more than 1000000 ukranian civilians have fled to russia to escape the war with local authorities, providing them with supplies and practical support. now that's despite ukrainian, goodman's claims that refugees are being forcibly be located. an especial report. we hear from some who have headed east to seek refuge in russia. ukraine has repeatedly accused russia of deliberately targeting civilians, not letting any one escape the fighting. today's russian attacks on a kindergarten, an orphanage, or war crimes and a violation of the rome statute. together with the office of the attorney general, we are collecting these and other material which we will immediately transfer to
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the hague or response to this act is inevitable. elect on the 29th of march, i told you that russian occupants destroyed 773 educational institutions in our country. now it is twice that number 1580 for these a kindergarten schools and universities. the occupies of already killed $220.00 ukrainian children. there. the same schools and kennedy gardens, that as of neo nazis and regular troops alike like to use so much as their basis. same story with the humanitarian corridor was facilitated by cave only on paper. a colon, joy, i have not seen humanitarian corridors from the ukrainian side. the ukrainian military were in the city, but they didn't do anything. vitaly met the war in ukraine, controlled mario po, and lived to see victory there with russian banners all round about under and should it will ukrainian soldiers looted broke open all the shops. people just got
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left overs after the russian military entered the city and someone needed help. they tend to them for medicine. for example, sometimes they gave russians, they helped in general another. eventually they managed to leave into russia. something they could never do while ukrainian forces had the grip on the city and the face of every civilian their mamma. we've been planning to move for a long time, but couldn't persuade my mother. but on april, the 1st 2 shells were fired near our house and killed one woman and a young guy. they tried to save him, take him to the hospital, but the ukranian troops did not let him through. after this incident, we decided to leave murray, poor russian emergency services took st. valez dusk and there we had to pass foot. frasier with the civilian population was screened out from the military who disguised themselves the civilians. course not everyone moved to russia without hesitation or fear. the decision to leave home is rarely taken lightly, especially if your child is fighting for the side,
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russia consider its enemy moiety will not run into little crane. and my son is a ukrainian soldier while crossing the border. i didn't hide anything. i was com, you went into the territory, refresh and civil and tears helped me. they didn't leave me. my son honestly told me mom, go to the russian border, who go to russia, they will help you there. my son asked me to, i thought i may go to jail, but no one offended me. she says she glove to return. if only though there was actually anything to return to your dom, we're the up now i plan to go to my sister, but if nothing happens, i think the russian authorities will help me. i would like to go home, but most likely i won't come back. there is no way to go back till everything was bombed out and i don't trust ukrainians. ah. as western nations prepare a new wave of anti russian sanctions contracts between european companies. moscow
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looking increasingly shaking german manufacturing giant. siemens has ripped up his contracts with russian railways, which means it'll no longer provide any serve. this is for their trains. meanwhile, the austrian chancellor warn the moscow's major gas supply a gas prom will be deprived of his storage facility in salzburg if it fails to fill them with gus. the country also reiterated its refusal to pay for the fuel in roubles as moscow's requested. rash have made that decision after being banned from doing deals in dollars or euro's. germany has also refused to meet russia's demand . earlier jaya german vice chancellor roberts hardback said that such a requirement for gust deliveries was a breach of contracts. russian economist in guinea, not dawson, however, believes that international contracts between russia and europe and countries are being used as a geopolitical tool. it would be surprising and honorable, if any of the sides of the conflict would have respected for contacts,
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concluded by their own businesses with foreign count artist. this is not the case. generally, a commercial contracts are conceded says negligible by both sides of the conflict and the decisions are taken according to me. your political needs, we may call that like that. maybe we can, we can easily state right now that there is law for people. the human beings law for the company is born in any country, many, many countries and worldwide. but unfortunately, there are no laws for government, governments, and states, and they consider themselves free to highlight anything, frankly speaking. but that's a great piece. and unfortunately, both sides of the conflict exhibit a very unreal phosphorylation. so the counterpart is
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from the side commercial counterpart which i'm not involved in the contract. and just before we go, let's bring you some highlights of this year's they, today's celebrations, recalling the memory of those who lost their lives. fighting against nazism in world war 2. ah, ah, the more diesel life slowly returning to cities in ukraine and on bass. now in control of joint russian denise guns forces fireworks for the 9th of may. celebrations replaced frontline shelling through the southern ukrainian cities of johnston and erica, where russian forces are currently positioned joined in the commemoration for the 1st time in many years. the residence of the dunbar,
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cities of the new guns also took part in the festivities. for one day, lou ganske city was renamed as boris. she'll have grad, it's soviet name. following a public initiative. locals were also able to attend an exhibition of all seas during the latest fighting against ukrainian nationalists. and the commemoration was also held in the southern ukrainian city of san, where hundreds for parts in the immortal regiment. march was the 1st time to major commemoration could take place in the city since the russian military establish control more than a month ago. and we continued resistance from ukrainian forces and over in russia. the largest military parade traditionally took place in moscow during the v . today's speech on red square. but the mere putin praise the immense sacrifice made by the soviet people some 27000000 lost their lives in the great part of the arctic war. and they also drew some parallels between the past and the current conflicts in ukraine. so megan, you know,
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not system everything pointed to the fact that the clash against new knotty followers that the united states and their satellites put a stake on was something that had to happen eagerly. it was becoming more and more dangerous with every passing day in russia. prevented this facility we had to do this. it was timely and it was the only right thing to do. it was the decision of a strong sovereign, an independent country. was your fighting for your homeland and its future to ensure that no one forgets the lessons of the 2nd world war, so that there is no place in the world for executioners punish ers and nazi shame lower. ah. mm
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. but submit the ukraine conflicts and the resulting anti russian sentiment this spread throughout much of the world. so the contribution to the vitro nuts and the mobile to is funny, so increasingly overlooked as the conflicts in ukraine goes on. western countries have been trying to twist certain positive history, especially the role of the soviet union in fighting fascism and naziism. the desecration or demolition of soviet era monuments and cemeteries has been taken to a new level, getting rid of soviet symbols as the responsibility of all local administrations. there are about 60 places on our list where such symbolism needs to be removed. moscow has repeatedly condemned walsall calling on it not to follow the lead of radical politicians. this is not the 1st time we have come across such a shameful phenomenon. the war against soviet monuments and poland. everything that is happening in poland now is happening in violation of bilateral borges and the
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news of civilized communication. traditional tokens of awareness have not escaped detention either. the st. george's ribbon, a case symbol in russia and abroad and use for commemorating world war 2 east in front veterans has been banned in moldova. the president said the ribbons place is in the trash can of history of the western politicians are also not mincing their words. when it comes to comparisons between the conflict and ukraine and world war 2, every russian has learned about the siege of leningrad during world war 2. sadly, history has repeated itself, but now it's the russian government cruelly starving ukrainian cities taking 2 completely different situations, including them together. one that involves starving a city into submission. the other that has attempted humanitarian corridors and a deliveries. and the western media has been going even further in trying to draw historical parallels. the red army engaged in branford atrocities and massacres during its occupation of
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a some poland finn and other european countries. in 19391941 seems nowadays from butcher mary. jo, pull, car, cough and other ukrainian cities show that russian soldiers over the past 10 weeks have perpetrated atrocities against civilians in ukraine. some articles have given space for new interpretations of victory day as russia's who on ukraine continues. the day will take on new meaning. it's very much about galvanizing support for russia, the present and showing off the strength of rushes, military forces. us diplomats have even accused the soviet union of being an ally of the nazis by cherry, picking specific episodes out of a much bigger historical context. put in likes to accuse his victims of b, nazis. but it's important to remember that in 1939, that's a germany on the soviet union, son and non aggression pact, only after the knots his launch a surprise attack on the ussr. in june, 941, the the soviet union joined the anti struggle. all of this makes not just
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a revision of the outcome of world war 2 and the bloody sacrifices of the soviet people they've been canceled. mrs. m. mostly functional. we hear that lately, the west. there are more and more warts that the documents signed by the soviet to tell terry and regime which consolidate the results of the 2nd world war should no longer be carried out. the results of the 2nd world war as well as the sacrifices made by our people on the altar of victory over nazis are sacred. but if i hear them living with us are out for now, what have you doing this weekend? i hope you having a good one. my name is peter scotts, and we back again in 30 with another one down to the weeks main stories. ah
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i ah, north atlantic alliance, reconnaissance aircraft wolf ships cruising close to russia's borders, have become commonplace. along with military hardware redeployment and large scale exercises, nato has also developed its offensive capability near the russian borders every year, a russian backed resolution is submitted to the un against the glorification of not
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system the outcome is always the same view as votes against it. and in recent years with ukrainian backing with typically the u. abstains. ah, but with most countries voting in favor, the document is accepted. but it's only advisory lou meter causing a writer and history professor with the american university in washington. summarizes the usa official position. mm. united states says that we're not going to prevent freedom of speech united states as that even neo nazis have the right to speak and to assemble. the german journalist and filmmaker, mark butler, my sees the ukrainian and u. s. positions differently than me. i'm like on,


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