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ah ah, suitable bids in a grand scale, was sca modem splitter related to the any with this pool with torch kim morgan. she is mark machine your 1st because symbolic you might be some mighty grain, a sub one, your thigh with us to loan in the gym. will your vision but you still want to free your selena gardner. ms lot maloof will not put me is to
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put money will put that on by your money plan was close for a pre approval for critical illness portion or possibly if i'm just recently boston referred to learning about the lawyer bloomberg. i went to school to the hutch a political smuggler store structure, but now called me not for his last near cripple mcqueen in the communion produced tomorrow, for the sneer now come to referrals. it was foller heaton, though. she got cordial load. you could she, after my really could put in a show for, or that the for 2 years or more yesterday i was a proposal opportunity today at nashville, tampa, thomas called me earlier mental money took of cd boulevard at costa, strangely by your society, sweetie. scott. scott, him you to tom da, moscow, julia or the new yorker double guard parish, hoards of wages to go to junior?
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yes. you have a smart tv or apple julio storybook. no scottish or grip borne your car keys, daniel carrier. so i could have i to clear a me my, me with us to pay the initial is living if that the years great. going to ask a couple of issues that are done with
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are not done with it, which in the login g a g, a mostly off give you for a lot of the most aim. bush vehicle the by the when you can hear me about the any of those yet. what is
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your what i show a because you bundle with both. let me show you. is there been a spot for tomorrow afternoon? yes. no more than i do, but we're ineligible a little nicer. we're similar to over to jessica or denise put up the order for the dish girls from the go through it. i'm going to go to lunch with buick was 1st penny release, buddha flew well when you finish your career very neil asked or don't last your club regular shopping with a full digit. terrible is just what i roll one on believe. believe or skin believe what still mind. well,
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with the digital are bringing still cooked, disappointed cooked. it wasn't in now. joseph hewitt. so we're all closer. we brought it here because i knew off the clergy to compose. let's talk a little code or her leash name and then we'll take probably relative for my look at it. actually this place for the last year, the long run. it shows all a while or someone will be fine to play. now why you're so you're going to need vocal ear orca. read it, dave shows slave. yeah, the well yeah, i will show all her liberally clear. bob or a start by dividing neil toilet. are you supposed to put more stuff with a shake?
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mueller. to me and then of course, you know what it is, they don't kill please with a black. i'm with girls, low money, children with her. her other sort of money. she call our tickets early in the young nature. motion if she says mister salon was cousin showstopper as jolla because or so you reason? when waller, you genius, be out cooking is old, company you? those of mrs. care for more color was for use loza. oh oh she caught it sir. your cousin was in, so he flew records and he he tuples, kerberos, christian kernels, walters menu yet did the floaters. but oh yeah, of what we just normally or yeah, that was great. yeah. it good. this kind of it was already
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joe didn't store, they did you say your stuff who says reason, moodle for peters or what i need to lunch. so my night at the other school near to chima, my brakes training guy. it's a niche lavish, just focused part machine. you know, the shame, like i need to go out here with michelle in you. louis fanny was gone. yes, but i'll leave it was try. i would see what, what i need. but i will just not able to watch again if i want to talk with them or no doesn't put on style and go to one. you put lynaya on the still and grabs show machine you will. a bottom was an ottoman the sheila rush has gotten great bryan a
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don't you deal with weiss copy to provide some in miscellaneous quote required to a tax pony because my china bowl a prostate by me does, are quoted for the chassis sector via any we thought you got great, the toys, capital demand, you can provide you with a company with fortune, which i, if you go to moscow space you that you change especially criteria especially them are, percentages are quote, it's just my circles. then you might have a pre, he got a model name, melissa nashua and he's one of the dorms upgrade. just to charlie and you don't, you have to wife and you are hoarded meal, but i'm a spreadsheet with my post worth of moving. yeah. close to us also like a deal is it is likely to dumb off. he got a cute part of those. are my great oscar english natalie beach spin or but daily
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said again his order kimiko a couple of different digital dom i was just yes. all night, as long as you will do still in your bra who is good. when you have to watch this quote, you have to reserve good people. we've got a mission. i mean, i me of the money on with the right here for me more just way to put more stuff is i'm pulling them is night with the back to go to sleep in your spirit. no, no, i'm not as much on than you. nothing on the 5, you don't, i'm not seeing them as i tell you when you use that or give them just to bring you my body to probably knew if i'm the soil is bull nose nor summer tactic are major. was that? yeah, given year we were just here, i'd be down and you pretty would nasa goto id is a posley. you a dumb of charlotte corporate year promotional with bush and boyd,
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i'm not sure whether it's in boy a rush or loser. but while is a, is a with home, are you a bad the machine? the quote was yeah, no problem. what was all of those disney own in some way? we can mobilize pulls on article visually invoice a g, a shit off. as offer book with
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son is a new lucian 1st is paul with a social actually will be in the grand scale. was war 2, modems fully ready to learn you willingly when you throw a book. when you're ready to look at the number with a deal, any of the most thoroughly with who, who are any, was political a will anybody there was a really distributed novel that will be just not robust. they talk over the puzzle which explores their own. when you go to the corresponding thomas show, due to the way we did, will you you soon? you post a person established for you with
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your credit? does any proposal is through that page and i'm supposed to get a few quotes for both of those kids that are there are plenty of room for the tournament, of course over the summer. and you can throw this report over those policy mostly for you to believe when its stores and then you will always go, you can you could you please do. can we should, would you please indicate like it or they took a look of can will. viola will not not sure. absolutely. but with votes. thank you . i'll proceed. you look for the harley. he was wasn't, will execute much. she already has a new dealership with somebody little glove idea was still pretty well. so go stop with us. yeah, he would assume missed you thought i got a book that i missed,
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so social talk with me. sure. sure was cold here with me to the incident when you were cardenas, but wrong, but the most to us trash avoid no losses. so much that if you chance to come credit on our show you on a finding william. yes, i can use this for the british name, alexi. cham see oceania decided it was on. let me proceed. it was ridiculous. so give me just a short of shows placebo. patricia i did the youth. ah
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oh, let's say is the 18th. i'm booked for us. it's just like his predecessor, he's a fan of the morning or afternoon session and they may have to way for a normalization on the holy see russia relations. why need so? because they acknowledge the fact that the west can not to be or increased your eyes again, the west these walls to the west and throughout the post. pretty scam ever a
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hole in the back of all sheila's 1st mismatch l. a choice of ashley, the sport of valor for a few of them was to chance from about mr. bradley them between 1st who made ashley boucher so therefore support follow that she's still not really. i'm afraid that she didn't last particular with my little girl in the probably a developing a bulk all day. you'll be good. so we're going to which i suppress. pick the need to the cards are causal. i am what you call go to my voice. maybe buys in the record. sure. of good. there really. what at no additional good level of it is all that all will morgan? yeah. pretty clearly. yep. it is all that will come with me and for a mortal done e, but there are more school people with basel for diet, we're human or will it mark tell you are smart,
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they will because all source to read you lee with the law, the bottoms are shown mental, basel nipple walkways for support on track them. no good. malisha by show college will not see school wasn't the circus simoli. q a. my got this one got to last my shavers, hobble show, former or slid the a i've spoken with more go when complete the with school building up the bottom will prevail? show much li, sure. hold on to the chairs and tell them all noise to give you a story about one of the possibly the couple of good mover. i'm with william moving to new to so from what i'm got to live on, you professionally cause daily to drop. ashley,
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who will she has no other facility will require a story. partially walker task, a very good basel or the boiler literally cut by she's asking me, of course the payer and what is nice teeth on part years. why need? so i'm with him essentially me as discover eligible for shooting blooming. you go when you're 40 is the convention. last 3 digits. you put them jason shalaya moves problem not for. i was hoping you might restrain your story from teacher today or tomorrow to see him. would you me a call. right. i mean him said to me, eat, i came over to somebody and i was also probably the industry initiative dealer was put in the meeting, the equitable visibility to grow up of love, 80 room. kimberly graham out of baltimore. you might be a full full shiller in union with really user basher personally from
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with the garage. we are finding a nibble aah! through a logo quicker. it's just, she's more pop machine. your precious caching. really care for floor the door key. silly reno start with the machine or she had to
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look for them, especially in order to wash him longer. media told us, besides, even on the post or at the brown with the little key when you really did know grindsley hall chicky are fine with it, but i was to book a solution to me, show me a proposal for i'm with the corridor or in more problems with this up she is again, most posed by me on which is also a place uniform with me. i see you
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a little below a you just go from the state to state my company, but that's the, that's a group. if honestly, no way i'm on what we've goal is because i don't know this a little unfortunate, obsolete forced to plan with for roach in the mortgage jones quarter in lubbock. and he is one with more evil just a couple more anybody's your mushroom but it isn't the but he needs a splint public that he that he is. but i really
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wish you missed it. well that was legit. storms will be totally got away with the issue the way. yeah. money can, will you be, why not the label what you did last? would you what you see the idea to talk about on read this by the phone. those will be teased by noon or so. okay. let's look at the just from our e all small part of this year. for break long? no, it took a fall. pretty quick with with
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oh, i'm almost up to one of those 5. yeah. this store stuff. got me a new boy. yeah. a motion. she's got a lot of. then you might be an issue with one year to prove how much the computer will be the source, the collector, if it wasn't valid. a mom, listen, you used to live with simply and yet i'll stand it or a family you thought would just me and you know like one should be a product you knew like leave a vehicle i in them for you check for the phone with me. my fishing neighbor,
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but if you that say you all that she was on the computer or just for a question, i don't mute very much of the amount in this year is the fact that the money it's on the image and usually a sim a i'm in the ship when you manage to reasonable was limited a sub with can usually work for why the, why you can you much for boy more to possibly a new idea there by did the bus course score? this is shane you work with them for the dome up with these i forget but
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it, well that's good up. she will be one minus go. what v it shouldn't be. yes. thought she po, pop you down with or chance morgan the will, did you sleep with him when you marshal, cuz they got to go to yes. yes. the do with it with post, we will with knuckle out with us of ship when you march to that with useless for giving your c v. as for the more, the more with a question, a little more we last. no cars that we're still not getting and you mean yeah. you guys the doing was to bleed the derivative. god of them from here. look out of the song put when you might was going to come up with you there mode because the put it as well. do you suddenly around the design a little boys that i may look metric prescribe for? they'll buy a lot of them. they should be able to sell a lot,
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but to go back a pass mortgage must pop the college. the gym with familiar proto pumper source to match for mary lou boy packed people to push it a more of a form of the blue sheet. you see a factor which just get the post the loop with that. sure, i'm talking about ah, a store or give us go and push more. give me this partial or total with them to look over the euro pusher level. could you look like you could,
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couldn't that used to receive more, don't physically, a level that much of the marble without the when a possible with interest where you can about us. i am merely in because if a fellow in yours who generally understood vfc like you just give because that you do a for the, the lawyer or the spice more than a core. in other words, the last 2, b, u e at the board or a g m bus. and i can go over them with them. i think in the near sort of law,
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the phone. so she kind of mess. yep. for sure. sure. i see with me oh, my profile with her whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
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ah, ah, ah, ah ah, or ah, with
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ah! with me. a long welcome to worlds apart. the old lady, mary, linens maxime, show me your friends and i'll tell you who you are. the more relevant today, especially in the context of the war torn ukraine, not only politics,
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but an entire world view can be deducted from where one sounds on the conflict. how much do these 4 lines influence fraud blinds? well, to discuss it now joined by emanuel. yes. born italian author and political consultant . mr. p. one is good to talk to thank you very much for your time. thank you very much for the invitation. i know that for you, the conflict in ukraine is not just about ukraine. the or it's territory. you wrote recently that it's a battlefield where the west, russia and other big players are fighting over diversions of and you world daughter . i wonder if these transition to a new world order is inevitable. i do think it can actually be averted if one of the sides specifically the west prevails in my you being young. ah, the transitional don't you, polarity is inevitable.


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