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the moral authority, the made america later in sacrifice. the shimmer of effective interrogation ah, finland and 9 says it's formal decision to join nato, citing the all trade security lee. i tend to this by decades of military neutrality and moscow's warnings of possible retaliatory measures to threats. europe quarters also add these shelters were used by the cranium military during the battles had this idea plat. as you can see, there are various medicines, party reports from a key battle, so in the ukraine conflicts rebates? no. it forces from the law against people's republic to control of a major chemical production facility in the region. plus we cannot save you crane by doing the u. s. economy. us senator run all delays. the senate's approval
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of a $40000000000.00 aid package to ukraine. things support to key f can come at the expense of american interests. russia, mark the annual commemoration of victory over enough. see germany in 1945 ukrainian troops attempted to re capture and island in the black sea. on the eve of the symbolic day, with the operation failing in its saying, ah, just after may de la paz, midnight in singapore, and 7 in the evening here in moscow, welcome to the global news update on r t. i mean, in under, after decades of neutrality, finland has made the formal decision to abandon its state as of military non alignment on join nato. helsinki justified the move by citing the current security
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situation in europe following russia's invasion of ukraine. a fundamental change has taken place in the security and operating environment of finland in europe, jointly agreed international commitments and principles of european security did not prevent war in europe. the combination of a strong national defense capability and nato membership would be a credible security solution. accountant, despite loving, we are putting a warning hel, thinking about joining nate, so would be a mistake with harm finish. relations with moscow, stressing of russia does not pose a threat to finland. moscow earlier said it would be forced to take retaliatory measures to stop the threats to its national security. if finland joined the u. s. block els the to nation. sure. along border dr. young oberg, director of the transitional foundation for peace and future research, believes nato is further expansion can only harm regional security. finland, unsweetened say we join this faith organization that is outdated. i think it's
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a disastrous decision because the swedish people in the finish people are not going to be benefiting from this. an eto has now proven that it's not able to deliver what the taxpayers are paying for, namely, ah, civility, peace and security. where in the worst crisis, in that sense, nato was created in the world and we have to ask ourselves, what caused the conflict? you know, gorbachev was given promises by all important western leaders. that nature would not expand one that is denied in some circles, but that is a lie. it was given. these were given we to believe that they will not be american bases on american troops or something, you know, more permanent in finland and sweden. i would, i would like to see the evidence that, that is not the case. all the countries who have joined nature, the last 220 years or so have been on the ebay pressure. and it's nonsense, one secretary general of nato results back says that we just welcome anybody who,
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blah, blah, blah, because it has been a deliberate policy to do this. they have been wooed all the time by exercises, by money, by trading and mind you. contrary to democracy, no other alternatives, but nato membership is discussed. are i'm appalled by the fact that media are 80 to 90 percent is pro nato. it is very difficult to get into the media today with an alternative view. this is intellectual and moral disarmament. it's pete, you know, to little and act in panic. and just to expand, alma nato expansion was one of the red lines continually emphasized by russia before the conflict in ukraine began. despite alleged assurances from the alliance and the 1990s thought it wouldn't enlarge eastward. the block house been steadily expanding in recent years with sweden. no. so announcing its decision to join the u . s. lead organization stuck on claims that country will not allow that deployment
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of military bases on nuclear weapons in the event of its joining the block. though our t sharp 2 pinsky has more, moscow has been clear that any further nato expansion is a red line. viewing the blocks increasing encroachment eastward as being a threat to russian national security. but despite that, there is plenty of encouragement for both sweden and finland to dive in to the alliance. the war in ukraine is forcing asshole to make difficult decisions. but sovereign nations must be free to make those decisions without fear or influence, or threat of retaliation for food. in particular, the worry is centered on the fact that it has an $800.00 of. so my long border that it shares with russia and helsinki fears that asking nato for membership could see
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an immediate reprisal from moscow. so why does russia see this is being a threat? both sweden and finland have greatly increased their defense spending in response to the war. as countries with high levels of per capita income, they could make a net contribution to nato's military capabilities over time. it makes sense that they might take on a leading role in defending the whole baltic region, for example, by adding enhanced air and missile defenses. making contributions to nato ground forces currently in estonia, latvia and lithuania. but considering the situation in ukraine's nordic nations a wondering if it may be better to be in rather than on the periphery of the nato block. even if the kremlin believes it will not bring greater security for europe. and it's a gamble that finland and sweden look increasingly likely to take charlotte, even ski, arte paris ok. let's bring you know, some updates all the ukraine conflict. a recap as well. more than 500 civilians
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were evacuated from mario pole on saturday. according to danielle people's republic authorities, russian and done yet republic, joint rescue services are also beginning reconstruction efforts in the devastated city. while on its ice skirts this stand off over the a's off style steel time continues the russian defense ministry. how's, again stated that ukrainian fighters can leave that facility and are guaranteed humane treatment if they lay down their arms and the forces of the guns people's republic up taking control of a major chemical industry facility in the region and an r t correspondence in this report on the that we are now in the industrial zone in the vicinity of the city of rebecca. this is desiree i planned for the production of gunpowder, which has been spoken about a lot and was under the control of the ukrainian armed forces, well fortified by ukrainian troops, as in the case of the as of sel,
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plant and maria poor. but as we can see now, this very large territory is under the full control of the united force of the law . nato advisors coordinated the defense of this plat. dozens of foreign mercenaries, including us citizen, were killed here on the phone calls in arabic and other languages suffice. as members were intercepted hoops. yes. well, we have recordings of representatives of the nato block here in particular, americans can add those in just one plans in the crystal facility. we recorded 7 americans who remained on ukrainian soil forever. so we also recorded sniper groups from canada. snipers, ski approached the red dozens of fortify childers located underground. some of them have 3 floors. these shelters were used by the cranium military during the battles had the z. a plant, as you can see, there are various medicines here. we can see these doors are made from green, fort steel, which protected them from artillery and shelling. ha ha. this particular shelter could hold up to 150 fighters of the nationalist battalions and foreign mercenaries,
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alma clay, elephant women. there are many ne to trophy, so that will now be used in the battles for several and yet, and least charges, quincy jobs, fellowship boy at the startling, exclusive shells much about that was really the next battles of several diets and list a chance to sort of we squeezed him all out of don. yes. really, really. they were battles here and we pushed out the special forces who held this place. so we're doing the combined forces continue there, offensive to establish full control over the administrative border of the republic . and after that, they will be able to determine their own future. sorry, what has our gone had dia, r t look, ask, surging inflation is causing deep economic woes in the us. despite that, washington being dishing billions in relief funds to a country on the other side. of the globe, much to the dismay of some hard hit civilians, citizens at home. it's led to accusations that washington's putting america last.
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and that is the argument of republican senator robin poll, who this week blocked a speedy vote on a new $40000000000.00 a package for you. great. we cannot save you crane by doing the u. s. economy. americans are feeling the pain. and congress seems intent only on adding to that pain by shoveling more money out the door as fast as they can. will total us expenditure to ukraine during the conflict is not close to $14000000000.00. more than half of that has gone on lethal aid. and the white house plans to send yet more money to the country. admitting of the vast majority of than you spend will go on military assets, pentagon spokesperson, john kirby said. the new package must be passed quote, quickly, by may 19th to avoid any interruptions. that comes as many americans are struggling with basic needs with the countries, annual inflation rates sitting close to a 40 year high. the producer price index,
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which tracks how much manufacturers get for products out there. initial sale has risen by 11 percent from a year ago, according to the bureau of labor statistics. while the american automobile association reports that gasoline prices have increased by over 40 percent. in one year, your sart tease ritual blevins for more than that. politicians are supposed to represent the people who elect them and put their interest 1st, but many us lawmakers appear to be promoting the interest of an entirely different country. the congress refused to approve around $10000000.00 in cobit 19 relief funding for americans. previously, i had recommended the congress take over due action on much needed funding for coal, the treatments, vaccines, and tests as part of the ukraine supplemental bill. however, i have been informed by congressional leaders in both parties that such an addition would slow down action on the urgently needed ukrainian aid. so congress is making it clear that it's funding for ukraine 1st in covey, really for american 2nd,
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was done lawmakers openly saying that ukraine is their top priority. i think we all agree. the most important thing going on in the world right now is the war in ukraine, while americans may not be taking the streets approach as they are voicing their frustrations on social media. with the questioning why us politicians are voting with americans in mind. they got money for wars, but can't feed the poor no matter how bad things may seem, we can always count on our government to have an extra multi 1000000000 dollar check laying around to prolong a war on the other side of the planet. for those who are concerned about the actions of their elected representatives, how figure nancy pelosi suggest taking a sort of biblical approach. so when you're home thinking, what does this all about? just think about when i was hungry, you fed me in the gospel of matthew. okay, but in this case,
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who is feeding americans and more specifically, their children, more than $10000.00 across the country are reporting shortages of baby formula. which 6 states saying that more than half of their supply is out of stock. all of the prices continue to store with reports from april, showing that inflation in the us remains at 40 year high. domestically in the u. s. the march inflation report showed that food prices for home consumption were up 10 percent year over year. that's the largest increase we've seen in our a 40 year period. those storing prices for some americans to move out of major cities in search of more affordable life. while it was just weeks ago, the bite and warned of a global food prices, he announced new sanctions against russia. here in the us, food shortages have started to become a reality. as food banks across the country report increased demand from the americans who can't afford the prices at the grocery store. and it's not just the
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us in the u. k. a recent study found the more than 2000000 adult say they can't afford to eat every day. the prices continue to store with even the bank of england predicting that inflation will hit 10 percent this year. meanwhile, prince charles addressed the crisis while lavishly sitting on a golden throne in a golden room with lots of golden accessories. her majesty's government priority is to grow and strength from the economy and help ease the cost of living for families . the u. k is also following in the footsteps of its american allies with prime minister boris johnson, boasting about sending 450000000 pounds of taxpayers money to ukraine. the opposition was quick to call him out, to out of pocket to meet the challenges of the moment too tired to cross the opportunities of the future. that time has passed. so as the western politicians continue to go above and beyond for ukraine, while their own people sing deeper into crisis, they're making it crystal clear,
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just what their top priorities are and what they think they can get away with. while still keeping their coveted political titles. in washington, rachel blevins, r t. serbia will refrain from imposing sanctions against russia quote, as long as possible. that was the statement by the countries isn't this weekend's less served remains the only country among you member and candidate states that hasn't joined the box on the russian sanctions earlier. numerous rallies in support of moscow were held in the country. whoever belgrade, how's faith consequences? because of its independent position according to the republic. because we will oppose the implementation of anti russian sanctions by the west as much as possible . we have to face a lot of difficulties, not imposing sanctions against the russia, but we are selves. choose the direction of our foreign policy because we are an
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independent country. western states declared that they will not agree with changing the borders of ukraine, but they themselves participate in redrawing the map of serbia insisting on the independence of kosovo. how hypocritical is that? we have very interesting statement. there is no, let's said dell further into it's the pressure that serbia is facing with dr. 7 gauge, professor the institutes of european studies in belgrade. you're very welcome. why geez, serbia. so ultimately sticking to its independent line of not joining on t rush infections despite clearly the pushback faces and doing so. i would say the serbian rulers are between the pressure from the west and between the opinion of the vast majority of the people here. even the elections show that the serbs are supporting, russia said bluntly, and it can be
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a political suicide for any leader in serbia to impose sanctions or any kind of hostile attitude towards russia. serbia has now been more or less on this, on this path. however, i must say that to be a did to come to pressure when it comes to it's opinion of the general assembly of the united nations with condemning russia. however, the things i would say are changing because the pressure from, from grassroots within the country is really strong. also, there will be severe economic consequences if serbia would impose sanctions. for the price of gas is much better for the serbian of state and citizens compared to the price in the west. and if for
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serbia, god forbid imposes sanctions, then that would mean that we would face a severe inflation because of the higher prices of, of gas and oil. mm. what possible actions are, what do you foresee stuff in the you taking to try and force belgrade to follow its policies against moscow? ah, it is amazing how, how they conduct themselves. because on one hand, there's a pressure, there's a stick and the stick. you know, the stick in parents policies we frequency carriers anymore because in exchange for serbia imposing sanctions against russia, they would, i guess i was to recognise secession. of course, let me talk here from serbia. i mean, this is really amazing that the way that the, the west is conducting itself. i recently reminds me of a famous 1950 film with gloria swanson boulevard. when once
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a famous actress thinks she's in quickly delusion. and she thinks that the belief that came to arrest her are actually cameras on a movie set. this is exactly how they behave. they are a threatening and speaking about systems and values that serbia should follow. whereas they're not falling out the shred of these valleys. when it comes to serbia, so the common value, according to g 7, is international law and respect of the, of the borders of, of states. i recognize the, in the united nations. whereas those same countries are constantly pressuring serbia to recognize the succession of a province, which is absolutely ludicrous. and i think that it is frankly unsustainable. so i believe that serbia will remain on the,
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on this course for the foreseeable future. also, i have to say that this pressure is with only economic are, there is a concrete military pressure as we speak. there are military exercises or they just are finished in macedonia. and the southern neighbour of serbia where more than 4000 nato troops, most the america in britain and british are, are exercising. i'm my question is a guest against who? because the only country that is not the only countries that are not in natal, in the region are serbia, and boston, catalina, and serbia, as a, as a country with the, with a neutral a military status is of course, a scene in these news relations as anatomy and that's my my point because why does the west need serbia to impose sanctions? are the restrictive measures already imposed by other countries? insufficient?
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no, no. the point is the ultimate self humiliation. so they want serbia to basically say it was ok for name of the bomb boss. it was ok for them to all, to buy our country, to humiliate a service, frankly, for the last 30 years. and, you know, to show a case to basically make a, who do all of serbia and to so russia, what is the future that they see for russia? and that is ultimate defeat and humiliation of the thing is that things changed in recent years and. and now the serbia actually has allies international in the national arena. the west still conducts to sell the same way as if there isn't china and russia, which are openly supporting service interest in the, in the united nations, especially when it comes to the territorial integrity. all serbia work also and the
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talk, you know, a lot of interesting points being raised there. thank you very much for coming in the program this sunday, dr. 7 guys, professor at the institute of european studies in belgrade. all right, let's recap this weeks victory day commemorations. now honoring the memory of those who lost their lives, fighting against naziism in world war 2. ah ah, yeah, in russia, the largest military preyed, took a place as attrition. he does in moscow on monday, during his victory day speech and red square of vladimir putin praise the immense sacrifice made by the soviet people, some at 27000000 lost their lives in the grip periodic war. he altered re parallels
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between what happened then on the current conflict in ukraine. we can take las so megan is not says the everything pointed to the fact that the clash against new knotty followers that the united states and their satellites put a stake on was something that had to happen eagerly. it was becoming more and more dangerous with every passing day in russia prevented this hostility. we had to do this, it was timely, and it was the only right thing to do. it was the decision of a strong sovereign, an independent country with your fighting for your homeland and its future to ensure that no one forgets the lessons of the 2nd world war. so that there is no place in the world for executioners punish and nazi james lewis. i'm with
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with some sense of normality slowly returning to cities in ukraine undone boss now under the control of joint russian done yet. and lou dance republic forces fireworks for the 9th of may, celebrations, replaced shelly on the front lines through the southern ukrainian cities of ferdinand and nor guitar, where russian forces are currently positioned joined in commemoration is officially for the 1st time and many years the residence of the dunbar, cities have been yet against as well, checked parts in the festivities. a
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catastrophe for the ukrainian forces and pointless losses. that's how the russian defense ministry describe key of this attempt to recapture the meaning island in the block. see ahead of victor did know the territory was taken under russian control in late february. it has a strategic significance for both sides in the complex moscow is alleging now the operation was orchestrated by london to cast the shadow over the de significance. the operation which ended as a disaster for keith was carried out on the ask his direct instructions and despite the position of the ukraine and on forces general stuff, the operation was deliberately planned on the eve of mine, the 9th, based on information available. the idea of the operation was suggested by london in order to overshadow the celebration of victor day in russia, de nest and legacy republics, and in the liberator territories of ukraine. according to russia's defense ministry, president vladimir de lensky is p. r. stunt turned into a catastrophe. for his military over a 3 day period, more than 50 elite,
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ukrainian soldiers lost their lives for plains, 10 helicopters for vessels and 30 drones were destroyed. starting on the 7th of may, he of made multiple attempts to recapture is mean the island at nightfall, 3 ukrainians through 24 bumpers and wants to 27 fighter. carried out a boma strike, fly at extremely low altitude to the islands. all hostile aircraft were destroyed over the sea by the black sea fleet. air forces for armoured vessels brought 24 ukrainian paratroopers who successfully landed on the island. the boats for consequently sank by rushes air force while ukraine's special forces. soldiers were all killed. following an intense fire fight, another attempt to capture the island took place. the next day, one for helicopters, tried to bring in more troops. this time, they were led by the deputy commander of ukraine's navy. the whole helicopter group
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was destroyed by fighters of the rush, the asked for his forces on approach to the islands. the pilots on board, the landing units and eager beds i. the naval aviation head of the current in army were killed. other ukrainian equipments never even made it off their bases as the russian air force destroyed them before take off, the russian defense ministry essentially described ukraine's attempts as, as suicide mission. the soldiers, executing their orders were not come. he causes, in the real sense of the word they could be better described as cannon fodder. none around this gamble has turned out to be a disaster for ukraine. the thoughtless p r action of the key of regime to take snake island by victory de, led to the meaningless depths of more than 50 ukrainian fighters, including elite soldiers. some ukraine and officials deny their military tried to recaptures. mean the island saying it has no strategic importance to the country and the movement of the german, the island is like to football field, cyclical. let that be russian troops there. you can hit them and we won't miss. i
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don't understand why the russian troops need it. strategically, for, i'm a supporter of the russian army holding the island, and we will hit them. ukraine's intelligence chief and the united kingdom's minutes feel defense, however, do not agree with that assessment. the british tweeted, if russia consolidates its position on the mean, the island with strategic air defense and coastal defense cruise missiles, they could dominate the north western black sea. so is this a lack of communication among the anti russian coalition, or an attempt to play down the catastrophic outcome of the operation prisons. lensky who reportedly gave the order to recapture me in the island remains quiet. now it sounds like a dead ideology from my bygone iraq, but fascism does. our next program make stories is alive then areas friday, that comes from
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a boutique firm. the book for us is just like his predecessor is a fun of the movie to pull it up from see and they may have to do way for a normalization on the only see russia relations why the need. so because they acknowledge the fact that the west can not to be very pretty sterilized. again, the west these laws to the west and through the post christian era. awe. on november the 3rd 1945, just a month after the war ended,
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the u. s. joint chiefs of staff receive report number 3 to 9 and select 20 targets to attack in the soviet union with nuclear bombs. the time was right. as the u. s. s. all was devastated by will. united states last about 400000 people. had the brits last less than the americans did, and the soviet suffer. 27000000 deaths with john kennedy gave his american university a commencement address of 8063. he said that with the soviet suffered of world war 2 was the equivalent of a.


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