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cities, rec, air defense and coastal defense cruise missiles, they could dominate the north western black sea. so is this a lack of communication among the anti russian collision, or an attempt to play down the catastrophic outcome of the operation? president zalinski, who reportedly gave the order to recapture me in the island remains quiet. okay, just a reminder that our twitter page has, you've covered for all the important developments as we enter in week. didn't give artes social teams a fall if you're not doing so already. i'm una liam. oh let's say is the 18th book francis, just like his predecessor is
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a fun of the movie color from see some and they may have to way for a he's a show on the holy see russia relations why lead? so because they acknowledge the fact that the west can not to be or increased your eyes again, the west is lost to the west and through the post christian era, a grand scale was got more. don't believe i did the learner with this point with more go just,
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she's mark machine your process because symbolic you might be so smart a with us a little in your vision. mm. how do you stream up to 3 years for gardner? finishes up multiple in a previous to put money will pull, come by your money, lose coverage for player. give up on a critical illness portion or possibly from just recently or boston new number. i think the only evidence that much school to the political, smartest, or structural but now call me no previous was near cripple quite in the communion i just don't want to put on here. now come to the follow
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a quarter to load here pretty after my really good pretty me show for whether to put 2 years or the movie yesterday i was a proposal opportunity to show time for thomas calling with cd boulevard at costar strangely, by your society. scott, scott, me, tom, ask you a job with the new york a. yes. you have a smart property deals for a short trip. born your keys on your scholarship provider to clear. because i already bought them. i need to smarter in for the last year. this next to me, my, me with us to pay the initial is living for the year screen belong to nascar, instead of switch from a leash, yet the garden with,
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ah no.
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usually just give us a little bit of what's your logo. but i was no upset level there they go to each key or just one more step other off. give lizzie 4 years old on the left for the more same bush a key. when you can hear me about the need those to talk to what is it, what i should a yes, no more than i do well in that which was like you were similar to jessica or denise put up feeling you put it on the dish,
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go from there don't do it. i'm going to lunch with like, love 1st or the lease. would us live well a year and it's your career. provide me your life last all. oh, don't last york read you like a cable. it's just i roll on believe, believe asking, believe what a punch it in now to do it. so. okay, so we in duty scores on is also true gigi to counselors. let's talk on the 3rd from the hospital code or her leash name and then we'll take religion for my look at ashley is principles of last year. the rob 0. 1 is shows all one of someone on the
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line to play. now why are you so? you're good here. we're called ear or go read it. dave shall slay are the warriors so sure. all ha! lebeau is very clear. bob or a savant by the violent evil toilet. was you supposed to put more stuff wrong with it? cost to ship your opinion then of course i don't a gosh, kill a block. i'm in chrome grills, low money, children with her. her other sort of thing. monica, she called you can put me in the yawn. yaeger motion of she told me as to what i heard from them. i was cousin, suppose jolla because i was for you reason when waller, you, genius,
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be cooking was old. who can you lose of mrs. care for more colors for years lawson wrong? oh she called yes sir. you because of it in so he flores the quarter near the ducal girls. christian laugh. walters menu. yes, i did the floaters. but oh yeah, of what we just normally or? yeah. the. delores is it good. that was good. you go via installed, they do it yourself, who says he's moodle for peters or vice? unable sledge. my night at the other school near to kim with stephanie, a guy, it's a niche leverage is just focused part machine. you know,
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the shame, like any degree of michelin you lose sunny was gone. yeah. but i'll leave it was try. i would see what, what sir i need for i would never go to unless you're going to probably talk with the company. is that for that particular item or no doesn't put on style and go to one. you pick lynaya dorm is still in, grabs show machine, you will about almost ottoman and sheila rush has gotten great, but i, you know, i'm with you about the learning. jill is or slice copy to provide for me in the selenium. zacotta cartoony tax. when you can watch annabella crossfire, fanny does accordable for just me sector. no. do you have any we thought you got great pizza cutter? man, you can provide you with manuscript avenue of thought,
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which i, if not, we must go space for the key change, especially cartoon, especially them are, percentages are coded, chef circles. then you might have a pre, he got a model name melissa nashua and he's one of the dorms, upgrades. foster child and you don't, you have to be wife and you provided me with almost pressure with my post worth of moving. yeah. close to us also like a deal is it is like a big dumb off. he got a cute part of those are from a great oscar innis finale beach spin on but daily said again his order kimiko couple of getting digital, almost a is delaney, brownwood. good, oh yes, but i was just calling to see how to reserve good people. we've got a mission. i mean, i mean the money with the right here for me more that way to put more started is i'm putting milk them. is like with the back to go go to sleep in your speech. no, no, i'm not as much and in you, nothing on the 5 year on i'm not failing. and as i said,
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you and you can use that or gave them geez, to bring you my body to probably of i'm the soil is bul. no more. somewhat tactic on the edge of that. yeah. given year we will gesture out by bgm. rewards of now say go for a posley, you of our senior. got a tina with them off charlie, a corporate chair promotional with bush and boiler. sure it was a rush. it loses a did. it is a
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bad the machine, the corpse and was yeah. what was holla, does disney own little in? from where we can? yeah. well i just pulling article visually. invoice a g, a shit off. as offer book with son is on your mind. that doesn't. lucian 1st spoke with a look around. scale was, was 2 modems, fully red delay, and you wouldn't really, when you throw those, no, don't bull. when you're ready to look at the room with her though her deal and the most to relate new with who,
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who had any political sons 0. when you put on there was a distributed level that will be just not robust. they talk over the puzzle which explores that on a machine due to the way with will eugene senior post a person established for you with your credit? does she need those? i used to read pages. i'm so the cartoon quote still with those kids to read plenty of them for the tournament, of course, over the summer. and you could throw this report over north georgia football. almost got you to believe when its stores and then you will
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go, you can, you could just go for you to look in. we should would you please indicate they like it? oh boy. they took a look of kindle viola last night. sure, absolutely. but we've had such great new off rest and you look for the harley, he was most of will. i see you must, you ask me what my pity. just does not mueller a supernova. you stop or you will. so go stop with us. yeah, he would assume if you thought i said recovery, so god bless you. yeah. was it a book that i missed? so social with changing with for me. sure. will sharlena rossi with me to the answer when you were cardenas viola,
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but there was to s thrash that avoid loss of so much that if you chance to come could have none. i show you on look about it. is it your findings with, can you listen the british name? well, let's see. to just say it. i see i need this out. it was and i may proceed. it was me, jacobus. so give me just a short of shows. bye. see bye much. what's your idea? that the youth is 2. 0, only one main thing is important for not ism internationally speaking. that is, that nations, but that's allowed to do anything. all the mazda racism, the reason us had gemini, is so dangerous. is it the lie? the sovereignty of all the country wars business and business is good and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion with?
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no, i'm in the back of all. sheila's christmas much. oh, i've seen a trace of ashley, the sport exactly with marks you cut them was to chance me about mr. bradley them between 1st who made ashley bull, which i so therefore support vala that she's still smartly. i'm afraid the she didn't last particular with number one, the probably in a developing a bulk of di you. good. so i don't which i suppressed pick. when you play cards are causal. i am what you can go to my dad when you're born the what made the buys in the record? sure. there really what it is, additional group 0 security is all that old regarding me that pretty clearly. yes,
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it is all that all good. tom with money and for a little bank the but there are more school people with basel a human log. really thought mark to leon marketing well, because i'll switch to, you'll come up with all the bottoms lashona to boston police officer for support on track them. no good malisha by show college will not see school wasn't the circus molecule a by got this one got to last my shavers, hobble show, former or slid. the a i've spoken with more go way by complete the with school a bottom will prevail will so much, lee, short of home, come to the chairs and grab them all, nor each room. jimmy was told me about one of the possibly new couple of good
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movie, tamara shooters with william continually to so from what i'm going to list on you professionally, cause dally to drop ashley which has no other facility will require a story. partially walker task, a very good basel or the boiler may see barrel is quite she's asking me that the payer. i'm what needs to come but years lie needful man. i'm originally from shim, essentially me of discover eligible for shooting blooming. you go when you're 40 is the position last week you did you to, to put on july. the news problem are for, i will bring you might be a senior storage from teacher a new modem. ok. all right, but i mean him said to me, eat, i came up with them with me. i was also probably the list initially with
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disabilities, the crop of love, 80 room kimberly grandmother, but more geared, more fearful control. she'll around union with really easy bash with a mr. carlos from the teeth and your bill ah 1000 with my piece of my 3 a
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petition. just she's more machine your precious because she really care for floor the door. keep silly renewal started with the machine or she had to look for them with the wash human auger me. but all of us, besides, even on the at the bottom of the little key, when you really are, did know grind ski whole chicky are fine with it. but i was to talk a solution to me, show me your wires done proposal. mr. i'm with the corridor. a problem with this up. she is again,
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most potent on which is also a place uniform with a lot a finishes group. i'm just interested in coming up with the group honestly. no m a with a boy goal is because i don't know this. you give you more details. unfortunate up some of the consortia plan, which is chosen by utah roach and the lawyer jones quarter and a leper needed one, which one of the more evil just a regular state forest more the more you probably use your machine,
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please. and the need for a splint public that it is private level of what you missed. it was legit. storms only totally got away when you leave it that way. yeah. well money can, will you be why not? are you able what, you didn't know what you, what you see the 1st talk about on radio, anybody needs, all of those will be due by noon or so. okay. let's look at the july e all small part of this year. for pretty long nautica flores us with
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with oh, i'm almost up to one of those fire store stuff. got me a new boy. yeah. a motion. utilize a lot of then you might be an issue with one year to publish. the computer will be the source you collected if it wasn't valid. i'm a motion with them, but at least you used to live with your electric supply. and yet i started a new york luncheon,
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a protein exactly a person, a check for the phone with me. my fishing maybe, but if you that said you before that she was on the computer or just a question that don't commute very much of the mountain. yes. years, blah, factory massage, money. it's on me. you masonic on your somebody assume i'd be pushed basic gun to do what? i'm on the ship when you march those disney follows me about the bully, some with on the front of gun years we've worked for why the why you've been you much for boys. the bus need a i did there.
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by did the bus course score? this is shane with a bomb up a. well that's good up. she will be one minus go. well, i'm pretty though. yes. thought she po, pop you down with or child morgan. the will that will use live with him when you marshal, cuz big i will go here to prison. yes. the do know what that what those 3 will with michael had with us of ship when you march to that to what used to school given your c v. s for the number, the more with a question you to we less no cars that we're still not getting you mean? yeah. you guys the doing was to believe the derivative. god of them from here. look out of this are all, did you, when you might, was going to come up with you that mode because the put it, it will do is that most around the design of the worst, but on the,
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from the metric prescribe. right? so they'll buy a lot of them, they should give you the social on the 1st of all, i do believe that a little advice want must pop the college football game with emilio to pump resource too much for you. boy, fact people to put a pamela. this is her, asked more with a phone for a bowers with the blue sheet. you see a factor which i did supposed to loop with is that sure i'm talking about ah,
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a store or throwing portion will give me this partial total with the low quality laportia rusty level. could you, would you cook within that? yes. please. people don't says a little off. no, i'm much of the marble to that. so in a just thinking about us, i am merely and was a fellow in years who a like you just give because that you do think like i'm a guy a for the moment i was the nephew, he spies more according that there was the last b u e at the board were
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a g m bus. and i came to over with the nav. so i've been on the phone and so she kind of messy up under sure. sure. especially with me. oh, my profile with her how well that is all yeah. i mean
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who are ah, so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation let it be in arms. race is often very dramatic. development only personally and getting to resist. i'll see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk with
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ah, north atlantic alliance, reconnaissance aircraft, and warships cruising close to russia's borders have become commonplace. along with military hardware redeployment and large scale exercises. nato has also developed its offensive capability near the russian borders. ah ah, every year a russian back resolution is submitted to the un against the glorification of notes . it.


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