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ah, with a grand scale was more dome slowly, already delaney with but low and it's pools with more glue. just she's mark machine, your 1st symbolic you might be a sub with us to load in with a news. what melinda will not put me is to put money,
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will put it on by your money, most coach, or a village portion, or possibly if i'm just using your partner for children. but i can go to the lawyer room all the way to school, to the political smarter story structure more. but now go to, you know, for his was near cripple mccoy and in the communion project tomorrow for tom bruce near. now come to referrals installer hitler and she quoted lucia could she, after my be like a pretty michaud for that the for 2 years or more? yes, i was a proposal opportunity to rely on the short term for thomas told me i will not put money into a cd boulevard costa strangely by you off of piracy. he's got up scared me on the muscular, probably more. the new yorker will guard british hard we just the ago,
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a smart bill, a short grip born. okay. he's done yes. a year, a year screen with re max cornerstone switch from with capital delusional. epic are done with,
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with the logo g t a mostly for the off give you 4 years old. follow up with almost same bush a by the end you can hear me about the you know, those pop up yet with what i should
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a forthcoming show. usually of a flu shot come tomorrow afternoon. no more than i do. i see what we're ineligible a little by say we're similar to jessica or where they need to put up feel for the fish comes from will go to work. i'm go to lunch with love 1st or the lease. would us live? well when you finish your o'connor over in the new alert us or oh don't last york read you are. just wanted to show you a full g g table is just what i roll globally believe part of skin relate what still my pita,
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where with digital opinions still could get is disappointed in now to do it. sure. so we'll close your we know that in due to the goes on is also clergy to corporate. let's talk on a leash name in there. nope. preventative, from. i look at it actually this place for the show floor here. there was a to play now, why you're you're going to need for coke ear or read it dave. she'll split yeah. the well yeah. so whoa, whoa, whoa. liberally jack, near bob or a start by dividing new toilet, was you supplied with more stuff? more would say it,
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this is shakeela. mm. and then of course i gotta kill a block on the phone. well, money children with her help her other approval time money should go out. you can put me in the yawn yaeger machine if she didn't miss thompson. i was cousin showstopper as jolla because or so you reason when waller, genius, baird, cooking is old. how can you those of you still care for more color? it's for use loza own, or she caught you at sir nickelodeon, so he fills records and he he to called girls christian cornel from walters media, yet did the floaters. but oh yeah, of what we just none. yeah. or yeah, that was is it that we're good
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joe didn't store they do it yourself, who says reason, moodle for peters or vice? be unable to lunch for my night at the other school near to chim, my brakes training guy. it's a niche lavish, just focused part machine. you know, the shame because i need to go out here with michelle in. you said he was gone year if possible. i'll leave it was try. i would see what, what i need, but i would not go to west, you're going to probably didn't talk with them when you, that's with them. with no doesn't put on style and go to one you prickly naya, dorm is still showing the ceiling real about almost ottoman the sheila rush has gotten great bryan i
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a don't you deal with weiss copy to provide some in the selenium hotel? quite cheery, talk to you because much annabelle are pressed by me. does accordable for just the sector? i've no idea of any we thought kept creeping to us capital command. you can provide you with your company with thought. sure. which i, if you go to moscow space you the key change, especially cartoon especially them are, percentages are quoted chef my circles, then you might have a pre, he got a model name, melissa nashua. and you smell the dorms, upgrade to charlie. and you don't, you have to wipe and you put a quoted me obama spreadsheet with my post worth of moving. yeah. close to us also like a is it is like a big dumb off. he got a cute, a task emotionally bit spin or potentially said again his or the key meeker couple
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existing digital dom i was just able to get us all night as long as you will do still in your bra who is good. and you have to watch this quote, you have to reserve good people, we've got the mission. i mean, i me of the money on with additional if you are here for me more that way to put more start today as i'm pulling them. it's like with the back to go to sleep in your spirit. no, no, i'm not as much. i'm the new, nothing in the 5 years on. i'm not sailing on those. i can you and you can use that or give them geez, to bring you my body. to probably of i'm with soil is blue though of north summer tactic are major. was that? yeah, given year we were just here by be german, you pretty would not saying go to a sleep, forgot or possibly you of a dumb off charlie, a corporate chair promotional with boilers? sure. it was a rush or
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a loser. federalist a subsidy. a, with a company, a bad the machine, the corpse and was yeah. what was all of those disney own net in some way? we can rely on article visually invoiced a g. a solution off as off a book with son is
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a new lucian poster. it pulls with a torch, can closer so much. a grand scale was was 2 modems fully allegedly annually. when you throw it doesn't adorable. when you're ready to look at the room with her though her deal. and it was to relate new with who, who had any political sons 0. when you put us there was a really distributed level than will be just not robust. they talk over the facility, but i was there was a machine due to the way with will you use in your postcard, a person established for you with
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your credit? does any proposal i used to read paging. johnny, himself, the lawyer cartoon called still with no excuse that it had plenty of them for them could have shown on. but of course, over the summer, do you consider this, your portable of georgia paval. i almost got you to believe when its stores in you will always go to school. if you could just please give him we should would you please indicate the like it boy, they took it, of course. can only be dealer last night. sure, absolutely. what we've had such great new off rest. if you look for the harley, he was not. well, let's see. give me a new dealership on your way, but he has a little bit of idea of still pretty well. so goes to pull the sky. he would assume a mistake. you thought i said i was in your book that i missed,
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so or social with your source when you changing with me to the answer when you were cardenas by vala. but there was to s thrash, avoid loss of so much that if you chance to come could have none. i show you on look like it is. if you're wanting bullying, can you look for the british name willits? each a jim say that i see any bizarre it was under brazil was ridiculous. so give me just a short of she was but she barbara tricia idea that the youth of sue ah
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ah oh no one else shows the wrong one. i just don't hold any world to see out disdain becomes the advocate. an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. ah
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with ah says oh, in the back of all she was christmas michel, i've been dealing with chase of ashley. the spotted valet with them was to chance him if i were mister bradley, them b t 1st. who made ashley bull which i for therefore support vala that she will not
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really. i must. neither should jane must be together with never going to probably a give them a bulk of the u. v. good. so don't for which i as a prospect manipulate cards are causal. i ever more you could go to my review board and the way maybe by some good code. sure. the bigger there with no money, no residential group, 0 securities. all that all good. no gotten me not pretty clearly. yes. it is all that all good tom with money and for a mortal bank. the but there are more school people with basel of diet. we're human or really thought mark de leon smartly. well, because i'll switch to reduce them. hollywood, florida, about homes, lashona to boston. we believe awkward for spot on track them. no. bird. melisha by show college will not see school with the circus in raleigh q. a. by got this one got to last my
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shavers hobble show, for the more i slid the a more go way by complete the with school it a bottom will prevail show nationally short of home to the chairs with them all nor each room. jimmy was told me about one of the possibly new couple of good movie. tamara shooters with william to newly to source from got orders on you, but also the cause value to drop. ashley, who says no, this is rachel, will require a story partially with basel for the requirement, literally cut by. she's asking me that the 1st on the pay and i'm with years of why need for i'm with the discovery national fishing and go me. you go when you're
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40 is the position i speak. you did a new monitor sharing your story with a medium size, a printable genius condition with disabilities who grew up of a, a, with a, with a garage on the or finding a new stock i last time to cheat the near below. ah 2000
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in a petition. just she's my bob machine, your precious question. really care for floor the door. keep silly renewal for boy . i am with motionless here to look for them with the wash human augur media told us besides even the motto store at the bottom with political key. when you really are being no grind ski hob shaquille or find me with it, but almost or book a solution to me,
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show me your 3 wires you've done proposal. miss burger. i'm with cheery especially. i knew it will show that corridor or in multiple people will show the se new food is up. she is again, most polish by me, which is also so i believe i need to put it as a place uniform. what she laquita with me. i see you there when you're sort of like a you just go from the state to state. i'm not coming up with this. the group honestly no m a with
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a boy goal is because i don't know that it's a little unfortunate. absolute perforce, diplomacy shots by need for roach and the lord jones quarter in lubbock. i needed one which one number more evil, kind of pirates with more money. probably he's your mushroom please. and the need for a public that it he is with you mobile, which mr. did well, that was legit. stolz will be totally get away the like i teach the way. yeah. nobody can, will keep you waiting on the label, which you did let us would you, which is, you know, the d, it's us talk about all read this by the phone. those will be teased by our store.
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okay, let's look at the july e all small part of the see for pretty long nautica flores, of course records are others. tim with with phillips or i'm almost up to one of those 5 stores. took me a new boy. yeah. a when you're dealing with so much need them in motion. she thought i'd say it's like
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a lot of you might be an issue with one year to put how much the computer will be. the source you collected, if it wasn't study, most would be something with the mom. the least new used to live with exactly simply in year of started a family you thought well which is new york luncheon a few like leave him a leave of got water to mark them over to mozilla, a miss lou chester the phone with you and then it was a, me, my finishing neighbor, but if you that same you before was that she was on the computer or just a luncheon that don't mute very much of us the my only, and this is the fact that my money,
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it's on my late you months i'm not in the gun years. i'm with the bill. what? i'm on the ship when you march those disney followers and the medium phillips. i'm a little about the bush with on the sort of gone years live work full. why the, why, you pretty much favorite boy more of the possibly a new idea there. by did the bus course score this is shana, with a bomb up with. well, that's good up. she will be one more us go well to be it should i'm pretty do. yes . boy cheaper for you on with chance more the will did with yes. live with him when you marginal cuz they got to go yes. yes. they do know what that all those 3 will with
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a lot with any of us of ship when you march for that that would use this for given your severe surely love the more with questionable reason. last guys the don't we're still my getting you mean? yeah. you guys the don't wish to bleed the derivative god of them from here. look out of the song book when you might, she was going to come up for today more because the put it as well. do you suddenly around the run a little worse, but i'm late from work metric a little by it was like really a lot of a, a bicycle for them to pass. mortgage must pop the college, the gym with my store. little boy, back to little pussy. a
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who should you see a factory stores or did you have to post the loop with? is that sure? ah, a store or throwing ocean or giving us parcel started with them the look or the euro poacher look. could you look within that year's the pc boy don't physically you could get that with a level that much of the level without the when a puzzle with digital you can about us. i am merely in a fellow museum movie. usually we
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like you just get the new do you think welcome. i gotta get a get a shortage of the the lord a spies more according that there was the last 2, b, u, e at the board of a a g m bus. and i think the over them, they also see i'm with them. i see a fit in the near sort of law the phone. so she kind of for myself, i'll show you show especially with. mm
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hm. my profile with whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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a disdain becomes the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, the 1st time in history, an entire country's culture has been canceled to the very modern weapon cancelled culture nearly desert one the will. will sheffield my last will and when william frog yet just me sitting around it with the phrase now, particularly for us to canceling russian culture, yet them know what hickory up a few orders because it's convenient, my focus. sure. which will be all that is chilling,
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whatsoever. that goal is that most of the sub richland, m e. w. what russia is created over the past 1500 years. there's no question. partially condemned, reviled and rejected to sit in line and your status of attorney at the will of bramble. there's a lot closer on a whole bunch. thank you. sort of a little short list. joining total condemnation, gross daily, and now enclosed dostoevsky, to cascade shostakovich that i need to you a quick tour left, but yes, you lose your sig, beveled the time. will you do obama lee? you're not going to do that a little bit more. ah


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