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that's all, it's almost impossible to london e. the moines reward. russia has created over the past 1200 years, is now question partially condemned, reviled, and rejected to sit in line and you started to put something at the will of bramble . there's a lot closer on a whole paunchy pete, i guess in a wooden shovel. they said thanks all spheres of life, including those in which russia had played leading cultural roles, art, music and sport christian again in i'm with a full truck with a 1000000 agree that the renewal were recorded feminist, but it l. m an invalid. essentially it means the show can't and won't go on just show you put ricci this for quarter out of his coping in those week lunch. a. when i ground this to be that you know, proof of or be aware if you're but you're not, you're out of the list. joining total condemnation, gross daily,
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and now includes da staff's k to cascade and shostakovich that i need to you all screw total must but yes it was. think about the time will you do a bomber lee? your luck with that gay uncle did we? but it was he who put you through the morning or mm. emotional a chill. dina she, mouthful, sidney the la denay. you couldn't him, you know, my dad cinnapool ball. she'll know if eliano ah, a g m o
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for a meal. can yonah will attention that cylinder? the luck with dorsey bishop and cynthia. no sooner into school. i see in the foliage. ah no fully a deal mondo kindles fuel or the mall that equal nauseous. lustoria eloquent today the n k probably in the leg. alicia did then momento that we got the can lustoria clinton. i'm interested in nava. ah
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java gonna be philos gifts with glittery mill country that it less story i like. what do i do at all? not good thing, proceed with so many battle into the saying see the crystal guess amanda in korea but capital me and that include via era and that i put it in oakland. what it is diego, in contest or can you for sure, if you're going know, school, i started the like the math. no solid ology that made you able de la dylan got, it probably can marinara pollyanna, get by someone up there like the may jane over the nice yeah. pizza odyssey. no, laurie, i don't wanna do a sunny glass. you thought maybe like good boy go there. it's done you guys over the years. so yes, it's a a yeah,
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a funded wondering gum with eat vamos, the shell. but it also, and i get on the exposed skin before with more new which encourages to nap. minimize natalia's committee, a care nipple of fort definitive order of confessed minced comple inactive summer, got a thumb effect mirror and vision. your favorite order was the 1st time jojo bazaar ever had received a threatening letter closure office. immediately. our groups determined to protect italians from the danger. russia poses antonio employees not to advertise their russian background, to run spin home to unity of over 20 years, where she represents the association, friends of great russia, that she won't leave, let alone give up one of our main projects. international pushkin prize.
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with another 3 out of the pilot, which can e, wasn't with cubic infection with i am the junk of milan, federal worth, anything in my beautiful than you? a freshman? got the one good idea can chill off cover a heating, greer. i'm going on with doors. have diminished to pe, he john nova neetha. ah, miss finance. first mega, no retina, stoney appointments, that russian power left there. marianna, now whom of us recorded that just for arnold schwartzenegger. look what's been going on in don't bass fight is they met once seem to get on and he spoke
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highly of a athletic prowess level. i missed. i wasn't stuck like i'm on the flip back or when the door option, you gotta meet in there. yep. and the most because when was that it's been on by the revision with schwarzenegger. marianna told arnold she'd been visiting don bass for 8 years. she'd met kids living near the front lines to encourage them to love sports. and when she told them that she was going to meet their idol arnold, he wrote letters for him, a little bit of work, and then i see that were not what it lets me piece my on the i'm a router. no, no, she was think respectively though i watched the most one. gosh, will another sick without the way it's been through. you know, you always are almost like there's a bit more 0 equal to she'll vailable though she is now a
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national. it's new project which will be your, your slumber willis and union and went to live on the proposed as good as women. yeah, it's. yeah, 0 or the process was yes or is mission workaround. if i ask you a certain way as reason. mm. the counsel culture has it all disciplines. russian national teams compete in today is strong painfully in beijing, whether barrel in peons came for the 2022 winter olympics after the hard work and training camps. they'd arrived in beijing only to be told they were banned from the games. i mean different the mileage a block away but don't ask me sheila,
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m e p a and the new flying in get away and i was a little frustrating. so ah, when you get but then with some way a bus mother and i saw it at the middle of brown. there's a lot of quote from us for a job in cross the yellow blue spotted. it wasn't going can be up long. those mission barons i wish i was to buy, dorsey won't give a directory. i could not hear there. of course you'll judge for to the 1st floor we're checking with. it's not the 1st time russian paralympic athletes have been banned from sports. it goes back a long way for them bitter history that shows just us the renewal
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yet and i got it done. so some choice, not but some choice histories that can go back on on the chill. i subsea on a promotion with bias. pay video as i knew though, i believe that out cuz i knew that we needed to go home with the sheets from studio almost a usually duties normally in the future. but did you have models cuz i'm not local to scope levels up with me. i'm already, as soon as the staiano for another napoli i was off, was told i need to be in durham point to meet you, richard street, artists from naples, 31 years old, very popular with young people. he was ahead of the curve. but what he's doing now doesn't fit with today's agenda. love melissa in the morning or little bit i'll, i believe it will look,
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we can last the boxes out by the moon. lake qualifies people who change rather than go. so me to happen to him with ally bill cycle by lighting more than a part of the building up. i like to change it to move is nigelica when you actually literally holders, nick, you them that he said, well listen, you're doing what part of the at me no, no, no saturday. as many i'm of and as up with the whole school to say to little there because you the stay your school was having his already daily diagnoses with amazon and she's in the media. the star, a low blue defy the appealing to filling them with a little so i'm on the line or who needs to go to southern standards as evolution. should i the court for the approval, so paranoid and do those 2 years? not so. no. it said it would also leave a, a whole paunch you any time,
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i guess it'll show you have until the normal these on. yeah, that's what i do. so he is gonna be going us from the avalon godaddy expedited a johnny galvan that he was a bit ride mccord, but our la should enter a meal. i for you my a nasty little glove our law course near justice down at the still don't which know julia bizarre over. so these dresses weren't event. she'd be preparing for her
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whole life. i should've involved, she pushed can eat a fracture of skin valve, chip, a voice to bol mascara. every year she host the grand russian ball in rome, except in 2022. it's not happening. a much with russian count has been swamped by a tsunami of cancellation. sweeping through european theaters about choice tours concerts honoring to come skin shostakovich, all cancelled famous artists including russian conductor valeri give. haven't his gave them there was you can see what was good news but you might so is that okay with got tauriel mo, a union city merchandise ship. tim worship.
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charles came with us in the we will believe with the proposal and in the butt, believe in the taco city, to be the, was the rational lawyer scratched up. but it could literally just when you know, but you know what the guy was so good because they're like, almost when you push a ah
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ah, lisa counter russian state little never. i've side as i'm phoning most. i'm skiing with will van in the european union. the kremlin, yup. machine. the state on russia for date and r t. that even our video agency,
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roughly all bands on youtube with mm. leticia. yes, no, no, still on there. like wait, near dollar in there. by yes. mania dollars. what i see, she has no idea you don't, can you by you know, was idea is myoshi shaffer brought you from us? i told her new people. yeah. you my so could i in the project because actually po gornick under no contract to me to you each tote over buddy than just keep us while specialists from up the senior greenacres.
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she had to bill more pro crowded. yeah. a key whereas the skin wasn't nodding. mm. alicia summers grammar. natalia. sure thing or the show of one of the common thoughts then yes. go bus number of students with me at the destination. uh huh. she's miss of if you possibly mr. prince. be good. thanks. you'll don't be storing it for you on the me, you know, somebody look at the, the story of a passcode when you're brittany of wasn't use in the story of the book, not much in the us. my pre moved to question on my modem, goes on until the consortium had been a week or so ago about a telephone that other words ocean were going through each one of the ridge unless i'm a hello mr. illness with malaise. scripture says that me check my destiny. that
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sounds about him and they gonna let him key the 7th of 2 digit code. so you will not hold 3 nipple there at the the, when i pull up my option yet. mm. just off the russian cancellations. co founder of the pushkin price in rome, junia bizarre a vote, was unable to get any information. a telephone motel when you did. she saw support from italian journalists. only one responded with figures that zip over to a mr. rings, you're for through mental believe i did. want to give you a note about john franco published a story about julia and his newspaper. but backlash quickly followed julia and her friends were accused of promoting the interests of a hostile country. they had to seek legal advice levels due to
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a lot of the ceiling levels. duda about the same that my nostril storia, but gave an associate our sense of thought. a sense of food are no mouth food, food. just see, i mean, i'm already done. little put to know then on shot it, samantha, by the bed lateral, bygone i guess, the foreman tumble audio home phone. today she needed to see a nigger prone to the de leon. he cannot afford to go now so far, the identity of those who wrote threatening licensed to friends of great russia is unknown. this is the mara don't aside. on the other side, j. jared knows history, especially italian history. he says he's an anti fascist. he's for social justice and against the far right and the idea lago all time. it's all done
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and i told it to go on the east side. moving any weebly got more on a skid out and go swimming. do not. she didn't do the dial about the daily dazzling gulard wooster. cl, mileage will do a lot. you then to sell banners, food. mm hm. with all this to get a for both of us to give you one of the, the group fall out. so i got a photograph may upload the oil dates, or maybe you are multi isn't on glenda amount to those that are low, so the lose. so what i needed to reach out to you regarding the most go up, jennifer. nice umbrella solutions. what i do not board is will bundle with some people out in abilene. i should try a
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if was call in the next that i sit on the line and go with the cook over the pin, my wife at the house team and that is a, it was a key to my stuff was in my place it in april 2022, despite sanctions, marianna, now whomever went back to don bass to see her friends. i mean, you can have it on the sit on the line is, has a copy of it all with you and yours is not as trace as needs to be, lose it on the promotional plan. wesson attendance has spoken with you shortly. a text that has the smoke exception as clean as a slight nash. can you me a pedestrian that they did not see is jim
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got guys justified assistance, but the law, the specimen, the me mean yet nikia easy still to deal with what god, which was more i paid i live was i just thought i said no, i got those alas, financial and yes, that was, it does one thing that i love lucy, just a shelf then us got it or they got worse and live and this was just out of her. and i said along broken up with his teacher he that she and now she 20 c store really key for me people feet with less the yes, she was cute enough that yes yes. my little bit. oh good amanda. how do you get
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into it? resorted with those committed to mr. compass, either a sig, beverly may just be up with the master. please come wish that 230 in the really steve you're going to need some new booster millimeter garrity and a little lower oxygen by b y and lower julia fitzgerald. the time when you do a bomb li, your redo choice, co foot pushes to would you to wash tolbert was of a shade public or to shed daughter trivia, korea years, wallace? miracle belize, near local gory church for a diagnostic ice coast to another north. renew my daughter julia. mm. could i put this all students grimma was up with no means other amena, nippy. las halima. this is what you learn more chesney said in the one is little
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the glue doubled over the petition. it wasn't about to look and saw a doubling up and you're still, you would abuse q camecia. she just, lou and you and your son of shipment with you. ah, let me just for most of me vision infection in your bas wirelessly, with you bring your mind endorse of us with a school for what the meaning that the renewal on those are filled me a lloyd year total of socialists, the shop of them to school tomorrow tons, occasion a 7 time well drove champion has been dumped from the world rating. that's clearly a credit. let us pull up on the new book. the decision was taken by the president of the world draft legislation during a championship match in 2021. if you remove the russian flag from tomorrow's place,
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he did that right in the middle of the match to sort of like get you started to put something that is that teaching that just give me just read books to the german conductor has lived in hold on no debt with his russian wife since 2015. a speaker office in his 1st year. in april 2022, he wrote an article for the german newspaper, north korea condemning council culture. today he refers to russians. is the new jews growing parallels with the events of world war 2? a network of particles goes up to a pretty smart close to home with for our most get the i need curio total square called total. oh, i knew so,
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but he didn't see them of the rib. anybody died so to school cranes. what guts each us feed me genuine data goosgo ghetto, an appreciative ne illusion of ocean delia outdoor meeting the gym. when you login again, us in new lube boston of with, i'm glad you asked me. she was in so good spirit go. he wrote b e n i v g t, a witness on that is known as usher thought at the us, which is a tourist on that as a way to not belushi a musket nip. it is denied, neglect, avoid it double, but give that are value with lucky board equity shavelle a in been ace through the land. my little money that gun shall have shown at a loss square feet the same way they own element. also, anthony, got the evil can, you know, couldn't the needle that a kick in cold body ground discrete dordy ground, the boy to grandy,
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movie hasty guess one of the saudi trend, pushing 1005 at been a gauss any more. they had an alien gram. this to be that jena place that it look as i believe eva egon. that golden echo went out to him by shut on it. made up onto the fatal that luck will duda i believe. so that will shave out. yeah, bruce and i would put him to nadia, giggling vonage. it took to norma. oh, a gluten with you to the melinda. ah, module 5. that info. what is eliano bill? couldn't gail furniture piece of a good local north? good. public eliano. see a de la bought the key gland, dana, wister chin. shorda. joshua no committee would wanting put that in love with diana,
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cuz she has a yellow chin sorratto lagoon, florida yankee because she lives by yet the listen soon. you will not be good. good to politi godaddy law. pretty much what yvonne blanca will get you on saturday. would you for the new to the 5? the new guy? yeah. dove it a la mary. w. bye go put. i mean so that he does? yeah. the dye grandmother gordon. double put up for you. i pushed a little politi galena, a avenue in little not austin. i listen. sony economy gave nila con. she'll let. she'll need a good daughter. let miss invoice. good. god, join. boy. god, jewel da da da lang. d e c a n k u n d o c a is charlie mozilla. that'll work the most of the sub bridiska random e. i prefer the marie this is the russian center in rhode island, the latest news, the italian government is declared
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a large group of russian diplomats persona non grata what that is. the chess not was so come ordered and yet can you put e at that as a desk one out? i see him normally bullet chamber, spanish, spanish, sub shapes. the slow i'm. if i did, she says love i me. nissan glass is what it is. can post some category less crana. i'm not born, you kick us off oregon price is key ferry house key aah! for
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the conflict in ukraine continues apace. the situation on the battlefield for the camp regime is going from bad to worse. none the less the u. s. and it's nato allies continue to more in massive amounts of aid and weapon. diplomacy is still not on the agenda with long mo, when i was showing wrong, when i just don't hold me, you will have to shape out disdain because of the african and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart,
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we choose to look for common ground. with latimer report like uses the west of quotes odd rage is rissa phobia, pursuing aggressive ne to expansion that the benefits washington. also a heads on the program today, hungary prime minister, safe brussels, is abusing its power as an e. u. official accuse is hungry of holding europe hostage with its opposition to a proposed embargo on russian or global wheat price is search to record highs after india bombs, exports to tackle domestic market issues. that house and stuff. western countries though pushing new delhi to continue sending supplies abroad and also ahead.


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