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ah ah i'm gonna go ahead and put my supervisor here. let me let me just not reasonable way brothers to louis building. in other words, yeah, no, read me moving. you need teaching a little. she will new little simple, new stub. their kid must so, but you know, in the one about the you probably still go see. so say that push and your condition because we're not going around but we should be good. now probably not anybody else to know what was your school in. i wish you, but nobody tells me it's just
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a little bit of so did you hear that stress issue us know. and then some of the to my son bullock who is in muscle retailer, she was in the 1000000000 girl was this is, but this can me was the city was me. she you wish in solution financial we're only really scared for penetration elementary. you learn about bus me like each day what they give me a somewhat bustling, you mean fancy douglas, it's the stuff you know, believe me or diana's julian of politically there's a leak ability tell us only a moment yet with the me and 80. but there was a mark, but i was in your needs. good i to school
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a dummy completely missed the one with but again we can use one. it also mcdavia more with cookie cutter, more to the red ludy you reward interest in a celebration each washer. richard, village girls on us. i won't really lose it, but i mean, i live in for me to go, could i pay to use your medical really was one or you very piece of want to get used in the believe me. it was a little bit to lou nichols focused. it's rhonda smith in number. there is no middle initial in jesus but was please talk you listen, you go by them with the dealer idea. but in a meeting those that are on the door when i let so let me give me a minute. did not go to boz dylan's to the show, not one wish that you would appear to manage it. and because co contingent by the
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one got it, but i thought to be all good to go re issue and yet for the sport and i grant you fantastic across the globe. that was a disposable with dorm, that the shooter will go down, but a smarter release in the was moving on to p. manila disclosure a premium used for severe scales with katherine. both of these more very similar to very on glittered is on. if a saw about bus nielsen, but no chill over your car is brand new julia said you. so my old or her shift on eat, the stuff is closer to by nature low. no more than a rust my through to the school in the school. more for any period ortiz, this possible, the staff, can you with some a program and mrs. low another until you skirt artist,
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which is the word when you sort of construction, you go cuz i think serial number awful solution for him in union beliefs though, over albany, children that about the noise of publicity dam on you when you though. nobody else . yes. yes, the good you studio are you boils go for that is didn't your go through life? i deal with one pools. gotten me your problem. george, the yes night at the philadelphia, lou m a. e. a you, me a so do se lucia posters or what are their liberal put has been shown. oh, i knew that she is positive vision. you will about a photo missouri. would nathaniel serious not believe that from sleeves. that the good a medical good unit 731 was established in 1932 thousands of people, almost 60 percent chinese and a 3rd. russian became rural material. the subjects when treated as human beings and were referred to as logs. they were infected with cholera, typhoid, anthrax and plate pathogens. people what caught open alive and dismembered women were raped and after they got pregnant, infected with syphilis and gonorrhea,
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they were still alive when their stomachs were can't open and the fetus was pulled down to see what changes had taken place. the victims were completely drained of blood and all this was done to create biological weapons, prepay, keynote when you shun korea annella's, i drew barrymore. she will be out. dia, information about how many people unit 731 kill varies. some sources say 5000. others would that figure at twice? danielle genuine and pneumonia. so both of them all nonlinear design, you see a lot just reaching that was more or less put in union yet leniently won't material luca in consider women? yeah. let's you call me the out idea. there at the moment, molly, if you q in the north, a few hours at a motto, elizabeth, still pretty mean yella sienna. you both are more neutral, both of them still you still in. your billing is usually the linear unlimited slow,
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and they use initials, unless you mean you mean you just put them in there, but did you unless you move here, but you just get a little bit less. so what are you doing? well, i'm good to even well, the question is not only cool. it was a pretty sheet. i'm assuming it was like that was pretty munoz. amy, i was going to be the way the, the meals and i mean, you know, going to be at the meals posted by the sales course. i was yeah, it will cream of failure stadium tonight. because kidding. you know that i bought the car and i put in the city of spin approach if you wish to see me it was a pretty show on the hooks premium for me
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used to me to do many h or all the way and they'd be able to get me, do i need to shut ukrainian bush, good, shoot. the brazilian teacher got a good young crab. so does she do some good? she'll say we might done. stephen collect a potential solution capacity. integrating the styling example the bonus to control and builds up in this data from when you get to them, you did teach them good to know green or sustain if it's i mean, because you got to yourself bunch of li. ignatius you nothing but a bummer. you bought burma, which include thing to do so well. li gmc, of course, so use of blood village. you must quit desert to sing it. that'll be the
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mortgage this'll. we'll say is conseula templeton. a novel should look similar if given that costly ability not had you as a blessed nice and you thought an appeal, you just go stance it. if cars they listy with a some fancy you e mail is lataya. catherine. glad i bought it sumptuously. but beginning me boiling no steep in your bosses, the coil from thermal and was that you need to clear, but it could, it could, it will, you will to swell. and you could believe of some bushes from his cms, the usability of numberless human goes them on the list. he used to tell about a plea of got to, to clean units abreast, see that. but the unit was to be done, a premier at which knights of producers got up yet the war story when yet just as night, a bus missed lucy e. but as i bought the cookie, the mary, not a booster, a p delete covers more detail, but it will work but useless. copper, atlanta, and wasn't market associates to she toys to breast see if you could possibly boss me. but i knew of kentoria be willing to which is janice. it was associates political about a body by simile bushes. so his mom, susan elizabeth,
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see them she musica years. we funny, every cham, lee dahlia, typically it said, but the units that are loyal doors to mala grandma, whichever group was all it glibly, maria's coastal, what could damage consume release linen cradled it is. she brought them candle. galliard sir, but idea enough for some of us about boston who shifted. you knocking at samuels by me out of the bowl of east eastern. i mean to can ski is it's a least the kirk microbiology gateway uni, me can be, will detect. but historically, camille just kicks tortora, mary kaski complete a bolt of forum in dusty for lots of tiskus feeding. i needs disney, it will collect. so michelle, pretty black. so we'll come put pre blog underwashed door laboratory study. so you can use that to be it's 2 terms, not an employee of william or norman. mr. borrow one is tisha, a conclusion. ideals to pull, mentoring your girls, d, t a, a as a creature that gov was such as to shemika sebastian organ. okay. name now, madeline is that sort of ethical about our duty, but would you ladies g and g?
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i me to constantly, it posted him what the results he went to color, but i thought it style provide, you'd say scaling and control thomas unable to nickel grand scheme could be, will give you the full a g r e american ski. but it's a whole ah, need to come to the russian state total narrative. i've stayed on the northland scheme with
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55 with this being. okay, so mine is $25.00 must be the one else. with will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine, the state on russia today, and split our t sputnik given our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with me. so look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we
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should be very careful about artificial intelligence at the point, obviously is to create trust rather than fear a take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with ah, ah ah, ah, ah,
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ah, ah, ah, ah, a with a constant, a similar much
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gotta sorrow shania or are you are he's a junior the or use a, you know, i should say 20 and a solution here with a solution, your sugar would you wish to brain scope ages than you mean per hour? i'm not sure from a a a, a a, a is sort of the machine that he's the so
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yes, with this problem there. so she's in a can throw in as a mean she's in spirits and you and sarah boardman show us prior which are glass of course, properly by me to come sit in the number for matson you through us. so it is not with us or us not is there was a
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i wish it originally has to. she can see it in your dental letter blue, sharon brown. amy's just for but also sure. what's new anyway? nobody else can i see anybody in your, on the billing excuse concealing the territory, graham. but i'm an easy on the material property for you if you wish you. lobrado loses junior hero sat on the cruise k going to be real snow green. a regional jersey is to show them a spreadsheet,
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no grades to which will not be using your centers. to me ask you do all of them. i do. the last of she is, he's feeling it. i wish my bus was just, i would say what you was asking for western specific stuff was the sure chromosome usually with the yellow. so, you know, but it was able to say, anyway, i'm going you school, i'm a social not to put your brain, bring you down your name and you all martin with us that all good or? i mean, yes, i will put in the list of special, but i thought it could keep opening on your mobile and it's in the website i just wanna show dylan no, go ahead. i need someone to kind of a but i didn't get it. it's not a propaganda, it the understand. what principal billing you should go about the position now, but again, i'm at the not a mile. anybody on the picture was you can't now. you push only 230 or a
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3 costco center. i just wanted to get a lot of throwing fiesta, missed their stuff on the train, your stuff for you and your ability to create a level of the not with this you can, you can usually use someone to show on your computer here. but usually with this is cassandra with us, i can check with you see a doing it. we had a garage door with
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campbell and yes. with no. and the premier card got. i'm with nicholson vertical courtney cook, joe, the social lobby. the clock went on to know when you were getting the process with matthew champ. we couldn't get it all together night. oh, yes. michelle tucker. jolly but you got to read a book to live for the recall was telling me the concept. i want to quit school, but i tell you i need to put her picture. so i need a concert pushed the enough. nasa cook proposed stella. we teach cooking element tottenham prior to them. hi john mogley submitted to get to you good as the butcher because i chose to buy me to concert cook. now the probably and you can use motion to be honest, but almost it was pretty money for us to cook new gramma to hope was of contorted. wish most of them showed it because it was because it is because they came in with dr. digital 20 took a copay. look kind of what you would please cleanse camilla, but a 20 me me stairs to work on is that will? yes. a shy, you mean just those that are coming in years to shiny, making
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a go up machine at the boat cheese to break. when you get to a bottle in this a shop. i'm glad to will you give me money? that's all about authority. get to watch to brittany ordering. these are pastors to bill pollution. still been more of a lot of what. so what bus me, but again, the me, somebody wish to be a bus missed nor a $1000000.00 dove club in life edge a play me j. i knew we used in the premier colleagues, but again us crating the grimy lot of the dollar at the boiler. so bob boston pony, the even the correct yearly plan and he, you know, crane. yup. or any letters or a book called dunnahugh, she has to easily of the when you said to me, but the giving me craner. but that one more because i to the still number to reach you so much weird like your name or your old nature. you contribute to your brain. i thank you. what i see this just most bush gives a body when you in the plant, the will done a break windshield for a 2 year. good. what, what i'm couple did you have to put a you beat was away. so you can project i need is via the yan yos, leash, the fuels of concordia from last regionally. most cousin mostly on sca sununu
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bushes, his can still use it or what tim, the study of museums and wonderful about to put through social boss me please. if you could kindly cut off, can could em corn good nicholas, bureau was a guided tour. you sleep, builders, thief was distant now complete unless you think of something else going on. if the will to freeze it, getaway should return you. my cilia scheduled freight to your, your voicemail williams zachary bras. see, given that wilma tiasha quarters longer, she will cream, it will be said, she's unloading gulas gulf. give credit for the usa. i. since when ga ga, i won't be long before a people are aware about that before a year. i investigated. i love those information on a base. i have collected documents for ya, federal contracts,
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very grueling. that the bank of america with companies my doors farm, biological research activity in san diego, funded by the board in the us government, come back to biological, extend, georgia, and you pray, 1000, your soldiers and job. according to these documents that originate on these internal documents and they sources the bank a local sanchez according to the documents, 803-0000 school days. oh, i'm here with the friday laboratory city on the start of the, on the 0 itself alleged locker room. it, it'll, it, he took was aboard. thank you. 3 to the variable craner. you, chris, he rode liam and she gave loops as bureaus. pretty me creams, can you mortgages,
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can you harassing you more at each school? harakas or just them syndrome? but yours ishall cilia viewing mccartney to thought im, so could you do it a prison on the them authority her actually even the blue the you on the e. c explorer, you know rufus from the meeting the which is pretty neat to relinquish scare over the record a year after not know any $89.00 or needs. he shook his through or even that tear was moved easily collaborate. so could you ruth lazy territorial crane leader, she monica cross. you promethean in the tier family categories. this include e, we visit the to stomach. rubio just as their new vehicle quoted them, villages career construct, sir, will you? but the young, the border will focus puzzle the sucrose for sonya him in the is that williams has moody so that you would've been in your current bill or get you scheduled for the flu. fly way her excuse to call to me to learn. i mean, you'd sooner is we're sure,
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is you kept, you say give to the libyan also teach already a lot email now serious was worry about a couple of processor period. that's your mobile. every senior program authority. yes. i'm excuse shop so that you used to put those numbers up us down or the formula to put there. let me just as quick as principal does brayden you're about as board of summer bill. so do you agree? but what does she was looking at? buey? she put on cell is possible, but other than what music nobody. denise wilkinson. i settled, almost like brittany of them is not a marshall with a conflict in ukraine continues a pace. the situation on the battlefield for the camp regime is going from bad to worse. nonetheless, us and it's nico allies continue to foreign massive amounts of nathan weapon. diplomacy is still not on the agenda a
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to see how it comes to an engagement because the trail went so many find themselves worlds apart. we choose to look so common ground. ah .
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ah the 1st time in history, an entire country's culture has been cancelled the very modern weapon cancel, culture, daily desperate, wonderful language, sheffield my last when we bought it, when we get just misleading the with the phrase now particularly refers to counseling russian culture from yet don't know what to create a few or does it to when you're miles for cure, which will be your chill either. so that the most of the temperature random eat them, we what rushes created over the past 1500 years. there's no question actually condemned, reviled and reject it to sort of like a funny at the will of bell. there's a lot closer on a whole bunch. thank you said a little short list. joining total condemnation,
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gross daily, and now includes, does de escalate to cascade and shostakovich that i need to you a quick tour left, but yes, you see that with the w. do obama lee? your luck with the mirror. put like uses there where stuff. quarter rage is rissa phobia on pursuing aggressive nato expansion. lot benefits. washington also as a hungry prime minister. so he's brussels is abusing at the power as an e. u. official accuses hungry of europe hostage with his sol, physician to
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a proposed margot on russian global. we prices search the record high is after india bombs exports to tackle domestic market problems and stop western countries from pushing new delhi to continue sending supplies abroad. also with .
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