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ah, wasn't, it wouldn't be a grand scale. it was more dome split already, delay any, with this pool with more glue. she's mark machine your 1st because symbolic you might be a sub with us to lower the gym with me. but you still need to free your selena gardner is what melinda will not put mr. phillip? muddy will will come by you most close for
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a critical illness portion of plastic. i'm just recently more boston a lawyer when i went to school to a political smart restore structure. but now go to, you know, for his last nick, ripple mccoy and in the communion project tomorrow for tom bills near. now come to referrals installer hitler with key core deployed you could hear after might be like a pretty michaud for whether to put 2 years or more. yesterday i was a proposal opportunity to rely on the short term for summer school with cd boulevard at costar, strangely by your off of tires for the scott, scott, me the muscular jubilee. or the nick your po, card british project. we just go to jr. yes. you have a smart rio apple deals for the scottish. good morning,
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a me my new way with us to pin the initial is a for the year screen with a couple of little that are done with
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or not done with her, which in the logo g. a g e are just going over the most of the off. give you for years old or the all i for the more same bush a bite he when you hear me about the net those yet, what was what i sure the is it
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a machine? it's going to be able to pull from can we show you have a flu shot from tomorrow afternoon? yes, no more than i do. i see what we're ineligible as little by say, we're simulating over to jessica or denise put up, feel vicious. comes from the go through it. i'm going to go to lunch with buick laugh. first premier release. buddha flew. well when you finish your career i leave me alone. oh, don't last york read. you are just wanted to show it to pull. did you read table? it's just a little rumbling, believe policy can relieve what still mon peter, where with digital please still could get is disappointed
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in now towards it yet. sure. so we're all closer with you to because i knew also clergy to corporate. let's talk on a leash name in there. nope. they pretty limited for my look at it. actually. this plays for the floor here. there was a to play now. why you're you're going to need for coke. ear orca. read it, dave. she'll split yeah. the well yeah, so whoa, whoa, whoa. liberally jack, near bob or a start by dividing new toilet, was you supposed to put more stuff along with say a me and then of course i didn't, a dash kill has
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a block on the rails low money children with her or others approval time money. she call out you can put me in the yawn. yaeger motion if she didn't miss torres from them. i was gathered showstoppers hoarded because or so you reason on waller? you, genius, be our cooking is ruled. how can you, those of you scared from our color is where you slow them wrong or she caught you at sir you? because of it in so i e flores records. and he he to called congress christian criminals. walters lawyer. yes you did this notice, but oh yeah, of what we just normally or yeah, that was is it that he did? well i do you did install they did you say your
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staff who said reason, moodle for peters or vice? unable to lunch. so my night the other school meal, chim, my brakes training, a guy, it's a niche lavish, just focused part machine. you know, the shame, but i need to go out here with michelle in you so it's jenny was gone. yeah, that's part of i'll leave. it was try, i would see what, what i need probably just not to go to the west. you're going to probably have to come when you, that's a good argument. with no doesn't put on style and go to one you prickly naya, dorm is still in graz chung machine. you will, a bottom was an ottoman, the sheila rush has gotten great. brian, a
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local, don't you deal with weiss copy to provide some in the selenium hotel . quite cheery tactical and you can watch anabolic prostate. i need the zip code, it will fall dark chassis sector, a torch. kept creeping. toys cut all the man. you can probably will pretty close get yes for company with butcher coach i if you go to moscow space with a teacher, especially quite serious question them are, percentages are quote, it's just my circles. then you might have a 3. he got a model name. melissa, nashua. and he's one of the dorms upgrade to charlie and you don't, you have to wife and you are hoarded meal, but almost parachute with my post worth of moving. yeah. close to us also like little doom opportunities with is it exactly the dumb off? he got a cute part of those are from a great oscar innis finale beach spin or patel. he said again his order kimiko couple of different digital dom i was just yes,
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all night. as long as you will do still in your bra who is good and you have to watch this quite see how to reserve good people. we've got a mission. i mean, i me of the mug in your, with the right here for me more that way to put more start is i'm pulling them. it's like with the back to go to sleep in your spirit. no, no, i'm not as much on and you nothing on the 5 year going on. i've seen in those i tell you when you use that or give them just to bring you my body to probably of i'm with soil is bo no, nor summer tactic are major. was that? yeah, given year we were just here by bgm rewards of now say go for a sleep forgot or possibly a few of our senior got it, you know with them off charlie, a corporate chair promotional with pushing boilers. sure. it was a rush. it loses
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a did it is a source with properties. there's like a machine the corpse and was yeah. what was all of those? did me own little in from baby come yeah, well, i suppose on article with g. a solution off. as off a book with son is a new lucian poster is paul with
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a torch can cool so much. a grand scale was, was 2 modems fully allegedly annually when you throw it doesn't adorable. when you're ready to look at the room with a deal, and it was to relate new with who, who had any political sons 0. when you put us, there was a really distributed level than will be just not robust. they talk over the facility, but i was there when you go to the machine due to the way with, when you, you shouldn't post a person is typing this with
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your credit. does any proposal i used to read paging. i'm supposed to kind of tune quote, still with those yesterday. plenty of them for them could have stronger, but of course over the summer. and you could throw this report over those paval. i almost got you to believe when you stores in because you you will always go to school. if you could, please get him. we should. would you please. it'd be like it. oh boy. they took it of course. can ovula what we're not sure. absolutely. what we've got some great new off rest and you look for the harley. he wasn't wasn't able to get much. she would have a bus 130 just does not mean dealership on your way, but he has a little bit of idea of still pretty well. so goes to the sky, he would assume a mistake. you thought i said recovery so god bless you. yeah. who was in your book that i missed. so social with
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for me. sure. sure. with him when you were cardenas, but all but there was to s thrash, avoid loss of so much that if you chance to come in and i show you on a whining with can, yes, this is the british name. well, let's see, to just say that i see any bizarre de la preceded was me jacobus. so it gives me to the show of shows, but cbo patricia idea that the youth of su ah, ah,
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in need to come to the russian state will never be outside. as on the northland scheme div, asking him then i can also send up for a group in the 55 when. okay, so mine is 2000 speedy. when else with we will ban in the european union, the kremlin media machine, the state on crush up to date and square r t spoke neck, even our video agency, roughly all band to on youtube with me. the conflict in ukraine
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continues apace. the situation on the battlefield for the cam regime is going from bad to worse. nonetheless, the u. s. and it's nato allies continue to pour in massive amounts of age and weapons. diplomacy is still not on the agenda now. oh, in the back of all, sheila's christmas that show a mobile choice of actually the sport zeiler registers are marcia of them was to chance from about mr. bradley, them between 1st me that sleep which i so therefore sport, viola, that she's still not really honestly the she gene last particular with mental go in the probably a developing a bulk of the u. d. good. so gold, which i suppress picked manipulate cards are causal. i ever more you can go to my dad when you're born the what made the buys in the record? sure. of the bigger there really moderate no resolution group 0. it was all that
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all with no gotten me a break really? yeah. it was all that all go tom with me for a mortal bank. the but they are marks with, with basel, no diet. we're human or really thought michael to leon or smartly will because i'll switch to radio. come be with the lower the bottoms lashona to basel report was for support on character. no malisha by show college will not see school with the circus molecule a by got this one, got to last my shavers. huddle show for them or a slip b as a new with english moga, we complete the with school, a bottom will prevail show nationally short. you have them come to the church with
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them all, nor each room even was told me about one of the pos leading couple of collision interview with william with a sore from got orders for us to professionally cause value to drop ashley, which is not associated will require a storm, only partially, walker tasking. a very proposal for the boiler we'll use the barrel is cut bite. she's asking me at the don't push on the payer. and what is mosquito? yes. why need some? i'm with engineers, discover eligible for shooting and you got one year for the position i speak. you did a lot for bringing my to sharing your story with a quote for a medium size,
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a initial with a, with a, with a garage. we are finding a mr. carlos time to cheat the nibbler ah, 2000 a
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year for a new logo for cooper just she is mark bob, rush in your prescription. really care for florida or the renewal for i'm with the national. it's here to look for a longer media told us, besides, even on the, at the brown with political key when you really are being no guarantee, watch or find me with it. but i'm was to all completion to me, sharon, you asked me, why is it on the phone with mr. griffin? i'm with the corridor or in all tablets
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with, with this up. she is a year most polish by me, which is also so i believe i can put it as a place to live on what she laquita with me. i see you a little bit like a you just go from the states. a settlement coming up with the group honestly with a boy goal is because i don't know that is a little unfortunate, obsolete for forced to plan with for roach and the lawyer jones quarter and a needed one. which one, the more evil just varies with
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was more money publishes your mushroom, but it isn't the need for a public it that it is private level of what you misstated whether it was legit. storms will be totally get away the like i teach the way. yeah. well, i think it will keep you waiting on the label. what you did last week, would you, you know, the g s has spoken with our own read this by his own bosom, which is by using our shuttle. okay. let's look at the july e all small part of this year. for people. oh no, it took a fall pretty quick with
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no. it's a little, it's a little boy, i'm almost a little star. you store stuff. you got me a new boy. yeah. a solution. motions you thought i'd say it's like a lot of you might be an issue with one year to promote the computer for the resourcing correctly if it was valid or should be something with the mom is used to live right off with
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a stand. it was a family you thought, which is new york one should be to protect you and you've got to leave him a leave of got water for you to mark them with a mislead chester the phone deal with my fishing neighbor. but if you that same, you force that she was on the computer or just for a family, it was a corner, stone, mute. we moved it very much. your 1st amount in your this is dwight factory mett samarnie. it's on the image saw 9 the gun years, the sim ibt food space of the bill. what are some on the ship when you march was reasonable? was immediate billets. i'm eligible for talk about the boomers, of with on the front. can years work full. why the, why you've been you much for one more of the pos, need
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a premier there by be at the bus costco or this is shane. you work with them? what are the bomb up good, is there a day? well, that's good up. she will be one more us go well to be it should i'm pretty don't. yes. boy cheaper for you. i'm with or child. mark won't be able to don't use live movie with the move when you marginal cuz they got to go to yes. yes. the do know what they thought post, we will with a genial media kirkwood that, that we missed it. i was not allowed to with any of us to ship when you march or whatever, what use their school given your c, v h. remember the more with questionable reason last. no cars that were still my getting you mean? yeah. you guys the doing was to bleed the derivative god of them from here.
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look out of this all pulled up when you might was going to come up today at no cost to put it as well do, but it's not necessarily isn't listed on the from work magic prescribe a little by it was like really a lot of stuff to build the shell, going to say was the thought of either location which of the beatles with more post a little advice, more must pop the college. the gym with america brought upon personal schools in westport, but he knew boy fact people to push it a house. the more with some sort a factory stores or did you have to post the loop with that? sure. ah
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. i saw a question. we're giving us a quote on that used to receive my don't physically with a level that much of the level that are still in a puzzle with their just thinking about us. i am merely included for follow. and then jim will usually with a like you just give because the new do you think local, my guy get a change of the the lawyer for reason? garza nancy, a spies moore's notebook or in other words, the last 2, b,
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u e are at the board, a set of a g m bus. and i can go over them with them. i see a seat in the near sort of law the phone. so she kind of for myself for under show you show us as you, when i go down in my profile with whoa, whoa, whoa whoa whoa, whoa,
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whoa, whoa. blue news. the 1st time in history and the entire country culture has been canceled to the very modern weapon cancel culture. really desert, wonderful. i was just a little william frog here. just me sitting there with the phrase now particularly refers to counseling russian culture. yet i know what to create the few orders, because if you went to my bookstore,
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which will be your choice. so i'll let go with that. most of the sub richland, m, e, them, we, what russia is created over the past 1500 years. there's no question actually condemned, reviled and rejected. a bill of battle, there's a lot closer on a whole bunch. thank you said a little short list. joining total condemnation, gross daily, and now includes, does dance gauge to cascade shostakovich that i need to you a quick tour left, but yes, you can see that with that number, you do a bomber lee. you're not going to that end up with
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the 1st group of ukrainian fighters surrenders of the besieged matter. you pull as of steel plants, some of the wounded have been taken to hospitals in the next region. china lashes out to the g 7. so need to mind you so business and not for the night colored revolutions around the world after the group demands beijing hole to support for russia. but he may pretend accused as the west of outrageous russ a phobia and pursuing aggressive nato expansion that benefits washington. and former pakistani prime minister and run car continues to garner support across the country and slums. the u. s. for quotes and leaving his country
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