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ah, with the 1st group of ukrainian fight to surrender the besieged body of steel plans, some of the wounded have been taken to hospitals in it, and yet legion. despite the surrender of the troops, the plans, the western media joins kids in portraying the situation as an evacuation and was from a seeing as an information war. this is a battle perception over reality. ukraine is spinning in a way that makes it look as though ukraine. somehow, i won this battle and was able to negotiate the evacuation of the survivors. china lashes out. so the g 7 selling, it's a mind its own business and not tonight to call it revolutions around the world class after the group demands beijing holds the support for russia and
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former pakistani prime minister run con, continue to gone a support across the country and slums. the u. s. for quotes and slaving his country with the allied from our headquarters rights in the russian kept. so you're watching odds international. my name is peter scott and will be joining us from welcome to the programmer. a number of ukrainian fighters have surrendered the besieged of steel plants as after weeks of brutal battles at the industrial side thought these don't call to house more details on that. worley monday morning, the 1st reports began to come out that some ukrainian troops hold up in marian pulls as a stall, steal plant, had finally begun to surrender. this was after it became known that those same troops had begun negotiating with the done yet people's militia to evacuate some of their injured comrades, as for how many troops were talking about here or what battalions they were members
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of. we do not know what we do know is that a number of the troops that were evacuated were not actually injured, and they were taken to separate areas altogether. now, kiev has confirmed this information, but we didn't actually hear it from ukraine's president. vladimir is the lensky. we heard it from the country's deputy minister of defense, speaking on all of no, probably knows that communal, 53 seriously wounded murray bull defenders were a guy came from the as a planned to a medical facility in nova for medical assessment. and another 211 people were taken through the humanitarian corridor to lend new for their further return home. this part of exchange procedure, all the tasks set by the defenders command were completed in full. unfortunately, we do not have the ability to unblock our april militarily, but the task for the whole of ukraine and for the whole world is to say, july, defenders. more reasonable to do so far. russia's ministry of defense has neither confirmed nor denied this information. but this is no doubt
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a hard pill to swallow for kiev. after all this last stand of ukrainian nationalists was advantageous for both ukrainian propaganda as well as for the country's war efforts. but with them now likely gone. this could represent a death blow to the country's war effort. well, despite the fact that the ukrainian troops have surrendered both ukrainian high ranking officials on the west, the media being portraying the situation and evacuation, saying the soldiers have quotes left the plans for the marine corps intelligence officer under dallas. it's scott bitter believes it's a bustle of perception over reality. the reality is it doesn't take a huge stretch of the imagination to paint for the defense of mario pool and as of stall plants as heroic and to use this is a rallying cry. and this is a battle perception over reality. you know, the perception of an evacuation implies that there was a negotiation and
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a key was able to prevail in the negotiation. to successfully extricate the defenders of mario full trauma, the russian grasp, i think that's why that they're portraying it this way. because to say otherwise, that this was a desperate plea for survival. and that the only reason why the defenders are mario full or alive today is because of the humanitarian nature of, of russia. ukraine can admit this that would be to admit defeat. so ukraine is spinning in a way that makes it look as though ukraine somehow won this battle and was able to negotiate the evacuation of the survivors. meanwhile, in ukraine's west, the border city of evolve has reportedly been hit in a rush, an ass strike, people in the city of shad pitches. the big thing was said to be an attack on the region. local officials claim the city itself wasn't hits in the strike as
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a defense systems neutralize the threat. i mean, if, if it's in the, in the city was said to be the talk, it needs to be moving on. the ukrainian defense ministry has recently published a video of his army, claiming they've pushed back russian forces over the border near kafka, which is the country's 2nd largest city. however, questions have been raised about the footage of the so just say that they came to the border on april the 15th, but the video was published exactly one month later. i want to respond with not one with one with. and it's not the only on verified video that's been posted by the media. this footage, according to ukrainian sources,
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is claimed show russian troops shelling the as of steel fighter multiple with phosphorus, munitions. now such weapons are bond under the geneva convention. butts are russian military experts claims that according to the description of the weapon, it seems more like a standard unguided rocket mortgage. okay. yes. and firstly, if we pay attention to the materials that are distributed in the ukrainian media, we need to focus on the number and modification of the projectile, which are indicated. this number is 9 am to 2 s. if we study this information, we see this is a standard unguided rocket projectile for the multiple launch rocket system. the b m 21 grad. we can look at the classification of this projectile and the corresponding components where we have magnesium aloe, m, l 5. there is no phosphorus in this case. these systems are designed to cover large area and can cause fires. they are mainly designed for terrain with vegetation cover. in this case, the number of shells used indicates that they really cause serious damage
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predominantly for the opponents, manpower. but there is nothing unconventional in the use of these weapons missing to venzano discovery. so again, gave us his take on the latest videos about russia's alleged use of phosphorus and the confusion of the dates. the type ammunition, frankly speaking, is irrelevant of contrary to popular belief. the use of phosphorus is not a violation the geneva convention of it's used against a legitimate military target. i don't think anybody at this point time contends at the as of seal plant is anything other than a legitimate military target. but as other experts have indicated, other, the munition in question appears to be magnesium based now, phosphorus based it's, it's irrelevant and incendiary weapon it's designed to destroy using um, you know, fire and heat. ah, it's a horrible way to die. oh, and i don't think anybody on the receiving end gives a is a darn whether not it's phosphorus or magnesium they're,
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they're paying the price no matter what it is. and with, with april 15th may, the 15th, the present painting trips on the border, a russian refrain. um, near car club is really oh, it doesn't change the strategic outcome. it doesn't alter the operational reality. of the bottom line is the ukranian army is suffering in the midst of suffering, a horrible defeat eastern ukraine, and of small propaganda moments like this. so this video indicate may make some people feel good in cio, but it doesn't change the outcome of the reality on the ground in the main battles being waged in eastern ukraine. both finland on sweden have officially announced that applying for nato membership. but the ticket presence has exposed hesitation, things, and he's confess, can't allow the alliance to include members who in his words, support terrorists, patty t t. then we've asked to extradite the terrorists to turkey. they refused,
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they do not oppose terrorism, they support it. sweden is the center of terrorist organizations, even in the building of their parliament. they give the terrorists an opportunity to speak out. sweden will visit turkey on monday. if they want to convince us about our position, i say directly that we will not change it in a now the issue lies in the 2 european countries ties with the kurdistan workers, party and other organizations considered a terrorist by turkey in recent years. and kara has reportedly since extradition request for $33.00 individuals in finland and sweden with the legit size those organizations. with all those requests were rejected for the kiddo his face, the whole star responds for his position. the chairman of the european parliament, largest parties. these, those who oppose nato expansion could face isolation. if the 2 countries want finland and sweden are part of it, no doubt. anyone who questions nato's unity will be isolated within the community.
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nato expansion and the presence of its military infrastructure close to russia. borders has been a red line which moscow has been continually emphasizing for decades decides a legit assurances from nate. so back in the 1990 that it wouldn't enlarge eastwood's. the block has been steadily expanding in recent years and the events of joining the alliance dot com, though claims it won't allow the deployments of military bases or nuclear weapons on his territory, retired re admiral in the turkish naval forces. ali denise could look, gave us his take on finland and sweden. a session does not stay for the vision. turkey may or may not be something, walk on the admin of those 2 space. on the other hand, that's required to be discussed with natal. not only the key, but it's among others because there are many issues needs to be looked at in this in just move the say is so rush and to, to let them to, to become
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a member almost the southern out of blue. and those 2 states. why don't we have over 160 years as a neutral state, the other one from from 2nd whoa, as neutral space or have benign relations with russia, all to southern and rise to join nato organization. because what i don't see that their resume on those is if i already need to issue, i'm going to question what is the ratio of having no space within the last we learn more of the refresher and the limited capability to offer to the organization . meanwhile, over in poland until russian sentiment is running high among politicians on the eve of party elections, the former deputy defense minister has suggested that russia's collision guard
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region should be demilitarized. this region must be demilitarized so that nato does not sit on the powder tag between its legs. the statements, it was a reference to russia's nuclear capable missile launches in the most westwood region. along with the baltic fleet, located in colony ground parts of russia's missile defense shield. moreover, the former acts in defense minister claimed the regions should be renamed and it's not the 1st time poland has made such claims. in march, a general said the region must be quotes, hunted buck, so war. so in us, despite it never being parts of poland, lawyer and peace activists, duncan folic fizz, the situation could escalate well, poland been acting more and more aggressively, even signaling that they may invade parts of ukraine. they seem to be the stalking horse now for nato. so this seems to be, you know, an aggressive statement. you knows, maybe signaling that poland, maybe with nato's acquiescence wants to take over the colon and grad region.
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that's why i think the statement was made. i mean, it does signal that all that region, no is now seen, is fair game for nato. and that should be again, alarming. russia. i think it's supposed to alarm russia, and i think we need to be concerned that we could be on the verge of, of world war 3 and a possible nuclear war. and that's why this thing needs to deescalate, that's why countries need to work for a peaceful, negotiated settlement of this crisis. china's lashed out of the g 7 group of advanced economies for double standards, unmet ling, and other countries. a fez, i comes up, the group demanded the beijing hulsy support from moscow amid crippling sanctions. she would, you know, went on with the lengthy g. 7 communique is filled with preposterous allegations, not even worth refuting. wizard, in total disregard of china's position and object of fact,
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it grossly interferes in china's internal affairs who maliciously flanders and smears china. and once again, exert pressure using such pretexts as the russia, ukraine conflict, hosking china to follow the sanctions. is an existential threat to china, trying to find it really hard to find alternative sellers because i do u. s. has been waging tre wars from china. also, it is really not in the interest of china to have a poor but military, very strong neighbor, china once his neighbor to be able to feed it's out of here released festival to mine. and many more countries are not joining the essentials. he's really saying something, essentially the ministry is saying that the g 7, please stop being a hypocrite with double standards. don't export color revolution. don't provoke others and don't impose illegal sanctions. the chinese communist tree
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spokesperson johnny jen, accrued all these and ass g 7 to instead focus on other important global and internal issues. and to truly focus on peace and development pro. well, to start applying the full standard to start ascending military aircraft and ships to the borders of other countries. of course china support of moscow wasn't the most pressing issue during the g. 7 meeting. representatives of the big 7 of once again promised more measures against russia. and i say moscow has breached international law and engaged in illegal aggression the russian war of aggression against ukraine as a watershed moment for the 21st century and carries dramatic consequences far beyond europe. we the g 71 to make abundantly clear that we will not sit by whilst countries flagrantly disregard the international rule book on which we all depend for peace, prosperity, security, and stability. the officials also how russia are responsible for the unfolding
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global energy and food crises. meanwhile, there was a market, a different tone from the group when he came to the israeli palestine conflict with no policies accused of crimes of the g 7. simply calling for peace and his documents, which has traditionally been an ally of the west, which is supplied with arms enough, despite allegations of international law be breached. one of the country that late is missile strikes is a simian town claiming 5 lives. the west continues to cooperate closely with israel, something which has often raised eyebrows among critics. it is true that the g 7 regimes will not sit by whilst countries flagrantly disregard the international rule book. when that country is israel, they will arm fund and reward its crimes. g 7 communicate from saturday's perfect illustration of western exceptional icing of israel, palestine. while sections on most of the conflicts call for respective international law. human rights and accountability. these rainy palestine power ignores all that and gives awfully lopsided view of reality. that g 7 says that it
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will not recognize the borders that russia wishes to modify by force. i have to say that this principle does not apply in the case of the state of israel. the director of the canadian geopolitical economy research group radhika design, believes the west is often selective about international law. they keep calling food ration actions, unprovoked aggression. they constantly use the word unprovoked, precisely to hide the fact that they have been provoking russia to do this for a very long time. and of course, they're condemning russian action in light of international know what, in reality, what you have to understand is that what the west wants to impose on the was what it was. the rules based international order isn't actually international law. it is a version of international law or a set of rules that are designed to favor western countries. israel has violated the record, the largest number of un resolutions ever life of any country in the wall. and
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every time the u. israel violates in the united states, essentially does any united nations action to address the situation of the community? is this another exercise in he brought in the kind of hypocrisy that we've been seeing around the world, in my opinion, the rest wants to prolong the conflict in terms of his profiting from it. american arms manufacturers, i'm making profits hand over fist on top of that. of course the united states derives all sorts of diplomatic advantages, at least on the surface. this week in moscow begun with a collective security treaty organizational c. s t o summit. some leaders of the member countries once again, states it who they believe is responsible for prolonging the conflicts in ukraine. since it is sheena, the consequence of the expansion of the north atlantic alliance is a problem that is created completely artificially. since it is done in the foreign policy interests of the united states, in general,
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nato is used as an instrument to the foreign policy of only one country to look on, the slope were due to them so far from the west, including washington. we are witnessing only a desire to prolong the conflict as much as possible. that is the reason why ukraine is being pumped full with weapons or the most dangerous tendency in ukraine . the attempts to dismember it. there are thousands of units that have already been created in order to end to ukraine, under the guise of peacekeepers to protect it. as international pressure keeps mounting on russia as russia's northwestern neighbors, such as sweden and finland, let the world know that they have made up their mind. on joining nato, it is crucial and very important for moscow to show that there is a pro active security alliance. in existence that could act as a counterbalancing force to the north atlantic treaty organization. and so the russian leader is hosting this big summit and the russian capital,
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exactly 30 years after the alliance was born. the leaders from 5 post soviet republics are in moscow representing pretty much russia's best friends if we take the post soviet republics. the alliance, both a joint action force, which we have already seen in action. and january this year, when cassock stand, was engulfed in violence, street unrest and international peacekeeping mission representing all members was sent and the violence was quickly dealt with. this was something that the leaders remembered to day and praise. but it seems that for the leaders, that's not really enough. what they want to see is the lines filled with extra energy floods. we heard the bell, russian president, alexander lucas shank, off in particular call for more unity to have by the members saying that they should act as a united front. when, for example,
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there are both ad international organizations such as the us. so, so you will, for gloss initial with the silent consent of our partners, bella reese and russia country to all the norms of international law at the whim of the west, of being defamed and excluded from international organizations. yes, there is tough and unscrupulous pressure against us. the members of the c s t o. but it is for the sort of situations that collective mutual support exists. we heard criticism of nato actions and policies pretty much from every speaker here at the kremlin, but the strongest discourse came from black or potent before updating his counterparts on the course of the russian military operations in ukraine. mister bruton blamed the west pretty much for associating themselves with the nationalists in ukraine in our neighboring country in ukraine, neo nazis,
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him has long been which they tend to blind. this means that some of our partners from the collective west actually encouraged their activities, and all this is accompanied by surge, outragious were supposed be. now going back to the alliance, we have heard today that it is open for expansion. it's ready for expansion. it has already carried out one successful military operation in catholic stand. so the message to the rest of the world is that it's not only up to nato to pull the strings and international politics and expand as to be now stood from power. former pakistani prime minister iran con, continue to gone to support across the country while alleging that the u. s. was behind his removal from office icon has been mobilizing his followers, speaking of rallies in different pakistani cities before his final cold for a long march. and the capital is lum about at the end of this month, thus to demand fresh elections. the opposition has accused con,
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of manipulating the public in order to remain in power. during the latest rally, he claimed that the new pakistani government is nothing but the servants of washington. the americans would not help them until they make them slaves. they would ask this government to be slaves of indians, not a friendship. forget about kashmir, shut your mouth on palestine, whatever israel is doing there, you should not raise your voice. con, also states that he fits for his life and is even recorded of video naming his alleged killers in the event of something happening to him. they want to kill me. i have recorded a video where i take all the names who are involved in this conspiracy. ranken has claimed repeatedly that he was forced to leave office by the pro american opposition in pakistan. the new government incidentally, is expected to increase corporation on many fronts with the u. s. that was confirmed in a statement base made by us senate chris murphy, who said that
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u. s. pakistani relations. i've been through many soft patches over the decades, but still remain strong. as with every bilateral relationship, there are ups and downs. but this one pakistani us relations has endured the test of time and i look forward to continue growing it for next 75 years. and send us a lawyer and geopolitical analysts to ha, some as la mashhad them gave us his take on the situation currently playing out in pakistan. this is a different august sun. it is about the sun that is demanding respect demand. while at the, from the us, it is not focused on that will be forcibly dictated by any other country. if the u . s. wants to reset the relationship, then it will have to come down with a new focus on. as we all know, the us talks about democracy of freedom of speech, liberty, right of the people who beside their future. so here we haven't bought a list like
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a ron han was given support by the people across the country. and for the 1st time, the us should understand that it will have to be with the leader will be not presenting his own wishes to the us. but he will be speaking on behalf of the people of pakistan. and the us will not be able to dictate, it sounds like it was able to in the boston other leaders who had, who are involved us president joe biden has approved a plan to re deploy several 100 ground forces into somalia. now there is a significant reversal of decision by his predecessor, donald trump, to withdraw nearly all 700 ground troops who had been stationed with all the details his i'll teach caleb walton. the usa is stepping up its involvement in the african country of somalia gan many would have lost count of how many years u. s. involvement in the country has gone on for the decision to re introduce a small but persistent presence was made 1st and foremost to maximize the safety
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and effectiveness of our force and enable them to provide better support of our partners. now on the surface, there might be a compelling argument for going in and helping stop the terrorists the pirates and making life better for the people of this impoverished country. you'll recall when bush went back in, in 1992 that he states alone cannot write the world's wrongs. but we also know that some crises in the world cannot be resolved without american involved, but that american action is often necessary as a catalyst for broader involvement of the community of nations. things haven't exactly been great there ever since. you'll remember $993.00 with bill clinton and the black hawks of market issue. after that clinton said he'd had enough of it handed it over to the united nations. i think we ought to get out of somalia. i think we've accomplished our objective. george w bush decided to stick in once again. more troops and more chaos. after that,
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we had obama maintaining a military presence and upping the ante with the use of drum strikes. but things are still not improving in somalia. trump pulled some troops out, but continued the bombing with significant civilian casualties. now biden is continuing the us tradition reestablishing a military presence. i think in east africa, i think, particularly in somalia, al shabani is taking advantage of the political leadership there being distracted by prolong political crisis. now you'd think the us military presence in somalia, if it was actually going to make things better, would have done so by now. some independent observers have got to be asking the question, if whether not the usa is really just working out of compassion for the somali people and an effort to fight terrorists, or instead looking to serve some kind of geopolitical aim. of course, neither the question nor the answer is going to be found in mainstream media
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discourse. this is all part of your power deployment. the u. s. has had in sudan and the reason, year and a half deployment that the by administration has had in ethiopia. not thinking about development of the people. not thinking about developing the country to thinking about geo political control of this geographic area. don't forget, the somalia has a huge coastline. it's all about controlling the regional area. i think the indian ocean leading into the gulf view, we lead to the red sea to suez canal. this is one of the most strategic geographical locations in the world for traffic, for a large ships. and therefore, the united states only would act to produce to increase their geopolitical control, the area. otherwise,
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they would not be involved because they're not helping the somalian. and they haven't healthy, feel cleaners to lease or so years. and i saw the was looking at $530.00. am this tuesday morning. moscow time on. is peter scott on the back again with more in just over half an hour. thank you for watching. ah, ah. with
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ah, the conflict in ukraine continues to pace. the situation on the battlefield for the camp regime is going from bad to worse. nonetheless, the u. s. and it's nico allies continue to pour in massive amounts of 8 and weapon . diplomacy is still not on the agenda which you will see it till about 20 are supposedly reco gracie, but she will. she, i me till i was here to was didn't, i wasn't good is proposed to go get go raise issue and it's close the loop muscles . alicia menu 0 is just the concern. what did it at the ball cheese to break? we used to store but i want to show that come by logical external.


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