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mucus, with these vista cleaning losses, come on both. ah, 1st group of ukraine unified to surrender and the besieged body. you pull out of steel plant. some of the wounded have been taken off the bills in the den. yes. region. by the surrender. those troops out that plans the west, the media joins here in portraying the situation is an evacuation. what some a seeing as an information war. this is a battle perception over reality. green is spending in a way that makes it look as though ukraine somehow won this battle and was able to negotiate the evacuation of the survivors. also coming up china lashes out to the g 7, telling it to mind its own business, and not to ignite colored revolutions around the world. after the group demands
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beijing. whole system holds for russia with, from moscow to the world. this is our see international. i'm peter scott, and these are the top stories this. our number of ukrainian fights is have surrendered at the besieged as of steel pans. that's a week's of brutal battles at the industrial sites. these donor quarter has all the latest details. well, early monday morning, the 1st reports began to come out that some ukrainian troops hold up in marian pulls as install steel plant had finally begun to surrender. this was after it became known that those same troops had begun negotiating with the done yet people's militia to evacuate some of their injured comrades, as for how many troops were talking about here or what battalions they were members of. we do not know what we do know is that a number of the troops that were evacuated were not actually injured, and they were taken to separate areas altogether. now,
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kiev has confirmed this information, but we didn't actually hear it from ukraine's president vladimir lensky. we heard it from the countries deputy minister of defense, speaking on all of them that probably knows that community 53 seriously wounded murray, bull defenders were evacuated from the as a planned to a medical facility in nova for medical assessment. and another 211 people were taken through the humanitarian corridor to lend me for their further return, have this part of exchange procedure to task for the whole of ukraine and for the whole world. as the said a lot of the defenders of maria to shoot so far russia's ministry of defense as neither confirmed nor denied this information. but this is no doubt a hard pill to swallow for kiev. after all, this last stand of ukrainian nationalists was advantageous for both ukrainian propaganda as well as for the countries war effort. but with them now likely gone. this could represent a death blow to the country's war effort. despite the fact that the ukrainian
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troops of surrendered west immediate been portraying the situation as an evacuation backing the words of high ranking ukrainian officials, you said the soldiers of quote left the funds with the supports of numerous organisations, both ukrainian and international. but they didn't mention any russian or dpr involvements, former marine corps, intelligence, office and analyst scott with believe that the buffalo perception over reality, the reality is the, it doesn't take a huge stretch of the imagination to paint on the defense of murray, a pool. and as of stall plants as heroic and to use this as a rallying cry, and this is a battle perception over reality. i feel the perception of an evacuation implies that there was a negotiation and a kia was able to prevail in the negotiation to successfully extricate the defenders of murray, a full trauma,
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the russian grasp. i think that's why that they're portraying that this way because to say otherwise that this was a desperate plea for survival. and that the only reason why the defenders are murray, people are alive today is because of the humanitarian nature of, of russia. ukraine can admit this, that would be to admit defeat. so ukraine is spinning in a way that makes it look as though ukraine somehow won this battle and was able to negotiate the evacuation of the survivors. and staying in the dentist republic ortiz even has done. i've had the chance to speak to butcher citizen, he followed coles in the media to help you, crane. and his people always trip ended with him, been shot on the phone line and held english in captivity. encountering aid confessed fighter among ukrainian prisoners of war is a tool order. if you were to take captives words for it. caves armies made of exclusively of cooks, medics and combs officers as far as i can see,
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a similar stories purported by andrew, a simple scaffold in who found itself embedded with ukraine's foreign legion or so he says, while back a high, a scaffold a which follicle shocks financially, say 5 years old and, and, oh, i have a simple life. i love the children, part of a family and was seen on the western western media western propaganda as allah, ukraine was asking people for help or thought about maybe something i can to. i could help when andrew landed in poland, a mysterious jacob got in touch with him and made an offer. andrew couldn't refuse it, asked me, was doing a lot of some medical experience of basic medical experience, farsighted, t. maddox. basic. ah, points of injury kind of, ah, kinds of stuff. and on me said i could be more beneficial if also move into the
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ukraine fava. the moment andrew crossed the ukrainian border was the moment key of defacto made him it's conscript except back then andrew didn't quite realize that i didn't see any of this. i dropped off as well as seems to be like a community center where we stay there for a couple of days. ordered around infantry like andrew says, his tasks was strictly within the civilian realm. even got to see boucher although didn't get to see any bodies there. there was actually a few days after the russians left alive in see any corpses myself. i didn't see anything like that. i it looked untouched. the area that we was in, but i can. we wasn't directly and the child was kept on the very alice got some boots for not only andrea and others were band for moving around independently. they had no idea where the ukrainians were taking them to the town of nick alive,
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except no one bothered to mention one little detail that it was in fact the front line. so he wasn't told it was going to make life just got all that would be moving, moving to a different location. it wasn't in 2 ways, pretty much mc lives, how we knew, where we found out where he was, for there wasn't any fight in actual make a life. so as, as quiet there was no shall. and so i didn't see any and i make a live at all. it was the day that we push on to the position. when we go into the position. i was all quiet. then the next morning. i saw it here in australia, race gonzales. and when i ran, i stopped, i was very close in a position. eventually, andrew was ordered to join a foreign unit has magic. his 1st contact with the enemy became, has lost his brothers in arms were killed and he surrendered. looking back at his experience in ukraine, he says he's reconsidering his life choices of suicide. that all this, this,
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this is comes, this are, do you feel like i've been like a massively not, not just by the, for religion in this country all on what of all will be taken as i and i did come out to help us. i feel like i was like to back in the you k through the western media lesson for pounder as well. i think now that i'm in the nation in the media. those stories looking back now, i think a lot of the stories can be false. stories probably also stories, but very different to what the media portrayed back in on the west. andrew just wants to go back to his family, but both his government and key of have abandoned him. that a piano, china for a transfer on our side, we will be going back to the u. k, but they need the u. k for an office. and i'm to say to basically answer and talk back with this is was being held up for my time for that you k is
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the u. k. foreign office and the m c on doing anything for me. i'll transfer moment to get back to you. sandra is not the 1st, which is just is in captured by russia in ukraine. we really reported on the place of sean penner and aiden oslyn, who were fighting alongside ukrainians in maryville and also surrendered. the russian forces. moscow claims, at least 7000 former series of fighting against russia. moving on now in china has lashed out the g 7 group of advanced economies for applying double standards, and middling in other countries affairs. it comes out to the group them under beijing, whole to support from moscow amid crippling sanctions to do the way don't wear the lengthy g. 7 communique is filled with preposterous allegations, not even worth refuting. in total disregard of china's position and objective fact grossly interferes in china's internal affairs, maliciously slanders and smears china and once again exert pressure using such
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pretext as the russia, ukraine conflict. fucking china to follow the sanctions and ex, suspension scratch to china, trying to find me hard to find alternative sellers because the us has been waiting tray horse with china. also, it is really not in the interest of china to have the poor, but many 3 very strong neighbor trying to one of his neighbor to be able to see a released test one morning. and many more countries are not joining us sanctions. he's missing something, essentially the ministry is saying that the g 7, please stop being a brokerage with double standards. don't export color resolution. don't provoke others and don't impose illegal sanctions. the chinese or ministry books person, johnny, jenn, could all these and ask for g 7 to instead focus on other important global and
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internal issues. and to truly focus on peach and development for the world to start applying the standard to start sending military aircraft and ships to, to borders or other countries. of course, china's supports of moscow was not the most pressing issue. during the g 7 meeting . the representatives of the big 7 of once again promised more measures against moscow. and they say that russia has breached international law and engaged in illegal aggression the russian war of aggression against ukraine as a watershed moment for the 21st century and carries dramatic consequences far beyond europe. we the g 71 to make abundantly clear that we will not sit by whilst countries flagrantly disregard the international rule book on which we all depend for peace, prosperity, security, and stability. for the officials also held russia responsible for the unfolding global energy and food crises. meanwhile, there was a markedly different tone from the group when it came to the israeli, palestinian conflict with no parties accused of crimes. and the g 7 simply calling
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for its for peace and his documents. israel as traditionally been an ally of the west, which was supplied with arms despite allegations of international law being breached . one of the country's latest missile strikes his assyrian town, claiming 5 lives. the west continues to cooperate closely with israel, which is something this is raised, eyebrows among christmas. it is true that the g 7 regimes will not sit by whilst countries flagrantly disregard the international rule book. when that country is israel, they will arm fund and reward its crimes. g 7 communicate from saturday's perfect illustration of western exceptional icing of israel, palestine. while sections on most of the conflicts called for respective international law, human rights and accountability, these rainy palestine power ignores all the tim gets awfully lopsided view of reality. the g 7 says that it will not recognize the borders that russia wishes to modify by force. i have to say that this principle does not apply in the case of
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the state of israel, the director of the canadian geopolitical economy research group, right. he could decide, please, the west is often selective about international law. they keep calling russian actions unprovoked aggression. they constantly use the word hon, precisely to hide the fact that they have been provoking russia to do this for a very long time. and of course they are condemning russian action in light of international law. but in reality, what you have to understand is that what the west wants to impose on the was what it was. the rules based international order isn't actually international law. it is a version of international law or a set of rules that are designed to favor western countries. israel has violated the record, the largest number of un resolutions ever life of any country in the wall. and every time the israel violates in the united states essentially vetoes any united
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nations action to address the situation of the community. is this another exercise in he thought in the kind of hypocrisy that we've been seeing around the world, in my opinion, the rest of want to prolong the conflict in terms of his profiting from it. american arms manufacturers, i'm making profits hand over fist on top of that. of course the united states, the lives, all sorts of diplomatic advantages, at least on the surface. and that's another story we're across to day. washington has thrown his backing behind you an initiative. so be ukranian, graeme, get so the global market to prevent a potential few crisis of the ongoing war in the country of civilians are up to supplies. one of the world's top, wheat exporters, and the e. u foreign affairs chief, your set burrell says the you is also working to free cubes. we'd stalks, storage capacity of ukraine is fill because they cannot export the screen. and they need to empty the storage capacity in order to be able to receive the next crop. so
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we are working on how to help them to take the screen out. however, even if the grain could be exported to their office, about ukraine's ability to refill those stores is predicted keywords we target could fall by at least 35 percent this year. and considering that ukraine is the 6th top, we export, that is fueling concerns about further shortages. the west has accused of stealing ukraine's green stalks, forming equipments on blockading ports. moscow claims is key if stopping exports from block see ports. to steve lusty near the cave, authorities do not let dozens of sheeps out of their porch, including ships that are supposed to do ever wheat to various regions of the world . and keep in mind the exits from the sports, which makes it impossible for these sheeps to leave the mining of harbors. the stopping of shipping is part of the whole war against russia, and it is done in criminal disregard of the people of the whole world. remember
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when the sanctions were imposed, they said it will create a norm. is cain economic catastrophe in russia? that didn't happen, but it is creating economic catastrophe around the world. and frankly, and if they can create came and yet economically improve their home situation. well, u. s. capital is always been willing to do this and the e u is willing to go along as are the cranium fascist. today, it's the way they fight wars and it really puts the whole world happiness. there's not only poor countries that have faced surging inflation. they are seen in almost constant rise in prices. it's no surprise than the latest g. 3 g 7, summit focused on food security with coal to impose urgent measures to prevent the crisis. thus, after india, the world's 2nd largest, we producer for the biggest russia and restricting supplies to tackle their own
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food price increases. dorothy is questioned, why is only now of the e. u and the u. s. have shown concern about the food supply situation in poor countries. ukraine says they have 20000000 tons of grain in their shallows, right now. 20000000 tons. and guess what? those tonge don't get to mark an awful lot of people in africa are going to starve to death. we need to make sure that the serials are sent to the world. if not, millions of people will be facing famine, particularly in the middle east and africa. this so from particularly on medicine up to 50000000 people, particularly in the countries of africa in the middle east will die in the next few months unless ukrainian grain is released or not. the question is though, we have all these western politicians been all this time before the war and ukraine broke out. 43000000 people were ready. one step away from family. and the biggest
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crisis was in yemen. more than 17000000 yemen. ease of food insecure because of a conflict that's been going on there for 8 years. the people of yemen are not starving. they are being starved. ongoing conflict, airstrikes and restrictions on imports have left 14000000 people in yemen on the brink of famine. all warring parties and those fuel and the conflict through arms sales are implicated in this men made humanitarian crisis party so that conflicts canada, france, the u. k. and the us who's weapons all used by the saudi led coalition. did trudeau visit santa i like he did, he have the ports rush to get food to the, to 1000000 starving children know canada boasted about sending humanitarian aid and then sent 4 times worth as much of weapons and military goods. a similar pitcher is unfolding in afghanistan with over half of the population on the brake. did biden give press conferences about the need to get them food?
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no, but he did free 7000000000 dollars worth of afghan funds with people taking to the streets with a simple request. let us eat. ah, this time it's there, people who can get some firewall. this time it's there. people who are paying 6 percent more for white bread. so it matters while canada as a leading global agrifood exporter of many key products, is working with its allies on how it can assist efforts. canadian beat production was significantly reduced due to last year's throat. and there is not a significant amount of wheat, uncommitted, and available to the market until the next harvest. they do not try to justify this is complete for parker, see the rest has no interest and no concern in the simon's been real hunger that their war and their sanctions create around the world. there's now
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sanctions on $42.00 countries in the world in every one of those countries. it's meant to create economic chaos, shortages real famines. and that was the purpose of inflicting sanctions on russia in yemen to day. it is a famine enforced by a u. s. naval blockade, the blockade supports of the m. and the same thing was true in iraq, where u. s. policy created through the sanctions. as madeline albright was asked, is a death of half a 1000000 children worth it. and she said, yes, we think it's worth it. so this was away, the u. s. looks at hunger at famines. it's part of their war policy. and it dates back in new us history to the simons, the destruction of the burning of crops, of killing of the buffalo against the indigenous speaker. this is away, us fights wars, and we shouldn't give a shred of honesty to their concern about how to go about shannon's being
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created. countless organizations have really said that this policy of sanctions on, on russia would create simon throughout africa after been ousted from power. former pakistani prime minister iran con, continues to gonna support across the country while alleging that the u. s. was behind his removal from office account to be mobilizing his followers, speaking rallies in different parties, sunny cities before his final call for a long march in the capital is lama. but at the end of this month, and that would be to demand fresh elections. the opposition has accused con, of manipulating the public in order to remain in power. during his latest rally, he singled out the level of control that washington is enforcing on pakistan this government as a product of internal and external conspiracy. the american conspiracy. now my
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nation must get ready. we would not allow this regime of decoy and thieves to continue. now this regime will keep their mouth shut. they have replaced me with this regime because they knew that enron con will never give air bases to them. he will never take part in their war in afghanistan. he will not scare of the interests of his country for them. in ron khan can't do this because he has to live and die in this country. but con is also stated. he fits for his life and is even recorded video naming the legend killers in the event of something happening to him . they want to kill me. i have recorded a video where i take all the names who are involved in this conspiracy. and run con as reclaimed repeatedly that he was forced to leave office by the pro american opposition in pakistan. and you government incidentally is expected to increase corporation on many fronts with the u. s. and that was confirmed in a statement made by u. s. senate chris murphy, who said that u. s. pakistani relations have been through many rough patches over the last couple of decades, but they still remain strong. as with every bilateral relationship,
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there are ups and downs, but this one, pakistani u. s. relations has endured the test of time and i look forward to continue growing it for next 75 years. it's not a lawyer and geopolitical analysts. how some la mashhad them gave us his take on the situation currently playing out in pakistan. this is a different focus on it is a focus on that is demanding respect. it demands while it is not focused on that will be forcibly dictated by any other country. if the us wants to reset the relationship, then we'll have to come down with a new focus on. as we all know, the us talks about democracy. freedom will be liberty, right? of the people to decide their future. so here we haven't bought a hopeless leader like ron hahn was given support by the people across the country
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. and for the 1st time the u. s. should understand that it will have to be with the leader will be not presenting his own vision is to the us, but he will be speaking on behalf of the people of pakistan and the u. s. will not be able to get it sounds like it was able to in the boss, but other leaders who had, who in power and finally, president biden has approved a plan. so we deploy several 100 ground forces into somalia. and that's a significant reversal of decision by its predecessor, donald trump, to withdraw nearly all 700 ground troops who had been stationed with all the details, his ortiz, caleb bolton, the usa is stepping up its involvement in the african country of somalia. again, many would have lost count of how many years u. s. involvement in the country has gone on for the decision to re introduce a small but persistent presence was made 1st and foremost to maximize the safety
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and effectiveness of our force and enable them to provide better support of our partners. now on the surface, there might be a compelling argument for going in and helping stop the terrorists the pirates and making life better for the people of this impoverished country. you'll recall when bush went back in, in 1992, that is states alone cannot write the world's wrongs. but we also know that some crises in the world cannot be resolved without american involved, but that american action is often necessary as a catalyst for broader involvement of the community of nations. things haven't exactly been great there ever since. you'll remember $993.00 with bill clinton and the black hawks of market issue. after that clinton said he'd had enough of it handed it over to the united nations. i think we ought to get out of somalia. i think we've accomplished our objective. george w bush decided to stick in once again. more troops and more chaos. after that,
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we had obama maintaining a military presence and upping the ante with the use of drum strikes. but things are still not improving in somalia. trump pulled some troops out, but continued the bombing with significant civilian casualties. now biden is continuing the us tradition reestablishing a military presence. i think in east africa, i think, particularly in somalia, asha bob is taking advantage of the political leadership there being distracted by prolong political crisis. now you'd think the us military presence in somalia, if it was actually going to make things better, would have done so by now. some independent observers have got to be asking the question, if whether not the usa is really just working out of compassion for the somali people and an effort to fight terrorists, or instead looking to serve some kind of geopolitical aim. of course, neither the question nor the answer is going to be found in mainstream media discourse. caleb martin, our take new york last at your bank today with all the latest headlines from writes
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around the world. do feel free tows her head over to r t dot com for more stories and in depth analysis on it's peter scott's and thank you for watching. ah ah ah
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passion, but the record ah, what was happening in ukraine before february. the 24th 2022 and was happening now was a result of consistency and systematic planning. i used to presume as a blues in, you're still not says chris, joe, a give you a list of books which i am a whole lot in. yeah. during yeah, let's see screen. let's see, 3 big easy effects. let's get you mean you get a lot of them gets what come on and nobody can throw in all of the 1st you got on your side. i just like i was with, if you can use the regular a few dog.


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