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does de escalate to cascade and shostakovich? i need to you all screw total must but yes, you think about that? i'm, will you do obama lee? you with that get accounted with the to the more no. ah, emotional, ancient geena. she mouthful cindy, galatia denay. you couldn't immune normally that there so no pupil so nor if eliano ah, [000:00:00;00]
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a meal be known as will attention as soon as the local dora with dorsey the ship and so to see no sooner angel still i see the foliage ah, fully a deal mondo kindles fuel or the mall that equal no chevy lustoria like would do that the empty probably in the league. alicia could then ma main door that we got the lock in lustoria clinton i'm interested in nava.
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ah, ah, a little child, our goal is to las, give me glittering milk and cheese that it lustoria look was good at the at all my good thing perceive you then a so romani metal into the sanity, the crystal guess and on that in korea, the capital me and that includes layer era and then i put that it in oakland to move what these people in contested can. yep. i should have a few bernasconi sorta likely math. no solid. ology della that made you able de la dylan, deacon republican matter. he nodded eliana, get by someone up there like the may jane over the next year. pisa, a mild see now, laurie, i don't want to do this. you that's yona, steve. good. i mean, you made the last last and last met metal us on his last you thought maybe like
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good boy goes. it's done the xyz over the years. a yama fonda accorded point the daughter that angle madame, that rosa eat. val's the chest below. russo and i got on the exposed skin, which before with more new which encroaches to napoleon my from italy asking is a care nipple of fort definitive order of a confused couple. in that case, the gutter thumb effect mirror him to his senior, a fee of reporter it was the 1st time, usually a bizarre ever had received a threatening letter. close your office immediately. our groups determined to protect italians from the danger. russia poses antonio employees not to advertise their russian background. mm. room spin home to unity of over 20 years, where she represents the association, friends of great russia, that she won't leave,
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let alone give out one of our main projects international pushkin's prize. a jim, it's another to get 3 out of the diet with him, with the intention that i am, the melodic fat off, or anything my pitiful then you a freshman got the one, the guy didn't you? loft cover? a heating a victim goes on with doors diminished, the pretty john nova. victor ah, miss finance. what snake? you know that in the morning appointments did russian power left mariano whomever recorded that? just for arnold schwartzenegger. look what's been going on in don't bass is they met, ones seem to get on. and he spoke highly of
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a athletic prowess level image that would start to like, i'm a bit slip back over the door option. i gotta admit in there. oh yeah, that was why was that? it's been a source mega, marianna told arnold she'd been visiting don't bass for 8 years. she'd met kids living near the front lines. she encourage them to love sports. and when she told them that she was going to meet that idle arnold, a wrote letters for him. yeah, for us to show kind of a bit of what i see yet, but not for the ticket that are put in that. let's me a piece my on though i'm a little no, no, she was think effective today. unfortunately, convention will another secret out there with that are, you know, you always are almost there the piece more so equal. i thought i, she'll vailable though she is
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a she a swimming yard yard 0 or the process was yet a woman is measurable crowned by ask a certain way as reason. mm. the council culture has it all disciplines. russian national teams compete in today. it's drunk painfully in beijing where the barrel in peons came for the 2022 winter olympics after the hard work and training camps did arrived in beijing. only to be told they were banned from the games. ah, yeah. that's me different. the mileage a block away,
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but don't question again if any, well, it's a done with the safety. it's in this new year and the new flying in get away and i'm with him when you get but then with some way or a bus monday and it there. i saw it at the bill of brown. there's a lot of chord summers patel in the yellow blue spotted invoice in the going can be up long. those mission parents are spanish . i was was to part of the worst one kid. i'm over post on the directory. i could not hear of what you'll judge for true store. we're checking with it's not the 1st time russian paralympic athletes have been banned from sports . it goes back
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a long way for them bitter history. jasmine vegetable dust of snow. the yet, and i got his chickens choice not, but i'm choice case studies that can go back on, on the july stubs on a promotional period by a video as i mean though, when you get to that out, cuz i know that we needed to go hungry sheets on studio almost usually duties room with models cuz i'm with local channels up with cheese. we'll choose lunches, but she's busy. we got majority as soon as the staiano for another nobly that was offered to and i need to be in john paul into 2 more period is a street out is from naples that he one years old, very popular with young people. he was ahead of the curve, but what he's doing now doesn't fit with today's agenda. love melissa moreland or
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a little bit i'll, i believe we have to go look, we last of all says albert in monterey qualifies a few, a part of the building up. i like to change it to move a venue hopefully literally holders near them that he said, well listen, your domain name at me. no, no, no. so hopefully as many as up a little square decidedly. feel there because you this day your school was having his already daily diagnosed with amazon and this is in the media, the star, a low blue defy upon to fill on them with a little. so i'm on the line or who needs to go to a certain extent as evolution. should i the course for the approval? so paranoid parallel up into those 2 years, not muscle is said a little,
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so the vague, a whole paunchy, any time i guess it'll show up until the normal these on yesterday too. i the sweetest dancing between us, from the adeline godaddy, expedited food, i was selected as a johnny bravo, and it was a bit riding my cord, but i look should enter a loose jet officials or a meal. i for you my a nasty little glove our la golf course near just at this down at the stairs, down the which mooney bazaar over. so these dresses weren't events,
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she'd be preparing for her whole life. my shuttle involved, she pushed, can eat dinner, and i showed us cabal chest, a voice to bol mascara. every year she host the grand russian ball in rome, except in 2022. it's not happening. a pledge with russian count has been swamped by a tsunami of cancellation, sweeping through a european theatres the bow choice tours concept honoring to come skin cells to coverage all cancelled famous artists including russian conductor valeri give haven't his gave them there was you can see what was going on? no, yes. but you might. so is that okay with got tauriel mo,
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a merchandise tim worship. charles came with us in the we will believe me with those joining they but i believe in the website those to the, to be the was the rational way in the garage. i could let it know. but you know what the guy was so good the form there, plug almost system and then you have bush with i look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we
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should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at that point, obviously is to great trust, rather than fear i would like to take on various job with artificial intelligence, real somebody with a robot, most protective phone existence, with a head expression, it was in savannah jane, actually that america suffers from the per gallery of empire, and that is if you're an empire, you tend to regard the rest of the world as your back yard and use honest waynesboro on the back yard. you go to rod to go and pull them out. quite simply, do not appreciate how the rest of the world has a legitimate rod to think differently about the house to the back out.
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mm no additional. yes, no, no, that will no much weight near dollar. mm. bye. yes. many of those what i see, she asked no, you don't, can you by, you know, was idea easiest. myoshi shaffer brought you from us. i told her it was nobody with any of you my. so could i in preparation because actually po, coordinate conduct ordered a contract to meet to you each total will be done. just keep us while space source from a p c. u great. the crash here. it's a bit more pro credit. yeah, i thought a what else needs scheme? what are they nodding? mm. i gotcha farmers coma issue. there you go. the show of one of the kind of talk, the new school bus number of students
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with miss of if you post office mr for your friends, be good. i'm sure you'll don't want be storing it for you on the me, you know, somebody look at the to store a passcode when you're putting it wasn't the issue. next 3 of the board, not much in the parents. the us move to push the mice most and causal until the game. so she had been a good deal with good news telephone that of that of i thought you were going through which modem fridge and the funny girl much the only with most of that me check my tooth. i'm in the chance without him and they agree with you will not route 3 nipple there at the the wind up love now she mm. just out the russian cancellations,
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co founder of the pushkin price and rome julia bizarre about was unable to get any information. a telephone motel when you did. she saw support from italian journalist. only one responded with a rings. you're for your main to give you a note about john franco published a story about julia and his newspaper. backlash quickly followed julia and her friends were accused of promoting the interest of a hostile country. they had to seek legal advice, a stall. yeah. but kevin associates are central store. yeah. his sense of food are no now food food. just so i mean, think about it
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a little put to know the new shot and it is ferment by the lateral, bygone, darkest stuff, foreman, tumble audio going from today to the new seat. and they go prone to the army can not afford to go so far. the identity of those who rode, threatening notice to friends of great russia is unknown. this is the mara don't aside on the other side, chicago here it is. history, especially italian history. he says he's an anti fascist. he's for social justice and against the far right and id for now go out on this incident until that to go on the east side. moving any weebly got more thought on a skid out and go so men do not. she didn't do the dial up at the daily dazzling the will out. who's jesse malin sudle
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a lot you then to sell been us food news. and we're now he's running fun. theda a very general yodi do a few more dollars to get up than when she doesn't want or, and say we're for both of us to give you one of the law that with us that it would fall out. so i got on a photograph may upload the you annoy all one. thank you. so my vis. you almost this isn't in grand dam on to that a little. so the lose. so would alexander, he's not unique. i got in the most go what kind of give me some grammar school addition to what i do not borders will bundle with good. so if you go out in abilene, i should try the same packwood jane to rush, doesn't put in with a with and the son dillon me. now. snodgrass was killed in the next day to sit in the line and waiting for the new presides in the valley. with the go with the pin. why, why they are the number on our streaming that there's a, it was
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a key to my 1st office in my position in april 2022 despite sanctions, marianna. now whomever went back to don bass to see her friends, and i don't, they sit in the line is here with you all. well, yeah, annual she's not as throws as near the will lose it on the promotions on west market street. my manager is not dealing with a smoke. exceptional screen is a slight nash. i just want to set the thought. see, is jim got cry justified. so, assistance for a specimen. the me, a easy, simple to deal with
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a video is that what does it does with the cable? it's just a little long broken here. prescribe or the studies ged to let you know she could see story really key with the yes she with her you could resorted with those completed. mr. come busy. sig beveled. may just be up with the musta. please come when wish that thread the theft. oh,
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with dish to really see the guy needs to renew booster. mueller got it, you know, get a lower percentage in by be 81 lower. you really need to spend little the time. will you do a bomb li, you redo choice, square foot tissues to would you to wash tolbert was of a shade. abolla got under to shed daughter trivia korea years. role is miracle, belize middle gaudy church florida and you say ice coast to another north, but new, much teutonic. mm. could i put this all stood as cream m. o is up on? no means other amino nippy. las halima. cuba. but you know, the board chesney said in a minute with the glue, with yeah, was uploaded to the santa rosa, but also the concert at that point up and you're still, you would be as key camecia. she just, lou and you and your flagship were to place you ah, what
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a business of me just the most of were me audition exception in your bas wirelessly . but those key you bring your mind and those numbers with a bill at the, at a school fuck what the meaning that when you will um those are filled me away. yeah . so one of social is the top of the squeak, tamara tens aqona 7 time. well, johns champion has been down from the world rating. that's clearly a finished level hospital. when you book, the decision was taken by the president of the well draft federation. during a championship match in 2021, he removed the russian flag from tomorrow's place. he did that right in the middle of the match in line and you started to put something in that let each in the chest denise nicholson, chest read, boots of it's a german conductor, has lived in who are no death with his russian wives since 2015
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a marine speaker forcing a push in this procedure. in april 2022, he wrote an article for the german newspaper, north korea condemning council culture. the day he refers to russians is the new jews growing parallels with the events of world war 2 or various members? particles. a members? sure. not a sin. a unity says trust me, my close to come with food for our most. get the i need to. yeah. i lose clue. cool, cool. i knew so pretty teeny feed and we've got the rib. anybody died so who's gonna cry is what god teach us. feed me junior in a game school yet you know and use appreciate with new lose no version unit at the meeting. again, when you log in again, us, you little bit the portion of it them go,
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eddie whisky. she was, and so did spirit guy do you like the union, my v g to you must one that is no such thought at this. we just have to understand that as a way to not believe she moskowitz, nobody is denied neglect, avoided double. but given that are very lucky board acclimated shavelle a in been asked through the line, my little money i can chill as shown at a loss square feet the same way. they won't let me into also, anthony, got the evil can you know, couldn't the needle that a cake in court bought it? go down the street doughty ground, the boy to ground the will the hasty guess one of these thought the trend pushing pilot, that new fire at better cows any more. they had a when i ground this to be that gina with eisen bohemia, you got that golden egg cook now to him by shut order made up. wanted your fatal
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fat. buckwheat duda. i believe that will shape out. yeah. with clean vonage. it took a little oh, a module 5 to didn't football is eliano. piccolo keel the chip. he's got a good local notes. good. public eliano. see a de la part of that. the key. couldn't dana wister chin should just soon know convene t would that one up on the input on it, but with the yeah, because she has a yeah. chin sorratto, lagoon, florida. hey uncle kesh williams. my yet the listen soon. you been on the get go get the police. he got gabriel. i'm on pretty much what the bomb blanket will give you on saturday morning for they'll go do they fight? they need to do of it a lametre w, but i will put them in so that he does a semester either eel. i'll post
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a little politi galena avenue in little north austin, i listen. sony economy de la conchella tuna good duda lamb miss invoice. good god, joe, and joe da da da, lengthy. we'll see yankee, the event. you see a bill up would put out all the work. mm. charlie mistretta. that'll come from a separate shiranda. m. e. i prefer the morning. this is the russian center in rome, that's been the latest news. the italian government is declared a large group of russian diplomats persona non grata what that is to chess not was . so come order yet. no need put e at that as a by disk one out. i see him normally. both chambers finish make on each sub
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shapes the slow i'm if i the it says love i me. nissan. glad it's will. it is can cause some guy thought he was a last gramma. not bol fornia. cut us off who are gone, but i says keith eliano came ah to ah, ah, ah! ah
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with business and you will clean with our shoes and yeah, americans, grey you, when you wrote it, you know, you got to really just touching up root canal certainly. well, you're still searching for him. his name's your factor of the different student info with you throw in the probably and you're still with me for just to watch stuff coming to the one of our 3rd which you which in the longer it will show us new students from up the push to to remote because there's no way to do for a civil, so they used to play in finances. come on
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both. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic. development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time to sit down and talk with a a a
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a ah 1st group of ukrainian fights is surrendered at the besieged body. you pull out of steel plant. some of the wounded have been taken off the bills in the den. yes. region. by the threat. all those troops out that's plunge the western media joins kia in for train. the situation is an evacuation. what some of seeing as an information was. this is a battle perception over reality. ukraine is spending in a way that makes it look as though ukraine. somehow, of course, this battle was able to negotiate the evacuation of the survivors. also coming up china lashes out to the g 7,


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