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strategy will be successful, very difficult, time to sit down and talk with our headline stories this, our russia release is fund age of hundreds of ukrainian soldiers, mostly from the extremist of battalion who surrendered in the city of morrow. you felt for a long siege. kiev however, is betraying me event as an evacuation with western media outlets are marked for relating the narrative coming out alt key by releasing inaccurate videos without proper fact checks. we'll be looking at a number of examples of italian journalist questions. the western mainstream media is nora for taking the one sided coverage off the ukranian conflict as well. that's all ahead this news armed with
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from moscow to the world. this is our t pleasure to have your company today. my name's unanimity. let's get straight to our top story. the russian defense ministry saves hundreds of ukrainian neo nazi af battalion members on ukrainian service. men who were surrounded in the self cell steel plant in mar, you pull up surrendered rule. mozilla is just as it also as russian armed forces continue, a special military operation in ukraine. the surrender of the militants of the nationalist is av battalion and ukrainian service men who were surrounded at the as off still plant in mary. u. paul began yesterday. as of now, $265.00 militants have laid down their arms, including $51.00 who were seriously wounded, oval toilet. all of those in need of medical care were sent for treatment to the hospital. inova as oscar in the danish people's republic. or you're listed on the quote when we're just outside the hospital in the town of novices office. this is where those injured from the catacombs of the eyes of star feel works are being
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admitted 1st. in fact the was of this medical facility have seen the 1st batch of injured prisoners of war all ready. and we've talked to the medics and to the volunteers and they're telling me that those injure they are in a very poor state and a very difficult condition because down there under ground, they didn't have access to proper medicine. in fact, they had access to barely any medicine at all, so many of their wounds are infected this past. and as it's, it's very nasty and it's unclear as to will. some of them will be able to retain, to keep their limbs, for instance. now we've just come from marie, you pull heads just over an hour's drive from here to as of style. and then, well, we saw dozens of buses lined up along the road just outside the factory just outside the plans. and along with them as military vehicles, as well as
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a military personnel of all sorts. and this column and stretches of 4 hundreds of meters. so something very massive is expected there. so because, well again, that's more than 2000 people who are well surrendering right now. the ukranian sized aside says it's an evacuation, it is naught, it is a surrender. and so they are so it is a lengthy process. so it takes and for them to all, to be filtered and to be put on buses and to be put here again, the process is not, it's not fast again, just a quick reminder for you, for over well over a month, more than 2000 people were hold up deep on the ground in the catacombs under the as of style still works vivid that though they were essentially they were the only garrison left in mar, you will. they were completely surrounded by the russian forces by the forces of the, the next people's republic. they was shelled, relentlessly. they tried. they tried to fight back,
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but without the support of their government, they were abandoned by cave and by their commanders. so despite all their please to the pope, to again, to the authorities, to the international community help didn't come. so now they are surrendering. they made this decision. they are saying that this was prompted by the command from whoa, from above. somewhere from there for, from, from keith. but again, this is, they are capitulating. they are, they're saying we can't fight any more. and initially there were, there were about to lose only those injured were about to surrender. but now we know for a fact that those who are still healthy, they are laying down arms and going into russian captivity becoming prisoners of war. 2, eager to shut down a fall. despite the fact the ukrainian trip surrendered. western media portray the events as an evacuation relating the words of ukrainian officials who said the soldiers have quote left the plant with the support of numerous organizations,
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both ukrainian and international. the remarks made no mention of the involvement of russian or dan yet republic trips. we got to take a from a u. s. marine corps intelligence officer analyst, scott ritter on that. the reality is, um, it doesn't take a huge stretch of the imagination to paint on the defense of a mario pool and as of stall plants as heroic. and to use this as a rallying cry. and this is a battle perception over reality. you know, the perception of an evacuation implies that there was a negotiation and a kia was able to prevail in the negotiation. to successfully extricate the defenders of mario full trauma, the russian grasp, i think that's why that they're portraying that this way. because to say otherwise, that this was a desperate plea for survival. and that the only reason why the defenders are
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mario poll are alive today is because of the humanitarian nature of russia. ukraine can admit this that would be to admit defeat. so ukraine is spinning in a way that makes it look as though ukraine. somehow, i won this battle and was able to negotiate the evacuation of the survivors is something else to tell you about today. the ukrainian defense ministry has published a video of its army, claiming they've pushed back russian forces at the border near har called the country, 2nd largest city, but questions are being raised to bite the frontage. now, as the soldiers are heard saying they came to the frontier in april 15th, with the video published a full month later. they were also seen carrying the board of post to the location of a photo shit are correspond, maria and ashley talk me through all of the most of western media have been very quick to spread this news that he,
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if sold them and they were either not very professional, not very accurate with information that were offered or, and other guess is that maybe the idea was to make people believe that it was true that the brennan forces reached the border with russia in high to complete and pushing the russian troops back. no matter it doesn't matter, let me how close to reality toys and it seems that he wasn't quite close to things on the ground. first of all, the days. indeed, the footage was released on may 15th. but the soldiers in the poor 3rd, or whoever the od maybe the actors, they say a for let's take a listen with, with how to explain why i call them actors. because later,
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another video was published show in the same group of people in military uniform carrying. you can see it right now on the screen. carrying the frontier posed the same blue and yellow board opposed that these people are gathered around in the footage south. got astonishing is that because you can understand for morale, reasons to hang up, but actually taping it that footage of them lifting it through what seems to be a forest that surely again yeah. think of someone decided to to, to film so that now we can see that they were carrying these post to the film and is this ra choose and a so it shows that it's not a real case and it's not a real frontier. and this whole thing was not true, but interesting is that this latest be do with these people carrying the pose was most ignored by west media behind spreading the news. and even after it was clear that it's fake, they didn't even bother to, to remove this fake news from their painted. they also want to put us to the reuters news agency. maria has seen questions raised for publishing an article
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using a photo claiming to show ukrainian soldiers on the front line it, i think it's the sumi region, but the people in the picture they're carrying pink bowl guns. so that is pretty basic stuff, but can have huge ramifications as you were saying if it's believed yet again, this is information war that we're leaving. and apart from having a real bloody will on the ground and stakes are very high. who cares about the truth been seriously, like i without justifying. oh, it sat jeanette fake news about military success is something that i can understand . you know, at least the aim is clear, but painful picture while you report on russians been repelled by ukrainians in similar region. i mean, to me, it's more like about disrespect to journalists. mm. as a whole, a lack of professionalism. and if you read the comments to this, reuters tweet, you can understand the people. i mean, the ticket the same way i did. well, i never since when is a war being fought with pay ball guns, or is this the new armaments that europe and the usa is paying billions for really
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it reuters next time get your photos correct. do you guys need to vet your images better? those are paintball guns and masks. those aren't soldiers in combat. does anyone at reuters ever go to a shooting range or play paint ball? so yeah, it is a shame and you can see people a few or is people are angry but you know, the saddest thing is that this is a bloody conflict and people from both sides are exhausted. not rotors is a tire, you know, may be, or on, you know, for reporting on ukraine, but people, they are a dying, they're suffering and they wanted to come to an end as soon as possible. and the one piece. and sometimes i think that we as journal is as media community, we can try to help promote peace negotiations. you know, there were several rounds of talks, but eventually, sadly, stop. so we can try to do something to, to bring sides together to push them back to table. but we see the opposite. you know, most of the media, they have fueling this conflict and you know,
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it doesn't help refresh them. meanwhile, large plumes of smoke have been seen in the done yes republic after a huge explosion. according to reports, the dark smoke you can see is the result of russian forces shelling, ukrainian positions. the blaze reportedly begun after a mortar factory in the area was targeted on staying in the done yet republic r t secret it down off again, had a chance to speak to a british citizen who followed calls in the media to help ukraine and its people. although his trip ended with him being shot on the front line and being taken prisoner by russian forces, doesn't all such cases, we should say, there is a chance he was speaking under possible juris encountering a confessed fight among ukrainian prisoners of war is a total order if you were to take captives word for it, caves armies made up exclusively of cooks, medics and cons. officers,
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as far as i can see, a similar story is purported by andrew, a simple scaffold him who found itself embedded with ukraine's foreign legion or so he says, while the scaffold was spotted construction a shape, say 5 years old, and i've a simple life, a lot more children up upon my family, what i seen on the western western media, why some folks can do as i was asking people for help. i thought about maybe something i could do. i could help, but when andrew landed in poland, a mysterious jacob got in touch with him and made an offer. andrew couldn't refuse a fast way, was to live some medical experiments, basic medical experience said to medics, basic points, ocean injury, kind of the kinds of stuff. and he said that i could be more beneficial for me.
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and he crying father. the moment andrew crossed the ukrainian buddha was the moment key of defacto made him it's conscript except back then andrew didn't quite realize that i didn't see any of the others. i dropped off as well as seems to be like a community center where we stay there for a couple of days. would it around infantry like andrew says his tasks were strictly within the civilian realm. even got to see boucher although didn't get to see any bodies there. and there was a few days after the russians after live in santa corpses myself. i didn't see anything like that. it looked untouched. the area that we was in, but again we wasn't directly and the child was kept on the very alice got some boots for not only andrea and others were band for moving around independently. they had no idea where the ukrainians were taking them to the town of nick alive,
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except no one bothered to mention one little detail that it was in fact the front line. so he wasn't told it was going to make life just got all that would be moving, moving to a different location. it wasn't in 2 ways from mac, lived that we knew where we found out where he was, for there wasn't any fight in actual make life. so as, as quiet, there was no shall. and so i didn't see any and i make a live at all. it was the day that we push on to the position. when we go into the position. i was all quiet. then the next morning, i saw a peer and artillery gunshots. and when i ran, i stopped. i was very close in a position. eventually, andrew was ordered to join a foreign unit, his magic, his 1st contact with the enemy became, has lost. his brothers in arms were killed, and he surrendered. looking back at his experience in ukraine, he says he's reconsidering his life choices. i feel sad about this, this, this is,
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comes, this are, do you feel like i often lie to massively not, not just by the, for religion in this country all on what of all will be taken as i and i did come out to help us. i feel like i would like to back in the you k through the western media lesson propaganda as well. i think now that i'm in the nation in the media. those stories looking back now, i think a lot of the stories can be false. stories probably also stories, but very different to what the media portrayed back in on the west. andrew just wants to go back to his family, but both his governments and key of have abandoned him. that a piano challenge her for a transfer offside, i will be going back to the u. k. but they need the k for an office and the credit embassy to basically answer and talk with them on this is was being
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held up for my transfer box is not the u. k. phone office on the credit, m. c. on doing anything for my transfer them, i went to get back to you and andrew is not the 1st british citizen captured by russia and ukraine. we earlier reported on the plight of sean pinner on aiden. aslan who fought alongside ukrainian troops and mar you fall and also surrendered to russian at forces. moscow say at least 7000 foreign mercenaries are fighting in the country. more diets appeared to be emerging by the mainstream media narrative and the conflict and ukraine. an italian independent journalist has address russians on his youtube channel, saying that italians are not against them. and that the real problem is rooms auctions on their behalf. we got his take on the western coverage of the offensive
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a complete doing mcleana. so if you listen to the italian media, there is only one true narrative, one correct interpretation of the situation in ukraine. one way putin is evil and zalinski is the victim. there isn't even the slightest mention of the fact that the u. s. nato could also be responsible. another thing that's ignored is the history of relations between russia and ukraine. nobody is taking the effort to look at how things had been in the past in order to better understand the factors that may have pushed russia to attempt to reclaim ukraine's territories. a sam we, we seen a lot of opinion polls in italy showing that over 50 percent of italians are against sending alms to ukraine, and these were pulse conducted by the media. so the real number is probably even higher. and we don't even know where these weapons are actually going. the italian government is telling us that we're sending alms to ukraine, so as to help the ukranian army them reality. however, there is evidence and they were report saying that these weapons end up in the hands of neo nazi groups. when you
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allowed that you look the decision to impose sanctions against russia. that wasn't even a decision made by italians. it's a european decision that our country has accepted and we want to make decisions for ourselves. but that's not happening. and these sanctions have precisely the opposite effect to what was intended. they were supposed to have a punitive effect, as it were, to increase prices for the people and the government that under sanctions. but instead we immediately see them back fire on us. while debates on punishing russia can sometimes get quite hands on, as we'll seen on the italian television this month. when experts discussing counseling russian culture didn't pull any punches. and we can talk a little so not, but the fact that a russian singer can't come to italy is a form of fascism. a singer or an orchestra conductor can't come here just because they are russian, or a russian athlete can't run. that's all the western form of fascism which is intolerable tennis play a sportsman, sing as conductors ballet,
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dances and not putin. they are humans that have dignity and love art. they should be defended all the way is needed. but the situation with the orchestra conductor is slightly different, in my opinion, because my solar asked his director if he was against the wall. i have to say it just to be able to work will to sing. they don't have to do it. ah, well, to get a fuller picture of the situation currently facing russian art in the west, you can have a look at ortiz documentary killing russian culture. it's an interesting one, and it is available on a website right now r t dot com. ah, now despite global political turbulence, dozens of experts from 9 central asian countries have gathered envisioning of garage for the annual val die conference. the club gathers experts and international politics, security, energy and finance, which this year speakers and underline the importance of cooperation and to
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overcome current global challenges. we caught up with you to one of the analysis of the conference. and i would like to fashion one and the moderator. i think the potential for development of trade between russia anesha exists. the potential is huge. however, the countries in asia and russia have to resolve a lot of logistical issues because russia's logistical support systems of delivery were primarily oriented towards the west. there were not oriented the woods issue, so we need to develop those routes to deliver goods. so for example, not so, but it are, these are all things that have to be done so that we can improve trade. and these are not things that can happen overnight. it'll require money. it'll require a lot of political will to the bus that we stock, the better it is in the relationship with russia never determined by the west. so
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the western attitudes are not going to change. indian approach to russia. of course, india has a separate and independent relationship with the west, and that is not determined by the relationship with russia. so india is comfortable having separate relationships and as no problem with that. so russia need not worry . i think the potential for development of trade between russia and asia exists. the potential is huge. however, the countries in asia and russia have to resolve a lot of logistical issues. because russia logistical support systems of deliveries primarily oriented towards the west. they were not oriented the woods issue, so we need to develop those routes to deliver goods. so for example, the north south corridor,
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these are all things that have to be done so that we can improve trade. but these are not things that can happen overnight. it will require money, it'll require a lot of political will to the faster we start, the better it is. well, speaking of india, china is leading english language newspaper, the global times as voice that supported the country after new delhi decision to bomb week experts led to g 7 condemnation. the article denotes as the west upon double standards for not increasing their own countries. weak exports to stabilize the market. now, the agriculture ministers from g 7 urge indian not to ban wheat exports. but why won't g 7 nations themselves move to stabilize food markets supply by hiking their exports. the west just wants to shift the blame to the developing economies, including india. the decision to bomb exports comes amid food security issues in india itself. files have predicted per harvest on the other normally strong heat
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wave grips the country leading to a record rise in prices. india is the world's 2nd largest we, producer on was expected to replace russian exports sanction by western countries. g 7 nations upset against the move, citing the potential damage i could do to developing countries who select the export ban, affects countries like bangladesh and to poll, which urgently need it. we also recommend that a concrete decision be taken on the issue of the g 7 meeting of heads of state and government to which india will be invited from stood god. we also call on india to assume its responsibilities as a member of the g 20. this restriction would not apply in cases where prior commitments have been made by private trait, as well as in situations where permission is granted by the government of india to other countries to meet their food security needs and on the requests of their governance. while our tea contributor, rti tick, who's saying say,
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the feeling in india is that g, 7 nations have been quick to blame others for their own mistakes. china is clearly making a logical argument about how the g 7 countries are blaming developing countries. india, for example, in this particular case, because most show me a read explore, actually are involving the g 7 countries you clean and russia put example, also contribute to people is kind of the read exports. and india has not been as big read exposure to the world. it has its contribution, delete exports. this is not as big as g. 7 countries are russia and you put together. there are many issues on which the west has been blaming india and has been pointing fingers and has been trying to pressurize india to reduce
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its cooperation. it's bilateral relationship with russia, and we will continue to probably see more issues coming up from g 7 countries. drum neutral countries trying to pressure guys, india or of course that is very little logic in all of the issues that you haven't got. these are need to countries have been raising because they need to stop the war for this crisis creating in the entire world. but it is for to go to be whether it's, you know, just go to b and b as they get ready, that he wants to be with democracies. but at the same time, it is not india is not going to betray historical partner. that is russia, president biden has approved a plan to redeploy several 100 troops to somalia. it's a significant reversal of
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a decision by his predecessor donald trump. to draw nearly all 700 grown troops who had been stationed, there are to kill up and takes up the story. the usa is stepping up, its involvement in the african country of somalia gan many would have lost count of how many years u. s. involvement in the country has gone on for the decision to re introduce a small but persistent presence was made 1st and foremost to maximize the safety and effectiveness of our force and enable them to provide better support of our partners. now on the surface, there might be a compelling argument for going in and helping stop the terrorists the pirates and making life better for the people of this impoverished country. you'll recall when bush went back in, in 1992, that is states alone cannot write the world's wrongs. but we also know that some crises in the world cannot be resolved without american involved,
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but that american action is often necessary as a catalyst for broader involvement of the community of nations. things haven't exactly been great there ever since. you'll remember $993.00 with bill clinton and the black hawks of market issue. after that clinton said he'd had enough of it handed it over to the united nations. i think we ought to get out of somalia. i think we've accomplished our objective. george w bush decided to stick in once again. more troops and more chaos. after that, we had obama maintaining a military presence and upping the ante with the use of drum strikes. but things are still not improving in somalia. trump pulled some troops out, but continued the bombing with significant civilian casualties. now biden is continuing the u. s. tradition reestablishing a military presence. i think in east africa, i think, particularly in somalia, al shabani is taking advantage of the political leadership there being distracted
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by prolong political crisis. now you'd think the us military presence in somalia, if it was actually going to make things better, would have done so by now. some independent observers have got to be asking the question, if whether not the usa is really just working out of compassion for the somali people and an effort to fight terrorists, or instead looking to serve some kind of geopolitical aim. of course, neither the question nor the answer is going to be found in mainstream media discourse. this is all part of your power deployment. the u. s. is had in sudan the reason year and a half deployment that the by administration has had in ethiopia. they're not thinking about development of the people, not thinking about developing the country to thinking about geo political control of this geographic area. don't forget, the somalia has a huge coastline. it's all about controlling the regional area. and i think the,
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the notion leading into the gulf of the do, we need to the red sea to suez canal. this is one of the most strategic geographical locations in the world for traffic, for a large ships. and therefore, the united states only would act to produce to increase their geopolitical control over the area. otherwise, they would not be involved because they're not helping the somalian. and they haven't healthy theo, queens was to leave for several years or time in moments for another visit to the world, to parts studios. find out who exam the house for a company today. right. this is already in
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ah ah with mm. welcome to world to part. there is a pearl of russian fall wisdom that says good fortune would never have materialized if it weren't for a misfortune. the warning ukraine seems to graham and gross.


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