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ah ah, russia releases footage of over 250 ukranian soldiers, mostly from the ultra and nationalists alf battalion who surrendered in the city of modern people after a long siege. kiev, however, is betraying the event as an evacuation. also a head on the program, western media outlets are marked for a re laying the normative coming out of key and by releasing inaccurate videos without proper fact checks. we'll take a look at a number of examples from italian journalist questions that west coverage of the ukraine conflict, but also claiming division is widening between his government's actions and how that kind of free citizens feel about russian on to all the world's richest people,
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openly criticize that by the administration, for its role in the soaring inflation, gripping america with broadcasting for moscow. this is archie. my name's unit o'neill on 30 minutes of news and views start the russian defense ministry saves hundreds of ukrainian neo nazi als. off battalion members and ukrainian service men who were surrounded in the assaults. they'll steal plant in marty you. pl. have surrendered rule mozilla is just if it also as russian armed forces continue. a special military operation in ukraine. william the surrender of the militants, of the nationalist is av battalion and ukrainian service men who were surrounded at the as austell plant. in mary you, paul began yesterday is that is as of now, 265 militants have laid down their arms,
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including 51 who were seriously wounded. the story was, all of those in need of medical care were sent for treatment to the hospital in nova, as oscar in the danish people's republic. or i don't like to sit on the quote when we're just outside the hospital in the town of no vas office. this is where those injured from the catacombs of the as of style feel works are being admitted fast. in fact, the walls of this medical facility have seen the 1st batch of injured prisoners of war all ready. and we've talked to the medics and to the volunteers and they're telling me that those injured, they are in a very poor state in the very difficult condition because down there under ground, they didn't have access to proper medicine. in fact, they had access to barely any medicine at all, so many of their wounds are infected this past. and as it's, it's very nasty and it's unclear as to will. some of them will be able to retain, to keep their limbs, for instance. now we've just come from maria full here,
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so just over an hour drive from here to as of style. and then, well, we saw a dozens of buses lined up along the road just outside the factory just outside the plans. and along with them as military vehicles there, as well as a military personnel of all sorts and this column and stretches of 4 hundreds of meters. so something very massive is expected there. so because, well again does more than 2000 people who are well surrendering right now. the ukranian sized aside says it's an evacuation, it is naught, it is a surrender. and so they are. so it is a lengthy process. so it takes and for them to all, to be filtered and to be put on buses and to be put here again, the process is not, it's not fast again, just a quick reminder for you, for over, for well over a month, more than 2000 people were hold of deepen to ground in the catacombs under the as of style still works that though they were essentially,
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they were the only garrison left in mar, you. but they were completely surrounded by the russian forces, by the forces of the, the next people's republic. they was shelled, relentlessly. they tried, they tried to fight back, but without the support of the government, they were abandoned by cave and by their commanders. so despite all their please to the pope to again to the authorities to the international community. help didn't come, so now they are surrendering. they made this decision. they are saying that this was prompted by the command from whoa, from above somewhere from the, from, from care. but again, this is, they are capitulating. they are, they're saying we can't fight anymore. and initially there were, there were about to only those injured were about to surrender. but now we know for a fact that those who are still healthy, they are laying down arms and going into russian captivity becoming prisoners of
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war. 2 club despite, as e gore took us through their ukranian trips laying down their arms. western media betrayed the events as an evacuation relaying the words of ukrainian officials who said the soldiers have coat left. the plant with the support of numerous organisations, both ukrainian and international, they made no mention of the involvement of russian, nor than yet. sc republic trips, we spoke to an investigative journalist who said the normative shows the importance of this war for the west. i think this is an indication of the importance of this war to the last, you know, this isn't the existential war on so many different levels. there are now some mainstream major outlet, particularly in france. that is, and i think the new york time is addressing the war crimes committed against russian prisoners or for by the ukrainian forces, particularly the as overnight or battalion. for example. here instead of course we
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see very civilized operations. we see russian soldiers as harrington, international law to geneva convention tree thing. these as of forget soldiers, ukrainian forces with medical treatment, taking them to hospital, treating them with respect and dignity that was not given to russian pay out of the news. and the fact that worse than major is ignoring the difference in the behavior of both sides is indicative of their hypocrisy. and actually their criminal support of criminal. and they cannot admit that the russian forces that they have portrayed as the brutal invaders are the one thing with decency and humanity. ukrainian defense ministry has published
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a video of its army, claiming they've pushed back. russian forces up the border near har, calls the country 2nd largest city, but questions are being raised up by the footage does. among other things, the soldiers are heard saying they came to the frontier on april 15th. but the video for some reason was published until a full month later, or corresponding maria florida told me more. most of western media have been very quick to spread this news that t if sold them and they were either not very professional, not very accurate with information that were offered or another guess is that maybe the idea was to make people believe that it was true that the friend enforces reached the border with russia in high to complete and pushing the russian troops back. no met. and it doesn't matter. let me how close to reality toys and it seems i wasn't quite close to things on the ground. first of all, the days. indeed, the footage was released on may 15th, but the soldiers in the postage or whoever the od maybe the actors, they say
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a for let's take a listen with with i had to explain why i call them actors because later in other media was published, showing the same group of people in military uniform carrying, you can see it right now on the screen carrying the frontier post the same blue and yellow board to pose that these people are gathered around in the footage south. got astonishing, is it? because you can understand for morale, reasons to hang up, but actually taping it that footage of them lifting it through what seems to be a forest that's surely again. yeah, i think i'm someone decided to to, to film it so that now we can see that they were carrying these post to the film in
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does this ra choose and a site choice that it's not a real case and it's not a real frontier. and this whole thing was not true, but interesting is that this latest be do with these people carrying the post was mostly ignored by west media behind spreading the news. and even after it was clear they spake, they didn't even bother to, to remove this fake news from the painted thing else. i want to put out to the reuters news agency. maria has seen questions raised for publishing an article using a photo claiming to show ukrainian soldiers on the front line it, i think it's the sumi region, but the people in the picture they're carrying pink bowl guns. so that is pretty basic stuff, but can have huge ramifications as you were saying if it's believed yet again, this is information war that we're leaving. and apart from having a real bloody will on the ground and stakes very high. who cares about the truth been seriously like, and without justifying o at sac jeanette fake news about military success is something that i can
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understand. you know, at least the aim is clear, but painful picture while you report on russians been repelled by ukrainians in similar region. i mean, to me, it's more like about disrespect to journalists. mm. as a whole, a lack of professionalism. and if you read the comments to this, reuters tweet, you can understand the people. i mean, the ticket, the same way i did. well, i never since when is a war being fought with pay vol guns, or is this the new armaments that europe in the u. s. a is paying billions for really it reuters next time get your photos correct. do you guys need to vet your images better? those are paintball guns and masks. those aren't soldiers in combat. does anyone at reuters ever go to a shooting range or play paint ball? so yeah, it is a shame and you can see people at here as people are everybody in the saddest thing is that this is a bloody conflict. and people from both sides are exhausted, not rotors, ac tire, you know, may be on, you know,
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for reporting on ukraine. but people, they are a dying, they're suffering and they wanted to come to an end as soon as possible, and they want peace. and sometimes i think that we as channel is as media community, we can try to help promote peace negotiations. you know, there were several rounds of talks, but eventually, sadly, stop. so we can try to do something to, to bring sides together to push them back to table. but we see the opposite. you know, most of the media they have fueling this conflict. and you know, it doesn't help more diets seem to be emerging about the mainstream media, normative on the ukraine conflict. they popular italian author an independent journalist as a dress russians on his youtube channel saying that the italians are not against them. and that the real problem, he says, is rome blindly following brussels. we got his take on the western coverage of the offensive a complete doing craner. so if you listen
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to the italian media, there is only one true narrative, one correct interpretation of the situation in ukraine. one way putin is evil and zalinski is the victim. there isn't even the slightest mention of the fact that the u. s. nato could also be responsible. another thing that's ignored is the history of relations between russia and ukraine. nobody is taking the effort to look at how things have been in the past. in order to better understand the factors that may push russia to attempt to reclaim ukraine's territories. a sam we, we seen a lot of opinion polls in italy, showing that over 50 percent of italians are against sending alms to ukraine. and these will polls conducted by the media. so the real number is probably even higher . and we don't even know where these weapons are actually going. the italian government is telling us that we're sending alms to ukraine so as to help the ukranian army them reality. however, as evidence and they were report saying that these weapons end up in the hands of neo nazi groups,
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a law did. she took the decision to impose sanctions against russia. that wasn't even a decision made by italians. it's a european decision that our country has accepted and we want to make decisions for ourselves. but that's not happening. and these sanctions have precisely the opposite effect to what was intended. they were supposed to have a punitive effect as it were, to increase prices for the people and the government that undecided actions. but instead we immediately see them back fire on us. well, debates on punishing russia can sometimes get quite hands on as was seen on the italian television this month. when experts discussing counseling russian culture didn't pull, any punches it, we can talk a little so no plus the fact that a russian sing account come to italy is a form of fascism. a singer or an orchestra conductor can't come head just because they are russian or russian athlete can't run that. so the western home of fascism which is intolerable. tennis plays spokesman, sing his conduct,
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his valet dances and not booted they. humans that have dignity in lubbock. they should be defended all the way. he needed the situation with the orchestra conductor. a slightly different in my opinion, because my solar office director, if he was against the wolf, i have to say it just to be able to work with the thing. they don't have to do. oh, well, to get a fuller picture all this situation currently facing russian arts in the west as well as russian artists do. take a look at ortiz documentary killing russian culture. it's available on our website, r t dot com. now as they cost of goods and services sore is in the u. s. americans are seeking answers 1st such high inflation for many of them, including some of the richest people in the world. the finger is pointed firmly at the u. s. president on his administration. here's ortiz kill of not been with more
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. no one seems to be buying the biden ministrations claim that the rising inflation is actually all the vault of russia. we have to rich man, no on mosque and jeff, they those both speaking up and blaming by for the increasing problem of inflation in the u. s. economy. here's what was said. they know inflation hurts the media to most, but unions aren't causing inflation and neither are wealthy people. remember, the administration tried their best to add another $3.00 trillion dollars to federal spending. they failed, but if they had succeeded, inflation would be even higher than it is today. and inflation today is at a 40 year high. the honest reason for inflation is that the government printed a zillion amount of more money than it had. this is not super complicated. this administration just doesn't seem to get a lot done. it's important to point out that jeff days, those is the owner of the washington post. he's a staunch democrat. you have a lawn, ma, speaking there as well, and just purchased twitter and acquired ownership over twitter fan. the 2 of them
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are blaming the bike in ministration. now the situation is getting worse for americans. if you just look at the fact that this point that we're talking about 8.3 percent rise and inflation in april, the producer price index is up 11 percent over last year. that's quite a significant increase. our goods are simply costing more. now we had the fox news house tucker carlson, lashing out at biden administration for their handling of the economic situation in the united states. here's what tucker carlson said. people who run our economy in the u. s. government caused inflation united states and they did it. the old fashioned way by printing a ton of money very quickly and that devalued our currency is printing a ton of money very quickly. always does. now a poll show that in texas, for example, half of the residents blame the biden administration for the rising costs, and that's to rating situation in the country. many americans are just not happy with the economic situation. they were led to believe that things would get better
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as the pandemic faded away, trump was supposed to have been responsible, and biden was coming in to save the day and fix things from from some mismanagement . but the economic situation seems to have deteriorated. a lot of americans are unhappy and mid term elections in which the united states will elect a new congress are approaching. people will be heading to the polls in november. so at this point, things don't look good for the democratic party of job i. well, i made rump and inflation. the u. s. is set the past the largest ukraine aid package. yet on wednesday, a total of $40000000000.00 will be sent to key f. but the list of lawmakers opposed to further aid to ukraine is growing 2 months ago. 3 people in congress voted against the 1st pro ukraine bill, while on choose the $57.00, oppose the request for weapons and humanitarian aid to be sent to kiev. thus, despite the senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell, calling republicans opposing aid,
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isolationist voices. let's trust lived to jeffrey and young democratic candidate for u. s. congress in kentucky. you're welcome to the program. you're not in the g o p, but are you one of those so named isolation as voices? well, i, i am not aware that there are any isolationist in the united states, but thomas jefferson talked about that he said, trade and neutral goodwill with all countries and tangling alliances with 9. so if you want to call me and i shall lation as i would be, a thomas jefferson, isolationist right. president biden has been came to shift responsibility for rising cost and inflation. and on to russia, jeffery, calling
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a price hike. is that for? do you think the american people are buying it? well, it's completely false. in my opinion, the main causes of inflation are very long standing policies of the united states and congress. and i would list 3 of them. 75 years of grossly excessive spending by congress on needed weapons and illegal unnecessary wars. number 2, incomplete incompetence of the so called federal reserve for the last 15 to 20 years or more, also known as the fed. and 3 reckless, foolish counter productive and self destructive economic sanctions
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that the u. s. has placed on russia, china, iran, venezuela, and many other countries. those 3 factors, i think account for the vast majority of the upward pressure on prices of all of all items in the united states. in the middle of this cost of living crisis, we're also seeing billions of dollars being sent abroad to ukraine, even as the u. s faces shortage of numerous consumer goods. how appropriate a use of taxpayers. money is not right now. it's a disaster. it's. it's completely wrong and damaging in a number of ways. first, it will not help the cranium. people at all works. there is
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a small amount being sent for humanitarian aid, and i would support that set that that is necessary and helpful. but the bulk of this $40000000000.00 is military aid. and ukraine has already lost the war. busy there is no way that this military aid can help defeat russia. that's impossible. and it will only either be destroyed by russian missiles or fall into the hands of ukrainian nazis or be sold on the black market. this, this $40000000000.00 is a total waste and it's horrible. it was a horrible bill. and if i had been in the us house of representatives,
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i would have been the only democrat to know you're. you're a candidate for congress, jeffrey i. eagle. i do speak to many voters. what are people actually saying isn't felician a big, maybe their biggest worry and do you think it will be a deal breaker november's mid term elections? i think it is one of their biggest concerns. i think it may be the may be the most important concern to the average voter here in kentucky and across the united states. and i think that it will be a major factor in the mid terms. this coming november jeffrey young democratic candidate for u. s. congress in kentucky, 6 congressional district,
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many sites. thank you. ok, i want to return now to our top story. the other by the media perception of the more you pull garrison, surrender over the last 24 hours when over 250 soldiers, many of them knew enough see brigade linked at soldiers where at last the area to go to a russian and hospital russian backed hospital, let's discuss this issue with senior journalist on commentator for india is national newspaper, the hindu stanley. johnny who i'm sure has been following developments on this hi. there are some the thanks for your time today. we've been seeing mainstream media that depict the ukranian army and as i mentioned there, the neo nazi battalion surrender, and maria as an evacuation. what's your take on how the events are being described?
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thank you for having here in the morning looking at most of the templates and all 4 of them are reporting about the multiple being you are created or you can give so you can and fighting a lot a lot of my hard to house cumberland and but nobody is using the word, but i do just because we knew that the last moment you been announced that my dear pool has been taken over by the russians and the media not only was the know the system is not all of all. 2 been many hundreds of fighters, but then we also thought of the fighters themselves telling the media that know we will never be. we'll fight to know that now and we will continue to assist even the
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planning and about it. is that also thing that no, we are not asking them to, but what actually happened now is funded. so then could be, i don't know that would be negotiations or i don't know which of the conditions of this. but doctor, what we know is that $200.00 plus those who hold up and in the matter planned to the russians. and then they were taken to don about people for public. so this, i think i mentioned media was not was reluctant to reporters for that. so that's $11.00, it's perhaps understand bowl isn't it? the key of is using events, that the pun, to ship public opinion. but why is the western media just seemingly accepting this norris of some skepticism as you well know, it's a pretty basic requirement for a journalist. oh,
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you have to do is to report this like, i'm in the city now. you know the last 2 weeks ago and they said that they've got any and the delivery made the you know, that the troops the fight for all up in the being taken out even on the stresses. someone giving medical assistance at that point. everybody to see, so all you have to do is to report that you have to say about, i mean, this is, but there was a fees and the fighting was going on. and the to the 5, the thing initially thing that they would never thought into. but eventually that's i don't know, all the other words how, what, what don't you call it? you know, so it is plain to build, but i don't know. unfortunately some media submissions, the not call it does it does want that the yeah. quite on regarding
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your work as the hindus international affairs editor. how does your audience see the reasons behind that conflict? i cannot, i can only be a former student of international relations. so i have been following this conflict . i mean the, i have done about that. so i think it's a fact to, to, after the fact that the russians went into your game, but i didn't get an order because special military operation and started this. this is the latest phase of the conflict. but if you take a look at the, brought up because this has been going on for quite some time, i closed the case of this conflict. i've been going on since 2040 so i don't. so if you look at the, you know, a little broader picture and then the network function happened. so i had a lot about that expansion of the limit. no need to
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what brought us to where we are now. and this is a dangerous moment. the world looks good, nothing because on the one side you have also because of it on the other side you have making which is also which also has so, i mean, if you look at that from, if you look at the global look at the global bond of you, i'm sitting in india and i look at the conflict. this is a pretty dangerous conflict. so i think this is, i mean, i always play to look at the big picture. when i look at the big picture, i see that was on the one side the nato expansion. actually even brush out to get it to concerns and eventually for the russians to take some actions and on the other side. but it is actually the objective of possibilities, but the last thing, so i think you should see this big crisis and try to look for
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a political solution to this. well, thank you very much for coming in the progress sharing all those thoughts well as we do appreciate it, stanley johnny senior journalist, uncommon theater out india is national newspaper. the hindu. thank you very much. and that is, are up for this and use our more programs get their start right ahead. those stay close to see what's showing where you are today. this is our to international. ah, ah, a
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full with the 1st time in history and the entire country's culture has been cancelled. the very modern weapon cancel, culture, daily desperate, wonderful language, sophia, milo, luther wembley, prague kit. just missed that in the one it with the glue. the phrase now particularly refers to counseling russian culture, yet the know what to create the few orders that i give to william. i was hooked to put you over your that is killing me. fill out that the most recent, richland, m. e. normally what rushes created over the past 1500 years is now questioned. ashley condemned, reviled and rejected.


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