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ah, ah ah mm. is the west suite walking us all into world war 3? it sure looks like it continued nato expansion eastward, massive military aid for ukraine, and the drive to destroy rushes economy all point to a direct military conflict with moscow that any one, no, for ah,
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for the 1st time in history, an entire country's culture has been trashed with a very modern weapon cancelled culture. really desert one, the global sheffield malice will go in one way of fraud, yet just misleading them. i know it would preclude the phrase now, particularly refers to cancelling russian culture. yet no. was equally up of see all those go because it has yet to when you my folks. sure. pretty well. we own there is child mozilla that all the most of the some branch haven't m e de moines reward. russia has created over the past 1200 years, has now question partially condemned, reviled, and rejected. his sort of line in your static suboxone at the will of bramble. there's a lot closer on a whole paunchy penny. thank is it a wooden shovel? they said thanks all spheres of life,
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including those in which russia had played leading cultural roles, art, music and sports christian again in i'm with a bus with a full truck with a 1000000 ago the renewal were record summary, but it only on an invalid essentially, it means the show can't and won't go on. just show you put ricci this for a quarter out of scope in those week lunch. a on a ground is to be that you know who for, for, be aware that you're, but you're not, you're out of the list. joining total condemnation, gross daily, and now includes da staff's k to cascade and shostakovich that i need to you all screw total must the yes, the rules. and think about the time. will you do obama lee? you could do that. a good did we? but was he who put you to the law and
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ah, yes, so no any. so dina c. mouthful to cindy, the luscious they may, you can immune know made out there. so no pupil soon or if eliano ah, [000:00:00;00]
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a meal be known as a country. let's see luck with dorsey the ship and cynthia. no. so angel school. i seen the for leah. ah no fully a deal. mando kindle fuel or the mall that equal no. chevy? less thought eloquent today. the empty probably in the league. alicia did then ma main door and then we got the can lustoria clinton. i'm in the city nava. ah child are gonna be phyllis, give me glib, looked at a more gun shit that it less story i like. what do i do at all? my good aim, perceive a so many battle a into the fancy,
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the crystal guess amanda in korea that could put away and that include mayor, ada. and then put that in oakland who was artistical in a contestant. can your passion either have you been or school? i started the like the math, no solid ology della that made you able de, la de lindsey got a pool, begin marinara eliana, get past someone up there like the mayor jane over the next year. pizza odyssey. now laurie, i don't wanna do this shit this steve. i made the last last last met medicine his last you thought it maybe like good boy. was it done is a yeah, a funded wandering gum with eat vamos, the chest, but it also, and i get on the exposed skin worse before with more new which in grow just to nap in your mouth from natalia asking as a care nipple,
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afford definitive order. of it, and best minced on that gets them got toys a thumb effect, mirror him, fish in your favorite water. it was the 1st time jojo bazaar ever had received a threatening letter closure office immediately on groups determined to protect italians from the danger. rush, opposes italia. employees not to advertise their russian background. mm. room spin home to unity of over 20 years, where she represents the association, friends of great russia that she won't leave, let alone give up. one of our main projects international pushkin prize. met jimmy, another, just 3 out of the pilot watched him. eve wasn't with attention with i am
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a big chunk of melodic fat off raising my pitiful then you thanks. just got the one good idea can to last cover a victim going on with doors or diminished to pe he john nova, victor ah, but in spite snigger yo didn't then the appointment did russian pow left marianna know whom of recorded that just for arnold schwartzenegger look what's been going on in don't bass is they meant ones seem to get on. and he spoke highly of a athletic prowess level. i missed, i wasn't stuck to i got that back over the door option. you gotta meet in there. oh, yep. and the more successful in the statesboro and by the us competitive with us was mega, marianna told arnold she'd been visiting don bass for 8 years. she'd met kids living
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near the front lines to encourage them to love sports. and when she told them that she was going to meet that idle arnold, he wrote letters for him, a bit of with it, and then it's me a piece my and though i'm a router, no one. no, she was thinker effectively though i want you to come from someone that will know that you'd speak with her. you know, you always are almost like there's more 0 equal. that's what i she'll vailable though. she is not a national upsets me, which will be your, your salaam over list and then went to live on your prescription as good as women. yeah. it. yeah, 0 or the process was yes of look around. if i ask you a certain way,
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i was reason. mm. the council has his own discipline. this russian national teams compete in today is strong painfully in beijing, where the paralympics came for the 2022 winter olympics after the hard work and training camps. they'd arrived in beijing only to be told they were banned from the games. ah, yeah. events with new mileage. yeah. luckily, but don't ask me, she'll again a peeling which you room necessary for that was the 15th and this new 1000000, the new flying in get away. hey melissa, with frog yet, but there was some way or
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a bus mother in it that i saw it at the bill of brown. there's a lot with the other blue spot of the invoice in the going to up on those mission barons. i wish i was to buy dorsey won't. if i'm on the on the directory, i could not hear of what you'll judge for to the 1st floor where the board chair with it's not the 1st time russian paralympic athletes have been banned from sports . it goes back a long way for them. the bitter history said some of that, a civil justice. now there was an opening yet, and i got his chicken star some choice, not but them choice case studies that kind of them. but back on, on the july stubs my brother, which was dated by his pay of it. he was and mrs door. i believe that cuz i know with the dish, it's fun to deal with the usually duties. normally,
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with moms go with, i'm not local channels with me, i'm well, you already. as soon as the staiano phone, i don't not believe that was offered to not need to be into important to you or it is a street out is from naples 31 years old, very popular with young people. he was a head of the car. but what he's doing now doesn't fit with today's agenda. love, believe a bit i'll, i've been really ethical. nope. we can last there was somebody in the moon, lake qualifies. people who change that i think was so mean to happen to and i'm with ally bill cycle by lighting more than a part of the building up. i like to change it to move is nigelica when yeah, hopefully foolishly holders near them. that is, i will listen,
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your domain name at me. no, no, no separately as me, i'm of and as up with the whole school to settle if you're there because you're the stay. your school was having his already validated us with amazon dishes in the media. the star, a low blue defy the apply to london with intelligent food act, the little glendale today. monday i live in colorado farms in tomorrow and i saw duncan nodded among the landlord who needs to that legal guy just doesn't extend it as evolution. should i the court for the pro, so paranoid capella to do those 2 years? not so. no. is that a would also leave aide a whole bunch of any time i guess it'll show up until the number is on? yes, i do see is going to be joining us from the adeline godaddy. yes. projected a journey before and it was a bit like my corporate,
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our la should enter a share, a meal. i for you my a nasty little glove our law course. just that is down at the ritual bulio bazaar over. so these dresses weren't event, she'd be preparing for her whole life. my shuttle skin valves. she can eat dinner, and i sure can valve chest a voice to bol mascara. every year she host the grand russian ball in rome except in 2022. it's not happening. a batch
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with russian culture has been swamped by a tsunami of cancellation. sweeping through a european theaters, the bow choice tours concepts honoring to come skin shostakovich, all cancelled famous artists including russian conductor valeri give. haven't his gave them no more sickly at the fuel school? no, yes, he's there. but you might so that the k was of the got tauriel, mo, a tim with a, we will believe a to be divorced. the rational
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boy in the garage could let it know. but you know what the guy was so good because they're a push for ah ah ah ahead expression ever since i've been a teenager, that america suffers from the per gallery event. and that is, if you're an em, paul, you tend to regard the rest of the world as your back yard, and you decided waynesboro in the backyard. you go to roger, go and pull them out. simply do not appreciate how the rest of the world has
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a legitimate rod to think differently about the house, to the back out. ah no additional yes, no, no, still no light weight near dollar buy yet 2nd when you know what i she, she has no. you don't, can you buy, you know, was idea easiest. myoshi shaffer brought you from us. i thought it was nobody with yeah, matthew my so could i in the proprietor because i ship of golden condra. gordon. a contract to me to you each. a toa buggy. done yes, keep us close by source, from up the sienna greenacres. she at the bill. more property. i did. yeah. a couple key whereas the skin wasn't nodding. mm.
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alicia summers coma, natalia, sure thing or the show of one of the kind of talk then. yes, go back to the most english. i'm with me at the destination. uh huh. miss of, if you posted with mr. footprints for good thanks. you'll don't be storing it for the up on the me in the summer and look at the toaster skirt when you're pretty nymph was new synnex toyota, but also a bought not much in the parents. the us, my pre moved to question on my smartphone causal dedication, which should have been a, with people with good news telephone that of the word social again through which modem 3 on the summer go much the owners with most of that me shot my tooth and that sounds about him and they go with 2 digit code. so you will select 3 nipple there at the the,
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when i pull up my option. yeah. mm. just off the russian cancellations. co founder of the pushkin price in rome, julia bizarre about was unable to get any information. a telephone motel when you do said she saw support from eternity, and journalists, only one responded with figures that zip over to a lot of times. it rings your for through, i mean to leave. i did a note about john franco published a story about it and he's newspaper, but backlash quickly followed. julia and her friends were accused of promoting the interest of a hostile country. they had to seek legal advice levels due to a nostril storia but gave enough so she
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a dark sense of thought. a sense of food are not food food just you. i mean, i'm already done little but to know then when shot it is fair. i meant by the bad lateral, bygone, i guess, the foreman tumble audio from today. she needed to see and they go prone to the you danica, i'm not up to go now. so far the ident, he of those who wrote threatening letters to friends of great russia is unknown. is the mara don't aside on the other side, joe, here it is. history, especially italian history. he says he's an anti fascist. he's for social justice and against the far right and id for now go all done. this all done now to that, to go on the east side. moving any of weebly got more thought on
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a skid out and go swimming. do not. she didn't do the dial about the daily dad. we're going to go out lucille milers sudle a lot. you then to sell banners, food in will now be shown in fun theater. a very general your, if you look in with all this to get for a, for most of us to give you one of the law that with us that it would follow her. scott awful dorothy applaud you annoy all day or maybe she almost isn't on random on to the rules for the lose. but i needed to reach out to you regarding the most go up can offer me some grammar, school divisions. what i do and our borders with people out in abilene i. she's got a son, jeremy, now it's for us. if was colin the next,
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a venue presides in the valley view. this is dan was with a couple with my with our streaming. that is a, it was a can, my 1st off was only applies if, say in april 2022 despite sanctions, marianna. now whomever went back to don't bass to see her friends. i mean, you can use it on the sit in the line is here to cook with you all. hey, daniel sat as toys. you can get us new engineers to we'll use it on a promotional plan. wesson attendance that's more than $100.00. a personal care on fedex that has the smoke exception as clean as a slight nash. can you me a position to set the thought. see, is jim got guys justified for assistance for the mass specimen? the me mean yet nikia lucy responded, you know, i think what,
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because the book was more where i live because i just thought i said it's not that there's a last initial with this. the kids have started a little wrong. broken up with the skis. gee, that she and now she 20 feet store lutekey from people feet with mr. yes, she was cute enough that yes yes, but it open open in the oh you could it was shorter with me still come
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busy signal may just be up with the muster. finish come, when was that 23? 0 no. really still gonna need some new booster, lemetre, cortina, law or sage in by b youlowa. julia fitzgerald that i'm with you album you? oh, we do choice close to it's trisha to we get the worst of it was of a shade. public got other teachers should do. trivia could reach teachers role is smeared. q balise. we'll go to church, florida and you say ice goes to another snort. when you march through for joy. mm. could i put this all stood as cream m. o is up with no means other amino nippy. las halima? cuba spoke to melbourne. chesney sitting there, i know you go to the crew will go below to petition it moves, no battles, bukosa jumping up and you're still you would appease key commission. she just will be an additional shipper to place you.
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ah, let me just the most of were me listening section in your best wireless flooring, but those key you bring your mind in those of us with a school fuck what the meaning that the renewal on the other pulled me away. yeah. so no socialist, the shop, and then the school tomorrow tons, occlusion a 7 time well drove champion has been dumped from the world rating. that's clearly a crenisha will develop a spoke or the new book. the decision was taken by the president of the well troughs federation during a championship match in 2021. he removed the russian flag from tomorrow's place. he did that right in the middle of the match. he said, and you started to put something, you know,
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that teaching that just give me just credit to the german conductor has lived in hulu. no debt with his russian wife since 2015. a marlene speaking rear forcing, especially in his 1st year in april 2022. he wrote an article for the german newspaper, north korea condemning council culture. the day he refers to russians is the youtube is going parallels with the events of world war to a us. a signal was 30. so just need my tools to come with full for our most get the i need to. yeah. total screw coolie doodle. oh, i knew so, but he t feet in with contrib, didn't i had so to scan cranes, what god teaches fee to me. genuine data goosgo you go and use
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appreciative near lucian of virginia at the meeting. again, when you login again, us in, you little bit, the post can of with them go audio ski shows if something sparrow guy though he wrote the indian id to you. nice one that is known as usher thought at the us, which is actually are still not as a way to not belushi a musket nip. it is night. neglect. avoid it double. but give that are shirley with love to buddha. lady shavel a in been asked through the land. you my little money. i country let's shawna not square. feet does say, hey, they worn elemental iso anthony got the evil k you're known, couldn't the needle medicaid in court bought it on the street doughty ground? the boy, he grounding was a hasty guess. one of these thought the trend, pushing $1005.00 at been a gauss any more that and then a when i ground this to be the idea quiz that la garza,
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i believe eva gotten that ga ga. gov. when i was drawn by shuttled it made up on to the a fatal that luckily duda delayed, so that'll shape out. yeah, no rosa. and i could put them in audio giggling village. it took to norma. oh, a included with who could you to deliver a module 5 to didn't fully the yellow piccolo keel furniture piece of a good local north. good public eliano. she had the le bought the key golden, dana wister chin shorter. just sooner convened the more that went up on the important thing with diana cuz she has why? yeah. chin. should i look good daughter? bianca this yellows by? yes. the listen soon. let me get go get the police guy. villamore pretty much put him on blanket. we'll get up you on saturday morning for they'll go,
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do they fight the needa dover a la married w by go put, i mean, totally done yet. it's, i'm a little god and up. but of course, that either you opposed to little politi, galena. anything lethal will not. austin, i listen. sunni economy day. nila conchella feeling a little good. duda lamesa invoice. good god, join, boy. good dad. jill da da, da lane t. e. c. a. anchor the yankee at all, she had the upward boot. i will set that to work. there is charlie. i was sure that all the most of the san francisco and m e, a predator, des moines. this is the russian center. in rhode island, the latest news, the italian government is declared a large group of russian diplomats persona non grata what that is. he chests not was so come warden yet and nipping it that i say by dia squan out. i see him
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normally pull a chamber, spanish neck on each slap. sap shanie the slow am. if i did get this love, i me. nissan. glenn. it's quality sch can cost some category less prana, not born? yeah. chris rock, oregon price is keith eliano k. ah ah, is the west suite walking that's all into world war 3. it sure looks like it continued nato expansion eastward, massive military aid for ukraine, and the drive to destroy russia's economy all point to
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a direct military conflict with moscow. did anyone vote for this? ah which you will see it till about 20 or supposedly reco. gracie, you push move. see i need till i was here to was didn't douglas goodies propose to go go raise issue in the global measures. alicia menu me 0 is just the concern with the bill, cheese to break things to store, but i want to show i come by logical experiments on allied soldiers. employ b, l i v schema studio. usually you do any, can you ian you spoiled? also di nicosia louis compared with


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