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good afternoon will accord summers patel. i am an invalid. yeah. essentially it means the show can't and won't go on. just show you put ricci this for a quarter out of his coping in the sneak lunch. and i grabbed this to be that, you know, proof of or be aware if you're, but you're not, you're on the list joining total condemnation, gross daily and now includes da, staff's k to cascade and shostakovich that i need to you all screw total left. but yes, you think about the time, will you do obama lee? you do that a little bit more. know? ah, who emotional and she'll dina, she, mouthful. cindy, the luscious dinay you can immuno madame de la pupil soon or if eliano
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ah a meal beyond this will attention that silicon dora with dorsey discipline, cynthia. no sir, no angel school? no, i seem to for leah. ah
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not fully ideal mando kindle fuel or the mall that equal no shut it lasted eloquent today the empty probably in the league alicia did then ma main door and then we got the can lustoria clinton i'm interested in nava ah java gone be phyllis give me glitter imogen. shit that it la storia, let's do that. beautiful. not good to proceed with. remedy metal into the sanity. the crystal guess? amanda in korea, but keep it away and that include mia hara and that i put it in oakland was what it used to go in a contestant. can you push another if you go no school, i started the like the math. no solid ology that made you able de la dylan got
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a pool break in mary, not 8th, eliana. get by someone up there like the may j nova. the nice yeah. visa odyssey. no laurie, i don't wanna do a yeah . my phone a chest but it also, and i get on the bus route before. pick more new, atrocious tonight. and there diane is a care nipple of fort definitive order of it and be smeared bernacki from the got to have thumb effect mirror and fish in your favorite water. it was the 1st time, usually a bizarre of a had received a threatening letter. i shall office immediately on groups determined to protect
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italians from the danger. russia poses antonio employees not to advertise their russian background. mm. room spin home. do you live over 20 years, where she represents the association, friends of great russia, that she won't leave, let alone give up one of our main projects international pushkin prize. met jimmy, another just 3 out of the pilot. watched him eve wasn't anita with infection that i am the young mulanda fat off raising my beautiful then you are. thanks your personal god. the one the guy taylor control off cover. a feeling good here i'm going on with doors. have diminished to pretty john nova. ah,
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finance for snake. yeah. retina, stoney appointments, did russian pow left marianna now whom of recorded that just for arnold schwartzenegger. look what's been going on in don't bass is they met once seem to get on. and he spoke highly of a athletic prowess level image. that was, it's like i'm on the flip back over nick dall option you gotta meet in there. yep. and the worst customer with us did this yesterday demanded a mega marianna, told arnold she'd been visiting don bass for 8 years. she'd met kids living near the front lines. she encouraged them to love sports. and when she told them that she was going to meet that idle arnold, he wrote letters for him. yeah. those are why sure can this go to you can also add
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a little bit of work. and then lastly, where not for the ticket that it lets me piece my and though i'm a router, no notion with one, gosh, will another secret out the way it's been through? you know, you always are almost like there's a bit more 0 equal i thought i she'll vailable though she is now a national project which will be your your slumber with when union and went to live on your prescription across women. yeah. yeah, 0 or the process was yes, i sure will ground if i ask you a certain way as reason. mm. the council culture has it all disciplines. russian national teams compete in today is strong painfully in beijing with a barrel in peons came for the 2022 winter olympics after the hard work and
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training camps. they'd arrived in beijing only to be told they were banned from the games. a different movie, new mileage, a block away, but of course she'll give it a new flying in get away and i was a little of, i think a shuttle ah, when, when you get but then with some way or a bus mother in it there. i saw it at the will of brown. there's a lot of chord summers patel in the yellow blue spot of the invoice in the going can be up long. those mission barons. i wish
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i was to buy yours won't. if i'm on the, on the directory, i could not hear of which will diverge for true 1st or the worst with it's not the 1st time russian paralympic athletes have been banned from sports . it goes back a long way for them. a bit of history said some of that a civil does, does not the relevant yet, and i got his chickens choice not, but i'm choice case studies that can go back on on the chill. i subsea my brother, which was dated by a say it was, i mean though, when i believe that out because i knew that we needed to go home with fun studio. almost a usually is wrong with it. i'm not local to this kogler with
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me. i'm already so no nasty staiano phone. i do not believe that was offered when i need to be in john paul into to peerage is a street out is from naples 31 years old, very popular with young people. he was ahead of the curve. but what he's doing now doesn't fit with today's agenda. love melissa moreland or little bit i'll, i believe it will look we, i'll kill last. it was out by the moon. lake qualifies if you will. you can change rather than go. so me to happen to and i'm with ally bill cycle by lighting more than a part of the building up. i like to change it to move is nigelica when you actually literally holders near them that he said, well listen, you're doing what part of the at me no, no, no separately. as many i'm of and as up with the whole school to certainly feel there because you the stay your school was having his already daily diagnoses here
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. so that means that any media a local, defy the upon to pull on them with a little. so i'm on the line or the or just understand it as evolution. should i the court for the approval? so paranoid parallel up into those 2 years? not so. no. is that a would also leave a, a whole paunchy, any time i guess it'll show up until the number is on? yes, i do see is going to be joining us from the adeline godaddy. yes. projected a journey before and it was a bit loud mccord but our la should enter, a shill says on our meal i for you my a
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nasty little glove our our law course near justice down at the says don't which know really bizarre over. so these dresses weren't event, she'd be preparing for her whole life. i should've involved, she can eat dinner and i should of came valve, chest a voice to bol mascara. every year she host the grand russian ball in rome, except in 2022. it's not happening. a batch with russian count has been swamped by a tsunami of cancellation. sweeping through european theaters, the bow choice tours concept honoring to come skin shostakovich all cancelled
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famous artists including russian conductor valeri give. haven't his gave me at the most likely at the school year but you might so with that, okay, with tauriel mo, a needs his immediate merchandise ship. tim worship. charles came with us with us. we will believe with those joining they but believing in both those to the, to be divorced. the rational lawyer rational could literally just when you know, but you know what the guy was so good the horn, their blog, almost system and then you have bush
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with no look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order to conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to race trust, rather than fear i would like to take on the various char, with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with who is the west suite, walking us all into world war 3. make sure it looks like it continued nato
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expansion eastward, massive military aid for ukraine, and the drive to destroy russia's economy all point to a direct military conflict with moscow that anyone vote for this. ah no additional yes, no, no, still no, right. wait near dollar. buy yes. mania dollars. what i see, she asked no. you don't, can you buy, you know, was idea is, myoshi shaffer brought you from us. i told her us nominee pretty with yeah. my so clean up. i propagate. because actually a contract do me to each i thought over by the done yes, keep
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a small spy source from a pc greenacres. she had to bill more, but i did a scan, but as an anomaly. mm . i feel nauseous, almost grammar, tonya tonya. sure. they go the show of one of the come with the new school bus number of students. i'm with miss of if you possibly mr. prince, i'm sure you'll don't, will be storing it for you on the me and or from last night at the store able to discuss during your brittany of wasn't use next to the board. not much in the parents to meet us, not remove the question on my son carson. does she have been a week or so ago about a telephone, in other words, ocean moving through to another bridge. and the farmer go on with me,
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my dear. i mean, that sounds without him and they agree with the wind up all of my option. yeah. mm ah. just off the russian cancellations, co founder of the pushkin price in rome. eula, bizarre a vote, was unable to get any information. a telephone motel new day since she saw support from italian journalists. only one responded with figures that zip over to a little time with us rings your mental clean motel. give you a note about john franco published a story about julia and his newspaper. but backlash quickly followed julia and her friends were accused of promoting the interest of a hostile country. they had to seek legal advice, leveled out,
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eleanor started so on levels duda about the same time lost audio, but gave enough so she a dark sense of thought. a sense of food are no now food, food. just you. i mean, think about it and little put to know the new shod experiment that little body read lateral, bygone duck is the foreman tumble audio going from today? she needed to see and they go prone to the you danica, i'm not to go now so far. the identity of those who wrote threatening notice to friends of great russia is unknown. is the mara don't aside on the other side, chic are here it is history, especially italian history. he says he's an anti fascist. he's for social justice
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and against the far right. and id for now go all done these against all done until that to go on the east side. moving any wimbley got more thought on a skid out than go so men do not. she didn't do the della bye. daily dazzling lucille mileage so little door a lot. you then to sell banners so mm hm. when i'm, he's running a few more dollars to get a for both of us to give you all the law that with us that it would fall out. so i got a photograph the oil did, so maybe your multi model isn't in glendale man to the rule so that a little slow, but i needed to reach out to you regarding the most go well, can offer me some grammar, school divisions. what i do and our borders will bundle with people out in abilene, i should try a
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if was call in the next a menu, please rides in there with a couple of the pre my, what happened in our streaming app is a, it was a cookie. can like post office when i place it in april 2020 to despite sanctions, marianna. now whomever went back to don't bass to see her friends. i don't, they sit on the line is here to cook with it all. well, january, she's not as thorough as we can get us. there was news to lose it on the promotions on wesson attendance. the smugglers with a smirk exception. escreen is asleep. when you can give me a position to set the thought. see is tim cocker
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. i just applied for assistance for a specimen to meet with you lucy, still to deal with this was i just saw a loop. i think i said it's not that there's no one thing here. that's a last initial and yes, that was it. that's one thing that i love. lucy, just with the case must have started or settle on looking at because i but he's dish he that she and now she 20 story dickie mcpeak with justice and i missed the yes it was cute enough that yes yes. yes.
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but it open open and look how he can it urges shorter with those committed mr. come by. see that i see that will be to speak with the mr. fish come when wish that 23rd oh with the really steve is again i need some new booster millimeter garrity and a little lower oxygen by b y lower. you really need to fix that little the time when you do a bama lee, you redo choice. square foot pushes to we get the worst of it was of a shape public got under to shade. daughter julia could reached your julius miracle belize, near middle gaudy church that i banish i school to another north. when you my daughter julia. mm. could i for this all stood as grimma was up at norman's other
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amena, nippy, las halima cuba. but you know, the board chesney sitting the one a little to close. yeah. will dollar to petition. it wasn't about the cancer and up and up and you're still european ski, kamisha leon, you and your flexible to push you ah, a business of me just the most of me listening section in this wireless flooring with you bring your mind in those numbers with a school fuck what the meaning that the renewal on those are probably when you sort of socialist the shop and then the school tomorrow at tons, occlusion a 7 time world drones champion has been dumped from the world rating. that's clearly a credential will be available at this point or when you book the decision was taken by the president of the world drops federation during a championship match in 2021. if you remove the russian flag from tomorrow's place,
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he did that right in the middle of the match. just to remind you that it's to put something in that, that teaching that just give me just read books, give it to german conductor, isn't it? didn't who no did, with his russian wives since 2015. a speaker office in his 1st year. in april 2022, he wrote an article for the german newspaper, north korea condemning council culture. today he refers to russians. is the new jews growing parallels with the events of world war 2 or the network of particles goes up to a certain unity. so just new market tools to come with for our most get the i need to. yeah. okay,
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cool, cool. cool. oh, i knew so pretty new feed. we've got to rib didn't, i'd so to skim cranes. what god teaches fee to me, gina, and of course go get it out and use, appreciate it. ah, the illusion of virginia auto media again, when you log in again us in, you look at the portion of them go audio ski shoes and so didn't spare, old guy. do you opinion idea to you with us? one that has no such thought a twist, which is actually are still not as a way to not belushi. musket liberty is denied, neglect avoided, double, but give that are sure. we'd love to broad acclimated, shavel a in been asked through the land my. they don't juanita country that's shown at a loss square. feet does say hey, they won't elemental i. so anthony got the eve. okay, you're not going the needle that a k, encore body ground, discrete dordy ground,
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the boy he grandma's a hasty. guess. one of these thought the trend pushing one that never made a gauss any more than a ground is to be that gina quiz. because i believe eva egon, that goggle eco, when i was drawn by shut order that i want to the effect. all that luck will duda delayed, so that will shape out. yeah, no rush. so in the could put him in audio giggling vonage, it took to norma. oh, a melinda. ah, module 5. that info for little. yeah, i love piccolo, galle furniture, pieces of like a local. no, it's good bubble. eliano cl about the key gland. dana wister chin shorter to a sooner convene when it went up on the 14th. and what would they on the case?
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she has. why yeah. chin sorratto lagoon today and get this unit by yet the listen soon. let me get go get the police. he got every moment but he left for the mom blanket. we'll give you on saturday. mosher for they'll go do. do they fight the needs? i yeah. do of it a la merry w. well good point. i mean, so did he die? yeah it's, i'm a little, have god done them. but of course, the other eel. i'll post the little politi galena, a avenue in little north austin, i listen. sunni economy day. nila country lets you in a little good buddha lamesa. invoice. good god, join. boy. good dad. jill da da da lane d e. c. a anchor the yankee that all she had the lockwood pulled out all sudden i looked at the water charlie, i was sure that'll work them with the separate shiranda m e. a predator them we this is the russian center in rome. and the latest news,
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the italian government is declared a large group of russian diplomats persona along cross her. what that easy chess not, was so come model yet. i need but e at that as a by dia squan out. i see him normally pull a chamber, spanish neck on each sub shanie, the slower i'm. if i did get this love, i me, nissan. glenn, it's quality sch can push some category less prana. i'm not born. yeah. chris raphael guy. i says keith eliane sky. ah, who? lou
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ah. ah. since the break away of the doughnuts people's republic was been ranging and dunbar . ukrainian artillery has been shelling civilian townsend, mining villages. new york more. very lovely deal. with a deal about one of your company a little above all of the 3 of the floor boards will did it was bullet one ah ah oh oh
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oh oh a ah with oh, when i was showing wrong when i just don't hold any new world yet to shape out this day because the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground.
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ah, with moscow says it captured ukrainian, neo, nazis must face justice and thus cannot be exchanged for russian prisoners war. that's as russia says, that more than $260.00 ukrainian soldiers, mostly from the nationalist as alva battalion, have surrendered at an embattled steel factory. the port city of mario bold with washington seeks to expand its own authority for investigating alleged crimes abroad. despite long criticising attempts by the international criminal court to probe a legit you escort crimes in the middle east and 2 of the world's richest people, openly criticize the bible ministration for its alleged rolled.


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