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tv   News  RT  May 18, 2022 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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find themselves worlds apart. we choose to look so common ground. ah, moscow says captured ukrainian, neo, nazis must face justice and that thus cannot be exchanged for russian prisoners of war. that's as more than $260.00 ukrainian soldiers, mostly from the neo nazi as of the italian has surrendered at a steel factory in marble. and r t. crew follows the event on location. we're expecting a hundreds of people. hundreds of neo nazi fight has to lay down arms and well get on the bus is also this hour watching to the fuchs, and to expand its own authority for investigating alleged crimes abroad. despite long criticising attempts by the international criminal court to probe alleged a u. s. war crimes in the middle east. and the e u reveals
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a loophole for companies to legally purchase russian gas without violating the sanctions with broadcasting from our studios in moscow. this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us now as hundreds of ukrainian fighters from a besieged factory mar. you both surrender to dunbar forces. russia's parliament suggests prohibiting prisoners from ukraine's neo nazi as of battalion from being exchanged. stalker said, sir, ne of our position regarding the nazis here must remain unchanged. criminal nazi prisoners should not be exchanged me and these are war criminals, and we must do everything to ensure they are brought to justice. russia's defense ministry has announced that more than $260.00 ukranian service men, including from the neo nazi as of battalion, have surrendered from their positions and the embattled at steel factory in mario
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full. the captured soldiers have been taken to areas in daniel, under the control of don bast forces moscow has guaranteed the prisoners of war will be treated in accordance with international standards. ortiz, he was done of comments from the site of the surrender. so you can see the military column of the, the next people's republic hand rush up, both made up of civilian vehicles like dozens of buses. they go all the way downhill over there, all the way down the street, also military vehicles and of course ambulances, including the intensive care vehicles as well. because, well, there's a lot of injured among those who are still hold up on the has of style steel seal works, which is just beyond those houses. right now. they're staying put, they're expecting, they're expecting, we're expecting a hundreds of people, hundreds of neo nazi fighters to lay down arms and well get on the buses. those who are injured, they will be taken to
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a hospital and they will get treatment. there are those who are well still fit, those who are healthy, ah, well, they will be put someplace else with russia waiting for more nationalist of forces in marble to surrender. some of those who lay down their arms in previous battles have decided to help the community while in captivity are t spoke with. one of those volunteering at the local hospital was clean up. the garbage was, the floors carry food and also carry patients. we clean up all around the hospital and the street outside to change the look of the place. we didn't want to fight and why should we and then why don't need it. when we were at the school, the commander told me that i needed to move a tractor while i ran to start the tractor because of a lot it somewhere. i started off, they drove out and waited for them. then and personal care, a drove up and, and as a fighter got out was up. he asked me who i was told me to move 3 minutes away and 3 times and then told me to lie down on the ground. he came up and started hidden
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me wanted to burn my ear with a lighter twisted my fingers and stumped on them with his feet. he said he would take me to his guys till they would throw me into a p. w me, i didn't know what they would do next, but that was just for taken out of the tracking system. we thought about escaping. then we heard that a conscript soldier tried to escape, and as i found him and shot him, we decided to wait for the right moment and we could escape with them when our commanders had all left. we were left alone not far from the school, so she went there. so this russians were there, but we surrender to them. and they brought us here despite ukrainian troops laying down their arms. western media has portrayed event as an evacuation that's relying on the words of ukrainian officials who said that the soldiers have quote left the plant with the support of numerous ukrainian and international organizations. they made no mention of the involvement of russian or done yet the troops, we heard from investigative journalist, vanessa billy, who says the establishment media is narrative, is crucial for the west,
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for trail of the conflict. this is an indication of the importance of this war to the last, you know, this isn't the existential war on so many different levels. there are now some mainstream major outlets quickly in france. that is, and i think the new york times is addressing the war crimes committed against russian prisoners of war by the ukrainian forces, particularly the as of an id card battalion, for example. here instead of course, we see a very civilized operation. we see russian soldiers a tearing international law to geneva convention treating these as a brigade, soldiers and ukrainian forces with medical treatment, taking them to hospital, treating them with their respect and dignity that was not given to russian, peo, w's and the fact that worse than major is ignoring the difference in
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the behavior by size is indicative of their hypocrisy, and actually their criminal support of criminals. and they cannot admit that the russian forces that they have portrayed as the brutal invaders are the one thing with decency and humanity. the u. s. senate has been working to expand its war crime legislation to give us courts jurisdiction over more international cases. washington has said it's a response to russia's military campaign in ukraine ortiz, rachel blevins comments. the united states congress is considering a new bill that would get american courts powers to pursue individuals over allegations of war crimes committed in other countries. and they don't even have to be us citizens, perpetrators committing, unspeakable war crimes, such as those unfolding before our very eyes in ukraine must be held to account. we
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have the power and responsibility to ensure that the united states will not be used as a safe haven by the perpetrators of these heinous crimes. the new powers would expand the 1996 war crimes after one really important distinction. americans no longer have to be involved as a victim or the offender, but if it's us back on us soil, they can be tried in court. and there is no statute of limitations. meaning that the charges can never expire while this change has been proposed before, it was always struck down in the past, over concerned that it would allow the us to get a little too involved in other countries affairs. domestic prosecution based on universal jurisdiction could draw the united states into conflicts in which this country has no place and where our national interests are. slight. however, us lawmakers appear to have a change of heart, and they say it's all because of ukraine. well, american politicians on the freedom to target anyone in the world,
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they still don't want the world to put their soldiers on trial. any attempts to do so by the international criminal court have been met with the beer backlash over the years with the bush administration, even signing a bill into law will allow the use of military court in order to free us personnel who are detained by the i c, c, while the us isn't party to the court anyway, the trump administration actually went as far as run out sanctions against i cc officials back in 2020 all because they plan to investigate the us and its allies ever allegations of war crimes. and i can't stand, so what justification did they give for those things? the president will not allow american citizens to be prosecuted by foreign bureaucrats. and he will not allow other nations to dictate our means of self defense. so it's ok for america to pursue and prosecute foreign citizens around the world as they see fit. but if america is alleged means of self defense, violate international law. oh,
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then accountability is strictly off limits. american exceptionalism at its finest. in washington, rachel blevins, r t v. u. s. senate hands have come. as the state department has launched a new program to analyze evidence of alleged war crimes in ukraine. the state department has said the program will initially cost $6000000.00 and will examine satellite imagery as well as information shared on social media. russia denies targeting civilians and has said that some suppose it seems of war crimes in ukraine appear to have been staged. we asked international law professor francis boil on why the u. s. wants to expand its authority on a global level. so public relations exercise. part of what we are law professors called law fair, using the law as a tool for her. i'm not denying of war crimes might have been committed there by
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ukrainian forces and russia forces. this happens all the time in war, but this is not a good faith investigation by the united states. no, this is, this is law affair using law as a to of warfare against the russian federation. certainly, that's the way i interpret. and of course, there's nothing objective about united states government investigating work crimes . went to the united states government, investigate a war crimes and rac, where under bush senior they killed about 200000 iraqis or in the iraq war 2 by bush junior, where they exterminated may be one point. $5000000.00 iraqis and bush and all the rest of his neocons are running around here. scott free. the e u commission has updated a guidance on how member states can pay for russian gas as the blog pushes forward
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with its economic blockade against moscow. warning that opening rubel accounts could violate sanctions. it suggests making the payments and hard currency and letting russian entities convert them to roubles. you members, bulgaria and poland were earlier cut off from russian gas supplies because they refused to pay in roubles, thus violating a demand by moscow, france, germany and slovakia have reportedly agreed to pay in euro's with subsequent conversion to roubles. meanwhile, italian energy company, and he has said its opening accounts with russia gas from bank to keep the supplies flowing as deadlines for the payment of gas supplies are scheduled for the next few days. any has begun the process of opening to current accounts at guess from bank. the decision has been shared with the italian institutions. it was taken in compliance with the current international sanctions framework. that has italy's prime minister has emphasized that the country's trade with russia remains
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in a gray area and is not currently violating the sanctions. while e leaders debate about complying with russia's terms for gas payments in roubles. prices have searched and it has had regular europeans in their pockets. now it's also left. some italians questioning the decisions made by both brussels and rome. but all you go, i am not a politician. i am an entrepreneur, but in my opinion, a different solution could have been found another we could have talked before and not sanction. it is now a disaster. we take gas and oil from russia to make glass. and obviously, after all that is happening, the price has definitely increased, causing us great problems. he's off europe is doing nothing to control prices which have risen significantly. the governments have done nothing to keep the prices of raw materials from rising. from there is a great deal of speculation on these prices. they do what they want, and we entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are full of debt because we no longer know how to pay our workers sold on $930.00
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so. so let me grab the italian government, had to do more, but the prices of gas and electricity are rising, causing severe economic damage to all factories. it is a very complicated and difficult situation, but i do not really know how to resolve this dramatic story is alvin construction in italy. the engine of the economy is coming to a halt. many companies have debt, even as an entrepreneur in distributor. i have many debts and i do not know what to do to put the chain is freezing. it's not a good situation and i see and even darker future for all of us. while the e. u struggles with apparent gas shortages as it tries to cut its energy dependence on moscow. russia, as president vladimir putin has warned that if the you completely ends its russian feel, imports the blocks economy could crash up cuz it will can assist you in the rejection of russian energy resources by europe means in the long term that the region will have the highest cost of energy in the world, $1.00 at, you know, it's apparent, the, as russian energy resources become destined for the areas. increasing economic activity
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will also move from europe to of the regions. this choice of economic suicide, of course, is an internal matter for european countries. we must start to pragmatically and proceed with our own economic interests 1st. it's an apparent paradox, but the situation for europe is that it is heavily dependent on its supply of gas. and the gas is going to be good for going in the blood vessels. it is vital. therefore, there is not really any choice than to accept the conditions that are posed by russia, even if publicly they continue to condemn many countries like france, have no call, no gas or oil. europe has little energy resources. 40 percent of the gas imports in europe is coming from russia. so you cannot just strike that away. do you need to continue to purchase russian gas? whatever is the means used to do it, it is needed. if it's not done,
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then it means energy will be lacking missing, and you're a goes into deep economic recession. meanwhile, across the atlantic, as the cost of goods and services stores in the us, americans have been demanding answers for why inflation is so high for many of them, including some of the world's richest people. the blame lives firmly with the us president and his administration, or just kill him up, comments? no one seems to be buying the button ministrations claim that the rising inflation is actually all the balls of russia. we have 2 rich men on mosque and jeff, they those both speaking up and blaming by or the increasing problem of inflation in the u. s. economy. here's what was said. they know inflation hurts the media to most, but unions aren't causing inflation and neither are wealthy people. remember, the administration tried their best to add another $3.00 trillion dollars to federal spending. they failed, but if they had succeeded,
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inflation would be even higher than it is today. and inflation today is that a 40 year high? the honest reason for inflation is that the government printed a zillion amount of more money than it had. this is not super complicated. this administration just doesn't seem to get a lot done. it's important to point out that jeff de, those is the owner of the washington post. he's a staunch democrat. you have ilan mosse speaking there as well. and the 2 of them are blaming the by did ministration. now the situation is getting worse for americans. if you just look at the facts at this point that we're talking about 8.3 percent rise and inflation in april. the producer price index is up 11 percent over last year. that's quite a significant increase. goods are simply costing more. now we had the fox news house tucker carlson, lashing out at the biden administration for their handling of the economic situation in the united states. here's what tucker carlson said. people who run our economy in the us government cost inflation the states and they did it the old
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fashioned way by printing a ton of money very quickly and that devalued our currency is printing a ton of money very quickly. always does. now a poll show that in taxes, for example, half of the residents blame the biden administration for the rising cost and the terry rating situation in the country. many americans are just not happy with the economic situation. they were led to believe that things would get better as the pandemic faded away. and trump was supposed to have been responsible, and biden was coming in to save the day and fix things from, from, from his management. but the economic situation seems to have deteriorated. a lot of americans are unhappy and mid term elections in which the united states will elect a new congress are approaching out. people will be heading to the polls in november . so at this point, things don't look good for the democratic party of joe biden. the main causes of inflation are very long standing policies of the united states and congress. i would list 3 of 75 years of grossly excessive
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spending by congress on needed weapons and illegal unnecessary wars. incomplete incompetence of the so called federal reserve for the last 15 to 20 years or more reckless, foolish, counter productive and self destructive economic sanctions. that the u. s. has placed on russia, china ran dennis way, law and many other countries. despite the ramp and inflation, the u. s. is set to pass its largest ukraine a package yet on wednesday to send a total of $40000000000.00 to key if. but the list of lawmakers opposed to further aid to ukraine is growing. 2 months ago. 3 republicans in the house of representatives voted against the 1st pro ukraine bill. whereas on tuesday, 57 republicans in the house opposed a request for weapons and humanitarian aid forgive. meanwhile,
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senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell has criticized fellow republicans opposing the aid as quote, isolationist voices. but democratic candidate jeffrey young again also thinks that such an amount of military aid could be harmful. it's a disaster it's. it's completely wrong and damaging. and if i had been in the us house of representatives, i would have been the only democrat to vote no. there's no way that this military aid can help defeat russia. that's impossible. it will only either be destroyed by russian missiles or fall into the hands of ukrainian. nazis rising tensions between nato member states, greece and turkey, as greece's prime minister, has used an address to the u. s. congress to recall numerous past grievances with
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neighboring turkey. from an aerospace violation to the invasion of cyprus, you called for the legislature to nick's a biden administration deal to sell advanced weaponry to turkey denouncing it as a quote source of instability. the last thing that natal needs at a time when our focus is on helping ukraine defeat russia's. aggression is another source of instability on nato's south eastern flag. and ask you to take this into account when you make defense procurement decisions concerning the eastern mediterranean. the greek leader has been concerned about biden's proposal to approve $400000000.00 worth of weapons for turkey, including cutting edge missiles and equipment for anchors fleet of f. 16 fighter jets. but at the same time, greece is processing
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a deal to buy the latest of $35.00 jets. but greece can be hardly called the only breaking point in relations between nato and turkey. as the main agenda in brussels right now is to accept finland and sweden into the military block. but ankara is against their membership based on the fact that both of those countries have supported forces tricky defines as terrorists, those nordic countries. foreign ministers reportedly planned to visit our current to change its stance, but turkey appears, adamant in its concerns. learning the integral images. how can we trust them? apparently they're coming to turkey on monday to are they coming to try and convince us? sorry, where yourselves out of anything else during this process, we cannot say yes to those who impose sanctions on turkey. on joining nato, which is the security organization. neither country sweden or finland has an open, clear stance against terrorist organizations. told on being
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a member of the military block does not mean that on crush should ignore its own national security. that's according to turkish university professor barris at the belly. the west has not yet realize how big the conflict is. but gradually, the pressure from us and nature will increase because live a lot of time left for the natal mother. sammy also the us need to made say less accept them and see with an as numbers of need. and then we will solve your problem. i have to say, this is an acceptable solution for georgia ne to it says one submitted and fiddle and a membership more than these countries. because natal wants to close baltic sea to russia by turning the baltic sea in tune. and natal late turkey has been supporting naples enlargement policy open door policy month for i had to say supporting
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nettles and lash pulse. it does not mean that we will name new term g. ignore all national security. so that's, that says suited to, than finance. how been supporting headers on the visual against turkey, buddha and 3, and also there's organizations and tenders. dave home pakistan's recently al should prime minister iran con, has addressed yet another enormous demonstration with tens of thousands of people gathering in the northern city of co hops to support him. the former leader reiterated accusations of us meddling in pakistan's domestic politics. suggesting washington orchestrated his dismissal last month. i know the americans very well. they will never give you their dollars without a reason. if they help you,
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they will take you deeper into their slavery. so i am here today because we have to rise up. we will fight for real independence. con was ousted in a no confidence vote by parliament on april 10th. and then a reputedly pro western politician was installed in his place. con has been laying the blame on the u. s claiming washington had him removed because he was not following their policy directions. many pockets danis have expressed that they distrust the new government and still support con many gosh, the americans only protect their own interests. make an attack, any country if they feel a minor threat to their economic benefit on the modem and who is the us to interfere in our matters? we are poor, okay? but we can compromise our self respect. they can force as to do this and that we can be their slave. yeah, i like those countries that are good friends with us. i don't like the americans.
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they are enemies because they call the slaves and i really can't tolerate that attitude to strengthen cooperation in mid rise in global instability, experts from china, russia, india, and iran, as well as several other asian countries have gathered in the russian city of nursing of god for an annual meeting of the vol die discussion club of the club gathers experts and international politics, security, energy, and finance. with this years at speakers underlying the importance of collaboration to overcome current global challenges that we caught up with. one of the analysts at the conference should be the advantage over the eurasian countries, especially those which are located in the central eurasia. e's that it is a steel region of the relative peace and stability. first of all, because we don't have nato in eurasia, we don't have nato and central asia. so we don't have countries or blocks which consider the others as their enemies. and to which construct this threat,
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the g on the principle of building dividing lines. so there are interstate cut, duration in eurasia hot has much better prospects then, for example, in the middle east, or especially in europe. i think that a, it also depends on the genuine spirit of the relationships if the relationship of man like between east and west, between russia and the west or the policy of the west towards the rest of the world is which is agrees to ah, they're both crisis are going to aggregate, bought in eurasia, as it has been said already. we have different situation where corporate strategies prevail over competitive strategies. so we have many reasons to believe that the major players in the both sectors which you have mentioned food and fuel,
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will behave much less the gays tickly. and we'll take into consideration the needs or the other states. and this is a good in it that does it for me, this our stay with us throughout the day as we bring you more news and commentary. this is our international ah, ah, ah . mm.
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is the west suite walking us all into world war 3? it sure looks like it continued nato expansion eastward, massive military aid for ukraine, and the drive to destroy rushes economy all point to a direct military conflict with moscow. that any one, no, for with gray zone inhabitants have learned to sleep through the nighttime shilling. and to
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live without the most basic utilities going for weeks without clean water or electricity. worst of all they've had to watch is the wall creeps ever closer to their homes and teach georgia to correct. can you just turn? you don't look, i'm what don't use that as i was or to the ga, ga so one time with a live. yes it was. i was able to go with all these really well. thank you so, but i wanted to started me on a
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pallet with a different situation with whole shift the system with our solutions. put us a little bit more visually by phone talk to you because you'd be able to see what you show for them a bit. of course the push couldn't go to this article more the more the better. but it's not really quite that we've been.


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