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a robot most protective phone existence with i guess never. so she got about not going to school. when i school getting on a ship, we ship food she, i don't know why this is joe. if i wrote up i was not going your mutual or i do to produce you. are you looking to hear when you're somewhere to live
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a pretty you should be in pretty here and in europe that he needs it for me yet, but it will be you and you will last year at the fact that they have to be and you'll see the shape i'm new to be hope of question if can we keep going? actually, did i need my crew or so that was this me a shout. my damage is not a lot of stuff and yellow. so you live or if i need to move to live with our move furniture. yeah. 2 yeah, do you have a blessed with
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you but i i i, i have a. ready time while politicians from ukraine and the self declared don beth republics have attempted to negotiate a cease fire. in the grey zone settlements caught between opposing sides. a whole new generation has been born. these children can say what gun is being fired by sounder, and they know well too well what to do when classes are interrupted by another
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striker with a also gone in school was in the gray zone, have somehow kept giving in their own special way, despite being almost completely destroyed and they have soviet built bomb shelters in the basements, where the people go, people whose houses were bombed out and you have nowhere else to run the years. they've spent their lives underground with little chance of changing them for the
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better a day station, a g. okay, you can share value and date for to share for the next day or we should know we are moving to an adventure, but i don't know what it should be. a key for the ash k, a k my store leticia. it's going to stay with
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them when i try to get a, b, b, a b, a rival of volunteers from a few humanitarian organizations is all that linked people living on the front lines of an undergrad wall with the rest of the world. the world in which there is no shilling and constant fear of a legacy smell off, travels to the grey zone several times a week, and each trip helps hundreds of families to survive. okay, really so oh, you're so shocked. assume you know i can, but i could have what do you look? i'm thinking i'm stopping wasn't pushy, particularly burkes. excellent end of the lesson. look in the 3rd say it's kim who, who kinds another scare me will show a move. awesome patricia to was to ship to you soon and as always to just for 0 checking to keep the bicycle on the south and i'm looking to launch
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a rhythm machine, your score, some other questions to legit we actually store laboratories, petoskey, bring up the dealership or religious major issue with a fierce demarco upshar through my company board for more than 7 years. he has traveled, roads that are constantly shelled, to deliver essential supplies to grey's own residence, brand water medicine and fuel generators. i have to deal with my own when you're back with a
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mom was coming in with that with her from i need to hear the quality of the year in the say it in your to pursue the mfc a native jewish. he, this has to lose his assistant visual because the upstairs with i think a computer booty almost. oh do of course course about a loan do as i said, you do it and i do so apologize. it's the mind. but if could just diffuse, it should show echo, clearly is only reduced to that would mean for conflict. the a huge if publish has to somebody with
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over the years war and death of become the daily routine, the relaxing and everyone he helps. a little personal convenience. kim. she has a bullish already. michel, another a. but you are studying this visit? a doctor. i need a brother just only for his bucklin aggressive until we did it, but i believe she was still in europe still. there's channels, i'm will up still. i was actually go over the militia as that you do it. i'm still
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law. hello. get the gosh. darn you spoke with the baby or me. she did a dime. i'm in a breath. little many. consider the time on the front line to be boring. oh, there it was with the regular russian army separatist to supporting an invasion who when she stood only when it was a question. so we do social condition that goes into social press to plenty of them . so just to make a couple of pre, let's just say when you put into another portable moon,
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unless you go primary and you want him to a professional ukrainian. so just thought until he found himself on the other side of the front line. he was taken prisoner by the don bus militia or did you just by the customer to show if i give them yesterday to do, would that work for you? i did not the disha mining. mom. i didn't come home with him. that's just not that you cannot know what to do. if i made it on my door, you got him. it didn't matter. did this on?
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if i gave it is that when you put in your was just your so i thought you had him was to go a mom. i miss you. i was him. so it's killing me as a chairman told me that, you know, when i went it was i did not show up, but more than one moment. sure. by the same mud and courtrooms because up from the dock scholars actually a day in which man in chicago in august and on the he faces the reality that the inhabitants of unconquered don birth have lived for almost 3000 days. a reality
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that all to many choose not to see in the mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
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mm ah excuse me, with
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ah, since the break away, the donates people's republic was been raging and done by ukrainian artillery. it's been showing civilian, townsend, mining, villages that you're more than welcome to deal with what i do with a global school. did you want a
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to see out disdain becomes the advocate and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves well, the barn we used to look for common ground. ah, need to come to the russian state. little narrative. i've studied as i phone and being those landscaping div, asking him, i'm not getting his house, runs them up for a group in the 55 when. okay, so mine is 2000 speedy. when else with we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine, the state aunt, rush up to date and split our t spoke neck. even our video agency, roughly all bands on youtube and pinterest,
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and we could pull it was she did you think it was with mm ah, afford bianca. those were good. mm hm. business. and then you will clean them pre a de leon b. e, a daily. not a suzanne. yeah. americans, grey you. when you rode you huge. you got to it is just such not critical to those healing in provide you with stuff such and sure. ruckel, it was nice if october 3rd, if no student pull the child voicing, you have to use her own with them to throw in your story with that was true. i wish you to lose your heroes our 2nd year. so yes,


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