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ah, ah ah, the man's good old was signed on february, the 12th 2015 and it was meant to end military conflicts in ukraine between government forces and don bass militia groups. the agreement stipulated that both sides would withdraw heavy weapons to an equal distance from the contact line. this left several 100 settlements trapped between opposing forces. local civilians became unwitting witnesses to and victims of the continuing civil war. thousands of people still live in small towns and villages that have become the new front line. they call this area the grey zone. mm
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oh yes, yes, we issue no really? sure. yeah, yeah. do club with an example of the ultimate is one of the gravestones, most popular residents. he's the only electrician still here after civil war broke out in the settlement of alexandra for him. the front lines don't just outside the
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gates of his own house. i mean that her check, i'm sure i thought i didn't purchase a while it felt or to play every a yellow boy in the press. my hello, that's mtv than a you. who can you buy a new head new with a actually, i live on
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a person where you put on on you. who are you and you are definitely quite alexander is the only one still willing to repair fire damaged power lines. as he climbs high above the roof tops, he finds himself directly in the cross has of ukrainian snipers. oh no, it is the real one in the me go the choice over here. always love them. the end of the show know, go with
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a little later when they pitching on watching the light on. so we're not that much, did i saw them wrong? going well, i'm going to, you'll not more than me or do you know what the picture us again and give you just sort of the some i should not fear farmers or, of course the 1st coordinator for more than $100.00 counter keeps a special notebook. when he records every one of his calls to record the power lines damaged by shilling in the last 7 years, it's become a real chronicle of an undeclared want to really, alexander spinning it was a bit deeper what was going
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ah ah ah, is the wes sleepwalking, us all into world war 3. it sure looks like it continued nato expansion eastward, massive military aid for ukraine, and the drive to destroy russia's economy, all point to a direct military conflict with moscow that anyone vote for ah,
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like most of the greys and villages. the settlement of alexandra field was under the terms of uminski courts, supposed to have been quiet, separated from each of the warring sides by several kilometers. instead, the wall literally came to the settlement streets, along with ukrainian soldiers, who in contravention of those same agreements, continued their offensive with coastal, with suddenly, with a, with
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a, with a civil use. month by month, the ukranian army was closing in on alexandra until they occupied the outskirts of the settlement. or the media kit proudly referred to the tactic of eliminating the neutral zone as a creeping offensive. mm. ukrainian army sees nothing
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wrong with the offensive. continuing contrary to the peace agreements in place, a achievement, but for the most amount of winter, we're actually new for that. and i was for breakfast with most mobile much flu shots right now. you don't want to run out cream if you would like somebody to talk to me when you want to consider whether or not my initial thought that was a little bit of both of my fitness. put them in some sort of contract for bucks the
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with the the the the in the mob authoration in grey's own villages, often turned into full fledged combat with heavy weapons used even to day ukrainian film. joseph shelley about discussing the process. well,
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we didn't, didn't really blow up some to my daughter is that as a fearful it was that they sit on the go, them does get it and i am with me, but he's who put the also she'll put it can be the deal enough. but at the bellagio asia mm mm. he like be little and large, but don't like the brit deeply. he won't add too much intellectual azalea women at home. if you want that away again, you don't, you have changed ebelin. i had it. if will aly delay, shall i? e, g, a diarrhea is going to killed that. you know, this is sal. i mean,
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we don't have those dialect. are the media so forth worth or thought of the median yet? mailing a shame at academia. you're giving me the guy that alleged yard, a guy that does a one chip that su what they and you know, got another guy. you know, when you hodge a fact that the woman as a good, that actually soil. if doyle is doyle and to show you that bathroom, and i'm usually give the bob can use your bucket beecher professor alyssa, throwing my money at the vessel with hulu. oh, hello. wearing her horn of gaze with a thought food, people through the creeping, offensive tentacle,
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or is it sometimes cold? the frogs leap is still used to this day along the entire demarcation line militia groups and don beth republics are forced to respond in kind one by one, the streets in villages and settlements of becoming the new frontline i yes, with
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no hold on a minute. yes we, what we did was i didn't want them all to do with it. i just didn't wait a
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minute. i mean, a, a stuck with john sh. thousands are now living in settlements divided by trenches with a man like most who live in the grey zone. the v rosky family tries to pay little attention to
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the wall that came straight to their house. they're getting used to their usual village life under fire. cynthia, has it been on your bogus with jasmine olympus? then there was a laura, oklahoma with mom dolly. when you go, when you go from here, the image table gardens have long been turned into mine fields in 7 years of civil war. the basement is where they mostly live now and they are well aware that any time they venture outside it could end in injury or death. 2 ah, yes, i bought a horse with what back do you got it?
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ah, with them yes. there was this there. a with in a with a boy a lot,
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but i guess with sure the sure sure. i got the villages who ended up living on the front line. don't want to leave their homes, go what she's doing. yeah, sure, it's a good day for me with new business and you will clean with
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americans grey you. when you were with just touching up group counseling for when you was just touching sure. it was nice talking to different student info with you use their own the what the problem used to live with a city yours are both in the study. she was on that list of new point of choice. who's coming to the one off on i thought it was jewish and the longer it was just a new solution that people pushed 2 to 3 people to remote because of you know, your portal. you school, of course, i don't know who you are. i know for the don't know as much of a new customer with you, used to play in finances commode with l. look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a
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robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence at that point, obviously is too great trust, rather than fear. with various job with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with ah
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grey's own inhabitants have learned to sleep through the nighttime shilling and to live without the most basic utilities going for weeks without clean water or electricity. worst of all they've had to watch as the war creeps ever closer to their homes. th georgia to correct train, you cannot just turn, you don't lose them or don't use that as the our, to the ga, ga. so one time will deal with, besides these upper sub category, just as you see, whistles asked is less than one you've parker failure with
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