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tv   News  RT  May 18, 2022 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] a with almost a 1000 ukranian troops have surrendered it be as of all factory in the city of mario pope with captured neo nazis from the hours of battalion to stand trial for war crimes. turkey has reported the blow, finland, and sweden from joining nato after the nordic countries, confident that official application concord demands the honda of what it calls terrorist groups. ha. but by how think he spoke with the us. government comes on the criticism for seeking to impose its legal system of road to fight washington's own, recorded, preventing americans from being prosecuted,
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a very well well convinced is on the international with the latest world news out date. it's a pleasure to have your company, and let's start with the latest pictures released by russia's defense ministry from the dumbass city of mario paul by more ukrainian competence have surrendered at the as of style factory on wednesday, at least $959.00 trips. i said 200 themselves over to russian. lead boss is there over the past 3 days. his all, you think was dollars with more while the fighters from the as of style still works, they keep surrendering again. the processes are going on rather slowly, but not because the militia, the next people's republic or russia, are reluctant to take in these prisoners of war. but rather because there were so many of them, in fact, the commanders of the next people's militia. they have said that they estimated that there were,
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may be hundreds of neo nazi fighters and ukrainian soldiers hiding in the catacombs underneath the as of south steel works. but in fact, the actual number turned out to be around 2500. so more than 2000 now again, people are surrendering neo nazis. us rendering soldiers are surrendering surprisingly, a lot of women among them. but the top brass, the top command of the, as of neo nazi battalion, the ones that were making statements that were appealing to the pope, to the authorities, to the international community publicly. they are still down there in the bunkers and it is unclear as to when they will surrender. and in fact, what they are planning to do next. now those who are injured because there are quite a few of those they are, they receive medical care, they are in a very poor state. many have burns all over their bodies. many have lost limbs, or in general their, their wounds are infected. and in fact,
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it would have made all the difference if they had received order to surrender earlier because well, quite a few, even lives may have been saved by the doctors have that in that people's republic. so, but again, they did not receive that order. they received orders to stay put the ukrainian authorities, the ukrainian command, and made the decision to keep all those very, very badly injured people without access to proper medicine. again, to keep surrendering and those who are healthy, they aren't being placed in a hotel or anything like that. they're being placed role in the penitentiary for let's ease again, not because they have received any sentence already, but rather this is how the authorities here are sending a message that these people they have been. 5 captured that they have surrendered and they are prisoners of war. and breaking news for you just in turkey has reportedly blocked the process of accepting finland, unsweetened into nato. just hours off to the noted countries handed in that
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official applications at the headquarters of the military block. anchors says it's against seeing the 2 countries during their lines unless they stopped supporting rebel groups including codes and handover suspects. it took a course terrorists and curious move has led to fresh tensions within nato, with the u. s. and his allies pushing for sweet and finland to join the book. the swedish on finish. foreign ministers have reported the plan trips to on correct to try. as we convinced the governments that but to keep remains, arguments, victims done are only expectation from nato allies is for them to 1st understand our sensitivity respect and finally support it. so what is our sensitivity protecting our borders from terror attacks? you won't give us back terrorists, but you ask us for nato membership. that nato is an entity for security and organization for security. therefore, we cannot say yes to the security organization being deprived of security. that's not the only point of tension between the nato member states,
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as greece as prime minister has asked us congress to nick the deal to sell advanced weaponry to turkey denouncing ankara as a source of instability. the last thing that natal needs at a time when our focus is on helping ukraine defeat russia's. aggression is another source of instability on nato's southeastern flag. and ask you to take this into account when you make defense procurement decisions concerning the east submitted to quickly to has expressed concern about biden's proposal to approve $400000000.00 worth of weapons for turkey. including modern missiles and equipment vanquished face of american made at 16 fine to jets as well in greece itself is processing a deal to buy the latest and lockheed martin f $35.00 jeff the same time the turkish foreign minister is currently awaiting a meeting with his american counterpart we spoke to a former tech is on bus,
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this'll be safe, greece is in no position to buy expensive weapons by ingesting nobody can agree, get to choose it. i would say there are several reasons. so that if for, for example, greece increases its territorial wilson, is there water still 12 hours then those cell tissue santo area. i would it be internal c for grease and it's hard to ship. so we'll ask permission to trust it agrees you know, the army and get some record, leave it behind the scene again, the united states, our friends are playing a major role. another point, greece is bankrupt country and they're buying from united states for $13000000000.00 worth of plains, for example. what does this mean?
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whole was financing. and so, if they're considered to be a and a country und dash deeply and then, oh, this financing is giving are sure, ah, you were paying commission has presented a plan called we power ended ending the e use reliance on russian fossil feels. brussels is called moscow's energy source is a tool of economic and political warfare. puddings war is, as we all see, heavily disrupting the global energy market. it shows on one hand, how dependent we are on imported fossil fuels. but it also shows how vulnerable we are on relying on russia for importing our fossil fuels, and therefore, we must now reduce our as soon as possible our dependency on washing fossil fuels.
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i'm deeply convince we can and thus today we presented our plan to realize these objectives, the plan that we call re power. you can reduce dependency on russian energy. brussels proposes to switch from st. paul, to move to a faster roll out of renewable energy and also cut energy consumption by 13 percent brussels expects that would require $210000000000.00 euros in extra investments. it comes off the e, u members, bulgaria and poland were earlier cut from rushing gas supplies because they refused to pay in roubles the violating a demand by moscow. france, germany answer k. i have reportedly agreed to pay you arose with subsequent conversion to roubles. and meanwhile, is highly an energy company in i has said its opening accounts with russia as gas from bank to keep the supplies flowing as deadlines for the payment of gas supplies are scheduled for the next few days. any has begun the process of opening
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to current accounts that gets prom bank. the decision has been shared with the italian institutions. it was taken in compliance with the current international sanctions framework. well that says italy's prime minister has emphasized that the country's trade with russia remains in a gray area and is not currently violating sanctions while you lita is debate complying with rushes temps for gas payments in rubles prices that have a surge that it has hit regular europeans and that pockets is left some italians questioning decision making by both brussels. andre bye would only go, i am not a politician. i am an entrepreneur, but in my opinion, a different solution could have been found. we could have talked before and not sanction. it is now a disaster. we take gas and oil from russia to make glass. and obviously after all that is happening, the price has definitely increased, causing us great problems. he's off europe as doing nothing to control prices which have risen significantly. the governments have done nothing to keep the prices of
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raw materials from rising from there is a great deal of speculation on these prices. they do what they want, and we entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are full of debt because we no longer know how to pay our workers sold on $930.00 so. so let me grab the italian government, had to do more well, but the prices of gas and electricity are rising, causing severe economic damage to all factories. it is a very complicated and difficult situation, but i do not really know how to resolve this dramatic story. that is all the construction in italy. the engine of the economy is coming to a halt. many companies have debts, he thought, even as an entrepreneur and distributor, i have many debts and i do not know what to do to put the chain is freezing. it's not a good situation and i see an even darker future for all of us, totally. while the struggles with power and gas shortage is as it tries to count its energy dependence on moscow, russia, as president vladimir putin has warned that if the ear completely ends its russian field, imports the blocks economy could crash. i guess it was,
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and i see you in the rejection of russian energy resources by europe means in the long term that the region will have the highest cost of energy in the world. a gina, it's apparent, the as russian energy resources become destined for the areas, increasing economic activity will also move from europe to of the regions. this choice of economic suicide, of course, is an internal matter for european countries. we must act pragmatically and proceed with our own economic interests fust. it's an apparent paradox, but the situation for europe is that it is heavily dependent on its supply of gas. and the gas is like the blood flowing in the blood vessels. it is vital, therefore, there is not really any choice than to accept the conditions that are posed by russia, even if publicly they continue to condemn many countries like france, have no call, no gas or oil. europe has a little energy resources, 40 percent of the gas imports in europe is coming from russia. so you cannot just
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strike that away. do you need to continue to purchase rush and gas? whatever is the means used to do it? it is needed, if it's not done, then it means energy will be lacking missing and you're goes into a deep economic recession. us senators are working to expand the authority of american law to handle international war crimes cases. washington say it's needed to respond to russia's operation in ukraine, but the us is now coming under criticism for protecting its own troops from prosecution abroad. as ortiz, rachel blevins reports the united states congress is considering a new bill that would give american court powers to pursue individuals over allegations of war crimes committed in other countries. and they don't even have to be us citizens, perpetrators committing, unspeakable war crimes, such as those unfolding before our very eyes and ukraine must be held to account.
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we have the power and responsibility to ensure that the united states will not be used as a safe haven by the perpetrators of these heinous crimes. the new powers would expand the 1996 war crimes after one really important distinction. americans no longer have to be involved as a victim or the offender, but if the suspect steps on us soil, they can be tried in court. and there is no statute of limitations. meaning that the charges can never expire. while this change has been proposed before, it was always struck down in the past, over concerned that it would allow the us to get a little too involved in other countries affairs. domestic prosecution based on universal jurisdiction could draw the united states into conflicts in which this country has no place and where our national interests are. slight. however, us lawmakers appear to have a change of heart, and they say it's all because of ukraine. but all american politicians on the freedom to target, anyone in the world,
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they still don't want the world to put their soldiers on trial. any attempts to do so by the international criminal court have been met with the deer backlash over the years with the bush administration, even signing a bill into law will allow the use of military court in order to free us personnel who are detained by the i c, c, while the us isn't party to the court anyway, the trump administration actually went as far as going out sanctions against icpc officials back in 2020 all because they plan to investigate the us and its allies ever allegations of war crimes. and i can't stand, so what justification did they give for those things? the president will not allow american citizens to be prosecuted by foreign bureaucrats. and he will not allow other nations to dictate our means of self defense. so it's ok for america to pursue and prosecute foreign citizens around the world as they see fit. but if america is alleged means of self defense, violate international law. all then accountability is strictly off limits. american
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exceptionalism at its finest. in washington, rachel blevins, r t. the proposed legislation comes of the us state department is launched a new program to on the live evidence of what it calls russian war crimes and ukraine. washington to say the campaign will examine satellite imagery as well as information on social media, also denies western accusations against his forces in ukraine and say some purported atrocities were in fact, staged by his wealth. international law professor francis boil for his take on why the us is seeking to expose its legal authority. so public relations. so exercise a part of what we are law professors called warfare using the law as a tool for her. i'm not denying of war crimes might have been committed there by ukrainian forces and russia forces. this happens all the time in war,
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but this is not a good faith investigation by the united states. no, this is, this is law affair using law as a tool of warfare against the russian federation. certainly, that's the way i interpret it. of course, there's nothing objective about united states government, investigating work crimes. went to the united states government, investigate a war crimes in iraq, where under bush senior, they killed about 200000 iraqis or in the iraq war 2 by bush junior, where they exterminated may be one point. $5000000.00 iraqis and bush and all the rest of his neocons are running around here. scott free me. while an official us investigation is found that his trip said not deliberately caused civilian casualties in an ass strike. they killed dozens of people in syria in 20. 19 the prob was launched off to a new york times report accused the u. s. military of deliberately covering up the
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deadly attack. the u. n. had also urged washington to investigate the killings. previously, the us has been accused of shutting down attempts to investigate its alleged atrocities. in 2016 washington declared that in an international criminal court investigation into reported war crimes in afghanistan posed a threat to us. national security administration then issued an order effectively criminalizing any american who cooperates with the hague, investigative journalists that more deep at more deep, i believe the us to come clean about his own mistakes before accusing other countries. the u. n. isn't any of america, you know, the un has never stood against united states of america? you know, and i simply believe nothing but public relations is a statement to say that russia to say that americans come and subject themselves to the america most come investigate themselves. but nothing is immigrant to be done. just politics with us,
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just in the just want to be seen as do something or saying something. but nothing has ever been done a miracle to providence 0. and rather than to leave another done in the route and numerous other countries across the world, for many years hasn't been not the states of america tried to blog anyone, was to investigate the walk. i was the don't commented how many times they stopped, and then they stopped for investigative journalists, have they saw other countries and other organizations to investigate their own drugs. you know, why don't they investigate issues of themselves? i said, before we go out to lunch, investigators listen to this, the gate, ourselves, what have you done for you manage as a nation, what we've done to contribute to society? what have you done? contribution better was you know, what it is that they, on a bombing step, you know, the additional people, but nobody wants to make noise and they weren't able to focus on russian with us focusing on themselves. so for me, the biggest progresses,
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there was a u. s. church shooting the left, one dead, and 5 injured has been condemned by ty, one's presbyterian church, that's off the suspect. left notes in chinese and his car, stating he did not believe taiwan should be independent from china. the church is demanding more oversight of domestic pro china groups. in the united states, this pro unification group has been designated as a chinese government representative group in taiwan. they're similar groups here operating and hiding behind our democratic and free society to influence and even harm. our national security, local authorities on media are referring to the incident as a hate crime. the suspect was born in taiwan, holds a tie. what he's pos, both and military service in taiwan, where his family still lives. however, the local sheriff is that he was born in mainland china, and at some point, relocated to taiwan before moving to the u. s. i'll guess a political analyst thinks that the coverage is an example of the ongoing problems
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between the u. s. and china. i'm actually much surprised at the media coded of this year end of i'm not surprised that this i'm home on the way to blame dinah for this . if they can blame diana for an actually according friend demick. if they can blame russia for losing an election, then this is a small 5 of them. so that is what i find duly sickening. this happens in law nation are not accepting us so much good morning and that they're going to blame on china. this is on the bottom of the hybrid, was that they're going on information warfare. so, so no, i was not exactly surprised at the media outage. the other thing was that they read a very quick, lulu, well this as a hit going, there were still no time in labeling because of the heat. good. now we may remember that a digital gun one is the atlanta would be, for example, when it is in women would also look in an extremely reluctant to call that the head guy. why? because the shooter said that he's not noticed, and the police believed him. and that will you said not or is it not only silly
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more due to the gram miss something? and so the very few exceptions that exception. but we've read a few exceptions. the broad logic, the rest and propaganda machine is trying to push is that if a white, my son, caleb and it's likely to be mentally less but even minorities up, up and it's likely to with the incident happened as washington comes on the criticism for his policies and the region, allegedly escalating tensions between china and taiwan as the u. s. salesman weapons to the islands nation. however, us arms manufacturers have caused for increasing the flow of guns to tie one, claiming that only increased supplies will help keep the peace that august again says washington's policy in the region is certainly not helping to a piece china ah, pakistan's. recently, our said prime minister, enron con,
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has addressed yet another enormous demonstration with tens of thousands of people gathering in the northern city of co, hot to support him, be formerly to reiterated accusations of us meddling in pakistan's domestic politics. suggesting washington orchestrated his dismissal last month. john, oh, i know the americans very well. they will never give you their dollars without a reason. if they help you, they will take you deeper into their slavery. i am here to day because we have to rise up. we will fight for real independence. com was ousted in a no confidence votes by parliament on april 10th, and then i repeatedly pro western politician was installed in his place. con has been laying the blame on the us claim in washington has him removed because he was not following that policy directions. many factors, sundays have expressed. they distrust the new government and still support. con william ligon's, the americans only protect their own interests. they can attack any country if they feel
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a minor threat to their economic benefit on the modem and who is the us to interfere in our matters? we are poor, okay. we can compromise our self respect. they can force is to do this and that we can be their slave. yeah, i like those countries that are good friends with us. i don't like the americans. they are enemies because they call the slaves. i really can't tolerate that attitude. moscow has the keys, the west of an unprecedented surge of russia phobia as an increasing number of russian sports and cultural figures abound for performing in some western countries . locust or direct to evaluate, go give and person get on the trip co or among canceled russian celebrities. ukrainian american pianist, valentina, is now also facing a band in canada, the throne post and for the orchestra has officially cut her from the program of
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a critical remarks she made about the conflict in ukraine and don't boss since 2015 it has performed for the residents of don, yes. guns on the may, 9th, the victory de anniversary, seals and how to concert in mariel poll. i talked to the pin is earlier about the western attitude towards russian artists. classical music. i talk about wedding marrow. it's the most non violent art, you know, unlike even cinema or theater or when kinks it's and it's non while and we cannot express while we're neutral. your music stats were words ins and we cannot do much in or we can say that we're pro abuse. we're against something, but all we can look is play or psion. we're hopeless. we're. we're powerless to do anything about politics. i was for peace for 8 years. where have you been? because i was thinking like 8 years ago in paris on anti war demonstration, save children of them. but as we say,
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european governments at banning russian artists like yourself said, in your opinion, is this an act of collective punishment? we're saying absolutely. as 100 percent, i think it's some kind of almost sadistic pleasure. think, you know, you're in europe, europe, they say, or would have to cancel russian girls instead of a council, russian artists and still received as you know, i think would be quite 0 was if you can. so guess if you don't like us so much and you don't cancel culture, you think artists should have the right to express their thoughts on political events without being punished. absolutely, but we do it as private citizens. i think that artists should not really express themselves political in the station. i never succumbed to that. and i also think that the audience should be able to listen to artists. you know, we should all leave our differences back at home because when we listen for a line enough or kick off scared, beethoven, it's our common. harry bish, eskoville is asians human being. it belongs to every one. it doesn't discriminate, you know, chikavsky does not discriminate whether you like mr. fortune or mr. bite. thanks
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keeping us company here, naughty international. went back at the top of the hour with all the latest news headlines we see them. ah ah.
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with ah, i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence at the point obviously is to great trust, rather than fear a take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. real, somebody
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with a robot must protect its own existence with or ah
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ah ah hello and welcome to cross not where all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle is the wes sleep walking us all into world war 3. it sure looks like it continued nato expansion eastward, massive military aid for ukraine's and the drive to destroy russia's economy, all point to a direct military conflict with moscow. did anyone vote for this cross starting the european war, i'm joined by my guess. i re flounders and jersey city. she is a co director of international action center in tasmania. we have had see he is a conflict consulting in a retired u. s. foreign service officer and in geneva we have alfred desires. he is a former you an independent expert on international order and author of the
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upcoming book, countering mainstream narratives, fake news, fake law, and fake freedom, or at cossack rules in effect. that means you can jump in any time you want. and i always appreciate alfred, let me go to you 1st in in geneva. ah, i everything i said in my introduction is true and i, i end with the question. did anybody vote for this? because we seem to be going in a direction that you, there's no stopping, no one's putting the foot on the brake. most a disturbing of all, um, nato seems to have no interest in ending the conflict in ukraine. actually just the reverse. one of the reasons why this conflict came about and i have come across a wide array of opinions about it, which is perfectly fine. i open to debate, but it is, was nato expansion was one of the reasons why russia acted the way did. and now nato expansion is again on the agenda here. i'd like to point out to our viewers


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